Swasan ff part 1

Ok guys here with part 1:

A girl and boy were looking at a couple getting married and had a smile on their faces

Girl: they both look so happy together
Boy:haan ragini (yes guys they are our laksh and ragini) they look very happy sanskaar is very lucky that swara came in his life
(And the couple is our swasan)
Ragini:but not more than swara she is equally lucky…
Laksh:no ragini she cannot be lucky ??
Ragini:but why laksh ???
Laksh:because i am lucky??
they get interupted by a voice
Pandit ji: vivah sampan hua aaj se yeh dono pati patni hue
Swasan take blessings from everyone and the swara’s bidaai she cries a lot and sanskaar consoles her they reach the house and sanskaar picks her up in bridal style and takes her to his room
(Guys in my ff swasan live alone and adarsh and sahil are in jail and parineeta is dead as she was murdered by adarsh and sahil is in jail for attempt to rape on someone)

Swasan room:
Sanskaar puts swara on the bed and sits beside her lifts her veil she has her eyes closed he smiles
Sa: swara aankhen kholo
She does not open
Sanskaar kisses on her eyes
She opens her eyes and looks at sanskaar with love and desire in her eyes
He comes close to her and they kiss pationately but break after 5 mins due to lack of oxygen
Swara looks down shyly sanskaar comes over her and they consummate their marriage
Next morning:
Sanskaar wakes up and looks at his ladylove sleeping peacefully but she also soon gets disturbed by the sun rays
Sa:good morning princess
Sw:good morning my prince
Sanskaar goes close to her but she runs to the washroom
Later they go to mm for swara’s first rasoi then they go to swara’s mayka for pagphera they come back in the evening, have their dinner and sleep in each other’s embrace ?

Precap:6 month leap and swara in trouble ??

Done with part one shower with comments hope you like it sorry for spelling errors bye ?

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    Awsm Dr …
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    interesting waiting for nxt episode

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    Thank you guys now the title will be “pyaar ki ek anokhi kahani” ?

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    Very nice

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