swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 18

Hey my dears am totally happy towards your response towards my ff it really means a lot bas i just want comment to not decrease now and guys today am totally sad seeing swaragini so intense scenes and my sanskaar i cant bear him sad ab serial me bhi sad aur ff me bhi sad likhna hoga but guys himmat karke pad lena bcoz iske baad sab happy now no sad ok chalo lets go


The scene starts with swara was returning to mansion in car
Swara pov
I cant believe that how much have sanskaar gone through and kavita she is right at her place but now i got why sanskaar is like this but now everything is gonna normal i will make everything fine and now sanskaar will never bear any sadness i will make him so much happy dont know why his one smile just give me so much happiness in my heart and in all this i have realised i love sanskaar yes i love him if i woudnt then i wont be jealous of seeing kavita my heart wont beat fast when he comes near me the way aarav has got his mom sanskaar will too get his life partner i will become his partner and will make him joyfull am coming sanskaar
Swara pov ends

She reaches mansion and first goes to anjalia nd handover the packaage

Anjali : oh so nice bhabhi your choice is soo good
Swarra : hmm you like it am happy chalo am going to room kk
Anjali too goes to her work

Swara was so happy that she is gonna confess everything she reached the room but was shocked to see sanskaar already standing there with his back towards her
She thought that he came so early she now got nervoused but she was determined that she will say him everything and will love him till her death
She took some steps and hugged him from back
Sanskaar who was standing there thinking of her
He was just thinking of her cute face how her looks can kill any boy she is so charming but at time he thought of her betrayal how she betrayed him by kavita
He was so much lost when he felt a grip on his back he immediately recognized her touch it was so much relaxed he was feeling like heaven he wanted to hug her tightly but backoff and removed her hands
Sanskaar : what are you doing
Swara : sanakaar i i …
Sanskaar : what i i … swara
He was standing with blood shot eyes He was angry but she was not knowing the reason of his anger
Swara : sanskaar i wanted to tell you something very important it is connected to both our lives and its that i love you sanskaar i love you
She closed her eyes and spoke her heart out sanskaar was not able to react to situation he must be the happiest man to get such a partner or be betrayed by the girl whom he has just started to fall he is thinking that she is doing all this with the help of kavita she too wants to destroy to him like kavita did his anger reached to its peek he holded her shoulders tightly giving her immense pain she opened her eyes both had eyelock of love hatred towards eachother
Sanskaar : why are you doing this to me swara
He was holding her shoulders more tightly his nails were dugged to her skin so tightly she closed the eyes to feel the pain she dont know what happened to him why is he behaving to her like that but she cant raise her voice
Swara : ss ssaannskaar what happened
She gathered some courage to ask him what has actually happened to him
Sanskaar : really you dont know or you are acting too smart of yourself
The more he was saying the more his grip was tightening on her
She coudnt take it anymore tears made her way out from her heart
Sanskaar saw her tears and realised what he was doing in his anger he left her immediately swara at the same time started rubbing her shoulders as she was wearing sleeveless blouse his nail marks were clearly visible to him he shut his eyes to feel her pain swara’s tears werent stopping but sanskaar wasnt able to listen to his heart today
Swara sobbing : but what did i do sanskaar i just let my heart out to you is it wrong to say the person whom you loved
Sanskaar : if you truly loved me na swara then i would be the one who would embrace you tightly and accepted you but no its not true you are also doing the thing wgich kavita did she left me and you also going to betray me in some days and will leave him
Swara : and why you think so i will leave you sanskaar just look in my eyes and see does my feelings towards you is false just see
Both their eyes met sanskaar could see tears swamed eyes of hers in which only love love love is shown
Swara : trust me sanskaar i will not leave you
She cubbed his face tightly
Sanskaar touched her hands which were on his face
He too left a tear from his eye

Sanskaar : my heart is telling to trust you swara but what my eyes have seen i cant ignore it the truth is that you are also with kavita
Swara was shocked she removed her hands
Swara : what are you saying sanskaar
Sanskaar : if you truly love me swara then what were you doing with kavita why you were hugging her and was talking with her so freely dont you know that she is the one who has destroyed me from inside she is the one who has left you aarav then too you were with her so what meaning should i take out from this
Swara now understood that he has misuderstood her
Swara : sanskaar no you are misunderstanding let me explain
Sanskaar : no swara this time you cannot am i puppet to that anybody can come and play with me first kavita and now you you know i was being so patient to you so dont take it as advantage ok if you are doing this for money i will give you the money but remember we have no relation left between us
Swara was shocked to listen this today she wanted to start her new life and what she got
Swara : sanskaar plz listen to me kavita and i met today only and
Sanskaar : now no more excuses swara i dont want to listen her name be ready to leave me neither you will face the bad of me which you havent seen
Saying this he went swara sat on the bed cryingly but all this was witnessed by two more people and that was non other than dp and laksh who have came to talk to sanskaar about some bussiness and the heard their conversation
They both felt sad for her they goes to her she was looking down dp put his hand on her shoulders swara looked up
Dp : swara my child i have listened everything dont cry
Swara couldnt take it anymore hugged him and cried
Dp consoled her

Swara was sobbing : papa i didnt do anything laksh you tell na you know me from when you know na i didnt knew about kavita
Dp : ssshhh my beti nobody is asking any clarification from you we know that you are innocent
Laksh : but bhabhi what has happened actually today
Swara tells them actual story about her and kavita
Swara : papa she was not at fault but destiny played many games with her you know she only advised me to confess to sanskaar she is really good
Dp : today only because of you swara my hatred towards her has end now i got that dont worry like u havve tod us tell to him too he will understand ok
Swara : no papa he will not he is not understanding that i really love him but he dont wants to stay with me anymore
Laksh : bhabhi its not true he too wanted to start a new life with you today he called me in his cabin and was asking about ypur past
Swara : what you told then
Laksh : i didnt told much but he was sure to start this marraige with you but this happened now bhabhi you should win him back
Dp : swara you know after so many years i have seen sanskaar this much active and happy and if your love will come hewill be our sanskaar again plz bring him back
Swara : papa plz dont do this you are my like my father you dont have to please me i will bring him for sure trust me
Swara thinks somethin and smiles
Swara thinks : be ready sanskaar maheshwari to see your wife’s shade you dont want this relationship and i will also see how you escapes from me now.. from now onwards you are mine sanskaar now nobody will snatch you from me and i will not let you to go away because i love you and i dont let my live ones to go from me so time starts now tick tock

Episode ends

So guys did you like this episode i know this episode was short but guys cant write more so what do you think about next episode plz guys do comment big wala bcoz your comments are my jaan love you bye

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  1. Savanshi27

    Finally a update…. missed it sooooooo muuuccchhhh…. loved the epi to core… and plz update next part soon…
    eagerly waiting to see the New phase of Swara… b back soon…

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks savanshi so much do comment like this dear

      1. Savanshi27

        Hey off course I’ll do yaar… no need to mention….

  2. nice epi… pls post next epi soon… n hope that sanskar misunderstanding will clear soon… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks dharshini and it will clear out soon

  3. Superb dear…hate sanskar how cn he alwyz misundrstand her…..well dear post asap….

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks xavia and plz dont hate him its the need of story he misunderstood her unknowingly na

  4. Haya malik

    Hey just read your ff…all parts in one go…I must say its marvelous… But being a English speaker I’m not able to understand the meaning of punar vivah….please tell its English translation…

    1. Kakali

      Haya !! Punar vivah means REMARRIAGE dear…

    2. Kaynatk01

      aww thanks haya and yaa it means remarraige do comment like this and thanks kakali for correcting her

      1. Haya malik

        Thanks guys

  5. Dharshini

    Wonderful dear..Pls update soon…

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks dharshini

  6. Loved it nd I hate laksh nd ragini in tje current track bcoz of thn always swasan get divided in swara nd sanskar I just want to kill them

    1. Kaynatk01

      oh hoo amee calm down i know they are the reason but we cant bash them and we have to love current track bcoz we are getting intense scenes so no worry

  7. Meghs


    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks meghs

  8. Tulina

    Post the next part soon

  9. Mica

    See.. if only kavita didn’t do the betrayal instead of asking divorce first… uughhh let it be..
    Go go go Swara! i love this Swara…. ahem ahem
    for some people, don’t face other’s misunderstanding with your ego.. it will ruined more..

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