swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 15

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Today yet another refreshing morning came usually nobody likes monday as it indicates that they have to start their daily routine and it was same in maheshwari mansion too all men like laksh adi and sanskaar were too lazy to get up and go to office but they have to go na
Its been two weeks since their marraige and as days were increasing they were getting close without any regret but but but there was someone who have got that feeling and that was non other than swara she somewhere in her heart got to know that she silently started to fall for sanskaar his charm his muscular body but more than his beautiful heart which he hudes from everyone his laughing his sorry style but she was denying her own feelings she was not getting her own feelings and every time she use to tell he is just a friend and just back off!! She was not ready to confess to her too but till how many days did she will hide from her

In swasan room

Swara eyes opened as she was habituated of getting up early but today she felt a strong grip on her waist and it was non other than sanskaar yes they crossed their pillow boundary swara was having her hands on his chest and his hands were wrapped around her waist she automatically blushed she wanted to stay at this moment but but she cant she slowly removed his hands from her waist and ran to washroom and got ready after getting ready she applies sindoor and mangalsutra then she thought to wake him up she goes to him
Swara : sanskaar sanskaar get up
But sanskaar was sleeping peacefully she was adoring him so carefully by sitting next to him when sanskaar turns his side and she falls on his chest and by this sanskaar too gets up both were looking at eachother water droplets from swara’s hair were falling on his face and both were sharing a cute eyelock but it was disturbed by them only
AcddjlIdiots kuch toh karlo yr hamesha eyelock tod dete ho kabhi kiss bhi karlo)
Swara gets up
Swara : woh woh i was waking u up as you have to go to office too na
Sanskaar : its fine
He goes to washroom to get ready and swara too runs to kitchen
At breakfast table all were present at that time adi and pankhuri came
Swara : are bhai bhai you came so late today
Ragini : haa bhabhi all ok na
Adi : are swara ragini see na from morning she isnt well she is heaving a headache and vomiting am telling her to go to doctor or consult laksh only but see she is denying
Swara : what bhabhi and you havent informed us
Ragini : haa bhabhi come sit
Pankhuri : are swara ragini i am absolutely fine just little headache
Adi : uff Pankhuri will you quietly sit down
Pankhuri sighs and sits down
Anupurna : pabkhuri beta but how all of a sudden
Pankhuri was about to answer when adi pokes nose
Adi : actually mom she must have eaten something unhealthy and yesterday is affecting her today
Pankhuri : will you shut your mouth maa i am fine dont listen to him
Sanskaar : laksh take bhabhi to your clinic she will not listen
Laksh : yeah ragini plz bring bhabhi to my clinic
Ragini : ha sure
Now adi left with kids sanskaar laksh too left for respective works anjali too left to her boutique now pankhuri was resting and swara and ragini started to prepare for lunch
At noon all kids came and they were tired so they were sleeping pankhuri ragini and laksh were in his clinic so in short swara was alone with anupurna
Anupurna was reading a book when she sees swara was lost sitting on dining table she goes to her and kept her hand on her shoulder she turned and stands
Swara : are maa you come sit na need anything
Anupurna : why?? Only when i need anything then only you will talk neither not
Swara : are no no maa plz sit na
Both sits
Anupurna : so what is bothering my swara
Swara : maa can i ask you anything
Anu : dont need to take permission dear ask na
Swara : maa with whom sanskaar was married why she left him
Anupurna : hmm beta because there was no love left between them it was love marraige of thema and i and your papa didnt liked that girl but sanskaar didnt agreed so i let him marry and as we predicted the marraige doesnt work out
Swara : oh and maa why does sanskaar doesnt believe in god
Anu : beta this answer can only be given by him only because he is rally a private person he doesnt share anything with anyone but by seeing you i can feel relaxation because his last destination be you swara he cant run from you and being elder and experienced i can say
Swara smiled at her
Anu : acha listen na today ramu is also not there so please go to office and please give adi and all lunch na
Swara gets surprised
Swara : what me no no
Anu : and why so
Swara : maa how can i go to office i mean
Aanu : umm its my order
Swara : ok
She goes and packs their tiffin and heads for office
Anupurna thinks : i dilebertely sent u swara so that yours and sanskaar gap will fill soon i xan see some changes in sanskaar and i know you will bring our old sanskaar back and the love he was finding in kavita he will get in you
She smiles and again starts reading book

There swara reaches office it was a big building written maheshwari co- she goes inside and goes to receptionist
Receptionist : yes mam who do you want to meet
Swara : actually i wanna meet sanskaar
Receptionist : sorry mam sanskaar sir said not to diaturb him while adi sir is free you can meet him
She thinks for a while then she gets flashes of his angry face
Swara : ok i will go to adi sir only so which floor
Receptionist : 2 floor but mam you??
Swara : i am swara maheshwari sanskaar maheshwari’s wife
Receptionist : oh mam you are his wife oh am sorry to keep enquiring you plz mam go ahead
Swara : yeah and dont worry you are doing great job
Saying this she goes to adi’s cabin
Adi was busy in files
Swara knocks
Adi : come in
Swara : surprise bhai
Adi : are swara you here in office anything important and hows pankhuri
Swara : came to surprise youll and bhabhi is fine gone to laksh’s clinic
Adi : oh good waise whom you have came to surprise me or sanskaar
Swara blushes
Swara : kya bhai acha bhai bought lunch for youll so youll have i will go
Adi : are are wait my sis where are you going dont you wanna give lunch to ur hubby by your hand
Swara : but he is busy na
Adi : are that is for all the staff for you he is free all the time so go and give him
Swara : ok am going but you and papa have it
Adi : are no worry acha his cabin is right from the corner ok bye
Swara : thanks bye
She goes to sanakaar cabin it was a glass door sanskaar was facing his back and was shoutibg onsomeone swara gets scared but gathers some courage and went inside sanskaar ends up call
Sanskaar : who the hell came without my permi
He was cutted off by seeing swara she was wearing light pink and black combination saree she was looking so preety sanskaar was lost in her scared face
Sanskaar : swara you here
Swara opens her eyes
Swara : lluu llun lunch
She was fumbling in her words
Sanskaar : are why are you fumbling come sit you must have send it by kaka
Swara : woh actually kaka was not in home and maa send me
Sanskaar : so you dont wanna come maa send you so you came
Swara : its not like that woh woh
She was in lack of words and sanakaar smirks at her
Sanskaar : acha swara am really hungry come serve it na
Swara was really happy as sanskaar was ordering her and this is what she wanted she served him lunch
Sanskaar : you had urs
Swara : woh no you i will be doing it after getting to home
Sanskaar : and till then you will remain hungry come sit and eat with me waise bhi i dont have habit to eat o alone so common you are best friend so wouldnt yoy accompany me
Swara was just beyond happy she nodded and sat beside him and both started eating
After that swara collects toffins and was about to leave
Sanskaar : umm swara are you free now
Swara : haa why
Sanskaar : woh am free so why not go for drive if you dont mind because am free till two hours
Swara : why will i mind i will definetely come
Sanskaar : kk then lets move to car
Both reaches car happily and journey starts
Sanskaar was driving the cara when suddenly swara sees ice cream stall
Swara : sanskaar stop
Sanskaar stops car in hurry
Sanskaar : what happened swara you ok
Swara : woh am fine but i wanna eat icecream
She points towards icecream stall
Sanskaar : oh god swara you hell scared me
Swara : acha chalo na baadme chillana
She dragged him sanskaar was seeing her this side for first time she orders two choclate cornetto without asking what he will have this isbthe impression she had maintained in his eyes only she has that guts to drag sabskaar after kids else nobody can do that
Both started having ice cream
Swara : am sorry i didnt asked your flavour
Sanskaar : hmm its my fav how did you know
Swara : i didnt know thsi flavour is my fav so i bought this too
They were having so many similarities and smiled to eachother then they were walking towards his car when swara asked
Swara : sanskaar what has happened in ur life that you dont trust on god
Sanskaar wS surprised at her question he didnt answer
She too kept quite
In car
Swara : am sorry its ok if you are not cormfatable
Sanskaar : i dont trust him just beacause i dont i have became top bussiness man by myself i have reached here with my help then why do i believe in his existense he havent given me any happiness only sadness so why should i
Swara : just because he havent given you happiness you forget his existense just because you here by your own hardwork it doesnt means he havent anything he have done a bigger thing to you and wanna know what gave you lovely and suppirting parents who support you all the time then fun loving cute brothers and a cute sis three beautiful kids so after getting all this you want more just think sanskaar once for those who doesnt get to eat things but still they trust him and knows he will fill their stomach anyhow so sanskaar i know you faced lots of difficulties but without difficults what is life but you have over come it perfectly but sanskaae without god we alla re nothing so just think of it
Sanskaar was just listening her no doubt her each and every word was just true
Epispde ends

Precap : kavita : hey am kavita
Swara : hii swara swara sanskaar maheshwari kavita shocks

So guys some intresting revelation part coming soon so waita nd read bye

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