swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 21

Hey guys today back with my part and i got many wishes regarding my health so thanks to all and yeah many are asking for long updates i will surely see to it and make sure youll enjoy each n every part and i just hope i dont irritate youll with my health and thanks for ur lovely msgs towards this ff it means me alot so lets start

Episode 20

Sanskaar : so would you do the pleasure of saying what were you doing undertable
Swara blushes but hides
Swara : what??
Sanskaar got irritated with her
Sanskaar : aah swara have you taken an oath to irritate me
Swara : nah i havent but not a bad idea what say
Sanskaar : plz dont irritate me anymore am going to sleep do whatever you want
He jerks her and moves to bed
Swara smiles at him
She too switches off lights and goes to bed sanskaar changes his side of position he was now facing his back to her
Swara : good night hubs
A little smile appeared on his lips listening the word hubs but he kept quite
Sleep took over them
At late night around 3 am
Swara was dreaming something where someone was beating her badly she was crying and calling for help to sanskaar but it didnt seemed to workout sanskaar was nowhere to found she was all alone
In sleep she started to sweat because of that dream and suddenly got up with a jerk
Swara : sanskaar help

She realises that it was a dream and sanskaar was just sleeping beside her she hugged him at that moment sanskaar sleep got disturbed because of the jerk he saw that she was clutching his tshirt tightly and was sweating
Sanskaar thought to get up but she was mumbling ”dont leave me” he thought to not leave her at that moment
He wiped her sweat
Sanskaar : sshh swara its ok its just a dream
He then wrapped his hand around her body to feel her safe and secured in his arms
She slowly felt asleep in his arms but his heart too felt cormfatable with her he was feeling so much good to feel her to hig her he closed his eyes to cherish this moment and then sleep took over him

Next morning
Swara got up as usual but she found something strong on her waist she open her eyes fully and found herself in his embrace
She didnt remember fully what happened last night
She moved her hand which make sanskaar sleep gets disturbed
Swara tried of getting up but her mangalsutra got strucked to his tshirst
She bumped on his chest hardly both had an eyelock
But sanskaar broke the eyelock

Sanskaar : when did you last checked ur weight out??
Swara : huh??
Sanskaar : i mean u r so heavy that if u wont get up in next 2 minutes then i will  be crushed here only
Swara : what the?? Am i fat
Sanskaar : you asking or telling me.. u r  so much fat
Swara makes faces and gets up
Swara : listen mr. Idiot am not fat am slim like deepika ok
She keeps her hand on her hips and turs

Sanskaar holds his stomach and started laughing
Sanakaar : you and deepika omg rofl swara
He started laughing swara at first got lost in him sanskaar then stopped laughing and saw what he was doing
Swara : are why you stopped laughing u look good when you laugh and you know what governemnt doesnt charge money too for smile so keep smiling
She said and move towards washroom and sanskaar again got affected with her words no wonder what how much angry he but he use to get attracted towards her everyday

The day started and swara just forgot about the dream which she has dreamt and sanskaar too got busy with his work that he didnt asked her

At dining table when everybody was gathered at dining table

Dp : swara beta i got a call from karan that you have got the plot which you were working months before us wedding
Swara got happy
Swara : really papa omg thats a great news
She looks towards pankhuri
Swara : bhabhi you know i was fighting so much for this plot ragini atlast i got it
Pankhuri : congrats devraniji
She hugs her
Ragini : oh wow congo dii

Laksh : its all your hardwork bhabhi
Adi : well done sis you are really my true sis
Sanskaar too felt happy but he was still hesistating to wish her

Dp : so now ypu have to go to see the plot today and sign some papers regarding to that

Swara goes to dp nd ap and touches their feet

Ap : khush raho beta
Dp : daughters dont touch feet they only hug parents
Saying this swara hugged both ap and dp

Dp : but swara its quite far from here so how will you manage
Swara : aah no worry dad i will manage
Dp : no no
He was about to sanskaar’s name when ragini interrupted
Ragini : dii dont worry i will join you
Dp hits his forhead and hits laksh who was standing beside him
Dp mumbling : laksh tell your wife to be quite i have a plan for them…
Laksh : yeah yeah just a min
Laksh : are no ragini you cant goo
All of them look towards him especially swara

Adi : abe what happened to u now
Laksh : actually bhaiya ragini cant go as i need her help in my clinic actually my nurse she is on holiday today so she will come with me are sanskaar bhai you only go with bhabhi na
Pankhuri : yeah nice idea laksh haa sanskaar you only go
Sanakaar was looking at them sirprised at what to tell he cant say no neither they will start asking him questions why and all
Sanskaar : but papa today i have presenatation with foreign clients
Adi : excuse me i am also here only i will handle it so any doubts??
Sanskaar : hmm no bhai
Dp : so its clear you both should leave or else youll will be get stucked in traffic
Swara : yeah papa

All started going when laksh asked dp about this
Dp : laksh sanskaar should spend more time with her so that he can open up and even if they fight let them but let them stay together for a moment
Laksh : woq dad from where do you get such ideas haa
Dp : beta dont forget i am your dad so ideas toh i will give better than you only now you concentrate on ragini neither i have to think idea for your too
Laksh gulps and went to his room runningly

Swara goes to pankhuri
Swara : bhabhi see na kids are sleeping plz woke them up after sometime i know its holiday but dont let them sleep more it will become a habit and have prepared pasta for them and aarav will search for me plz tell both khushi and aarav that i will return before night
Swara was blaberring and pankhuri was standing there hands crossed smiling at her
Swara : kya hua bhabhi why you smiling
Pankhuri : oh common swara calm down i know all this dont be hyper just spend some time with your LOVE
Swara : yeah i will
She realises what pankhuri says
Swara : bhabhi what did you say love
Pankhuri : yeah love dont you love him

Swara blushes
Swara : woh  woh
Pankhuri : acha bas leave it i know i can read your eyes and i am with you ok o
I will pray that whatever you wish comes true
Swara hugs her
Swara : if all bhabhi are like you then it will be so good am glad that you are bhabhi my elder support

Pankhuri : acha acha bas gonow
Sanskaar from down was pressing horns
Pankhuri : go he is calling you
Swara : bye
Swara goes to car and sits sanskaar was in no mood of chatting and that can be cleared by his face but swara was swara she will not waste a time of irritating him
Swara : hmm sanskaar can i ask you 1 question
Sanskaar : without asking you wont be quietso ask and shut up
Swara : how rude?? Ha so i was askibg why did you choosed bussiness field when you are good at photography too
Sanskaar looks at her
Sanskaar : and may i know who told you that
Swara : i have first asked so answer me first
Sanskaar : uuggh because bussiness is what i have to do i always wanted to be established bussinessman so am doing it
Swara : and photography??
Sanskaar : swara photography was just my passion not and i left it in college only
Swara : why??
Sanskaar : why are you asking all questions to me ask your friend kavita na am sure she will give better answers to you or she has only send you to ask me this kinda questions

Swara : this is what your problem sanakaar you are not understanding or not letting yourself understand the situation you know its been 6 months if our marraige and you told me na i am your bestie so why cant you trust me does my friendship has over took that one day which you saw and it was shitty shit
Sanskaar was now use to it of her anger but somewhere in his heart e had started to trust her words he somewhere n
Know thatt something is wrong either he or she
Swara : am tired of explaining so its better to on radio then to bear you nonsense
She on the radio

Music plays (guys i just love this song do read the lyrics)

Teri barashien bhigaye mujhe
Teri hawayien bahaye mujhe
Paon tale meri zameen chal padhi
Aisa to kabhi hua hi nahi

Ae mere dil mubarak ho yahi toh pyaar hai
Ae nere dil mubarak ho yahi toh pyaar hai
Swara looked at sanskaar sanskaar was looking at sterring but he can feel her gaze on him he gripped the wheel and started driving fastly

Aisa lagta haii kyu
Teri aankhen me
Meri aankhen reh gayi
Kabhi pehle na suni
Aisi baate woh keh gayi
Tu hi toh ab har taraf hai mere
Ab tujhse mai jau kahan

Ae mere dil mubarak ho yahi toh pyaar hai
Ae mere dil mubarak ho yahi toh pyaar hai

Swara was looking outside the window thinking how he will accept her what she has to go through to win his  trust back

But sanskaar was lost in the song

Sanskaar’s dream

He was standing near a ocean and swara backhugs him
Sanskaar : jaha pehle pehel tu aa mila tha
Tehra hu mai wahi
Hee turns and cubs her face swara was standing there blushing
Sanakaar : tera dil woh shehar hai jis shehar me aake mai lauta nahi
Swara was moving backwards till she hits a wall sanskaar blocked her way with hs hands
Sanskaar : lapata sa hun.. mil jau kahi mujhe mujhse hi mila de zarrraa
He nuzzle his nose in her cheeks
Sanskaar : ae mere dil mubarak ho yahi toh pyaar hai ae mere ishq mubarak ho yahi toh pyaar hai
He took her in arms and started twitling her around then he puts her down and looks at her lips and in no second he started kissing her
But his drean got disturbed by her voice
Swara : sanskaar sanskaar
Sanskaar : haa yeah

Swara : your phone its ringing
He looks at phone and cuts it in frustration and thinks to himself that why is he seeing her dream and wait wait does he wanted to KISS HER he was shocked at his own dream no no she cant win she just cant make me fall
He looks at her who was lost in outside world
Sanskaar pov : but why do i hurt her its she who has hurted me but whenever i hurt her it hurts me to see her like this i just cant see her like this and when she is quiet i just dont hate it
Sanskaar pov ends

There was silence because sanskaar ego was stopping him

They atlast reached the place there mr. Kappor welcomed them

Mr. Kapoor : oh mr. And mrs. Maheshwari how was your journey
Sanskaar : it was good mr. Kapoor
Mr. Kapoor : great plz come here
He took them to his office
Mr.kapoor : mam what you would like to have tea or coffee
Swara : actually nothing plz just bring the papers to sign
Mr. Kapoor : ya ya mam just a second
He brings documents to sign
Swara signed it
Mr. Kapoor : well mam congrats that you won this deal and am really happy that youre doing so great work by building orphanage and old age home here
Sanskaar was looking at her surprise
Me. Kapoor : i mean in today all are busy in their lives but you are doing so much for others its really good to hear
Swara : thank you so much mr. Kapoor
Mr. Kapoor : sir mam it will be a great pleasure that you will do lunch with our staff plz dont deny we will feel great plz
Swara was about to deny
Sanskaar : yeah its ok
Swara looked at him he just looked at her
Then after lunch and some bussiness talks they both left

Their journey again started but this time sanskaar was happy for her as she was really doing great work
Sanskaar : umm congratulations
Swara : what
Sanskaar : i said congrats for your deal you are doing great work
Swara : omg am i dreaming or you really praise me
Sanskaar : you cant just stop your nonsense for a moment
Swara : haa i know you cant see me quiet and i also know you love my talks so agree it mr. Maheshwari

Sanskaar : aah never in my life
Swara : you know sanskaar i am investing my whole life hardwork in this project i just dont want to see any child orphan without home or shelter or any old people who has no home whoz child throw them out i just wanna help them
Sanskaar : and you are doing it very much correctly i mean really you have invested all your money which you have earned through bussiness here its really a big deal
Swara : well thanks for your compliment
Sanskaar jerks him
Sanskaar : i was saying like this only dont fly high
Swara smiled as she knew that he said what he actually felt for her
Swara noticed a pani puri stall
Swara shouts : sanskaar stop
Sanskaar stop the car at sudden

Sanskaar : what happened are you fine
Swara :woh i wanna eat pani puri
Sanskaar : what and for that you were shouting common its already evening we have to reach home before night
Swara : i am not asking you ok am going come with me or else ill ho alone
She opens the car and goes to stall
Sanskaar : does abybody have tell her to go to psychiatrist if not plz take her she is half physco
Sanskaar sighs and goes to her
Swara : bhaiya two plate pani puri
Sanskaar : oh hello am not eating
Swara :haha why you will eat you dont eat roadside na and waise bhi this thing wont suits you so its k bhaiya one
She was about to say ehen he cut her off
Sanskaar : bhaiya make two plates and you ms. Phsyco i can eat roadside ok and will show you because i dont mind eating at road side so see
Both started eating sanskaar was enjoying each and every moment spend with her
At 8 maheshwari mansion they reached home
All elders were sitting there having chat when they came
Swara : hello everyone
All goes to them

When khushi and jhanvi came
Khushi : mumma dadda you came acha hua you came see naa aarav is troubling us and beating us
Aarav who was standing up at the stairs
Aarav : no mumma i didnt wait I’ll explain
He was coming running down when his leg got slipped and he started to roll over stairs and he finally fell down with blood oozzing from his head
Swara shouts : aarravv

Precap : some moments of swasan and kids

So sorry for late plz do send me comments like this dont decrease it chalo bye see ya

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