Swasan Ff- Mutual Friends Shot 7

Shot 7

Maheshwari house is decorated in the happiness of coming new family member. Though it is small Pooja but anyone can see the glow in Sujatas face. Swara is watching all this. Guilt is clearly showing on her face.

Sujata: Swara, whats the matter?

Swara: Nothing mom, Im just tired.

Sujata: Mood Swings are common in these days. You go take rest.

Swara goes inside her room.

Sujata: Ragini, Help me.

Ragini: Ji mom.

Sujata: Ragini, you are Swaras friend and know better what she likes or what dont.

Ragini: Yes mom I know.

Sujata: Now you have to take care of her food.

Ragini: Ji mom.

Sujata leaves for further work. Ragini smirks.

Ragini: Your child have to die Swara because only I have right to carry Sanskaars symbol.

Swara is looking outside window. Someone closes her eyes.

Swara: Ragini, Please

Kavya removes her hands from her eyes.

Kavya: Oye, not only Ragini we are also your friend. Am I right Bhawna?

Bhawna: Now Swara became DIL of big house, so why would she recognize us?

Swara: Its nothing like this.

Kavya hugs her.

Kavya: Im so happy for you Swara.

Swara: Why?

Bhawna: Stupid, now you got promotion. See Chotu your mom forgot you so soon.

Kavya: Chotu, see the magic of your dad.

Swara (fake smiles): Thanks.

But Kavya guessed that Swara is hiding something.

Kavya: Bhawna, you said you want to see Swaras home.

Bhawna: But how to go alone?

Kavya: Ragini is in kitchen she will help you till Im with Swara.

Bhawna leaves.

Kavya: Tell me the truth.

Swara: What do you mean?

Kavya: I know you better than yourself. If my Shona is sad then there must me some reason behind it.

Swara: Kavya you are thinking wrong. Im happy.

Kavya: Okay fine, I consider you my friend and if you dont that Ill never come to disturb you.

Swara (sighs): Sorry yar, how to tell you? Actually Im not pregnant.

Kavya: What? Swara, why did you lie?

Swara: Sanskaar told me. He said to do this for Dadus happiness.

Kavya: But Swara its wrong. You cant play with their feelings.

Swara: I know but Kavya I cant able to deny him. He requested and I agreed.

Kavya: Great, so Swara loves Sanskaar.

Swara: No I dont.

Kavya (smiles): May be you started liking him. Though you knew it was wrong but for him you are doing, what is this Swara? Love, like or nothing?

Swara: I dont know but (She blushes) I feel something whenever he comes near to me.

Kavya: Look at you Swara you are blushing. Pehle pehla pyar h, pehli pehli bar h.

Swara: Stop teasing me.

Sujata: Ahem Ahem, sorry I disturbed two friends.

Sujata comes with coffee.

Swara: No mom, its alright but why you bring this, you can tell me

Sujata: No, I dont want to give trouble to my grandchild.

Sujata gives them coffee.

Kavya: So Sanskaars friends also coming today.

Sujata: Yes.

Kavya: So we will meet Priya too.

Sujata boils in anger.

Sujata: Dont take her name. There is no place for her in this home.

Sujata leaves in anger.

Kavya: What happened to aunty? Priya and Sanskaar are not friends.

Swara: Its not true because I met Priya in party. But why mom is so angry?

Kavya: Swara there is something that you dont know ask Sanskaar about it.

Swara: Okay, Kavya lets go for Pooja.

During Pooja Priya calls Sanskaar several times but he disconnects it. Swara sees this.

Swara (thinks): Why Priya is calling Sanskaar?

After Pooja all leave Swara finds Sanskaar alone in room she closes the door. Sanskaar is getting ready.

Swara: Going somewhere?

Sanskaar: Hmm.

Swara moves towards him. He tries to tire knot she holds his hand.

Swara: May I?

Sanskaar: Hmm.

Swara (thinks): How to ask?

Sanskaar notices she is lost somewhere.

Sanskaar: You want to say something.

Swara: Sanskaar why mom doesnt like Priya?

Sanskaar: Who told you this?

Swara tells him how Sujata gets angry when Kavya asked about Priya.

Sanskaar: Dont think too much Sweetu. Priya is modern type girl so mom doesnt like her.

Swara: Why she called you and you disconnected the call?

Sanskaar seals her lips with his. Her eyes become wider. He breaks the kiss and look towards her.

Sanskaar: You started talking too much. (He kisses on her cheeks.) Ill come soon Sweetu.

He leaves, Swara touches her lips. Dil ku yeh mere shore kare, idhar nahi udhar nahi tere ore chale

Priya’s home

Sanskaar: Priya, I told you not to call me day time. I was in Pooja. What if Swara tell this to Mom?

Priya: I was alone. (She hugs him.) Except you I have no one.

Sanskaar: Why are you behaving weirdly?

Priya: I dont know.

Sanskaar: Priya you can call Sahil he will accompany you.

Priya: Seriously.

Sanskaar: Tell me why you called me.

Priya: Take me out tomorrow.

Sanskaar: But priya

Priya: Tomorrow is Sunday so excuses.

Sanskar takes a sigh: Fine. Now Im going home. I called Sahil.

He leaves. Priya cries.

Priya: I dont need Sahil. Why dont you understand understand I need you Sanskaar not Sahil? I know it all happening because of Swara.

At Night

As soon as Sanskaar enters inside the room his mouth remains open seeing Swara roaming around only in his shirt. Her hairs are tied in clips, her lips are holding brush. Colors stains are clearly seeing on her cheeks, hands. Then his eyes stick on her bare thighs. She takes brush from her lips and scratches her head by bottom edge of brush. She rubs her legs, she might think something. She dips brush in black color and does something on board.

Swara: Aha now perfect.

When she turns back, she collides with a solid structure. He is so close to her, she looks towards him. She finds that he is already staring her.

Swara: I was waiting for you. Today you are too late. (He looks towards time.) I was getting bore. So I thought.

Sanskaar moves towards her ear.

Sanskaar (Huskily): So you thought (his lips touches her earlobe) to wear my shirt.

Swara holds his shirt.

Swara (nervously): No I thought (His cold palm touches her cheek.) You

Sanskaar: Say it.

Swara: Picture, shirt you’re…

He doesn’t let her complete her words. He bends down on his knees and places his lips on her bare thighs. His wet kisses are making it hard for her to withstand his touchier and she collapse but his strong arms supports her. He lifts her in his arms and directly places her on bed. She is getting more and more nervous. Somewhere she knows where it will lead. She makes a feeble effort to stop him.

Swara: Sanskaar.

Sankskaar: I warned you not to make me insane.

He doesn’t makes effort to take it slow instead he pulls two sides of shirt and all the buttons are flying in air. His acts makes her numb for the first time she in this condition before a male. He gently takes her lips and smooches them: she can hears the smooching sounds. A sensation runs below abdomen. What is this Swara?’ He is senselessly kissing on her collar bone, moving towards her cleavage.

‘Stop him Swara.

He is your husband

‘But you forget he doesnt love you.

Instead of stopping she is giving him full access. The moment his lips touches her most delicate part she lost her control. God know when they would stop if her hand doesnt strike with side table clock and it falls down. The sound brings him back to reality. She looks towards her innocent eyes that are still in shock.

Sanskaar: Why didn’t you stop me?

Swara: I don’t know how to react. Should I hate your touch?

Sanskaar: Swara don’t allow me to do this again.

Swara: you are regretting for this. My touch makes you feel dirty.”

Sanskaar wipes her unshed tears.

Sanskaar: Your touch takes me to heaven. But the person who belongs to hell has no right to dream about heaven.

Swara: What about me? Whatever happened just a moment before, this feeling remains same throughout my life and Im not regretting for this.

Sanskaar: Don’t do this Sweetu.

Swara: Sanskaar, can I ask you something?

Sanskaar: Say.

Swara: What is this Sanskaar that I’m feeling? I don’t know whether I’m forgetting the reason of our marriage but I feel this only for you.

Sanskaar: No Swara.

Swara: Let me complete. On college farewell party, I felt disgust with you touch but now touch making me cave for more. Your false adulate now brigs smiles on my face. Your name brings blush on my face. Your proximity you know what it did. Sanskaar is this love? Do you feel same for me?

Sanskaar: I don’t know Swara. I really don’t know. After farewell I thought it was just attraction, But no girl make me feels like you does.

Swara: I trust you Sanskaar. I dont want separation.

Sanskaar gets up and turns his face.

Sanskaar: You need to sleep its too late.

Swara hugs him from back.

Swara: If you don’t want they say it. Say that you dont feel anything for me. My touch is nothing for you. Say that you want divorce.

Sanskaar immediately hugs her.

Sanskaar: Don’t ask me for divorce. Im ready to die for you but you are not ment for me.”

Swara: Why are you crying Sanskaar? Im with you always. If you need time then Ill not force you but I want something from you only for this night.

Sanskaar: Yes.

Swara removes his shirt.

Swara: I want to feel your touch.

Sanskaar: swara, I can’t do

Swara: s*x is not only way to show your affection. I want to feel you body just you.

He doesnt have courage to deny her, he was afraid of this but now she fell for him. She throws her tore shirt and takes her place in his arms. She rubs her cheek on his bare chest.

Swara: Am not good that God is snatching this place from me?

Sanskaar: Why are you so much innocent Swara? How one could escape not to falling for this innocence?

Swara: I don’t want this moment to end. Sanskaar I love to be near you, (she rubs her palm on his chest) to be in your touch.

Sanskaar: Swara, your words, your actions will lead me wrong path.

She chuckles.

Swara: Good Night.

Sanskaar: Good Night Sweetu.

Next day

Sanskaar sees her sleeping. She already made him insane no doubt. He kisses on her bare shoulder.

Sanskaar: Sweetu, you gave me all happiness. I never image the night could be more beautiful than this.

He looks towards the painting that she made last night. It is his paining. He goes towards it and finds small black dot on left side of face near his eyes. He finds his beauty spot on the same place. He smiles last night when he entered inside the room she was making this. How closely she observed him. He kissed on her forehead and covers her with blanket the he leaves for office and when she wakes her finds him missing and brings little disappointment on her face. She thinks to give him surprise and then she too leaves for her office.

Sanskaars cabin

Priya comes and finds him smiling.

Priya: Someone is very happy today” and his smiles vanishes.

Sanskaar: Now what you want?

Priya: sorry?

Sanskaar: priya, dont come here daily. What if dad sees you here?

Priya: so what would I do Sanskaar? You said me to leave job and I did now I cant spend whole day alone in home only just staring walls and furniture.

Sanskaar: You can call Sahil?

Priya: Please Sanskaar.

Sanskaar: Priya, Im working and just for few months only till then adjust.

Priya: Why will only I adjust? Why cant you adjust Sanskaar? Its your baby too.

Priya throws reports on his table.

Priya: I alone went to doctor. She said stress is harmful for our baby. Sanskaar: Im sorry.

Swara: You baby Sanskaar


Swara came with his lunch just to give him surprise, Riya trieed to stop her but she moved inside the cabin.


What will Swara do now?

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