swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 16

Sorry guys bas kinda busy with test but now am free so after this am posting another os on current track and guys do read ny and priya’s ff its also intresting and coming to this track today’s and next episode will be revelation pf sanskaar’s past and then upcoming is more exiting u will findnew twists so for now keep reading and yaa thanks for ur supports and love towards this ff and my one shots



1 month passed many things changed like swara has became more free with everyone she has accepted everyone in the family and she has started to feel for sanskaar and swasan bonding has grown more close sanskaar have started to smile again to live again and khushi smshe was so shy now she is the prankster of the house jhanvi now treat khushi more than a sister now trio loves eachother very much and for karan and anjali karan loved anjali totally but he was scared to tell her feelings but lets see what happens to them

All was going perfect

One morning as usualy swara woke up early and as usualy she after freshen up came to apply sindoor but this time someone vaught her hands it was sanskaar he caught her hands and took a pinch of sindoor and applied to her she was so happy that he came to her today and then he took mangalsutra then adorned her neck
Sanskaar : u looking beautiful
Swara blushes : thanks
She goes from there running sanskaar scratches his head
Sanskaar : what am i doing this girl has made some magic on me i will be mad in some days

He goes to freshen up then all did breakfast and adi took kids with him
All went to their work but sanskaar was busy in thinking
Wanna know what he was thinking he was thinking of giving this relationship a chance
Sanskaar pov : yeah its true i married her for aarav but now i wanna give this relationship a chance i wanna give her all rights which a wife deserves she is truly some angel who has came to make my life beautiful because of her i have started to live again to understand life to live it she has some charm in her when ever she is aroumd me my heart beats fast i love her presense she is the best mother best daughter in law best sister in law and best friend well as if now she is my supporter my life noe is depwndent on her smile without her smile my day doesnt get good but i dont know about her anything lime her past whom woyld i ask about it haa laksh he knows her he may answer it

Sanskaar pov ends

He calls laksh and told him to reach office

Swara was at home when anjali comes to her
Anjali : bhabhi bhabhi see na i want to buy a dress from xyz mall but i have many assignments so u cant will u plz go for me
Swara : now??
Anjali : yeah bhabhi because i need that tomorrow as tomorrow i have a meeting with many designers so plz bhabhi i would have told pabkhuri bhabhi but you know she is busy in household works and ragini bhabhi is also busy with her so i thought to tell you
Swara : acha fine but what type of dress you want
Anjali : bhabhi whatever you like your choice will be good i know and thanks bhabhi love you
She ran from there swara smiled
Swara goes to mall and bought some dresses for her den she was about to leave when someone snachted her purse she ran behind him when one girl from the crowd stops the man took the purse and gave him to security
Girl : here your purse
Swara : oh thanks so much its really good of you to do this
Girl : no no dear it was my duty
Swara : you helped me really why not a cup of coffee
Girl : sure i would live to well its been years i have sat like this so it will be nice come
Both heads to coffee shop

There in sanskaar office
Laksh came
Laksh : yeah bhai what happened
Sanskaar : oh laksh plz cum
They botb sat
Laksh : now say whats the matter
Sanskaar : woh actually i wanna know about swara totally what ahas happened in her life
Laksh : but suddenly
Sanskaar : are you tell na
Laksh : hmm i cant sya much bas she has faced a worst past more than you she was so chirpy and bubbly at her time but after her husband’s death she forgot to smile now i xan see old swara back but if you have seen her before she was not like this she has changed alot
Sanskaar : oh!!
Laksh : but why you wanna know
Sanskaar : laksh actually i was thinking to start this relationship fresh and give her all rights
Laksh : wow bhai you did right desicion chalo aakhir you got to brains because of me only na its all because if staying in my company ??
Sanskaar : i think so ragini is remembering you!! So you should leave now ??
Laksh : ha ha am goinv but good desicion bhai am proud of you bue
He said and ran away
Sanskaar smiled at him
There in coffe shop
Girl : are i forgot to introduce myself am kavita kavita rajat singhania
Swara : oh my name is swara swara sanskaar maheshwari
Kavita shocked
Kavita : you mean you are sanskaar maheshwari’s wife
Swara : yeah you know him
Kavita smiled sadly
Kavita : how would i forget him
Swara : sorry i didnt get you
Kavita : swara am only i am his ex wife
Swara double shocked

Precap : sanakaar past came out

Guys plz wait for next and do comment for today bye see ya

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  1. Crystal

    Please dont separate Swasan and hopefully Swara doesnt start hating Sanskar or vice versa

    1. Kaynatk01

      no no crystal dont worry it wouldnt happen

  2. Oh no
    Sanskar wants to start afresh yeyyyy
    If he comes to know swara met kavita he will be hell angry oh no

    1. Kaynatk01

      good good go on simin go on guessing till next

  3. Rabia

    Awesomee kaynaattt and again sanky will mistrust swara ??? but this time he have to bear a punishment severe walii why should always bears the pain

    1. Kaynatk01

      obivio rabia and read next part

  4. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm yr …pls dont separate swasan …want some romance..

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      thanks deeksha in the upcoming episodes you will witness it dear

  5. Mind blowing. .

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  6. Agree with Rabia…….
    If sanky mistrust swara he deserve very big punishment ?????????
    Dont hurt swara dr…..plz……dont want to see her hurt again…..??????
    Part was awesome dr loved it….?????

    1. Kaynatk01

      thank u madhu and just wanna tell you keep reading

  7. awesome

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    wowwww.. give long update dr…..

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  11. Kakali

    Sanskar u wanna start a fresh ? reeooaallyy?? *take this sweet.. congrats … *party toh banti hai…

    Swara she is Kavita.. tumhari Sautann.. plzzz love her soo much …

    Kaynat !! i want Sanskar to misunderstand Swara… plzz separate them…*slapping myself..

    This separation will lead them to complete n make them heavenly..
    Thnk u dear… ;-*

    1. Kaynatk01

      thank u kakali so much

  12. Simi


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  13. Shreeyu

    Hey Dr …… I read all ur episodes today in one go …. Ur ff is amazing … Good going …. Continue soon … ???

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      thank u shreeu so much ????

    2. Shreeyu

      Hey Dr… Read my ff even

  14. Arshaanya

    Hope swara dun trust kavita blindly…
    She shud knw sanskarz past from sanky himslf not dis cavity….
    Loved d chappy

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks arshaanya all i can is wait for tomorrow

  15. Kavita if you fill swara’s ears against sanskar na then see what we will do
    Sanskar jo karega so karega hum tujhe chodenge nahi*evil smirk

    1. Kaynatk01

      simin yr relax nothing will happen bad am der na swasan ko alag kaise karungi

  16. Pls yaar don’t separate swasan……..

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  17. Mahjabeen

    Awesome dear..lobed it but it ws short…nxt tm pls long part..waitng egrly fr nxt..post soon

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      thanks mahjabeen and next time long pakka

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  21. Guys did u saw swaragini having few months leap
    Swaragini are back in their unmarried avatar and they are running a marriage bureau
    Gosh i am so excited for the upcoming track

    1. Kakali

      Ommmggg !!! Simin where did u get this news? i mean i have no any idea about it? plz say it clearly na?

      1. Malika

        What!!!!! It’s that trtth I mean seriously even I had no idea about it and yes kayna I hope you didn’t forget me. Soooooooooooooo sooorrryy love it. Superb swasan scene are fantastic……… ?????????

    2. Kaynatk01

      yeahsimin and kakali its true am really damn exited for love and hate track

      1. Kakali

        Yeah !! kaynat i just read about that … but now what is love n hate track….??

        uffff m going now off track…*

      2. Kaynatk01

        no anjali i was just thinking abut u only

  22. Beautiful part. Loved swasan scene.
    So sanskaar wants start their lives fresh.. Hope kavita won’t break swasan’s relationship before it starts…
    Post the nxt part soon dear..

      1. Kaynatk01

        thanks pramudi for ur lovely comment

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks maryum

  23. hellooooo kayu diiiii!!!!! u guessing whoes dis????wait lemme expline u. iam u r silent readr… sryyyyy frvnt comenting… bcz of my phne iam nt able to comment it had sym prblm dats why ….i luv u r ff soooo much….i read each chappy ….. keep writing di luv u bayyyy tc…..

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  27. Kakali today only i saw it in saas bahu aur suspence dear i am equally surprised and shocked
    but the main thing is what about sanlak i dont know anything about them

  28. Wow I loved it
    If u dont mind tell me smthng abt u

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks amee and am kaynat khan am from mumbai 17 yrs old

  29. Rabia0032

    Hey dear I love your story first I didnt read but After Reading your os i start to read your this ff….its Amazing plzzz dont seprate swasan…you know I watched the news in swaragini will be a leap of 6 months n swasan will be seprate how mean why everytime swasan??????????everytime swasan have to Face lots of thing ahhhnnn???plz you dont seprate swasan

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      yeah rabia i too got to know that and dont worry in my ff you will not be sad

  30. Tamanna

    Nice… But don’t create misunderstanding between swasan

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      thanks tamanna just read next

  31. Plz post kro next

  32. oh no! i am scared, what if sanskar gets to know that swara met kavitha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and superb chappy loved it and update soon.
    only today i found out about this ff and i read all chapters.
    fabulous and good job

    1. Kaynatk01

      thannks manvi so much glad u liked it hope to see u commenting in next also

  33. Tulina

    Sorry dear…….for not commenting on previous episodes……. But what to do having fever since two days……..so can’t got time to read also…….
    Coming to the story……
    Loved swasan’s love and care towards aarav and khushi…….and sanskar decision to give swara all the rights…….and obvious swara’s blushing,……waiting eagerly for sanskar reaction when he will know that swakav met but don’t separate swasan plz………

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      its ok tulina i was also wondering why u havent comment but health comes first so take care and thanks for comment

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