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Hayyy my friends actually youll are my closed friends who love my ff and me so much they send me so beautiful comments and messages i just love it plz do shower your love like this….. now coming to story guys after reading this episode plz dont kill me so do read it….


It was the time of moon to come all ladies of the house have started the ritual…
Sanskaar couldnt take his gaze of her….he was actually thinking what’s his physco is upto?? Because whenever she thinks to do a work she does that…
And finally moon arrived all gathered at teraace while kids jhanvi aarav and khushi were enjoying and seeing that… karan and anjali were busy in their own world
All husband and wife were standing facing eachother
Anu : swara ragini follow us ok
Swaragini : yes maa
All ladies starts the ritual and swaragini were following them….
Swara looks to moon through the channi and closes her eyes and brings it to near sanskaar’s face… then she opens her eyes… she smiles brightly….
She then does his aarti and was about to touch his feet as per ritual but sanskaar stopped her between… he just dont wanna let her touch his feet because he knew her real place is in his heart… he nods in no.. she was so happy…
All men made their wives drink water… sanskaar too took glass of water and made her drink the water… swara drink half the water and made him drink half..
He denied

Swara : ypu were also fasting with me… if you can broke my fast why cant i ???
She asked innocently that anyone may fall for her immediately sanskaar didnt protest so she made him drink water…
Later sanskaar made her eat one piece of sweet she too did the same..
Alll did same ( i cant mention everyone guys)
Later all have their dinner with gadodia’s
And gadodia’s were about to leave
Sharmishta goes to anupurna
Sharmishta : thank you anupurna jii for giving my daughters so much love thank you so much
Anu : are are why are you doing formality shomi ji its nothing pankhuri swara and ragini are the ligjt of the house without them our house is incomplete…
Sharmishta : and dont call me shomi ji call me shomi as we have became that much close na
Anu : so you too dont call me anupurna ji call me anu short and sweet
All smiles at them
Sharmishta goes to swaragini
Sharmishta : youll have done something good thats why you got such a beautiful sasural
She was having tears by seeing her mom like that they too have tears in eyes..she hugged them
Shekhar : acha dp ji we are leaving
Dp : ji ji see youll soon

Adi sanskaar laksh anjali takes blessings from them
All kids hugs shekhar sharmishta and karan.. anjali was sad as karan was leaving but karan gestures her to smile she smiles but was feeling bad…
After one hour when all work was almost done swara has totally forgot that she has to make sanskaar confess…
She hurriedly goes to room and founds that sanskaar was standing near balcony gazing the stars…
Swara : so was thinking of me
She smirks seeing him
Sanskaar giving cold look : why would i think about you i sont have useless time
Swara : so am i useless to you
Sanskaar : did i said that no youa re not at useless actually you are useful to everyone.. like kavita you are useful to you… swara by masking this face you cannot fool me i know behind this mask there is one girl who is a betrayel!!
Swara : oh my god sanskaar you are still stuck there.. why are you not listening you heart?? You dont wanna listen sanskaar the truth you have build such big walls around tour heart sanskaar that i am getting so difficult to break it.. you know today i failed seriously.. and you hate me na say me you dont love me na
He looks at other way
She looks at him
Swara : answer me damnit you hate me na fine then hate me as much you want i will not stop you from now.. yes you may call me coward or anything but now am not having stamina to win your live i have tried my every level to make you love me.. and you do love me but you are denying the fact..ok keep denying am going far away from you.. you wanted na to go far away from you and you dont wanna see my face ok then my soul too will mever disturb you bye forever…. and haa i am leaving khushi with youa s i know nobody can take care of her better than her father so give to my both child aarav and khushi equally bye…
He was facing his back to her he closes his eyes and finally her words hit his ears
“My soul will never disturb you” “bye”
He came into senses but it was too late she has gone
He started to search her by shouting her name
He was shouting like mad and by his shouting all family members came to him..
Pankhuri : sanskaar what happened
Laksh : bhai why are shouting bhabhi’s name is everything fine??
Sanskaar : she’s gone laksh she’s also gone…
He sits on his knees

Adi : sanskaar what happened will you tell us what happened to swara….
Sanskaar narrates the story what he has seen in cafeteria and how he behaved with swara in this days and she silently beared all and now she’s gone leaving him all alone..
Dp adi were hell angry laksh controlled his anger because he knew somewhere he too loves her
Adi grabs his collor
Adi : have you gone nuts sanskaar she loves you so much dammit…and you behaved likethis with her… just look at you sanskaar she was changing you you were changed sanskaar… our old sanskaar was back who use to smile laugh joke talk and what have you done just let her go..
Sanskaar : bhaiya i wanted to stop her but she was gone when i realised…
Adi : wow you realised so soon sanskaar
Dp : sanakaar today you crossed your limits do you know what actaually happened the day
He narrates real incident happens between kavita and swara
Sanskaar was feeling as in someone snatched his floor his heart started to cry in guilt that how can he accused her with false allegations how can he??
Pankhuri controlled adi
Pankhuri : she was just mending your heart sanskaar she was knowing how much you have suffered..
Adi : why are you explaing him pankhuri he only listens to himself his ego his repu thats it.. he dont want to know what others feel for him
Ragini was crying
Ragini : sanskaar bhai you didnt did right thing its second time that her heart has broken first that dog sahil did and now you..
Everyone was surprised that why she is calling sahil dog
Anu : beta what are you telling tell clearly
Swara : mom dii have hided one fact from all of you infact she hasnt told this things to maa papa too actually maa dii have suffered alot in her married life her marraige was arranged marraige with sahil… papa liked sahil so much.. he married both of them dii never loved him as he was an alcoholic… he just pretended to be food infront of the family but with dii he was a beast….. if little salt was more in food he use to beat dii with belt then one day in alcohol state he he
Her words started choke laksh patted her shoulder she continued…

Ragini : he forced her.. di was strong but not that much to stop him she tried shouted but none came as they both live alone in his house her dignity was ruined but somehow she managed to live again as she got the news that she wwas pregnant but that beast wanted to abort the child…but dii somwhow managed to escape the house… and came back to us but shw didnt let anyone know se use to react normal..and she use to say sahil has send her to live her pregent days with parents…then one day we got the news that sahil was coming to our house and he died in car accident.. dii was feeling bad but in her heart she was happy that finally she is freed.. then finally she gave birth to khushi…
Ragini cried while narrating her story all were having tears listening to it
Sanskaar just wanted to kill himself in guilt that what has he done..
Laksh : i was knowing this as swara bhabhi told both of us and i know swara bhabhi before marraige.. i didnt disclose it because she wanted to let this secret secret only.. see bhai i use to tell you behvae with her properly as she has seen worse than you but you never listened and see bhai your ego has win over yours and her love….
Adi : you have done a sin sanskaar and remember i have forgive all your mistakes but this i cant forget… i will never forgive you in my life sanskaar…
Sanskaar just remained quite as he knew he was at fault big fault

Sanskaar was not having words to say
When aarav and khushi came to him
Khushi : papa where is mumma??
Aarav : haa papa where is she??
Sanskaar was not knowing what to give them answers he was just crying.. all coudnt see his breakdown but he was deserving..
Aarav : papa is she fine na
Aarav almost said chokingly
Sanskaar : yeah champ she is fine i will bring your mumma
He just got up
Sanskaar : i promise youll i will bring her and whatever punishment she wil give i am ready to bear…
He said wiping his tears
Adi : lucky come we too need to go
All were just praying to god that swara should be fine….

At road a girl with red puffed eyes was walking on road and she was non other than swara… she was walking whn something strikes her mind
Swara : how can i leave him?? I know he loves me and i know he is not accepting it i should made him realise and despite this i too made a fool desicion and walking here i should go to him he needs me..
She was about to turn when she sees a mansion was burning
She was just shocked she quickly goes there and helped people get out…
When finally one woman spke her 6 year old kid remained in the mansion without thinking of her life she goes in mansion…
Fire everywhere she calmly steps into the mansion..
Meanwhile sanskaar adi and laksh came to that spot and got panick to see house burning but was relived as fire brigade came
They were about to leave when they heard some people talking
Man : she is so nice without thinking of her life she just strpped into burning house to save the child..
Woman : yes she is angel..
Sanakaar knew her mahantaa he goes to that man
Sanskaar : can you tell me the girl entered the house was this..
He was hoping for a no
He showed him her pic
Man : yes this girl only stepped in
He closed his eyes in fear laksh and adi too got tensed
Sanskaar was too about to enter
Laksh : bhai where are you going
Sanskaar : i told that i will bring her back i am just going to my swara..
Adi wanted to stop him but because of him he cant talk with him

Swara finally found the baby crying she got a hold of that baby she hugged him and was making a way when fire was gathered all the room..
At that time sanskaar saw swara and shouts her name..
Swara saw him and got surprised+happy to see him
Sanskaar goes to her
Sanskaar : you are so bad swara you were leaving me how can you?? How can you love me this much that for me you were about to leave me.. dont you feel pain… and what were doing came here alone i just wanna kill you gor this….swara i cant deny it more that I LOVE YOU yes this is what you wanna hear i really do plz come back to my life aarav khushi jhanvi anjali all needs you and i the most.. i will never shout on you i will never be angry i just wanna shower my all love to you i wanna kiss you love you.. bas i dont want to get seprated from you plz come back to my life.. light my life with your presence swara….
Swara just couldnt believe what she was listening her dream got true yes finally sanskaar came to her yes he has now become hers forever….
She hugged him tightly with the baby between them
Swara : i’ll never go i love you too but now lets move from here we have to go from here…
Both steps smartly out of the room now only few steps then they were out of the house..
Sanskaar was holding baby with one hand and other was holding swara’s hand tightly not to leave her…
Swara saw that the burning railing was about to fall on sanskaar and baby she couldnt stake both lives so she took major desicion and pushed them and that railing fall on her back..
Sanskaar shouted at the top of his voice : sswwwaaraaaa

Precap : will swara be alive or not???

TADAAA i know many if you will think of killing guys plz dont do this neither i will die withoit experiencing love.. acha sorry for today this episode was in my mind from so got perfect idea yesterday and pasted here i know i copied railing wala scene from vivah but guys i love rhe film kucb toh lena banta h boss… and second thing i felt it was necessary as i wanna show next episode most emotional so plz do comment as its long too plz and bye see youll….

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