swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 12

Hello guys sorry for late and guys wanna tell you that there is a slight change in story i said in promo that i will send them goa but no they arent going goa but they will spend their weekend somewhere or the other but as if now no goa bas this is the change and really thanks for ur love towards this ff and my os really am glad and this sunday too am coming forward with os as a special gift for youll so lets start



Khushi here are the links of previous episode nd guys my os link is there too if anyone missed out do read n tell me

All were down sitting in hall after dinner dp and sanskaar were busy in discussing abut projects laksh was busy with ragini in romancing pankhuri and swara were talking anupurna was massaging anjali’s head all kids were playing toys at that time adi comes
Adi : excuse me everyone i have an announcement to make
Everyone looks at adi
Adi : but first wait!!! Jhanvi aarav khushi plz come down
They listens his voice and comes down
All kids : yes
Adi : so as tomorrow is sunday and holiday for eyeryone i have decided that we all are going to esselworld
All kids gets happy and shouts
Adi : see because after marraige we havent gone anywhere so its our first trip with family so we are going
All gets happy at his idea
Sanskaar : but am not coming
Pankhuri : why
Sanskaar : bhabhi youll know am not intrested in all this you all go
Adi : sanakaar i didnt asked permission from you so just come
Sanskaar : bhaiya no
Khushi goes to sanskaar
Khushi : papa come na all are coming only you will be not coming!! I will feel bad if you wont come
Khushi makes pout face sanakaar kissed her cheeks
Sanskaar : ok am coming
Swara gets happy to see their bonding
Adi : so done
Dp : adi see what will we old do with youll you all go
Laksh : oh common papa you are not that much old that you think
All laughs

Ragini : yeah papa come na
Anupurna : no beta you all go
Dp : are give sometime me too to enjoy with my wife alone
He winks all giggles
Anupurna : kuch b!! Acha adi listen call yeah karan too
Anjali feels happy to listen his name
Dp : yeah laksh take him too he will feel good
Laksh : wait i will inform him
Anjali gets happy
Adi : so all of you get up by 6 sharp will leave here from 7 and i have done preparations of bus and all so no need to worry and yaa pankhuri swara and ragini plz do the preparations of breakfast
Swara : sure bhai
Ragini : u no need to worry bhaiya
Adi smiles
Pankhuri : so chalo everyone in their room hurry up
All gets up and goes to their room
At anjali’s room she goes and closes rhe door and calls him
Karan : hello beautiful
Anjali : so you got the newz so u coming tomorrow right
Karan : who said u am not coming
Anjali : why??
Karan : i have date with my gf
Anjali : do hell with your gf you will come here at 7 got it neither the consequesnces will surely be bad
Karan : oh my god possesive are i was just kidding am coming so cool down
Anjali : better for you
And they both talks
At swasan room

Swara about to go and sleep on couch when he comes in front
Sanskaar : where are you going
Swara : oncouch to sleep
Sanskaar : no you arent because today i will sleep there you go to bed
Swara : no that day too you were not cormfatable in sleeping there so i will sleep
Sanskaar : and i cant let you sleep there
Swara : so??
Sanskaar : lets do one thing we both will sleep on bed by making pillow walls is it ok
Swara agrees at that moment
Sanskaar : u ok na
Swara : i trust u sanskaar
In Sanskaar’s mind these three words were humming he felt so happy and left to bed
Both made pillow walls and slept on their sides
Sanskaar : swara if i didnt woke tomorrow plz wake me up at 6 ok
Swara : ha ha sure gn
Sanakaar : yeah gn
Both slept smilingly on either sides of bed

Episode ends

Precap : essel world masti swasan bonding and many more

Sorry guys for short update but next one will be big so pardon me for this plz bye


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    Hi this is Hemanshi
    I have started writing ff on swasan
    Please do read N comment pls pls pls N mention in ur next part that pls read this ff plz

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    kaynatttttt πŸ™ u r too baddd (just kidding) but i will comment on the next epi πŸ˜› its your punishment πŸ˜‰

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    Thoose pillows … huhhhh !!! Kaynat i don’t like them… i just wanna beat him/her whoever made the pillow first…. huhhhhhhhhh !!!!

    Chappy was tooo cutee dear.. loved it..thnk u…

  4. Madhu

    Part was superb Dr but scared about upcoming track u mean Martha’s scenes….
    Anyway awesome Dr…hope swasan will unite soon..:-)

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    This is small dear.. πŸ˜” want a long one next.. Ok…
    Loved sankaar & khushi’s bonding..
    Awesome part dear.. Loved it. 😊

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    Kaynat do u have any idea regarding sha and her ff falling for u.i know its completed but epilogue or anything u know i want to know about it

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    I read all the parts they were Amazing loved all of them. I only have one request plzz update the next part soon plz plz plz

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