Swasan Ff- Mutual Friends Shot 11

Shot 11

Vaibhav is talking to goons. He was the one who send them to teas Swara so that he can find whether Sanskaar loves Swara or not. So that it would be easy for him to take revenge.

Man1: “Sir Sanskaar Maheshwari’s bodyguards always around Swara.”

Vaibhav: “So this much love, then I would love to tease his Swara.”

Man2: “Sir my payment.”

He gives them money.

Vaibhav: “Swara is mixture of sweetness and innocence I’m feeling little bad for hurting her but it’s her mistake to marry my enemy.”

She is busy in her own thoughts somehow she just want to prove that her Sanskaar is innocent; he is not related to Priya’s child. What to do nothing is popping in her little mind?

Vaibhav: “Swara where are you lost?”

Swara: “Nothing sir.”

Vaibhav: “So do your work.”

Swara: “Sir, can I ask you something?”

Vaibhav: “My reply would be based on your question.”

Swara: “Sir you know what that woman… what was her name, Priya.”

Vaibhav: “So.”

Swara: “She is asking about you.”

Vaibhav: “Really.”

Swara: “Yes sir.”

Vaibhav: “What she said?”

Swara: “She is asking about your phone number.”

Vaibhav: “But I gave her.”

Swara: “She lost it.”

Vaibhav: “I’ll meet her.”

Swara: “How sir? You don’t know her address.”

Vaibhav: “Everyone knows where these types of girls live.”

Swara: “Where?”

Vaibhav: “Red light area.”

Swara: “Oh, leave it sir I have to do lot of work.”

Vaibhav leaves. Swara thinks.

Swara: “Now I’ll find some proof, I know Sansskaar blindly believes Priya. But truth is hidden.” She engages in work.

Vaibhav’s Cabin

Vaibhav is looking at Swara who is busy in work and talking to her.

Vaibhav: “So fire is same in both sides. Swara you are literally very innocent. You thought I would not able to understand why are you asking me about Priya?”

He calls someone.

Vaibhav: “My money?”

Man: “I need little time.”

Vaibhav: “I’m only asking for half amount and you still showing your truants.”

Man: “Sorry…”

Vaibhav disconnects the call in anger.

Maheshwari Manson

Anpurna is sad. She thought her daughter in law will bring well being in her house but she is…

Sujata: “Didi.”

Anpurna looks towards her and hugs her. Anpurna: “I always thought ad for you. I’m sorry Sujata.”

Sujata: “Di everything will be alright.”

Anpurna: “How? My son is not happy. Ragini created so much mess.”

Sujata: “She got what she deserves.”

Anpurna: “But about that baby.”

Lucky comes downs and hears all this.

Lucky: “I’m talking to lawyer regarding our divorce and I’ll take custody of my son.”

Anpurna: “Lucky I’m sorry.”

Lucky: “No ma it was not your mistake.”

Anpurna: “May you get all happiness in your life.”

Lucky takes Sujata and Anpurna’s blessings and he leaves.

Ragini’s Home

Janki: “How could you do this Ragini?”

Ragini: “I’m sorry ma. Since I came here you are only taunting me for this.”

Janki: “So what would I do? What if people will come to know about it?”

Ragini: “Ma I’ll talk to Lucky.”

Janki: “Will he accept you?”

Ragini: “For his baby he will.”

Ragini hears knocks at door. A post man is there. He gives her letter.

Postman: “Are you Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari?”

Ragini: “Yes but what is this.”

Postman: “I don’t know you please sign here.”

She signs on register and he leaves.

Janki: “What is this Ragini?”

Ragini: “Let me check ma.”

The paper falls from her hands when she finds it is divorce notice. Janki sees the paper and breaks down.

Janki: “What would I do now? Ragini, what you did!!!”

Ragini cries: “I’m sorry ma I never thought about this.”

Janki slaps her.

Janki: “I hate you, you spoiled our reputation.”

Ragini: “Ma I’ll talk to Laksh, I’ll beg to him.”

She leaves.

Luckys’s office

Ragini comes to meet Lucky.

Lucky (shouts): “How dare you to come here? Leave from here before I kill you. You are a cheater.”

Ragini: “Lucky please don’t leave me. Think about my reputation, about our baby.”

Lucky: “What reputation? Ragini, do you know what you did? You tried to sleep with my brother. You tried to break their relation. You are black spot on our family. And about baby, I’ll take back my baby. You have no right on him.”

Ragini: “I’m sorry Lucky please don’t do this. I promise I’ll not commit this mistake again.”

Lucky: “Mistake? It’s a sin Ragini. You committed a big sin. Now leave before I throw you out.”

Ragini leaves with broken heart. She knows her sin is too big to be forgiven.

Night at 9:30 pm

She comes, to find truth. Without even realizing what would be the consequences.

Auto Driver: “Madam, are you sure you want to go here? May be you misunderstand the address.”

Swara: “Address is right.”

Auto driver: “Sorry madam I can’t go further.”

Swara pays the bill.

Swara: “Thank you.”

He leaves. Swara goes and sees the surroundings. She knows where she came. Women are standing to attract their customer. Their dresses are quite exposing. Some women are fighting denuding for more money. Men are drunk and staring her like they will eat her. Swara finds a woman standing there. She goes towards.

Swara: “Excuse me, kindly help me. I want to know about a girl.”

Woman: “Aye are you school girl? Kindly haha (she starts laughing.) No need to, give this much respect.”

Swara: “Look at this picture, her name is Priya.”

The woman pushes Swara when she sees a new customer.

Woman: “Sir, take me.”

Man looks towards Swara, he moves towards her.

Woman: “She is from here.”

Man: “I don’t care. I need this.”

Swara: “What rubbish? I’m married and I’m not such type girl.”

Man: “Then what are you doing here.”

Swara: “I came here for work.”

Man holds her hand.

Man: “I’ll give you double.”

Swara slaps him.

Swara: “Idiot.”

Man pulls Swara, She struggles. He even tores the arms of her dress. That woman also tries to help Swara.

Woman: “Leave her; she came here in search of her friend.”

Man pushes her and that woman falls on ground.

Swara: “I said leave me, before my husband smashes on your face.”

Man: “Who is your husband? I’ll make you mine here I’ll see who would stop me.”

And the next moment he is lying on ground. Sanskaar hugs Swara.

Sanskaar: “Sweetu are you ok.”

Swara cries. Sanskaar covers her tore shoulder with his coat.

Sanskaar: “Hush, I came.”

Sanskaar beats him black and blue.

Sanskaar: “Now you have to pay for hurting my wife.”

The owner of that area comes.

Owner: “What is happening here? And you how dare you to beat our customer. You don’t know me.”

Sanskaar: “Even I’m not interested to know about cheap people like you. I will not leave any bastard who will hurt my wife.”

Owner: “So keep your wife in your house. It’s her mistake to come here.”

Sanskaar: “Come Sweetu.”

Owner: “Do you really think you can go without paying.”

Sanskaar: “You don’t know Mr. Maheshwari. I can put you behind the bar.”

Owner: “Leave from here, before you will regret.”

Sanskaar takes Swara in his arms.

Sanskaar: “Sweetu you need not to afraid.”

They leave. Vaibhav comes there.

Owner: “Sir our money we did like you say.”

Vaibhav: “Great work, now these photos will be on front page.”

He smirks. Swasan returns back to Maheshwari Mansion.

Sanskaar: “Swara.”

But she is still in shock. Sanskaar opens the door of car and lifts her in his arms and takes her to their room.

Sanskaar’s Room

Sanskaar looks at her bare shoulder, he touches there. Swara hugs him.

Swara: “I’m feeling dirty.”

Sanskaar kisses on her shoulder.

Sanskaar: “Sweetu, all ok now.”

Swara: “What if you were late? That moment he tore (She closes her eyes, while reminding that scene.) I’m sorry Sanskaar.”

Sanskaar: “Sweetu, Don’t cry. (He breaks the hug and wipes her tears.) Why you went there? Bodygaurd informed me.”

Swara: “Who I was searching about Priya.”

Sanskaar: “What? I’m not getting anything.”

Swara: “Vaibhav sir said that Priya is a call girl and that’s why I went there.”

Sanskaar: “Are you nut Swara? Can’t you use your brain that Vaibhav lied to you? Priya is my friend.”

Swara: “But.” Sanskaar boils in anger.

Sanskaar (shouts): “But what? If it was true then you should first conform to me and what was the need to go there? Why you went there alone?”

Swara (shouts): “Because I love you dam it. I love a lot. I was searching a way. Anyhow I just want to prove that you were not physical with that Priya. My stupid heart does not believe that you would do this.”

Tera banega jo tera nahi h, aaye dil bata ku tujhko itna yakeen hai? mere dile bekarak, ha dile bekarrar… yahi hota pyar kya, mere dile bekrar.

Sanskaar asks politely: “Come again.”

Swara: “I hate you.”

She beats him with her hands and hugs him.

Sanskaar: “I don’t deserve your love.”

Swara: “I can’t stop my heart to love you. (She cries.) What you did to me?”

Sanskaar: “Go change your dress.”

He gives her his clothes. She changes her clothes and come out. She is looking extra cute in oversize shirt. But she comes out holding pant.

Sanksaar: “Swara what happened? Why are you holding pant?”

Swara: “It’s too looses. You know as I left it fell down. (She shows and accidently pant falls down. She turns her face)”

Sanskaar moves towards her. And holds the pant resting on ground and makes her wear.

Sanskaar: “Hold this.”

He makes extra hole on belt as her size and ties belt round her waist.

Sanskaar: “Now perfect.”

Swara: “Thanks.”

Sanskaar pulls her cheeks and kisses on her cheek.

Sanskaar: “You are looking too cute.”

Swara: “Sanskaar I want to ask you something?”

Sanskaar: “say?”

Swara: “Tell me everything happened that night?”

Sanskaar kisses on her forehead.

Sanskaar: “Okay, but my Sweetu has listen everything in my arms. She has to spend whole night in my arms. I want my sweetu to sleep in my arms.”

Sanskaar takes his place on bead and she rests her head in his arms.


Priya, I and Shail are good friends. Party, dinks and alcohol was our life. That day Priya called me.

Priya: “Sanky come here, hotel Deewan room no 204.”

I: “Anything special.”

Priya: “Sahil called me. He got new deal so for celebration.”

I: “But he didn’t inform me.”

Priya: “May be he forgot.”

I went there. Priya was all alone there.

I: “Where is Sahil?”

Priya: “As usual he is late. Don’t waste time. It’s yours and mine favourite brand.”

That night we drank too much, too much. I don’t even know what happened but next morning when I woke up we both were without clothes. I regretted for my mistake.

I: “I’m so sorry Priya. I don’t know how I lost control.”

Priya: “That should not happen. But it was not completely your fault. Everything happened in the influence of alcohol. I was my mistake too.”

We never told anyone about it but then Priya informed me that she is pregnant. She called me in hospital to abort the baby but I refused. I said her that I can’t kill my blood. I said her to marry be but she refused. She said that she don’t love me. When I tell this to mom she said that Priya lied to me. But Swara I know her. She is my friend. Mom said that she would kill herself if I won’t marry you and leave that Priya. Then Priya told me about this plan. She said after baby, she will leave for U.S.A. and Swara you can also start your new life. But you fell for me; my heart too feels something for you.

Flashback ends

Sanskaar: “I’m sorry Swara, I was blind in love of my baby. I hurt you.”

Swara: “Sanskaar, why Sahil didn’t come that night.”

Sanskaar: “He said he got busy in work.”

Swara: “Even then he should inform you. Did he call you both?”

Sanskaar: “No, we didn’t receive any message from him.”

Swara: “You said you don’t remember anything then how could you be so sure that you were physical…”

Sanskaar: “Why would Priya lie?”

Swara: “She was also drunk, May be it was Sahil. Because only he know that Priya was there would be drunk. Think about it.”

Sanskaar: “Sweetu but Sahil is our friend.”

Swara: “If he can ask cheap things from your wife then he could do anything. For me find the truth. I’m just saying investigate before believing blindly.”

Sanskaar: “Ok I’ll. Now you sleep and never try to go alone anywhere.”

Swara: “I knew your bodyguard is with me and if anything would happen you will save me.”

Sanksaar: “okay now sleep.”

Swara: “Good Night.”

What is the real truth of that night? Is Swara right about Sahil?

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