swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 22

Hey friends how are youll wishing everyone happy diwali guys burn crackers but safely have a secure safe diwali….

The episode starts with aarav was rolling from stairs and then the last stair directly hit him on his forhead and he was lying down unconsiuess with lots of blood oozing from his head
All members were shocked at what just happened in front of their eyes
Swara : aarav
She shouted at the top of her voice she ran to him
All members ran to aarav
Swara kept aarav on her lap sanskaaar came running and took his hand
Swara at the state of crying : aarav aarav plz get up
Sanskaar : champ champ get up…
Laksh came and took aarav

Laksh : ragini bring my kit in aarav’s room plz everyone dont panic i will see him
He takes aarav and goes to his room while swara and sanskaar ran behind him ragini left with laksh
Anupurna and dp too gone and were praying for his safety
While khushi and jhanvi were crying adi and pankhuri were consoling them
Khushi crying : bade papa aarav got hurt because of me na
Jhanvi was too crying : no khushi it wasnt your fault he got hurt because of me
Adi : sshh my princesss its not your both fault and he will be fine
Pankhuri : yes jhanvi and khushi just pray to god he will make him fine
Khushi hugged adi and jhanvi hugged pankhuri they both looked at eachother and consoled them
But in their heart they too were also scared and sad

In room laksh was bandaging aarav while swara couldnt see it ran from there cryingly sanskaar saw her and went behind her
Swara was in her room standing near the wall and crying silently
Sanskaar came behind her he moved his hand and was inches away from her shoulder he backoff but swara recognized his presence she turned and hugged him tightly and cried
Swara : sanskaar see na aarav has got such a big hurt in his head he will get stitches too in his head how will he bear that….. i am not good mother sanskaar i failed i cant take care of YOUR son sanskaar i cant

Sanskaar couldnt take her words she was not in her senses and was just blabbering what her mind was saying he just parted the hug in anger
Sanskaar : swara look at me
She was looking down and was crying

Sanskaar : swara i said look at me dammit
His voice sounds how hurt he was listening YOUR son tag
Sanskaar : how can you say that you failed swara you are the best mother in the world and aarav is your son too swara he is not my but our son swara have you heard OUR son and nothing will happen to him why are you loosing your hope dont ever say you have failed because you can never fail you have given him love more than a real mother you are his mother and thats the truth so never dare to say rubbish understand
He just hugged her tightly to make her calm
Swara cluthed his shirt tightly both were hugging eachother after sometime they realise what they were doing they parted ways
Swara : sanskaar lets goo to aarav

She goes to his room sanskaar too moves behind her
They saw aarav sleeping with a big bandage on his head
Laksh : bhai its just a small cut no need to worry he will regain consiuess in one or two hours just make sure he eat something so that medicine affect him
Sanskaar : yeah laksh will see to it
All members saw aarav and moved to their respective rooms as swara told everyone not to worry she will take care of him
While adi and pankhuri took jhanvi with them as they knew they all need time

Swara sat beside aarav and kissed on his hand and started carressing his head while khushi came and hugged swara she parted ways and saw khushi was crying
She cubbed her face

Swara : my baccha what happened
Khushi : mumma it happened all because of me if i wouldnt have told you his name he wont be coming fast to you and he wont be falling from stairs it happened because of me
She was crying swara hugged her
Swara : no my baccha its not your fault
While swara was consoling sanskaar came and took khushi in embrace
Sanskaar : princess you are my brave princess na so whyare you crying see kids usually gets hurt na while playing so its not your fault ok it just happened and now be my strong princess and stop crying or aarav will feel bad na if he sees u crying so chalo stop and give a smile chalo for aarav only give a smile
Khushi stopped crying and smile lightly
Swara was so happy to see their bond

While in that aarav regain consiuess
Swara hugged him tightly
Swara : beta how are you are you fine is your head paining say na
Aarav : mom i am fine nothing happened to me i am strong boy and its nothing
Swara : ha i know how much you are strong who told to run and come you cant come slow see this much happened na promise me you wont run at stairs next time
Aarav : i promise mumma now stop crying i dont like when you cry
He wipes her tears she smiles and kissed his forhead while sanskaar coughs
Sanskaar : champ very bad you teamed up with your mumma then me??
Aarav : haww papa you are so bad you already have khushi in your team so i am in my mumma’s team i am mumma’s boy

Khushi : ha toh be in her team my papa has his princess because i am daddy’s girl right papa
Both swasan were overwhelmed by their love they just nodded
Swara : acha wait i will just bring food for both of you
She goes and bring food plates for both of them
Sanskaar made khushi eat and swara feed aarav and both made them sleep till they were in mid sleep
Both left the room at mid night

Swasan reached their room and lay on their respective sides as avoiding eachother
Sanskaar remembered recent incident where he hugged her he felt why he did so but he just speak what his heart was sating though he knows swara was playing game but he cant deny the fact he has seen aarav’s new shade after swara came in their life he got a daughtet and he knows how much swara loved aarav
He was remembering all incident when he looked beside him he saw she was sleeping peacefully sanskaar hands automatically reached towards her face and carress them
He cant deny the fact that this girl had made him fall for her yes he has started to love her he cant deny the fact but still he was stubborn to accept it
He kisses her forhead and clutched her hand and slept….

Precap : karwachauth!!!

I know many of youll are angry of short update but guys sorry it was the need of story plz maarna mat and sorry if it doesnt reached to your expectation

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