swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 13

Heey eyeryone i know you all must ne ready with something to hit me but guys i was not well seriously so cant write but as promised came with a long part this part is full of exitement thrill masti and swasan so go ahead

Episode 12

The day came all have woked up pankhuri swara ragini and anjali prepared for breakfast at that time karan too came all did their breakfast and headed to bus they kept a mini bus for them they all gets seated and their journey starts no doubt the jorney was long till 2 hours they have to get bore in these three hours adi and pankhuri were sitting together when they got an idea

Adi stands up : abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz tum bhi kaho
All laughs at his antic and kids join him
Kids : abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz
Pankhuri hugs adi in side ways
Pankhuri : i love you
Adi smiles and hugs her back all adore them
Sanskaar sees swara who was busyy in playing with kids he gets lost in her
Laksh and all continue singing
Karan : chuttiyon kee yeh din hai suhane saath hi tera yu saath hai
He gestures anjali indirectly as nobody else notice this
Anjali : bacchon ke sang bache fir banjaye mauj me jhoome zara masti kare
Swara : ban ke badal
Ragini : ban kke panchi
Laksh : udte rahe
Karan : kya baat hai jijaji
All sings together
All : Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz
Ragini : i love you
Laksh blushes

All were romancing with eachother sanskaar was just adoring her when adi and pankhuri comes and insist him to sing
Sanskaar : thandi thandi yeh hawai hamko chupchupke kya kehti suno
Laksh : manzil hai kareeb ab hamare bole gatha ke khushi chumo
Sanskaar : nazre chura ke
Laksh : dil me chupa ke
Adi : sapne buno
Karan : how romantic!!
All : Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz
All gestures swara to say i love you to sanskaar but sanskaar was pretrending to play with kids
When swara turned to karan and said
Swara : i love you
All sighs at her sanskaar was continuosly thinking of her and swara was blushing
They have enjoyed lots now they reached essel world
All gets down
Adi : so kids no running here and there will go to each and every ride but dont do masti allright
Kids : ok
They all headed to esselworld

First they saw a small train ride for kids they all went to that ride
Swara : you all dont do masti and dont remove your hand ok
Kids : yes mumma/chachi
The train started and the kids were enjoying swasan were happily seeing them happy adi and pankhuri too smiles at them
Like this they crossed three to four rides and let kids enjoy and while walking swara stumbles but at a nick of time sanskaar holds her
Sanskaar : carefully
Swara : thanks
He smiled and made her stand they walked like this when pankhuri came across of roller coaster
Pankhuri : adi see na roller coaster come will go
Adi : and what if you gets scared and bites ne there no no i cant take risk
Pankhuri : idiot duffer go am not sitting with you sanskaar you come with me
Sanskaar : bhabhi me??
Pankhuri : so who is sanskaar you na you will sit with me
Sanskaar : ok am ready
Adi : ha ha go swara my darling siso will you come with your bhai and sit with me
Swara : obiviously bhai i will definetely come with you
Adi : see pankhu she is smart than you
Pankhuri : and you are totally useless
All gets into ride
Anjali and karan stays with kids as they cant go
First pankhuri and sanskaar sat behind them swara and adi was sitting and behind them raglak were sitting

The ride started all were exited as the coaster moved upwatds all were controlling their breath but as it moved all started shouting but pankhuri’s voice was more as she gets hell scared sanakaar and adi too was scared swasan laughed a little on them raglak were too enjoying soon the rides came to an end all gets down
Sanskaar : uff bhabhi you made my ears deaf how much you screamed
He chuckles
Swara : are bhai is too not less he was too damn scared
Pankhuri : so jis khel ke maza nhi woh khel kaisa
Adi side hugs pankhuri
Adi : well said pankhu but swara you didnt shout a bit in the ride
Swara : this rides dont scare me bhai anymore because life is more scariest than this rides
She was getting emotional sanskaar couldnt see that
Sanskaar : are leave all that kids where you wanna go next
Khushi : dad i also wanna go to roller coaster
Adi : but princess you cant go as its for adults na and you are a kid you cant go
Jhanvi : ha i also wanna go to roller coaster
Swara : khushi dont be stubborn
Pankhuri : yeah jhanvi you are not so big
Sanskaar : areare stop shouting at them so doll and princess wanna go to roller coaster so will go na fikar not but not in this one but small roller coaster which is for kids so chale
Khushi and jhanvi : yes
Sanskaar picked up khushi adi picked up aarav and laksh picked up jhanvi likewise they walked
Behind karan and anjali were walking
Anjali : so whats going on
Karan : nothing just checking out girls but no seems to workout
Anjali : unbelievable

She dtamps her foot karan laughs at her jealousy they reached small roller coaster and made them sit there the ride startedthe kids were scared but they started enjoying after the rides ends the kids want to get down from exit but at time aarav’s shirt was stucked between coaster chain and jhanvi khushi got down aarav somehow managed to come out but he goes to entry side and searches for everyone but couldnt find them (as the ride has two sides entry and exit and both are on either sides of rides and family were standing on exit one and on entrance it was empty) khushi and jhanvi reached to them when swara found aarav missing
Swara : jhanvi khushi where is aarav

They looks behind jhanvi and khushi shrugged theirshoulders sanskaar gets worried they both started searching when swara started shouting aarav’s name
Swara : aarav aarav beta can you hear me??
Sanskaar sees her worried and teary eyes and got happy that how much she loved his son but he too gets busy in finding them all were tensed for him at that time aarav sees swara and goes running to her and hugged her swara felt someone higging him she felt aarav she too hugged hima nd kissed his face
Swara teary eyes : beta where did you go mumma was so scared
At that time all comes sanskaar too bends on his knees
Sanskaar : champ where were you mumma and dadda both were scared
Sanskaar hugged him
After some time aarav gets calm so to lighten up the mood karan told
Karan : why not we all go to ghost house what say champ
Aarav : cool mamu chalo mumma
All gets happy to see him like before all goes to ghost house but ragini was scared
Ragini : laksh you all go i will not come
Laksh : why??
Ragini : are woh am scared of ghost
Laksh laughed : ragini are not real thy all are fake come
Ragini hesitates but laksh took her inside

All gets inside it was all dark pankhuri and adi were walking holding hands sanskaar was walking with his both beautiful princess khushi and jhanvi while aarav was with swara ragini was getting more scared but laksh consoled her karan and anjali both didnt get afraid they wanted to talk but anjali’s ego was coming and atlst they all came out
Laksh : uff swara bhabhi you would have seen ragini how much she was scared of them haha ragu
All laughs but ragini got serious and cried laksh goes to her
Laksh : aww ragini sorry acha it was my mistake sorry sorry my darling
He hugs her she after sometimw reciprocates all adores them
Ragini : i told you am scared of them you were the one who was insisting me
Laksh : acha baba sorry next time will not do this again and i will not laugh at you ok sorry
He hold his ears ragini nods in no and again hugged him
All smiles at them

Episode ends

Precap : sanskaar laughs out swara sees him and gets mesmerised anjali gets fainted

So my eyes are getting close but dont worry next i will be writing todayy only and it will be posted soon do shoot ur comments bye

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