swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan episode 10


Hello everyone i am happy for all tjose wgo are commenting regularly but guys my comments are getting less day by day is my ff not intresting?? I thought to give something different but it seems its not attracting youll but dont worry i will not stop bcoz some readers dont want it to stop but guys it really hurts me me when i see my ff is having less comments despite i give my 100% to this ff chalo chodo no more senti baate coming on episode i know youll are not liking sanskaar’s rude behaviour but its necesaary as its related to his past that he had became like this and sorry in advance for short update and yaa ypull wanted sanskaar pov na so here it is so lets start


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In office sanskaar cabin sanskaar was lost in his thoughts
Sanskaar pov
Its really getting difficult for me i cant be rude and arrogant in front of kids yaa i know i was not like this but when kavita went from my life everything changed i shouldnt blame her as she is not responsible for my state i myself indulge in that stupidity that i cant got off from her she is not at blame but its true all girls are like this they only know to leave first they love us then they leave but in case of swara why do i get attracted towards her why do i feel to talk to her when she is nervous why do i feel to hug her when she cries why again all this feelings knocking my heart’s door i cant do this i have promised myself that i will hate women from the core of my heart but again no i cant let this win i am sanskaar maheshwari and i know how to control my heart i have managed everything i can manage this thing too nobody can affect sanskaar maheshwari no one but i feel some connection some love towards khushi she is so cute and nice i really cant see her sad and yaa i have whole heartedly considered her as my daughter now i want to give her my time swara is doing wverything for aarav and i should also give her all happiness which she deserves..
Sanskaar pov ends
After his thinking gets disturved by some office calls he attends them and again gets busy in his files

At evening swara goes to her and sanskaar room she goes to wardrobe she thinks to arrange it systematically
She then arranges sanakaar’s clothes on left side and her clothes on right side she took the files wgich were on the wardrobe she picked them and kept them in sanskaar’s study room and then she arranges bed sheets properly and sat there

At that time sanskaar too reached home he brought so many toys
Anjali : oh my god bhai so many toys
Ragini : ha bhai why
Sanakaar : woh i bought this for kids
Panlhuri : good idea then go give they will be happy
Sanskaar then goes to their room
Sanskaar : surprise
All kids gets happy
Khushi : wow so many toys
Sanskaar gives them the toys
Sanskaar : so kids this new toys are for youll and khushi whatever you like take that toy ok
Jhanvi : love you chachu
Aarav : you are the best dad
Khushi : papa come here
She signals him to bend down sanskaar bends khushi comes and kisses him on cheeks which surprises him
Khushi : thanks papa for everything
She smiled which melts sanskaar heart he too kisses her on cheeks
Sanskaar : never say thank you to your papa you can demand anything you want because you are my princess from now
Khushi smiled and hugged him he too hugged her
And then he goes to his room he as usual got nervous it was daily routine whenever he sees swara he gets nervous
Swara was sitting on bed and was lost in her thoughts
She gets up and moves to mirror at that time sanskaar comes both sees eachother but at that time window gets open and cold breeze touched her face sanskaar was lost in her beauty
Both had an eyelock today somwthing was different in eachother’s eyes they both wanted to stay there and live this moment no one was in mood to breeak the eyelock but with this a crazy fwelings was arising which they werent able to stop their body was not responding infront of heart and their legs were moving towards eachother

Bg music aaj jane ki zid na karo from baamkaran serial

Aaj jane ki zid na karo
Aaj jjane ki zid na karo
Yuhi pehlu me baithe raho
Aaj jane ki zid na karo

Sanskaar touches her face lovingly swara was feeling extremely happy at his touch she touches his hands and wanted to hold them forever she turns around but sanskaar caught her wrist

Haaye mar jayenge
Hum toh lutt jayenge
Aisi baate fir na karo
Aaj ane ki zid na karo
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo

Sanskaar touches her back senously his touch was making her senseless she was not in her state to react she closed her eyes ro feel the moment sanskaar comes closer and left his hot breath on her shoulder she felt it and automatically her cheeks turned red sanskaar

Waqt ki qaid me hai zindagi meri
Waqt ki qaid me hai jo zindagi meri
Chand ghadiya yahi haii jo azaad haii
Chand ghadiya yahi hai jo azaad haii
Inhe khokar meri janejaan
Umar bhar na taraste raho

He kisses her neck slowly and his one hand grabbed her other hand tightly

Aaj jane ki zid na karo
Aaj jaane ki zid na karo
Yuhi pehlu mein baithe raho
Aaj jane ki zid na karo

Swara couldnt control anymore she turned and hugged him tightly sanskaar too hughed her tightly both were lost in hug

Suddenly a sound came of door opening and swara came out of her thought seeing sanskaar at door
(Yes guys it was all her dream)

Sanskaar saw her and move towards wardrobe to take his clothes out

Swara hits her head and was shocked at what shw was dreaming she was really dreaming to get in his arms but she jerked her dream and stand up

Sanskaar : where are my files and why my clothes on the left side
Swara : woh i made some changes and your files are in study room
Sanskaar got furious as why she touched his things he turned around and shouted at her looking in her eyes
Sanskaar : how dare you to make changes in my room
Swara gets scared
Sanskaar : speak up dammit with whose permission you made this changes haa why who are you to touch my belongings you have came here for being a good mother and daughter in law so focus on that dont dream of being a best wife
Swara : woh sanskaar
Sanskaar : dont dont dare to say anything this is this is first and last time am telling you never ever touch my belongings understand
She was in tears she nodded and sanskaar angrily goes to study room
After he tears made out the way through her eyes
This whole thing was witnessed by adi and laksh who were chatting while passing from their room when they heard sanskaar voice they felt extremelt bad for swara and adi got angry on sanskaar and went to sanskaar

Episode ends

Precap : adi and laksh realise sanskaar his mistake
Sanskaar and swara are friends!! Atlast!

Taddaaa i am really happy for my own precap atlast i will show what i actually want but that doesnt mean arrogant sanskaar will go it will go slowly and haa how did youlll liked my surprise i really wrote in hurry so sorry for mistakes do leave your comments as its compulsory for today so plz do leave it bye

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  1. Rabia

    awesome kaynat 😉

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  2. Yes dear u r right its the need of the hourhe went through so much thats why he is so arrogant i hope swara will change him soon luv u

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      hope so and thanks for ur beautiful comment simin

  3. Finally swara and sanskar are going to friends…father daughter relation so cute

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      thank u manu

  4. awesome.. i am loving ur ff.. i was eagerly waiting for this when u vl update… swaras dream… and feeling bad for swara unnecessary sanskar scolded her… please update next paart soon…. u can show once swara is nw scared to talk with sanskar and he desparetely want to ask frgiveness and be with her friends… just i told my point.. awesome part update some long part… soon

    1. Kaynatk01

      thanks anu and yaa something like this idea only crossed my nind dont worry i will prove your point too thanks for ur comment

  5. Nice….

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  6. Awsome plz update fast

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  7. Hey don’t think to stop dis ff for anyone….its really good ..keep up d good work…I really appreciate ur efforts…

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  8. Ayonti(swasan)


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  9. Deeksha gupta

    As always awsm but yr pls update longer part …i was eagerly waiting fr ur ff but u updated so short ..coming to d part it was superb..

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      thanks deeksha and am sorry for short update promise next will be big

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  10. Nice

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  11. Mica

    Kaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!! it’s just her dreaaammmm!!!!!!! aaarrgghhhhh….

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      yaaa its her dream but hope so it will turn into reality

  12. Vyshu10

    awesome…..swara’s dream is just amazing. Feeling sad for swara

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  13. Haaa it wz a dream i thought dat it wz really hpng….well dear chappy wz osm…

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  14. Awesome. N omg????wt swara is dreaming. Romance n all???hehe.but felt sad for swara????.???huh sanskar bhi na. But precap is interesting. Finally swasan r becoming friends.wow FIRST STAGE OF LOVE ??

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      thanks reethi for ur comment

  15. Its awesome part yrr ur story really fantastic no words .
    I’m priya kapoor hehee my phn hang so I reset my phn and abhi tak go reset mode par haii.

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      i read ur name piyu and i got to know that it may be u only and thanks for comment

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  18. Malika

    Swara dream is wow. Superb yr

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  19. This is not fair dear kaynat.I literally broke down when i read It was a dream.We don’t get to see such scenes for swasan in real.Atleast,try to give them in your story soon.Otherwise,you ff is rocking.Don’t stop it in the near future.I wonder why don’t I have such a talent as yours!!!!

    1. Kaynatk01

      are priya i too felt bad yr but what to do it will come slowly slowly and i dont have such great talent yr seriously btw thanks for comment

  20. I think this is the 1st time i comment in your ff. This is really interesting dear. Nice concept.. Read all the parts in one go.. Loved that all. Specially loved the father & daughter’s bond in this part. Now i’m eagerly waiting for the nxt part. Updatw soon. ?

    1. Kaynatk01

      yaa and thanks for comment pramudi really thanks

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  21. Awesome dear

  22. Kakali

    Swara u were dreaming,,, ?? ohhhooo… nevermind it gonna b in real soon *ehem ehem*…
    Kaynat chappy was toooo threee much good… Sanskar’s restlessness gives me peace,,, his care n love towards his children gives me smile,, his killer looks to his princess gives me goise bumps,, his harsh words towards Swara gives me new hope….ahhhaahhhaaa loved it dear…thnk u…

    1. Kaynatk01

      aww again an heart warming comment from u kakali love u

  23. Awesome episode

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      thanks ashnoor

  24. Sanswa

    Hey y r u feeling lyk dis?? U urself telling dat u r trying to give some different concept in ur ff.., means u knw dat u r doing ‘THE BEST’ n den also u r doubting on ur efforts just bcoz having some less comments.., hey don’t b sad plzz u r really doing amazing job.., I’m impressed by ur unique concept n writing style.., n plzzz its heartly request from me dat don’t judge urself by people’s point of view..
    U r one of my favourite writer dear.., so don’t dare to insult my favourite writer’s ff, got it.., now don’t ever say lyk dat, we all are enjoying ur ff so much.., okk now I’ve one more request plzz start swasan love story soon,I’m eagerly waiting for dat.., loved ur all chappies dear.., keep it up u r doing well.., n post next soon

    1. Kaynatk01

      first of thank u so much sanswa actually thank u is really short word to describe my happiness really thanks and am happy that u comment daily plz give ur love to me like this tc

  25. Sanswa

    Awesome chappy, n Hey y r u feeling lyk dis?? U urself telling dat u r trying to give some different concept in ur ff.., means u knw dat u r doing ‘THE BEST’ n den also u r doubting on ur efforts just bcoz having some less comments.., hey don’t b sad plzz u r really doing amazing job.., I’m impressed by ur unique concept n writing style.., n plzzz its heartly request from me dat don’t judge urself by people’s point of view..
    U r one of my favourite writer dear.., so don’t dare to insult my favourite writer’s ff, got it.., now don’t ever say lyk dat, we all are enjoying ur ff so much.., okk now I’ve one more request plzz start swasan love story soon,I’m eagerly waiting for dat.., loved ur all chappies dear.., keep it up u r doing well.., n post next soon

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  26. Tulina

    .how can he scold swara like that ??????? Don’t make swara forgive sanskar easily……..Bechari swara……. Post the next part soon……..

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  27. Awesome dear…and ws busy so culd nt commemt u in few epi…sry fr dat…nd continue nxt part soon

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    Nyc chappy

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  29. […] episode-10 The episode starts with in sanskaar’s room he angrily goes to study room and  messes all the files in anger he grabs his hair and remembers recent incident which happened in his life he dont know what happened recently how all things happened He was lost in his thoughts when laksh angrily marched towards sanskaar Laksh : bhai you didnt did right thing Sanskaar turned around Sanskaar : may i know what i did wrong Laksh : bhai you also know what i am talking i am talking about swara bhabhi Adi was standing there and witnessing everything Sanskaar : so you listened everything see laksh its my personal matter i dont want to discuss it with you Laksh : oh really bhai…..Personal matter!! Do hell with your personal matters Sanakaar : laksh mind your language Laksh : bhai first listen to me whole world would be scared of you but am not understand and bhai to whom you are shouting is ur wife Sanskaar : laksh i dont want to listen or justify anything just go now Laksh moved angrily but stopped and turned around Laksh : bhai just think once if you have tolerated bitter past she has seen worst than you she has also lost something and she deserves only certain happiness from you but you know destiny havent written happiness in her destiny He goes from there sanskaar sits down on chair holding his head tightly at that time adi comes and pats his shoulders sanskaar looked up Adi : so wanna share somwthing with ur bro Sanskaar : bhaiya its nothing seriously Adi : hmm sanskaar you might have turned big but you are smaller in front of me and you dont wanna explain anything i have listened yours conversation with swara and lucky too Sanskaar : great so you too say i did wrong Adi : yeah you did wrong you did wrong by over powering anger on you you did wrong on shouting a women you did wrong to raise your voice against your wife you did wrong sanskaar… you know sanskaar anger can only destroys us nothing else and you have achieved everything in your life then why cant you control your anger today there was no need of your behavior still you shouted on her without any reason did you even thought how would a women feel after all this how would they control their emotions sanskaar we are nothing without them she has lost her everything bro she came here with her daughter to start a new life with you and from marraige till now she has got every relation except wife Sanskaar looks on as how did he got to know that they dont share husband wife bond Adi : surprised?? Well you should be you must be thinking thatt how would i got to know this well sanskaar answer is simple its your both behaviour towards eachother you both considered eachother’s children as yours but dont consider eachother as husband and wife why sanskaar you are playing with your life too and hers too Sanskaar : so what should i do bhaiya say na again all those mistakes which i have done again i get into this love crap and would be destroyed say na bhaiya Adi knows that he will not listen to him regarding love matter and sanskaar will not undersatand he left this topic on god that god will only help him towards love Adi : sanskaar not love atleast you can be calm towards her you can talk to her nicely sanskaar we should think sometimes for others too and i know you also feeling guilty so a sorry will remove all your guilt so go and i know my brother is not so bad that he cant do this so go ok Sanskaar : kk bhaiya and bhaiya dont…. Adi : tel this to anyone dont worry its secret between you and me Sanskaar smiled and goes Adi monolouge : i also dont know what to do with him how will he change bas i pray to god he dont hurt her more and she can change him soon […]

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