Swasan ff- Mutual friends shot 9

Shot 9

Swara joins new company. Mr. Vaibhav Sharma CEO of Hath Berry Corporation. Dedicated to his work and focused towards his goal; to defeat Maheshwaris.

Vaibhav: Miss Swara Gadodia.

Swara: Yes sir.

Vaibhav: Is report is ready?

Swara: Yes sir but editing

Vaibhav: Sorry, I didnt hear you.

Swara: Sir, Ill give you in 15 minutes.

Vaibhav: 15 minutes means 15.

Swara: Okay sir.

After sometimes Swara gives him report.

Vaibhav: Im impressed. I think you understand our companys goal.

Swara: Yes sir, to destroy Maheshwaris.

Vaibhav: Good so get ready for meeting. I mean to defeat them.

Swara: Im ready sir.

Priya’s home

Priya: You talked to her.

Sanskaar: No, She doesnt want to see my face. I badly hurt her.

Priya: Uncle and Aunty, what about them?

Sanskaar: I told them Swara went Kavyas home for some day and she will return soon.

Priya: Im applying for visa, how could you manage alone Sanskaar.

Sanskaar: I can Priya, now I have only this baby and I cant lose him.

Priya: When you are leaving for meeting.

Sanskaar: Im going just. You follow your diet chart and please dont drink.

Priya: I have this much sense. I promised you and Ill keep it.

Sanskaar searches his file.

Sanskaar: Where is my file?

Sahil comes out from another room.

Sahil: Hey bro, you forget it there.

Sanskaar: Sahil take care of her.

Sanskaar leaves. Sahil takes out one vine bottle.

Sahil: You want?

Priya: Sorry I cant.

Sahil: Just one glass.

Priya: He will kill me if anything happened to baby, for him Sanskaar is away from Swara.

Sahil (in mind): Sanskaar is stupid creature in world; I was wondering when he get to know the truth.

Sahil: Ok you stay here I make something for you.

At meeting Sanskaar sees Swara with Vaibhav.

Vaibhav: So Mr. Sanskaar Maheswari do you really think you will win tender.

Sanskaar: I dont know.

Vaibhav: Wait a second. Where that attitude gone? Ill win because Sanskaar Maheshwari is unbeatable.

Sanskaar looks towards Swara but she turns her face.

Sanskaar: Either I win or defeat now it doesnt matter because I dont have anyone to share the happiness.

Riya: Sir we lost.

Vaibhav: Now new person is entered in market. (He looks towards Swara.) You are lucky for our company.

Swara: Its nothing like that I just did my work.

Sanskaar: Congratulation Swara.

She doesnt reply and he leaves.

Vaibhav: How did he know your name?

Swara: How would I know sir? We should leave now.

Vaibhav (In mind): Something is fishy?

Sanskaar’s cabin

Sanskaar is thinking about Swara.

Sanskaar: She will never talk to me. This separation was already decided but it was before time.

Riya comes inside.

Riya: Sir, can I come in?

Sanskaar: Yes, you want something?

Riya: Sir half day leave.

Sankaar: Ok.

Just then he gets a call.

Sanskaar: Yes mom.

Sujata: Sanskaar come home fast. Your Dadu is not fine, and please take Swara also. Doctor said he is serious.

Sanskaar: Im coming mom.

He calls Swara but then he realizes that she blocked his no.

Sanskaar: Riya, I need you phone, its urgent.

She gives him her phone. Swara picks up the call.

Swara: Swara here.

Sanskaar: Swara (She is about to disconnect the call.) Please listen to me.

Swara: I dont want to talk to you.

Sanskaar: Dadu is not fine doctor said condition is so critical, he is calling us.

Swara: Im coming.

Sanskaar: I’ll pick you on the way.

Sanskaar leaves. Swara takes leave but Vaibhav gets suspect then he see SwaSan is going together.

Vaibhav: So Mr Maheshwari is having an interest in my employee great.

On the way

Swara: How so sudden? Did he get to know about us?

Sanskaar: No, I lied in home.

Swara: Thats your hobby.

Sanksaar: Did uncle and aunty know about it?

Swara: If he knows then you wont be alive.

Sanskaar: You dont want me to die.

Swara: Dont think too much. I dont want my dad to do anything wrong.

They reach to Maheshwari house before entering inside Sanskaar gives her Mangalsutra.

Sanskaar: They will.

She takes it and ears it and opens her purse and fills her hairline with vermillion. Swara rushes inside.

Swara: Dadu.

All shouts: Surprise.

SwaSan shocks to see the decoration.

Swara: What is this?

Sujata: Today is Sanskaars birthday so we arrange this. You should be here today.

Dadu: I want live some happy moment with you both.

Swara looks towards Sanskaar.

Swara (in mind): He can go any extend. How a person can be so cheap?

Shekhar: Swara where you lost come cut the cake with Sanskaar.

They cut the cake. All are busy in gossiping.

Ragini (in mind): Today Im looking extra gorgeous and I kept gift for Sanskaar in his room too.

A Lady: Oh Sujata today is your Sanskaars birthday you should keep his one big picture in hall with his wife.

Sujata: Oh Ram ji I forgot, wait let me bring it.

She leaves.

Swara: Another drama Sanskaar.

Sanskaar: Swara I seriously dont know about it. Please trust me.

Swara: Dont talk about trust. Look at my ma and baba, Dadu, mom and Papa all are so happy but because of you Im lying to them.

Sanskaar: Sweetu

Swara: Dont call me that.

Sujata comes down.

Sujata (announces): Party is over all may leave.

Lady: But Sujata

Sujata: Something important we neeed to discuss so please.

All leaves only Maheshwaris and Gadodias and Raginis Family is there. Sujata sends Dadu inside and tells him to take rest.

Sujata: What is this Sanskaar? (Sujata shows him paper.) You want to divorce Swara, why?

Sanskaar: Mom from where you got this?

Shekhar: Sujata ji, what is this?

Ram: Yes Sujata what is in these papers?

Sujata: Sanskaar, our so called son wants to give divorce Swara.

Shekhar: What?

Shomi: Now what will happen to my Swara?

Ram grabs Sanskaars collar

Ram: How dare you Sanskaar?

Sujata slaps him.

Sujata: You know she is pregnant. How could you leave your pregnant wife?

Swara (thinks): I didnt send divorce papers and Sanskaar himself said to wait for 9 months but now.

Shekhar slaps Sanskaar.

Shekhar (angry): How could you think to leave my daughter, thats why she is living with Kavya. My poor Shona. If I would know you are like this then I would never gave my daughter to you.

Sanskaar: Baba, mom, dadi I dont know from where these papers came in my room.

Ragini: Enough Sanskaar why are you hiding the truth? Tell everyone. Sujata: What do you mean?

Ragini: Its true that Sanskaar wants to leave Swara you know why because this baby is not Sanskaars.

Sanskaar: What are you out of your mind Ragini?

Swara (thinks): So its his real plan to prove me characterless. I ashamed on me that I love him

Ragini: Its true Sanskaar.

Sanskaar closes his eyes.

Sanskaar: Keep your mouth shut.

Shekhar: Ragini you are Swaras friend then why are you saying like this.

Sujata: I know Anpurna ji told you this cheap DIL and MIL.

Ragini: Truth cant be hidden from long time.

Lucky: Ragini quite.

Ragini: Why to keep quiet, Ill tell everyone that this baby in Swaras womb is of Lucky.

And the next moment she finds herself on ground.

Sanskaar: Not a single word against my wife.

Ragini: Laksh tell the truth, why are you quite. Tell from how long you both are in relation.

DurgaParsad: Laksh, look at me. Tell the truth. Lucky: Sorry papa. (He cries?.) I was just a mistake, Swara is innocent it was me.

Sujata: No my DIL cant do this.

Ragini: Look she is quite it shows truth.

Swara: Enough Ragini, keep quite before I break your teeth.

Shomi: Swara, Is this true?

Lucky: She doesnt know aunty. Ill tell you whole truth Sanskaar that night when I was leaving for USA. I came in your room for file while leaving I drank the juice then my head starts spinning and then lights gets off and Swara hugs me thinking it was you. And I lost my control. She thought it was you. She is innocent.

Swara reminds everything and she finds the truth.

Swara (thinks): It means Lucky was with Ragini not my Sanskaar.

An unknown happiness rises on her face.

Sanskaar: That night Swara was with me, in your room. I was with my wife.

Lucky: But she said I love you Sanskaar.

Sanskaar: Did you see her face?

Lucky: No. Sanskaar: Did she see you?

Lucky: Lights was off.

Sanskaar: Then how could you conclude? Bhai how could you even think this about my wife?

Lucky: If Swara was not with me than who was she?

Then they see Ragini breaks down with thud.

Swara: Ragini.

All say: What?

Swara: Yes. Ragini loves Sanskaar. Since the college time but she never confessed not even shared with me. When she said she is ready to marry Lucky I thought she moved on but no. Lucky the juice you drink Ragini mixed something in it and that juice was for Lucky. That day she requested me to sleep with her she mixed sleeping pills in my milk.

Swara: And these divorce paper drama is also done by here Im sure.

Lucky: Thats mean Ragini is having my son.

Ragini starts crying.

Ragini: This can’t be true.

Swara: You tried to trap Sanskaar but look at you Ragini. You called me black spot on friendship. You should be ashamed on yourself.

Ragini stands up.

Ragini: I truly loved Sanskaar. He is mine.

Swara slaps her.

Swara: This for keeping eye on my husband. (She again slaps her.)

Swara: This for hurting my emotions and making fun of my friendship. (One more slap.) This for the lie you told me about my husband.

Anpurna: We thought we were binging DIL but you are Nagin.

Lucky: Throw this Nagini out of my house. Janki: Please dont do this with my daughter.

Lucky: Sorry aunty.

Lucky drags Ragini and throws her out of home.

Shomi: I never though she is thinking about breaking my Shonas home.

Shekhar: She gets what she deserves.

Anpurna cries. Sujata consoles her. Sujata: Its not your fault.

Anpurna: I always thought badly for you thats why god did this with us.

Sujata: No jiji.

Swara smiles. Shekhar and Shomi leaves.

Sujata: Swara go to your room.

Swara: Sorry mom, I want to stay with Kavya for few days. She needs my help in her project and she is alone here.”

Sujata: She can stay with us.

Sanskaar: Mom, Swara wants to live Kavya let her. She will return soon.

Sujata: Okay, you drop her.

SwaSan leaves.

Swara: I can go alone.

Sanskaar: Dont snatch these moments from me.

Swara: You also snatched my happiness. Leave it Sankaar our path are different. You go with your love Priya.”

Sanskaar: I dont love Priya.

Swara looks towards him.

Sankaar: Sweetu, I love the way you slapped Ragini for keeping eye on your husband.

Swara: After divorce you can marry Ragini you have good opportunity.

Sanskaar: You want to kill me.

Swara: Why would I?

Sanskaar: Then why are you suggesting me to marry Nagin.

Swara: Bad joke. Kavya is waiting for me.

She leaves. Kavyas home

Kavya: Hows Dadu?

Swara: He is alright; they called us because it was Sanskaars birthday.

Kavya: Cheap man. There he is enjoying with Ragini and Priya and here using you.

Swara: Ragini was lying.

Kavya: What?

Swara tells her everything.

Swara: She tried to trap Sanskaar but look at last she and Lucky. She got punishment for her deeds.

Kavya: Swara, what if Priya is also trapping Sanksaar.

Swara: I also though the same, he said he doesnt love her but Kavya he is not a kid that anyone said him anything and he believes.

Kavya: But still.

Swara: He used me for his benefits. Ill never forgive him.

Swara takes duvet and sleeps.

Swara: Good Night.

Kavya: Good Night Sweetu.

Swara: Dont call me that.

Kavya (thinks): Even though you are saying you will not forgive Sanskaar but I saw you little happy after knowing that Sanskaar are Ragini wasnt in relation. I think something is hidden still.

Vaibhav’s home

Man: She is Sanskaar Maheshwaris wife.

Vaibhav: Great, so Mrs. Maheshwari is angry with her husband.

Man: Yes.

Vaibhav: You know the reason.

Man: No.

Vaibhav: You can go now.

Vaibhav smriks

Are you happy that Raginis truth came out?

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