swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 19

Heya friends youll know what first i was not well but i wrote so big part yesterady night till 4 and it got deleted i felt so frustrated so slept and now am writing again its really frustrarting to write same thing again and somw points i have forgot too but never mind hope youll like this part i wrote it in so hurry plz do ignore mistakes so lets start


Clock strikes 12 : 30 still sanakaar wasnt back at home swara was waiting for him and slept on couch itself and at 1 sanskaar came back home…
He has told adi that he would be late because of some office work but the main reason he was only knowing that he cant see swara now maybe she has done a big mistake but he cant punish her because if he does so it hurts to him too he cant just hurt her…
He slowly took steps towards his room there he found her sleeping on couch shivering little because of high ac and that too without blanket!!! No matter what how much he is angry but he cant see her like that he goes to ac and put it on normal then goes to her and covers her with blanket in these process swara grabbed his hand.. he tried to realese it but the more he was trying the more her grip was going strong.. he thought that he cant let her sleep disturb so he sat beside her!!

Till 10 mins he was just looking at her admiring her.. he have run a along way but he cant run from the fact that this girl have started affecting her he started liking her
Sanskaar : why swara why you did this to me you know after 5 hears i have tried of trusting someone so much you were like my best friend swara we didnt shared husband and wife relation but in these 6months i have accepted you more than a friend than why swara i loved khushi as my own daughter i will not be able to bear her seperation!! I dont know what’s written in my destiny tomorrow!! Dont create any problem swara because its i wont be able to gove you pain anymore because it hurts me too…
Swara released her hand from his he got up and kissed her forhead and sleeps on bed
Next morning swara got up as usual but she found she was wrapped in a blanket she saw sanskaar sleeping on bed and ac too on normal mode she smiled seeing his care
She goes to baathroom to change…
After a while she came back wearing black net saree with sleeveless blouse she put her sindoor and mangalsutra..
While putting it she remembers his words of ending this relationship
She clutched her mangalsutra
Swara : i will never let you go sanskaar never

She got some confidence and moved towards his bed and throws a glass full of water on him!!!
He gets up with a jerk
Sanskaar : what the hell swara
Swara : what??
Sanskaar : what are you doing are you out of your mind?? Who gave you the permission to wake me up and that too like this..
He roared but she composed herself and answered back in his tone
Swara : i dont need anybody’s help to wake my hubby sanskaar got it so its my right to wake you so now go and get ready for office
Sanskaar first gets surprised seeing this shade of her but gets up in anger
Sanskaar : what are you upto swara i told you to go out from this house and till now you are here
Swara : excuse me i think we are married i am the mother of two children now aarav and khushi and you are too responsible towards your kids so why should i leave my sasural and go somewhere else
Sanskaar : swara dont dont play games with me why are you doing this because that kavita told you na say me how much you have taken from her i will give you double because girls like you only need money
At that time he felt a burning sensation on his cheek his eyes turned into blood shot red but now swara was double angrier than him
Swara : how dare you to say that you know what sanskaar you know how to balance relations with money but i dont i balance relations with feelings which cannot buyed by money only by love but yoy dont know what’s the meaning of love.. you only cared for yourself your ego your reputation thats!! And what were you telling that i took money from kvita to destroy you.. first sanskaar do i know you before our marraige so whats the motive to destroy you.. you know you have overpowered your anger in you thats why you cannot see the truth
Sanskaar : enough bas i dont want to listen your nonsense you are telling me about this family na ok if i tell you about yours and kavita’s meet they will only kick you out of the house
Swara stands with a smirks nd talks with much attitude
Swara : amd what will you tell them that you have found i and kavita talking with eachother or hugging with eachother just on the basis of this you are gonna prove me wrong common sanskaar they are not dumb like you who would beleive this stupid things got that

Sanskaar was shocked seeing her talking like this
Sanskaar : why swara why you are you doing this to me you told me you are my best friend na so why you are making me bear things
Swara : really sanskaar just look at me damm it I LOVE YOU and i seriously do but you have closed your ears like you dont wanna hear anything from me you
Sanskaar : so say me wht i have seen yesterday was all wrong say me what actually happened
Swara : NO i will not tell you ok then if you trust on your eyes more than me good i am tired of giving explanations and now no more explanations chalo do one thing if you find a single proof against me than i will leave this house by my own and if you fail then you are mine… lets see WHO WINS YOUR HATRED OR MY LOVE!!!!
Sanskaar : seriously swara youwill leave me and go away if i prrof you wrong
Swara : i promise sanskaar but till you collect proves let me say you this days gonna be hell to you i will make everything uneasy for you i will make you fall for me and then you will be the one who will not let me go understand you should better!!!
She goes from his room like a storm sanskaar was just standing and recollecting what has happened does she was swara only or her ghost who spoke so much

After some time swara cokked all sanskaar favourite dishes in breakfast all were present at bf table at that time sanskaar came
Adi : are sanskaar come fast see your wife cooks so delicious food
Pankhuri : ueah sanskaat and all your favourite
Sanskaar glare swara who was giving a tight smile ro him
Sanskaar : no bhabhi am not hungry will have it in office
Swara : Are sanskaar its not good to leave your food like this and office work can be done afterwards too but family time is really precious so dont waste it papa say na
Dp : yeah sanskaar sit na why you are in so hurry
Laksh : yeah bhaii common sit
Sanskaar gave up nd sat swara serves him sanskaar was now more angry on her
Sanskaar thinks : you didnt did right swara you know my weakness are my parents so you used them to make me fall but dont worry i will not easily trap in ur fake love if you can torture me i can do double lets see what happens next
Episode ends

Precap : khushi had figjt in school sanskaar taking care of her
Again swasan nhok jhok

So guys feel free comment because i love when youll comment so take care bye

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  1. Simin

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    Gadha pyaar ki bhasha to samajh hi nahi aati na idiot

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        Really i am waiting for that

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    Love it dear ,,, it’s dhamaka time..
    Thnk u … ;-*
    can i ask u a question?uhh !!! chaloo puch hi leeti hoon.!!!
    what r u doing in study?*hmmm

    1. Kaynatk01

      aww thank u so much kakali nd u dont need to ask permission directly ask me waise am doing commerce 2 year wht abut u??

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  18. Superb part dear.
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