swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 26


Heyaa guys well in last episode i got lots and lots of messages that all readers cried during last episode…well am sorry guys but youll just filled my heart with emotions seriously i got so much love and i hope youll just give much more love to me thanks again…
I cant really thank by naming every person because its really a long list but thank u everyone… EVERYONE MEANS EVERYONE… LOVE YOULL SO MUCH…


It was 5 in the morning….
But sleep was far away from everyone…
All were with swara….
Kids were with anjali and karan who were in mansion…they too were in tension….
Just few minutes after that operation was going to take place…
In swara’s ward
All were sitting beside her consoling but her eyes were stucked on sanskaar who was just staring her from corner…
At that time laksh came..
Laksh : time for operation
Laksh turned towards sanskaar
Laksh : bhai you sure you wanna do this
Sanskaar just looked at swara for once…he remembered all her moments…his heart was not ready to leave her but he has to…
Sanskaar : yeah am ready
Laksh : kk then dont worry nothing will happen to her all best surgeons are present..
Sanskaar : laksh…. i trust you…
Laksh nods his head
Nurses come and was taking swara’s stretcher when she made them stop..
All looks at her…

She gestures sanskaar to come…
Sanskaar goes to her
Swara somehow managed to take out her hand from that cloth which was on her…
It was slightly burnt…
Sanskaar looked at her hand and he was teary eye to see her like that..
He hold her hand tightly..
She gestures her to come close..
Sanskaar come close to swara
Swara whispers : I love you sanskaar….
Only these four words came from her mouth…
Sanskaar tear fall on her face.. he quickly wiped them
Sanskaar sees a knife on table he takes it and cuts his thumb…
All gets shocked at his reaction
Sanskaar then fills swara’s maang with that thumb
Swara closed her eyes
All gets emotional to see their love…
Sanskaar : you are my brave swara who dont know to loose… and today too you will win and come because i am incomplete without you plz ca
Ome back to me….
He was holding her hand and joined his forehead with hers and kissed her forehead..
Tears didnt stop from anyone’s eyes…
At that time doctors comes and hold him
Doctor : mr. Maheshwari keep hope… everything will be fine..
Sanskaar still holding her hand : plz doctor save her
Doctor : well we can just try… Death and life is in GOD’S hands so just pray…
He assures him
And takes the stretcher slowly…
Sanskaar left swara’s hand and swara closed her eyes….
They took her to operation theatre….
All were just sitting outside O.T and was just waiting what will happen..

Sanskaar was sitting on bench thinking their moments…

Sanskaar just smiled thinking their happy moments..
He was just wishing that moments to come again…

At that time pankhuri came and sat beside him….

Sanskaar looked at her and thought today he made so many people angry only because of his stupidity..
His dad who use to proud of his son his mom who use to love him today she too ingnored him….
Adi his elder brother his supporter who stood by his side in his every up and down today he made him too angry..
Ragini who he use to treat like anjali his small sister she was hell angry and she has the reason too to hate him..
And one more the person who was sitting beside him pankhuri who use to comfort him but today she too made distance only because he did such a big mistake that swara is fighting for her life and death…
He clutches his head…

At that time pankhuri speaks
Pankhuri : you have done a mistake sanakaar by intentionally or unintentionally… Mistake is done..
Sanskaar : i know bhabhi i did a mistake… and am ready for any punsihment but bhabhi do i really need this kinda punsihment that she is suffering just because of me… bhabhi i am feeling to kill myself right now but i know thats not the solution…
He cried keeping his palm on his face
Pankhuri kept her hand on his shoulder
Pankhuri : sanskaar sometimes we do a lot of things wrong but this time you have to be strong.. swara will be save.. but after her operation…she will be not that old swara…She is burnt sanskaar…
She will feel insecuritess at some point..you have to be her power her strength sanskaar… when she will need support you have to be her support…
Sanskaar : i am ready for all if i have to sacrifice my life for her i will do it happily…but bhabhi will all forgive me??
Pankhuri : as i said have faith in you… time will heal all things… and they love you alot…
Saying this she got up
Pankhuri : sanskaar just today have faith in god like your swara does….

She goes from there… adi was seeing this from corner…he was angry on sanskaar but he cant see his brother like this…he wiped his tears and went from there

Sanskaar thought of something and went from there…
Nobody asked him where he was going because they know that he will come soon….

Sanskaar grabbed his car keys and drove his car fastly

It was 6 o clock in morning sun was about to aarive..
He drove his car fastly and reached to TEMPLE……

He got down from his car
And climbed temple’s stairs

He now was standing infront of lord’s idol…

Sanskaar : You must happy after seeing me here… that i never bowed infront you…
I never bowed when i wanted to paas in exams with good grades…i didn’t bowed when i wanted to be a successful and famous businessman… i didnt bowed infront you when kavita left me… but today how he came… so let me tell you today i came to you for MY SWARA….that swara only who don’t who always do your puja…that swara who don’t gave anybody this much love and importance as she gives you… she loves you so much and what you did with her??? Let her fight for her life…gave her pain…You have problem with me na
He was now breaking into tears
Sanskaar : so beat me make me die why are you doing this to her.. why are you giving her pain…she toh always prays to you… its me who don’t believe you…punsih me god but plz save her…swara once told me that when i will trust you i will get what i want…i don’t want anything i just want my swara back.. you are god na plz bring her…i will never shout on her i will keep quite in arguement just save her plzzz….

He was begging on his knees cryingly…
When sun’s first ray fall on his face giving him hope that everything will be fine…
He looked towards lord’s idol goes near it and touches its feet…

And goes from there…

He reached hospital
Operation lights got switched off
All rushes to doctors

Sanskaar : what happened laksh…Doctor she is fine na…
Doctor : your wife is really a fighter…
Laksh : bhai yes our prayers worked she is saved….
All sighs in relief and thanks to god..
Sanskaar closes his eyes and thank to doctor…
Sharmishta : can we meet her plz
Doctor : not now we have bandaged her today she will be unconsiuess due to medicines effect but tommorow when we will open her banadages we will know what is actual position then youll can meet her…
But she has to stay in hospital for 1 month after that youll can take her

All became happy
Sanskaar was just beyond happy….

Precap : kids meet swara… Swasan emotional talk….

So guys atlast finished and now dont kill me because i saved her now only throw your comments nothing else till then bye…..

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  1. Awesomw episode as always

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      thanks shagun

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    Kaynatttt !!! I didn’t msgd u … it means u don’t love me !!! *crying on footpath…

    No thnk u today… *still sobbing… ;'( ;'( :0:0

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        i mean r u busy now a days?

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      well sorry kakali i read only few stories but dont worry i will take time today and will read ur all episodes promise

  3. Semran

    Amazing episode. Loved it.

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  6. Crystal

    i cried again today………. all members are angry with Sanskar, I know he has done a crime but they should also understand that Sanskar did not tell Swara to leave…. She knew he is impulsive and she also understood the same after leaving…….. So i am feeling bad for sanskar… I know Swara has also gone through a lot…. Its just because he was left heart broken it became difficult for him to trust love…. i know he didnt hear Swara’s side but completely blaming on Sanskar is bad

    1. Kaynatk01

      crystal i clearly understood your pov qnd am glad you are with sanskaar’s side… i know sanskaar didnt did a big mistake but dear just think once swara has worse past than sanskaar but still she was mending his heart just because of this members are angry and dont worry i will give sanskaar forgiveness soon as i also live him so much and thanks for expressing your pov

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  9. Shashi

    OMG!!!!!!! i can’t believe u gave wonderful epi today itself. i have no words to describe my happiness. u know today is my birthday. Actually i really really wanted your epi as my birthday gift. but i miss to ask for a one. but it seems i have been got my birthday gift without making any request. i’m soooooooooooooooooo happy. Actually i want to ask for ur forgiveness for comment of last epi. it was the first time i read your epi. as it was interesting i read all episodes upto this and i commented that. through first comment instead praising your lovly work i treatend u. if u felt upset cause my comment i’m sooo sorry. A BIG BIG WALA SOORRY.
    AND today epi is too emotinal. if u r not angry with me can u give me a epi including sawan’s nok-jokes. i really love that. waiting for next epi. BYE!!!!!!

    1. Kaynatk01

      shashi first of all A BIG WALA HAPPY BDAY TO YOU MAY YOU GET ALL THE THINGS WHICH YOU DESERVE… and coming to ur previous comment i was not angry on you infact i was happy that u comment and that too dhamki wala i just love it so dont say sorry warna i will beat u on ur bday and will surely come soon with nhok jhok part as ur bday gift love u

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