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Hey frnds am little sad for two reasons first my other friends have stopped commenting are you not liking this track i was hoping that this track would be loved by youll in my previouss episodes i use to get 80+ but now only 50+ or 60+ bas chalo never mind because am having my other friends who are my supporters and who support me to write but please guys dont be silent because it makes me feel bad that my ff isnt intresting in compare to others…
Thanks for ur love!!!!

2 weeks passed since aarav’s incident now aarav was perfectly fine and why wont he?? Swara was there to take care of him through this days..
All were now aware of swara’s love towards sanskaar.. and sanskaar too was changing now he was not rude like before but he has learnt to smile.. things were changing but swasan’s nhok jhok wasnt gonna change actually swara loved to tease sanskaar.. and sanakaar love to be teased by swara he loves the way how she irritates him.. he was the one who use to get annoyed by her presence but now he just love to be with her her presence is everything to him…

The day has arrived finally KARWA CHAUTH it was first karwa chauth for swara and ragini
It was first for swara as after her marraige with sahil he dies after 6 months and for sanskaar too it was first because kavita never fast for him
So inshort it was first for swasan and raglak

It was quite afternoon the maheshwari mansion was being decorating as its first karwachauth of their d-i-l and they have invited few guests too and gadodia family to break their fast at maheshwari mansion…

All men have took holiday to be their wives on this special day though karwachauth was the day for women’s to fast but today all men of maheshwari masion too have fast for their wives..

Its belief that women fast on this day that they would get them in all their lives so why would man cant fast for women if the wives need their husband in all lives they too need them.. its called love and this is the belief of durga prasad maheshwari and this is followed by adi and now this will be followed by sanskaar and laksh too

Swara was odering the servants about decorations
Swara : are dada that curtain keep there and ramesh bhaiya keep that flowers there
Ragini comes to her
Ragini : dii i you have informed na guest to fome by 6
Swara : yeah yeah ragini dont worry i have called them by myself
Pankhuri : so swara and ragini all work done
Swara : yeah bhabhi almost competed
Pankhuri : swara you have done so much you have not let me do a single work now come take some rest
Swara : are bhabhi its nothing
At that time trio comes i.e adi sanskaar and laksh
Adi : are swara do some rest because there are more hours to go for moon to come
Ragini : haww am feeling so hungry
Laksh : uff ragini u na see swara bhabhi and pankhuri bhabhi how they are controlling…
Sanskaar : excuse me mr. Laksh… bhaiya there was someone who was complaing few minutes before why the boys need to fast today and he was so pissed of being hungry isnt it laksh??
Adi : ha right sanskaar yeah laksh what happened you were only saying na you were feeling so hungry and now you are pointing ragini so bad
Laksh glares at both adi and sanskaar whereas they giggles
Ragini : you idiot monkey go get lost
Adi : are ragini dont worry it happens uts yoyr first time and you know pankhuri too have irritated me on her first time she toh have irritated me whole day
Pankhuri : Oh please!! Mr. Adita mageshwari dont act smart of yourself i didnt do anything ok
Adi : really mrs. Adi maheshwari
Swara : ok now both bhaiya and bhabhi plz now dont start fighting
Pankhuri : are swara you dont know this idiot he troubles me alot
Adi : haa toh you are saying as in you dont irritate me sanskaar say na swara dont irritate you
Sanskaar looks at swara and remembers her sweet torchures
Sanskaar : yes she does!!! but bhaiya if wife will not irritate us then who will do neighbours they have moral right to do so
He passes a smile to adi
While adi pankhuri were looking at shock that how much he has changed while swara and laksh were surprised
Adi : waah bhai you have changed so much this is all because of my sister’s love
Sanskaar : woh woh actually i remember some work am going
While swara too makes some excuse and she leaves
All chuckles at them
Swara was standing on the stair checking the lights when her leg got slipped she closed her eyes in fear to fall down but she landed on strong arms which was non other than her prince sanskaar she slowly opened her eyes and found sanskaar holding her
Both had an eyelock but sanskaar broke it and made her stand..
Sanskaar : see and stand properly
Swara : thanks for what you said there
Sanskaar : dont!! Dont fly because i just said that just to stop their fight that doesnt mean i love your irritation ok now be careful and dont do more things servants will do..
Swara : you have a great style sanakaar you say caring words in so much mixed emotions that no one will understand that you are actually taking care of them.. i know you are afraid what if something happens to me..
Sanskaar : you only think it i have many more things to do got that
And he leaves swara smiles at him

At evening all preparations were done all have gone to get ready
Sanskaar have got ready wearing black and grey sherwani he was looking so handsome he have changed in changing while he came to his room without knowcking he found swara was struggling to tie the knot of her blouse
She was wearing red lehenga looking so beautiful…
When both swasan sees eachother and realise their position swara turns her back to cupboard and hides her back and sanskar looks here and there
Sanskaar : woh am sorry i came without knocking
Swara : its its ok
Sanskaar was about to leave
Swara : sanskaar
When ever she takes his name his ear drum starts to play drum
Sanskaar : what??
He asks calmly
Swara : woh actually i just need help i have to go down soon will you please help me
Sanskaar : what me ??
Swara : nobody is there in this room except you and it isnt a crime to ask husband for help so plz come fast
Sanskaar agrees and comes to her
She turns her back towards him
His legs started to tremble and hands to shiver while swara laughs silently to see his condition.. he slowly puts her hairs on one side of shoulder
He can see her full white back.. he was loosing his control.. he slowly touches her dori and his hands touched her back bone which make swara closed her eyes enjoying his touch over her…
He slowly took dori and was tying it by touching her back which was sending goosebumps to both of them
They both shared an eyelock via morror sanskaar was busy tying thedori but he was inshort touching her back to feel her and swara has clutched her saree to feel his touch
Finally sanskaar realised what he was doing he immediately tied the dori
Sanskaar : its done
Swara smiled and turned around
Swara : you dont love me is it??
Sanskaar : huh!! No..
Swara : then why is your heart beating so fast
She places her hand on his chest
Swara : does my presence doesnt affect you??
Sanskaar turns his face not to loose this time
She takes his hand and places near her heart and her hand was on his heart..
Swara : see sanakaar could you listen to our heartbeats its just the same..they are beating with same intensity same love.. till when will you hide sanskaar we are made for eachother our souls are connected…
Sanskaar was just lost in her words
They both were lost in their world
Swara : say today sanskaar that you love me?? Say me Sanskaar.. i know you love but i wanna listen it from you say me
Sanskaar was totally lost he was going to confess but at that time his phone ringed and reality hits his head he goes from the room
Swara to herself
Swara : not today sanskaar today you have to confess your love by hook or crook
She smirks and moves out

All guest started to come at that sharmishta shekhar and karan too come
Swaragini becomes so happy to see them they goes to them and hug them
Swara : aww papa maa we missed you so much
Sharmishta : bas kar if youll miss us youll have come to meet us
Shekhar : beta i know that your family is so good that they dont let you miss us but then too come for sometime that house is also yours
Ragini : papa we will remain your daughters no matter what and we both love youll so much
They four hugs
Karan : oh hello am also there yr dii and ragu i too missed youll
Swara : ha ha baba tujhe bhi bahot miss kiya come
She hugs him

All maheshwari’s greet gadodia family anjali too came from her work and got ready and was busy with kids when karan come and closes her eyes she instantly touches his hands
Anjali : karan
Karan : haww this is cheating you always find that its me how??
Anjali : i know your touch
Karan : hmm so aakhir hogaya mujhse pyaar
Anjali : uff karan sometimes lets talk leaving live topic
Karan : well youare really boring one i will go to kids
Karan : hey khushi darling my doll jhanvi and champ how are youll and champ how is your head now
Aarav : are mamu its gone
Jhanvi : mamu how are you
Khushi : yeah and where is nana nani
Karan : they are with elders common yr your mamu jas came will do lots of masti come
Anjali murmurs : how my god he is seriously a kid but i live this kid
Yes guys both karan and anjali lives eachother but they havent confessed eachother

Swara was planning something big for today and she was damn stubborn to make sanskaar blurt out his feelings!!

Precap : confession part!!

Bas i cant write more this episode is for them who has supported me so much in this ff really it means alot and please other reader comment and guys next episode is really important for me and i hope many are happy with this part chalo gotta go see youll soon bye

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