Swasan Ff- Mutual Friends Shot 12

Shot 12

His Sweetu can do anything for him. Anything! One could definitely think that she is mad when she went red light area without any security. She was aware of consequences but somewhere she believes that she would there to protect her from all the evil of the society. He hurt her but; she is still fighting to prove his innocence. She is resting on his arms and he is busy in admiring her.

Sanskaar: Sweetu, your each stupid act is taking me towards you. Please dont leave me. I feel complete with you.

She nuzzles her face on his chest, trying to more close to him. Her fist is holding his shirt.

Sanskaar: You owned me Sweetu. I want to fall in love with you more and more, beyond any limit, beyond infinity. You know tonight I cant sleep because I know you will leave me in the morning and I dont want to miss not even single nanoseconds to spend with you.

Printing press

Vaibhav: The picture must be clear.

Man: Okay sir you dont worry we are the best.

Vaibhav: First give me one demo.

After printing one set he gives him paper.

Vaibhav: Wao what a quality, especially this one; her exposed shoulder.

He calls Sanskaar.

Sanskaar: What?

Vaibhav: Sorry to disturb your especial moment with your innocent wife.

Sanskaar: Dont eat my mind.

Vaibhav: Wait, I know you are busy in other work. I mean ahem, ahem. But meet me outside your house.

Sanskaar: Im not coming.

Vaibhav: Okay, then tomorrow whole Kolkata would come to know that where were Mrs. Maheshwari last night.

Sanskaar: Dont you sare. Im coming.

He places Swaras head on pillow but she is not ready to leave.

Swara (rants): Sanskaar.

Sanskaar kisses on her forehead.

Sanskaar: Im just coming.

Outside the house

Vaibhav: On time, Swara really made you crazy.

Sanskaar: Vaibhav please dont drag here between us. She is innocent.

Vaibhav: My dad was also innocent but because of you he got punishment; life time imprisonment.

Sanskaar: Im sorry for that.

Vaibhav: Only sorry. The pain Im bearing and my mom.

Sanskaar: Look, take your revenge from me but leave her.

Vaibhav: Why?

Sanskaar: It was not her fault. We are separating and dont think I love her. It was just I dont want anyone to suffer for my deeds. (He bends on his knees.) Leave her.”

Vaibhav: So you dont love her?

Sanskaar: yes.

Vaibhav: See, Swara for him you didnt even care for your virtue. This sanskaar dont even love you.

Sanskaar turns back and sees Swara standing there still in his clothes. Her beautiful eyes are filled with tears. Vaibhav smirks. Swara runs inside.

Sanskaar: Swara.

But she leaves.

Vaibhav: Aww poor Sanskaar, after so many struggle she came back to you but now again your words hurt her.

Sanskaar grabs his collar.

Sanskaar: Ill kill you.

Vaibhav removes his hand.

Vaibhav: First handle her, Ill never let Swara to come near you and for this I can go any extend.

Sanskaar: Do whatever you want, I dont care.

He leaves.

Swasans room Swara is standing at window looking outside; staring the moon. Tears are continuously shedding from her. Sanskaar looks towards he knows he again hurt her. Today she confessed her feelings and he refused her love. He doesnt want another separation. This time he wont let her go. He immediately hugs her from back.

Sanskaar: Sweetu, forgive this stupid guy.

She doesnt reply only cries. Sanskaar increases his grip. She closes her eyes. He pours out his emotions for her and keeps his nose on her shoulder.

Sanskaar: I (Tear comes out from his eyes.) Love You.

She opens her eyes when his tear drop falls on her shoulder. She turns and looks directly into his eyes which are filled with pure love.

Umrein Lagi Kehte Hue, Do Lafaj The Ek Baat Thi
Woh Ek Din Sau Saal Ka, Sau Saal Ki Woh Raat Thi
Kaise Lage Jo Chupchap Dono Palpal Mein Puri Sadiyan Beetadein

He truly loves her. His eyes are begging her not to leave him because this time he wouldnt able to bear it. Without wasting time he hugs him and shows her approval for his confession.

Swara: I love you too. You took too much time to confess.

Sanskaar: what to do God made me so dumb dont leave me. How this dumb boy survive with you.

Swara breaks the hug.

Sanskaar: That Vaibhav.

Swara: I cant see my husband begging. I dont care what he would do but dont do this again.

Sanskaar: Ok, now come lets sleep.

Swara holds his hand.

Swara: I.

Sanskaar: Say Sweetu.

Swara holds his finger and her eyes are stuck at floor.

Swara: I want to (she plays with his finger) express (she keeps his hand on her waist over the belt) my love.

Sanskaar: Sweetu I dont want.

Swara: Why? Dont you want my love?

Sanskaar: Sweetu, tomorrow Ill go that hotel where Priya and I?

Swara: I know you are innocent.

Sanskaar: But I cant do this. Swara I dont want to play with your love.

Swara: You dont want this? I can understand. Good Night.

She turns to leave. Sanskaar holds her hand.

Sanskaar: You dont know how much I want (He takes a sigh.) Sweetu you are my only desire but if you are wrong then.

Swara: Ill wait and I believe on my love. Now truth will not change my feelings for you.

Sanskaar: Swara its 3:30 am. Dont you want to sleep?

Swara: No, I want my husband to stare me.

Sanskaar: You were awaked.

Swara: Not only you. I also dont want to miss moment with you.

Sanskaar smiles and then both of them take rest in each other arms. Both of them waiting for morning when truth will come out which would decide their fate. Swara knows that Sanskaar will never come near to her if she is proved wrong.

Next Morning

Police comes in Maheshwari Mansion. Sanskaar hears the sound of crying.

Sanskaar: Swara, you stay here Ill check.

Swara: Okay.

Sanskaar comes down and sees Kavya with Police. Sujata is crying and Ram is consoling her.

Sanskaar: What is happening here? Mom, why are you crying?

Kavya: Swara is missing. Her mobile is also switched off. Im so much worried. She said she will find truth.

Sujata: Where is my Swara?

Sanskaar: Mom, Swara is with me.

Kavya: What? When she came here?

Sanskaar: Last night, she is taking rest in our room.

Policeman: Our work is done.

He leaves. Sujata smiles.

Sujata: Sanskaar you made all of us afraid. But Im happy Swara is back.

Kavya (thinks): What happened to Swara? I think she find something in favour of Sanskaar. I need to talk to her.

Kavya enters inside the Swasans room.

Swara: kavya you?

Kavya: Stupid idiot duffer.

Swara: Sorry.

Kavya: Whole night I was worried but you.

Swara: Sorry, Kavya.

Kavya: Im happy you are back to Sanskaar and he is not at fault. Swara: Truth is still hidden.

She tells her everything. After some time Sujata comes with food.

Sujata: Now Swara eat something.

Sujata hugs Swara.

Sujata: I missed you too much.

Swara: Me too mom.

Sujata: Kavya can you bring her luggage else Swara has to spend her whole life in Sanskaars clothes.

Swara blushes.

Kavya: Aunty ji I think Swara doesnt want her clothes now.

Swara: Dont tease me now.

Kavya: Ok, ok now jiju will only tease you. Okay aunty Ill bring her clothes.

She leaves.

Swara: Mom, are you going somewhere?

Sujata: Yes, Im going to court.

Swara: Why mom?

Sujata: Regarding Lux and Ragini divorce case.

Lucky: Chachi ji its Laksh not lux.

Sujata: Whatever?

Ram calls Sujata and she leaves.

Lucky: Swara, Im sorry. Because of Ragini I thought hat about you. How could I even think this about my brothers wife?

Swara: Its ok; it was not your fault.

Lucky: You are so sweet.

He extends his hand.

Lucky: Friends?

Swara: Ok.

Sanksaar comes inside.

Sanskaar: Sweetu get ready. (He looks towards Lucky.) Bhai you are here?

Lucky: Nothing Im leaving for court.

He moves towards door.

Sanskaar: Sweetu, come here I want to tell you something.

Swara moves towards him. And he kisses on her cheeks and runs inside the washroom. Lucky sees this.

Lucky: How Lucky are they?

He leaves

Vaibhavs Home

Vaibhav checks the newspaper but he boils with anger when he finds there is no news regarding Swara. He calls printing press owner.

Vaibhav: How dare you to disown me?

Man: Sorry sir, mam ordered us to not to print this.

Vaibhav: Who?

I ordered. I woman comes.

Vaibhav: Mom, why you did this? Today Maheshwaris and their so called reputation will be ruined.

Mrs. Sharma: Enough, I never knew my son is doing these cheap things. How could you play with the reputation of a girl?

Vaibhav: Mom I did this just to take revenge for my dad. Sorry I hide this.

Mrs. Sharma: Revenge? It was not his mistake. Your dad was a big fraud.

Vaibhav: My dad is my hero.

Mrs. Sharma: He was very clever, he became innocent before world but in real he used to beat me. Many time he asked me to take money from my father. You were in London. Your father tried to do fraud with Maheshwaris and Sanskaar did this work? He is not bad person. He never asked for money from me.

Vaibhav: Mom, what are you saying when I met dad he said me that Maheshwaris cheated him. He told me to ruin them.

Mrs. Sharma: Go ask forgiveness from Swara.


Sanskaar comes with Swara.

Receptionist: How can I help you sir?

Sanskaar: Two month ago November 12 I came here at room no 204. So can you help me? I need CCTV footage of that day outside my room.

Receptionist: Sorry sir.

Sanskaar: Please its urgent.

Receptionist: Sir its against the rule and my job.

Sanskaar requests her a lot.

Swara: Three lakhs.

Receptionist: Come with me.

Sanskaar looks towards Swara.

Sanskaar: Too smart, Mrs. Maheshwari.

Swara: Yup, stay in my company you will also become smart like me.

They check the CCTV footage.

Receptionist: Sorry sir, someone deleted the 20th November clip.

Swara: What? Then how will we get to know the truth.

Sanskaar: Mam check may be it is missed?

Receptionist: No sir. Footages are sorted according to their date but this one is missing sorry I cant help you.

Sanskaar: Any know you we know about what happened?

Receptionist: I dont think anyone remembered anything.

Swara goes back to home; unhappy.

Swara: Nothing happened. I tried but look we failed.

Sanskaar: dont think negative. Now I also think something is fishy and Priya is also unaware of it.

Swara: Huh, I dont care about her.

Sanskaar: My jealous Sweetu, dont feel jealous. She doesnt love me. She loves her freedom only.

Vaibhav comes there.

Sanskaar: Now what is left? Why you came here?

Vaibhav: Im sorry for my mistakes. Now I came to know the truth. Everything is my mistake. (He tells them whatever her mother told him.) Sorry guys. Go ahead you look great together.

Sanskaar: Its ok.

Vaibhav: You forgive me so easily.

Swara: Yes, because you did this in love of your dad. You are regretting thats enough for us.

Vaibhav: Sanskaar Swara is very innocent soul and she loves a lot. Stay with her and please leave that sl*t Priya.

Sanskaar: What rubbish how could you say this about my friend?

Vaibhav: Sanskaar you dont know her reality. She is a call girl who is spoiling your relation with Swara.

Sanskaar: I know her and you.

Swara: Wait Sanskaar, I think he knows the truth. Tell me everything.

Vaibhav: Sahil will tell you whole truth.

What is truth? And how Sahil is related to this?

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