Swasan Ff- Mutual Friends Shot 10

Shot 10

One problem is solved but still they are apart in pain of separation; which both of them dont want. Still one person is seeking a chance for revenge. Mr. Vaibhav Sharma, Taking Swaras pic in his hand he is thinking something?

Vaibhav: What could be the reason of this anger? Mrs Swara Sanskaar Maheshwari, I appreciate your talent to hide the truth from me, from every one. You were working with yours husbands most favorite enemy but you never let us know.

He checks all the reports and that Swara gave him.

Vaibhav: But she is not a cheater. An honest employee of my company. She se so sweet and kind then what must be the reason that both of them apart. Money? Nay she is not seems to be greedy. Domestic Violence? No, she is todays woman she can fight for her right. Then!!!! Oh another woman. May be.

He calls Swara.

Swara: Sir you called me?

Vaibhav: Yes Swara. Tonight there is a party for our success so I want you too also come.

Swara: Okay sir.

Vaibhav: I also invited Mr. Maheshwari. (She looks towards him.) I mean all the big businessman of the city.

Swara: Sir is it necessary to come? You can take any other employee. Vaibhav: It seems you and Mr. Maheshwari has some relation. Did he hurt you like he always hurts me by defeating me in business?

Swara: No sir, I dont care for him.

Vaibhav: So come and after all you are so lucky that I won for the first time.

Swara: Fine sir.

Vaibhav: Swara wait. (He gives her something.) I want you to wear this Sari as its a big party to you should look best.

Swara: Okay sir.

She leaves.

Vaibhav: If Sankaar loves her than I would love to play with his doll. Else she is safe.

He smriks. Swara is returning from office early as she was instructed by her boss that she look the best and she cant deny him. But suddenly she stopped by a male figure.

Man1: Hey beautiful, you want lift.

Swara ignores. Then she sees a group of three boy on bike.

Man2: Man is he teasing you. May I drop you on my bike?

Swara: Leave my way.

Before they could touch her someone stops their hand.

Person: Swara mam, we are here to save you.

They are security guards and they beat the goons. After sometime Sanskaar comes there. He immediately hugs Swara.

Sanskaar: Sweetu, are you ok? Did they troubled you? (He kisses on her forehead.) I was

Swara: You send detectives behind me.

Sanskaar: Who I

Swara: I can protect myself.

Sanskaar: That I can see.

Swara: What do you want to show?

Sanskaar: You are working with my enemy. Sweetu he can harm you dont know him.

Swara: I know this is your cheap plan to impress me. Leave these boys.

Sanskaar: What? There punishment is still left.

Swara looks towards guards.

Swara: Leave them, your sir cant able to impress me. So plan is fail.

Guards look towards Sanskaar, but Swara herself frees them and they run away.

Sanskaar: It wasnt my plan.

Swara: Yes it was my plan then, I was at fault. First mistake to marry you.

Sankaaar: Sweetu, I know you are angry. Come Ill drop you.

Swara: Wait!!! Did I asked you for any lift? I can go alone.

Sanskaar: Dont be stubborn.

Swara: No means no. N O No.

Sanskaar: If you will not come with me then Ill kiss you.

Swara: Shameless creature, cant you see these guard what they will think?

Sanskaar looks towards guards.

Guards: We are deaf sir.

Sanskaar smriks looking towards Swara.

Sanskaar: You duty is end for today, from here Ill manage.

They leave.

Sanskaar: Come my angry bird.

Swara: Ill not come and its final.

He forcefully lifts her and takes her with him.

Swara: Cheater, idiot.

Sanskaar: I know.

Swara: Huh, evil.

She turns her face and finds that they were moving towards forest.

Swara: This is not right path.

Sanskaar: Dont guide me.

Swara: Why are you taking me here? What you want?

Sanskaar: You are alone with a man. What else he can want from you?

He stops the car and moves towards her.

Swara: Dont try to come near me. Ill shout.

Sanskaar: Shout no one will listen to you.

Swara moves backwards and closes her eyes. Sanskaar takes her bag and takes out her office ID card. Swara opens her eyes.

Sanskaar: He is tracking you. Sweetu you dont know he is so dangerous.

Swara takes her ID card back.

Swara: You are dangerous for me not my boss.

Sanskaar cups her face.

Sanskaar: Oh my Sweetu, you dont know how much he hates me.

Swara: Not more than I hate you.

Sanskaar pecks on her lips.

Sanskaar: I know you love me so much. (He rubs his cheeks with hers.) I missed you so much. (She melts with his touch.) Sweetu (He gives wet kisses on her cheeks, jawline.) Dont you missed my touch?

Swara: I

Sanskaar: I’m sorry.

She jerks him.

Swara: Why you kissed me?

Sanskaar: Because my heart wants this.

Swara: So want, you are trying to make me fool. But I know your cheap tricks.

Sanskaar: This false anger suits you. Sometimes I feel like pulling your cheeks and kiss you.

Swara: I want to go home. I have to get ready for party.

Sanskaar: You are coming with him.

Swara: Yes.

Sanskaar: Say no to him.

Swara: Why? He is my boss.

Sanskaar: I know he gets to know you are my wife. Sweetu why cant you understand? Dont go.

Swara: Ill go, you cant do anything.

Sanskaar: Fine but allow him to come near you. You dont know his real nature.”

Swara: At least he didnt cheated his wife like you.

Sanskaar: He is not married yet.

Swara: Oh, this is real reason.

Sanskaar: What?

Swara: Jealousy.

Sanksaar: Its my concern. Sweetu, I cant let anybody to hurt you.

Swara: What about the pain you gave me.

Sanskaar: I never thought this would happen. Your feelings for me, my feelings for you. It was never be planned. I wish I never made any mistake, then I would be with my Sweetu forever.

Swara: You should think about your baby and your love Priya not about other woman.

Sanskaar: Sweetu I told you I dont love Priya. She is my good friend.

Swara: Who else sleeps with his best friend?

Sanskaar: Enough Swara, I was so drunk. I dont know what exactly happened that day.

Swara: What? You dont know. Then how could you believe Priya, May be she is lying.

She said this with hope.

Sanskaar: I know her, she is not a lair. Leave it Sweetu you go but take care. Dont go near to him. You dont know his real intensions.

Swara: I can take care of myself.

Sanskaar: Sweetu, if anything suspicious happens then call me.

He drops her to Kavyas home and leaves. Swara gets ready for party in black sari reveling her milky waist and enhancing her beauty more and more. Vaibhav comes to take her and they leave for party venue.

At party

Swaras eyes are searching for Sanskaar who is busy with gossiping with some of his business partners. But she feels hurt when she sees Priya is standing with him.

Vaibhav: Look my enemy. Cheap Maheshwari came in my high class party with a sl*t.

Swara: Sir, Im not feeling good.

Vaibhav: come on Swara dont be so shy.

He takes her near Sanskaar and intentionally keeps his hand on her waist.

Vaibhav: Hello Mr. Maheshwari. Who is she?

Sanskaars eyes are fixed o Swaras waist where He kept his hand.

Sanskaar: She is Priya my friend.

Swara is not feeling good. She removes his hand.

Swara: Excuse me.

She runs from there.

Sanskaar: Excuse me too.

He too leaves.

Viabhav: So your name is Priya. Sanskaar is not bad choice, but dear if you have time then (He gives her his no.) this is my no. call me.

He leaves.

Priya: Cheap man.

Here Sanskaars drags Swara inside the room. He locks the door. He sits on his knees and kisses on her exposed waist.

Swara: Stop it Sanskaar, I said stop this.

Sanskaar: How dare he to touch my Sweetu?

Swara: I gave him permission he can do.

Sanskaars stands up and tightly holds her arms.

Sanksaar: What permission?

Swara: Its hurting.

Sanskaar: I said what permission.

Swara: To touch me.

On the next moment he smashes his lips on hers. He is completely dominating on her not allowing her to protest. She is struggling but then stops when she feels his tears. When he breaks the kiss she finds him crying.

Sanskaar: Im sorry.

Swara: I want to go.

Sanskaar: He is not good Sweetu, I know you are hurt but please dont let him do this. He is doing this just to hurt me.

Swara: Like you bought Priya just to hurt me.

Sanksaar: No Sweetu, she was not feeling good at home thats why she requested me.

Swara: Vaibhav wants to marry me.

Sanskaar: What? When?

Swara: He proposed me at car when we were coming here.

Sanskaar: Dont marry him.

Swara: You dont love me, you baby, your Priya but no place for me.

Sanskaar: Priya is leaving USA after giving me baby.

Swara: Why? Baby is her also.

Sanksaar: Its a long story but dont marry that Vaibhav. My Sweetu is mine only.

Swara: After divorce Ill marry him and giving him that place which you never gave me but gave to Priya.

Sanskaar: You cant Sweetu.

Swara: Is it hurting?

Sanskaar: A lot. Please Sweetu, I cant see you even cant ale to imagine.

Swara: But you did na Sanksaar, Im feeling this pain every day, each second. Why you made me so much insane?

Sanskaar hugs her.

Sanskaar: Swara, you are my everything. I dont like to go in our room. Because my Sweetu is not there.

Swara: You are making me fool.

She cries.

Sanskaar: Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Swara: So simple to say.

She gets call from Vaibhav.

Vaibhav: Swara where are you?

Swara: Im coming sir.

She disconnects the call. After party Swara and Vaibhav together leave. While Sanskaar is following them.

Vaibhav: This Sanskaar is so cheap. How he could come in my party with a sl*t.

Swara: Who?

Vaibhav: That Priya. Im happy no one finds her else my reputation.

Swara: But she is Sanskaars I mean Mr. Maheshwaris friend.

Vaibhav: She is a call girl.

Swara: How do you know?

Vaibhav: I saw her with many men win hotels. Leave her cheap people.

Vaibhav (thinks): I think this Priya is reason for separation between them. Stupid Sanskaar left his innocent wife for that cheap woman.

Swara (thinks): Why Vaibhav is saying this about Priya? Somethings is hidden and thats related to my Sanskaar and Ill find it.

Will Swara able to find the truth?

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