swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 11


Hello everyone see in last update i have immense love and support really cant describe my happiness and dont worry this episode will be going to big and lots of exitement so lets start

The episode starts with in sanskaar’s room he angrily goes to study room and  messes all the files in anger he grabs his hair and remembers recent incident which happened in his life he dont know what happened recently how all things happened
He was lost in his thoughts when laksh angrily marched towards sanskaar
Laksh : bhai you didnt did right thing
Sanskaar turned around
Sanskaar : may i know what i did wrong
Laksh : bhai you also know what i am talking i am talking about swara bhabhi
Adi was standing there and witnessing everything
Sanskaar : so you listened everything see laksh its my personal matter i dont want to discuss it with you
Laksh : oh really bhai…..Personal matter!! Do hell with your personal matters
Sanakaar : laksh mind your language
Laksh : bhai first listen to me whole world would be scared of you but am not understand and bhai to whom you are shouting is ur wife
Sanskaar : laksh i dont want to listen or justify anything just go now
Laksh moved angrily but stopped and turned around
Laksh : bhai just think once if you have tolerated bitter past she has seen worst than you she has also lost something and she deserves only certain happiness from you but you know destiny havent written happiness in her destiny
He goes from there sanskaar sits down on chair holding his head tightly at that time adi comes and pats his shoulders sanskaar looked up
Adi : so wanna share somwthing with ur bro
Sanskaar : bhaiya its nothing seriously
Adi : hmm sanskaar you might have turned big but you are smaller in front of me and you dont wanna explain anything i have listened yours conversation with swara and lucky too
Sanskaar : great so you too say i did wrong
Adi : yeah you did wrong you did wrong by over powering anger on you you did wrong on shouting a women you did wrong to raise your voice against your wife you did wrong sanskaar… you know sanskaar anger can only destroys us nothing else and you have achieved everything in your life then why cant you control your anger today there was no need of your behavior still you shouted on her without any reason did you even thought how would a women feel after all this how would they control their emotions sanskaar we are nothing without them she has lost her everything bro she came here with her daughter to start a new life with you and from marraige till now she has got every relation except wife
Sanskaar looks on as how did he got to know that they dont share husband wife bond
Adi : surprised?? Well you should be you must be thinking thatt how would i got to know this well sanskaar answer is simple its your both behaviour towards eachother you both considered eachother’s children as yours but dont consider eachother as husband and wife why sanskaar you are playing with your life too and hers too
Sanskaar : so what should i do bhaiya say na again all those mistakes which i have done again i get into this love crap and would be destroyed say na bhaiya
Adi knows that he will not listen to him regarding love matter and sanskaar will not undersatand he left this topic on god that god will only help him towards love
Adi : sanskaar not love atleast you can be calm towards her you can talk to her nicely sanskaar we should think sometimes for others too and i know you also feeling guilty so a sorry will remove all your guilt so go and i know my brother is not so bad that he cant do this so go ok
Sanskaar : kk bhaiya and bhaiya dont….
Adi : tel this to anyone dont worry its secret between you and me
Sanskaar smiled and goes
Adi monolouge : i also dont know what to do with him how will he change bas i pray to god he dont hurt her more and she can change him soon

Sanskaar goes to his room and finds that she was not there in room he thought maybe she have gone down so he thought of talking her at night he changed his dress at thatt time khushi came

Khushi : papa everyone is calling you for dinner
Sanskaar : oh acha you come here
Sanskaar made her sit on lap
Sanskaar : so how did you liked toys
Khushi : papa it was so nice
Sanskaar : and anything which my princess wants
Khushi : no papa i have everything papa listen you are coming tomorrow to school
Sanskaar : no beta laksh chachu will drop you and if i dont have work in office i will pick youll up but do you want me to come
Khushi : yes papa
Sanskaar : ok tomorrow pakka
Khushi : papa tomorrow bring a big dairy milk plz
Sanskaar : are your request is my command my princess has asked something i will bring you a basket of choclates happy
Khushi : wow then i will share it with aarav and jhanvi di too
Sanskaaar : good chalo will go for dinner
They both goes down

Swara was keeping all things on dinning table alone when aarav comes
Aarav : mumma listen
Suddenly he sees her face it was all red due to crying
Aarav : mumma what happened to you
Swara : nothing beta why are asking
Aarav : mumma your face is full red
Swara : are no beta its nothing go and call everyone for dinner
Aarav : pakka na mumma
Swara : ha baccha pakka common go fast
Swara becomes sad but again got busy in her work and after thatt one by one all comes to dinning table
At anjali’s room she was about to step out of room when her mobile rings it was unknown number
Anjali : hello whiz dis??
Karan : aapka chahne wala
Anjali : excuse me
Karan : jii haa hum toh aapki khoobsurti par fida hai aapke deedar ko taraste hai hum
Anjali : karan stop your bullshits ok
Karan : how did you get to know its me
Anjali : idiot i can recognize your voice
Karan : oh so in some days you have known me this much say na what else you know
Anjali : shut up say why you called me and where did you got my number
Karan : oh stupid forgit you only give me your number annd second rhing i was getting bored so thought to timepass with you
Anjali : am a timepass for you go am not talking
Karan : are acha baba sorry you are not a timepass you are my best friend so i cant call my bestie whenever i nees her
Anjali : you can call me anytime idiot
They talked like this at that time pankhuri calls for anjali
Anjali : acha karan gotta go for dinner caht with you later ok
Karan : kk bye tc luv u
Anjali : what
Karan : are yr kidding bye ok
Anjali : ha bye
Anjali keeps the phone and smiled at him
There karan keeps the phone and started thinking about anjali and both started smiling hard
Anjali then goes down
All were at dinning table sanakaar comes with khushi swara gets scared seeing him she moves to kitchen sanskar sees her scared face and feels bad for her he sits down
Pankhuri : swara what are you doing in kitchen come have dinner
Swara : comming bhabhi
She comes anupurna watches her red face and puffed eyes
Anu : are swara are you not well you are lookings so low
Sanskaar finally looks at her face he can sense that how much she had cried adi and laksh were knowing but they kept quite
Swara : no no maa its nothing just a little geadache am fine
Ragini and pankhuri : what how
Pankhuri : swara you should have told me i wouldnt have let you work come sit
She made her sit
Ragini : dii you dont look after yourself
Swara : are am fn bhabhi and rago
Pankhuri : haa we know so silently sit here and dont do more work ok
Dp : sanakaar after dinner give her medicines and all alright
Sanskaar : yes papa
Sanakaar looks at swara but her head was down only she silently eats her dinner after everyone finishes dinner all goes in their room swara was collecting plates
Pankhuri : swara you go rest i ragini and and ramesh kaka will do
Swara : bhabhi am fn
Ragini : dii listen and go ok take medicines from jiju allright
Swara was getting scared of going back to room she entered the room and doesnt find sanskaar there she quickly changes her dress sits and sleeps on bed
Sanskaar was attending important call he ended the call and sees that she was sleeping on bed
Sanskaar wanted to talk to her but he cant wake her up as she was sleeping so peacefully he admired her face she was looking extremely beautiful
Sanskaar monolouge : i have made her so much cry today i have to repent my mistake i will apologise from her tomorrow morning itself only
He sleeps on couch
At morning sunrats falls on swara she gets up and sees sanskaar sleeping on couch she was seeing her when she remembered yesterday incident she gets hurted scared she then picked her clothes and goes to washroom after getting ready she goes down
Sanskaar after someminutes opens his eyes he searches for her but he didnt find her
Sanskaar : shit again i missed the chance dammit
He rushed to washroom
At table all were busy in breakfast when sanskaar came swara sees him sanskaar wanted talk to her but he cant as everybody was sitting there he was about to sit beside swara when aarav sits beside her he misses the chance and sits on his place only after doing breakfast
Adi : swara how are you now
Swara : am fn bhai
Adi : good
Adi wents to office Swara rushes to kitchen
Sanskaar was standing there only
Laksh : bhai
Sanskaar turned around
Laksh : woh bhai sorry for yesterday
Sanskaar : its ok laksh it was not your fault
Laksh : bhai after pankhuri bhabhi the women i respect is swara bhabhi not because she is ragini’s sister but i know her from long back and bhai she has looked after bussiness and khushi both so bhai just think how would she have down all this alone i and ragini were witness of her sufferings thats why i felt bad
Sanskaar : actually am sorry laksh you know my anger but today i will apologise from her too
He hugged him laksh to hugged him back
Laksh : acha am going to drop them to school then will leave to clinic and i know you can do it bye
Sanskaar : bye
Sanskaar left for office sadly
In office a single minute of sanskaar has not gone without thinking of swara he wanted to talk to her desperatelty at that time adi came
Adi : so bro talked with swara
Sanskaar : no bhaiya
He narrates him whole story
Adi : well hope so today you get the chance acha sun i will go to pick kids up beacus today is our meeting with mehra s company so you need to go there i will catch you later
Sanskaar : ok
He got busy in meetings and all
At evening he has set his mind to talk with her anyhow
He entered his room and soghed seeing swara there
Sanskaar : swara
Swara turned around and gulped and fear and started shivering
Swara : woh woh sorry for yesterday today i have made all things they were before
He touched her hands
Sanskaar : am sorry swara
These three words started ringing in her mind she was beyond shocked both of them were feeling as if current passed through them
He left her hands
Sanskaar : i am sorry for yesterday i shouldnt have harsh at you i dont know what has happened to me suddenly
Swara : its ok
Sanskaar : we have started this marraige with stranger but we can be friends from now so friends
He passed his hand for handshake swara was surprised as whats happening today
She smiled and give him her hand
Sanskaar smiled at her millondollar smile
Sanskaar : so did you forgived me
Swara : yes so you change and come for dinner
Sanskaar : yeah
Sanskaar goes to washroom and started smiling and he was feeling extremely happy no guilt nothing he was feeling peace in his heart and swara she was blushing and thinking how sweet is he how sweetly he apologised to her and blushed more

Episode ends on them

Precap : maybe weekend trip

Phew!! Finished with this i am literally sorry for late and now am thing to write os on swasan so it will take hardly 3 to 4 days after os i will come back to ff allright do give your support to me like this and my one shot too thank you all love youll bye

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