swasan ff : punar vivah by kaynat khan (episode 1)


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Recap : prolouge

In maheshwari mansion at night after dinner when everyone was busy in some or the other work in laksh room he was busy in talking with ragini in adi’s room aditya and pankhuri were involve in chit chatting and little bit of romancing jhanvi and aarav have already slept in their room sanskaar was busy in his files and anjali was busy with her designs so in short all were doing something but screen shifts to ap and dp’s room
Dp : annu you know i liked ragini alot she is well behaved and she will keep our idiot laksh happy
Anupurna smiles : i agree with you but i am feeling sad for swara what was her fault and her small daughter she is so innocent
Dp : yes annu i also felt bad when i heard that her husband died when she was pregnant
Anu : actually jii i was thinking something if you agree for it
Dp : how can i deny anything of you say na

Anu : i was thinking of remarrying swara and sanskaar
Dp : anu do you know what are you speaking or you are saying all this because you pity that girl
Anu : no its not like that see sanskaar wife has left him long back and aarav havent got her mothers love in his life and if i am not wrong swara’s daughter havent seen her father in her life so what if we made them marry so that children can get their mother and father respectively and yes its right that i am thinking of swara but i am worrying of my sanskaar too till when he will live his alone sanskaar too has that right to move on i want my old sanskaar back who use to come home and lighten this house with laughs with his jokes but now he has killed that sanskaar in himself i just want him and i can make this out swara too needs someone what if they both become eachothers support i know this will take time but i want this to be happen
Dp : anu you talk so much listen i am with you ok now stop worrying i know sanskaar will never accept this but i know who can make him for this

Anu : who??
Dp : you know it better
Anu realise his answer and both smiles and left their room immediately
In aditya’s room
Adi was about to kiss pankhuri when they heard a knock
Adi : ?? now whoz der at this time yr
Pankhuri giggles : go and check
Adi opens the door and finds dp and anu standing
Adi : are mom dad anything serious
Dp : sorry beta if we disturbed you
Adi murmurs : you had already disturbed dad my romance
Pankhuri : are mom come in naa

Four of them gets seated
Dp : atually beta we need your help
Pankhuri : say na dad we can help you in any manner just order us
Ap and dp sighs and somehow narrates them their plan to make sanskaar to remarry
Adi : mom its impossivle sanskaar will never agree for it you remembered na we have told him once to move on he strictly told all of us to not raise this topic
Anu : beta i know everything and i know  this also that only you and pankhuri can make him agree for this plz beta do it for your mom plz
Anu joins her hands pankhuri comes

Pankhuri : mom plz dont make us feel guilty i promise you mom i will make sanskaar agree for this marraige
Dp : thanks beta you are our only hope god bless you beta
Sating this both went
Adi : pankhuri are you really in your senses tu jaanti bhi hai tune kya promise kiya hai
Pankhuri : adi relax mai jaanti hu what i have said aur iss cheez mein aap bhi mera saath denge and now come we have to talk to sanskaar now
Adi : now at this time we can talk tomorrow too
Pankhuri : no we will talk now sanskaar will be awake so lets go and talk
Adi sighs at his wife’s stubbornness

They both heads to sanskaar’s room they saw that sanskaar was busy in his laptop they knocked the door
Sanskaar : are bhaiya bhabhi why are you knocking plz come inside
They both gets in
Adi : so till now you were awake
Sanskaar : woh bhaiya actually tomorrow is presentation na so i was working on it but forget all this what bought you here at this time
Pankhuri : woh sanskaar we wanted to talk to you n ome important issue
Sanskaar : go ahead bhabhi

Adi : sanskaar actually firdt listen to us actually today as you know we went to ragini’s house
Sanskaar : yeah laksh told me that maa and papa liked her and they have fixed engagement after two days and i have also seen ragini’s pic laksh has shown me she is good for our lucky
Pankhuri : yeah this all are apart but we came herr to tell something different actually ragini has one elder sister too she was married but her husband died when she was pregagent and now uts been 5 years she is raising her daughter alone

Sanskaar : karan havent told anything about her sad to hear that but bhabhi why are you telling me all this
Adi : actually sanskaar mom and dad were thinking to make you both marry
Sanskaar was beyond shock

Pankhuri : i relly know sanskaar this more than shocking to you but plz listen to me i know that you cant move on in your life after kavita left you but just think what is aarav fault in it he needs maa till when you will juggle between your office and home and about me i can make him happy as only badi maa sometimes child needs a mother and just think about her 4 year old daughter she dont know the meaning of dad swara has raised her on her own she also needs a father and you can give her that father’s love as you know the importance of love
Sanskaar : if i say yes also to this i cant be happy inthis because i cant love any other girl and do you think swara will be happy
Adi : sanskaar i dont know about others but i know that my brother is a good man and he keeps everybody happy even if he is in so much pain i know you will keep her happy sansku agree for this marraige

Pankhuri : sanskaar everybody tells that sanskaar does not deny his brother and his bhabhi and if its right then for my sake you will agree you have always told me na that i am your elder sister so today a sister is asking something from his brother will you give her
She holds her hand and she was on her crying

Sanskaar : bhabhi plz dont say like this you are my sister ok bhabhi i agree with this marraige i will do this
Pankhuri was so happy she side hugs sanskaar and adi hugs sanskaar
Adi : you have taken a good desicion bro i will tell mom dad tomorrow about your desicion
Pankhuri : sanskaar you wanna see swara once
Sanskaar : no bhabhi i am doing all this for you and bhaiya and i know your choice but bhaiya i want swara’s desicion if she agrees and if she will treat aarav and her daughter equally then only this marraige will happen
Adi : i will make sure about all this

Saying this adi pankhuri left sanskaar closed the doors and lay down his bed his heart was having some feelings listening swara’s words but ten he remembered some flashacks of he and kavita tear escapes from his eye and he slept like this
Next day adi and pankhuri told sanskaar desicion to ap and dp they were so much happy
Ap : thanks pankhuri you did impossible work possible you are truly my sweet daughter
Pankhuri and adi smiles

Dp : i think we should talk with shekhar about this dont know if they will agree and i am afraid of swara will she agree
Ap : i am sure she will agree as sanskaar have agree she will too agree we should do one thing tomorrow in engagement we will talk to them and if they agree we will do their engagement also
Adi : but mom dont you think you are going too fast
Ap : no beta you only think if swara agree why to waste time and pankhuri chalo we have to prepare for tomorrow’s engagement also come beta

Soon all left to their respective room
Episofe ends

Precap : Engagement….karana nd anjali’s nhok jhok and atlast swara gets to know how she will react to this and will swasan engagement will be held with raglak

I am extremely sorry for sos hort update i will not repeat this mistake again but plz vear this one i know i am going slow but i just want to go with flow if i will keep going fast it will ruin the plot i want to create intense romance comedy things in my ff which
Will come with time just comment on this episode too next is on the way soon maybe tomorrow also plz do comment see youll soon bye

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