swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 14

Hello guys ab mai kya bolu u all know i was unwell and i also dont know what rubbish i wrote in previous part but thanks alot u all are supporting me bas i now i will bring my story on track and u all will love it plz sorry once again for previous as i was not well so now focus on this and yaa dont forget to read my and priya’s ff your love is my life promo and character sketch so lets start


They all enjoyed fully it was now 6 only few rides were remaining when pankhuri saw rainbow ride
Pankhuri : are guys come we left this ride we all should go
Adi : yeah but ride is so heighted yr
(actually the rainbow ride is kinda heighted type all people and many dont sit because of his height but its speed is medium it doesnt cause any dizziness)
Swara started to think something
Swara : ok so you all go i will be with the kids
Jhanvi : are no chachi you all go we all are here seeing all
Aarav : yeah mumma will stand here and will see youll go
Khushi : ha mummy go na
Karan and ragini were knowing why she was denying and they blink eachother and supresses their laugh
Sanskaar : swara its fine kids will be here come
Swara now cant deny him so goes to ride
Swara sat on ride and laksh and adi willingly made sanskaar sat beside her both smiled now all couples were sitting with eachother but anjali was still angry with karan he tried talking with her but she ignored him totally
Now the ride starts swara closes her eyes
Swara in her mind : god plz save me today

The ride was going she hasnt opened her eyes and now ride has started to take rounds all started shouting swara was hell scared she didnt opened her eyes a bit
Sanskaar saw swara closing her eyes
Sanskaar : are swara open your eyes its exiting
Swara listens his voice and opens her eyes ant she glanced down she cant even see her kids that much heighted was that ride
Swara again closed her eyes and gripped sanskaar’s hands sanskaar was shocked as what happened to her
Swara : oh shit sanskaar i am scared of heights i am really scared at what will happen what if this ride broke and we all fell down oh no no this cant happen
Sanskaar was laughipng silently at her stage soon ride gots overall gets down
Ragini : it was damn thrilling yr
Pankhuri : so swara how was the ride
Sanskaar : bhabhi dont ask sometimes before she was telling that she is not scared of rides and all and you know she is scared of height and she was so scared
He was laughing recalling swara’s antics
All gets happy to see him laughing whole heartedly and swara was mesmerised and lost in him she  was so happy that because of her he has laughed today she wants to see him like this only
Swara innocently
Swara : haa so what humans are only scared na i am also scared of heights so whats big deal
She makes innocent face
Adi and laksh comes to her
Laksh : no no bhabhi nothing is wrong
Adi : yeah nobody will tell anything to my siso all right
They stopped then again laughed sanskaar was happy to be with family and it was after along time that he was enjoying it all were happy seeing their happy moments and enjoying it
They again started exploring where karan notices thunder ride
(Guys this ride is really damn scary as when it starts it swings slowly bit later on it swings it we turn upside down and this ride money mobiles are not allowed and many of them vomit in the ride)
Karan : guys thunder ride am going anybody wanna join me
Sanskaar : no no yr am not coming i am damn tired
Adi : yeah and karan it seems so scary am also not coming
All denies when anjali spoke
Anjali : i wanna go

Laksh : anjali this ride is not good for you your health will be affected
Sanskaar : yeah anjali dont go
Anjali : adi bhaiya plz i wanna go let me go nothing will happen to me plz plz plz
Adi : ok go and take care
All werent agree for her as this ride highly affects girls but she wanted to prove karan
Karan : see anjali am sorry i was just kidding with you before but this ride is not for girls your head will spin so back off
Anjali to karan : am not scared of this rides and you better dont talk ok
Both sits on either sides and the ride starts all were screaming and anjali was affecting by the ride but didnt showed as sides got over all were geting down when anjali was going to them she started feeling dizzy her head was spinning and she was about to fall when karan catches her sanskaar and all sees this and went to her and made her sit on bench
Sanskaar : i was telling but this girl swara just give that water
Swara handles him water bottle he sprinkles some water on her
Adi laksh and sanskaar were beside her
Laksh : are you fine
Anjali now was stable
Anjali : yeah

Sanskaar : who told you to go to that stupid ride you cant listen to us
Adi : and what if something gonna happen to you but you dont wanna listen to us
Laksh : we love you so much and you do this to us
Anjali : acha acha bas i am sorry bhai’s and i promise i will never perform this stunts so sorry
She hugs trio of them
They too hugs her tightly
Karan was witnessing this from far away standing with a frown anjali noticed this and wanna talk with him but now he ignored her
Swara : acha chalo lets go home its getting late
They all leaves from home in bus too anjali wanted to sit with karan but karan sits with aarav and talks ignoring her later they dropped karan at gadodia house and they left to maheshwari mansion all were tired dp and ap welcomed them all had dinner together and left for sleep
There in anjali’s room she was feeling restless she tried karan’s number
He saw her calling but he cutted it
She again called him now he received it
Before she could speak
Karan : listen anjali i dont wanna talk with you so dont disturb me
Anjali : karan i am sorry for what i did
Karan : really you are but who am i to you did you ever care for me no you just care for your damn ego and for just to show me you sat on that ride so go and enjoy
Anjali was crying
Anjali : i am sorry karan but you were talking abut some other girls and i hate that so i did that thing i am sorry na
Karan realised his mistake
Karan : sshh anju acha i am sorry but plz stop crying plz
Anjali : pakka
Karan : ha pakka
Like this they talked and in swasan room they were sleeping when swara saw sanskaar hasnt slept yet
Swara : what are you thinking
Sanskaar : umm just of anjali that she is so sensitive she take anything to her heart so easily dont know who what is stored in her life
Swara : whatever is stored it will be good dont worry someone will come and will make her life colourful
Sanskaar : hope so good night
Swara : good night
Saying this both slept smilingly!!!

Precap : swara goes to sanskaar’s office for lunch!!

Ahaa finished with this chappy i know its short but now i will take long breaks bas guys gear up for some intresting things coming ahead till then bye!!!

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