swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan (episode 2)


Hello everyone sorry for being late but what to do i really couldn’t adjust my time but please forgive me and give your love and support to this too

Recap : sanskaar agreeing for marraige

Engagement day have came in maheshwari all were busy in decorations and all
Pankhuri : are kaka that flowers put there and yaa in centre put some roses
Anupurna : beta calm down relax
Pankhuri : mom see na how much work is pending and we have to complete it before evening
Laksh : offo bhabhimaa how much you will take stress come sit here everything will be done dont worry
Pankhuri : are you here i have told you na to go and check your outfits
Laksh : bhabhi i have checked all that and they are amazing and now you also take some rest how much you will work
At that time laksh phone rings it was ragini anupurna and pankhuri sees this
Anupurna : lo phone aana shuru
Pankhuri : jao jao warna she will get angry on you
Both anu and pankhuri laughs laksh blushes and moves from there
Pankhuri : mom today are you going to talk about marraige of swara and sanskaar to shekhar uncle and sharmishta aunty??
Anupurna : yes beta before the function will start i will talk to them hope they will agree
Pankhuri : mom dont worry they will agree if sanskaar have agreed they will too agree
In office sanskaar’s cabin he was lost in the desicion of remarraige he remembers some incidents

Scene 1
Sanskaar : kavita i love you you will never leave me
Kavita : i love you too sanskaar and i will never leave you

Scene 2
Sanskaar in pleading voice : kavita dont go for aarav’s sake
Kavita : sanskaar there is nothing left between us nor the marraige and nor the love so let me go
Flashback ends

Sanskaar open his eyes and his eyes are dwelled up thinking of it
Sanskaar pov : do i am doing right of marrying another girl how can i?? Its true that this marraige is for aarav and for her child but i cant destroy her life because i know i cant give her love and happiness which she deserve but i cant deny bhabhi too i have agreed all her desicions she is like my sister and i cant see her upset once i have to talk to that girl and clear it out that this marraige is for the family and children and i will leave the desicion on her to narry or not
Sanskaar pov ends
In evening in ragini’s house swara made ragini ready she was looking extrememly gorgeous she was wearing golden lehenga with diamond work her light makeup she was looking like an angel
Swara sees her sister her exitement and she remembers something
Flashback ends
Swara was wearing light brown lehenge with diamond and embroidery work no doubt she was looking extrememly beautiful she was so exited for her engagement and she was brought down and engagement starts she exchanged ring with sahil she was so happy
Flashback ends

She became teary eyes but she wipes it before ragini sees
Swara : wow ragini you are looking so beautiful today laksh is dead seeing you
Ragini blushes : dii
Ragini : acha dii you too go and get ready
Swara : ha i am also going ok
Saying this she goes

At maheshwari mansion
All family members were down greeting all guest laksh was wearing brown and reddish mix colour sherwani he was looking extremely handsome
There sanskaar was wearing vlack sherwani with little diamond work he was as usual hot he was busy in talking with some bussiness partners
Pankhuri was wearing white and pink colour lehenga and she was serving everyone drinks and adi was wearing same white colour sherwani he too looks hot he drags pankhuri to a corner
Pankhuri : adi where are you dragging me
Adi : shut up always busy in work give sometime to me also waise you are looking extremely…
Pankhuri : extremely??
Adi whispers : bad
Adi laughs
Pankhuri : ok then go i am not talking
Adi : you are looking extrememly hot
Pankhuri : idiot cant you tell beautiful
Adi : but your more hot
At that time laksh comes
Laksh : excuse me my bhai bhabhi if your roamce have done so kindly concentrate on my engagement also
Pankhuri runs for there
Adi : acha beta baap se mazak ruk teri toh
Saying this both runs
At that time gadodia family makes an entry swara and sharmishta were holding ragini
Laksh was awestruck seeing ragini he was keeping his mouth wide open adi closes his mouth
Adi : beta muh to band kar
Laksh closes his mouth and give a glare at adi and adi chuckles
Karan anjali also comes from behind
Swaragini takes blessings from elders
Anupurna : both are looking preety god bless you both beta
Ragini and laksh were made sit on the stage and all members got busy in talking
Laksh : ragini i cant tell you i am so happy that our engagement is going on
Ragini : its like a dream to me laksh and soon i will be your forever
Rhey both smiles at eachother
There sanskaar and swara collides with eachother
Sanskaar : i am sorry
Sanskaar sees her he was lost in her beaity but in a second he jerks it
Swara : its ok i am also sorry i didnt see you
Saying this she went

There khushi was alone sitting on chair
Aarav and jhanvi were playing with eachother and sees khushi alone there
Aarav : are jhaanvi dii see na she is sitting alone we should go and talk with her na
Jhanvi : haa aru you are right lets make her our friends
They goes ro khushi
Jhanvi : hello whats your name
Khushi becomes happy as there is somebody to talk
Khushi : khushi and yours??
Aarav : mine is aarav and she is jhanvi dii
After sometime they all become friends
Aarav : khushi where is your papa
Khushi : i dont know mumma tells that he has become a star he is with god
Jhanvi was elder than aarav and khushi so she understood
Jhanvi : : are khushi no worry see we are your new friends and your maasi is also becoming our chachi then you will also become our cousin so from today we trio are brothers and sisters
Khuushi : haa u r right jhanvi dii
They keeps on talking
Anupurna dp shekhar and sharmishta took them in a room
In hall karan and anjali were going when anjali slips and karan hilds her at nick of time both were lost in eachothers eyes but they were brought to real world
Karan : cant you see and walk
Anjali : oh hello it was not my fault
Karan : no no it was my fault that you got slipped and i saved you instead of saying thank you you are shouting at me
Anjali : thank you my foot
Saying this she goes and karan too goes

In room
Sharmishta calls swara too
Anupurna and dp have told sharmishta and shekhar and adter lots of convincing and they too want swara’s happiness and they were happy that ap and dp are giving this marraige proposal swara came and sharmishta explains
Swara : maa noo i cant do this
Anu : why beta you dont liked our family
Swara : no aunty its not like it but i cant marry anyone aunty why cant a girl cant live alone i am able to grow my daughter alone i can handle all alone
Dp : beta its not like that women can handle alone everything and for women only we men have reached this place but beta at somepoint khushi will need a dad i agree beta a child needs a mother the most but she too needs a father
Ap : and beta think about one more soul that is aarav he also needs a mother we are thinking about both children beta they will get their conplete parents plz beta agree for this marraige  we will never ever make difference in aarav and khushi for me like aarav and jhanvi khushi will also be equal and beta sanskaar has agreed for this marraige for only aarav
Shekhar : swara plz just think about khushi and then decide
At that time ragini came and goes to swara
Ragini : all does not get second chance but you are getting just think dii khushi will get his father and aarav will get his mother this beautiful family what else you need dii i know its difficult for you but dii accept this chance plz dii
Swara wipes raginis tears and nods
Swara : i agree for this punar vivah
All were happy ragini hugs swara after sometime anupurna tells this to adi pankhuri and sanlak sanskaar was surprise as she accepts without even talking with him
And dp announce that there will be two engagements one of raglak and one of swasan and this will be their punar vivah
Raglak came to stage and exchanged rings happpily and after that swasan were also brought to stage swara’s head was down she was not looking at him and sanskaar was looking everywhere leaving her
Rings were brought and they exchanged rings unwantedly
Aarav and khushi sees this
Khushi : why is mumma at stage
Aarav : and my dadda is also stage
Anupurna goes to choldren and brings them on stage
Anupurna : beta aarav now after some days she will be your mamaa you always wanted a mumma so see here she is and beta khushi here is your would be dadda
Khushi and aarav were shock
Episode ends

Precap : maybe wedding or wedding functions

So guyz finished this one so what youll want wedding functions or directly wedding depend upon9n youll and what youll think how will be aarav and khushi’ s reaction after knowing this wedding and what character is of kavita and sahil i will not revel anything now just havve patience till then bye…

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