Swasan ff- Mood Swings shot 8 (last shot)

Shot 8

This time Im super late sorry for being irregular I know many of you missed this story too much. Without wasting too much time lets start.

Sanskaar is trying to wake up Swara but she is too much stubborn. These days she is sleeping too much.

Sanskaar: Kiddo, wake up please.

Swara: 5 minutes more. She again hugs

Sanskaar: Kiddo at least let me get up, for two hours you are doing drama. Neither wake up nor letting me.

Swara: How to sleep without pillow and its Sunday.

Sanskaar: No one can win with you in argument.

Swara smiles and again hugs him. After sometime she wakes up. Sanskaar prepares the breakfast for her.

Sanskaar: Kiddo Im going to take bath, you please take your breakfast.

He leaves. When Sanskaar returns back he finds his kiddo is missing. Sanskaar again makes face. Sanskaaar: Now where she went? God what happened to my Kiddo?

He searches her but still she is not anywhere, he also checks Amans apartment thinking might be she is playing with kid. He goes down to ask the watchman but before that he finds her, she is playing with puppies. There are six puppies; she is feeding them her breakfast, few kids also join her. He sighs in disbelief; no doubt she is actually a kid. One puppy is resting on her lap. She is sitting on ground not even caring about her clothes. Sanskaar directly goes towards her.

Sanskaar: Kiddo what is happening here?

Swara (excitedly): Look at him he so cute.

Sanskaar: Keep it away. (He holds her hand.) Come.

Swara: But I Sanskaar doesnt listen to her and takes her back to room.

Sanskaar (shouts): Are you kid Swara?

Swara (innocently): But they are cute na.

Sanskaar: Swara they are street dogs and dirty too. Go take bath and dont repeat this.

Swara follows his order; she doesnt want to make his hubby angrier. Swara is a dog lover but after knowing Sanskaar hates for them she never asked him for any pet dog. After taking bath Swara comes out of bathroom and see Sanskaar standing near window looking outside. She hugs him from back.

Swara: I know you hate dog thats why you shout but Sanskaar, now a days nothing in my control. My heart overpowers my mind. He turns back.

Sanskar: Kiddo, sorryI always promise not to shout at you but fails.

Swara kisses on his cheeks.

Swara: Its okay. But little young ones are too cute.

Sanskaar kisses on her cheek and his hands moves to discharge her clothes.

Sanskaar: Always thinking about other kids, what about ours.

He is waiting for her response but she refuses.

Swara: Im not feeling…

Sanskaar: why? (He cares her cheeks.) You said you like kids.

Swara: Im hungry.

She escapes. Evening Sujata comes with Ram to meet SwaSan. Swara becomes super happy to see her.

Swara: Mom, I missed you so much.

Ram: Yes missed you Mom not me. (He makes angry pout and folds his arms.) Why Im here?

Swara goes towards his and opens her crossed arms and hugs him.

Swara: I miss Papa most.

Ram: Im not convinced yet.

Swara: Sachhii Papa. I really missed you.

Ram: How much?

Swara opens her arms and starches to covers wide area.

Swara: This much Papa.

Ram hugs her and kisses on her head.

Ram: My sweet daughter, I dont like to stay away from you.

Swara: Then Stay with us forever Papa.

Sujata: Ahem, ram ji you will pour all your love here?

Ram: Hmm. (he looks towards Sanskaar.) Bring our luggage to our room.

They go inside. Sanskaar carries their luggage.

Sanskaar: It seems they forgot that Im their real son. Its your destiny Sanskaar, evil father in law and ignoring parents.

Today Sujata decides to prepare food and Swara joins to help her.

Swara: Mom you make tasty mix-vegetable, teach me too.

Sujata: Sure.

Sujata cutes the vegetable and Swara observes and tries to cut it but Ram snatches the knife.

Ram: No, what if you hurt your fingers. Sujata she is kid but you.

Swara: Papa Ill not.

Ram: Only one potato you will peel.

After cutting vegetables Sujata puts oil on pan and waits till it boils, but as soon as she puts onion on it. The smell gets in Swaras ear and she feels like vomiting. She directly runs inside washroom. Sanskaar sees him running inside the washroom. He goes behind her. When she comes out Sanskaar asks her.

Sanskaar: Are you okay kiddo?

Swara: Im fine, it just oil smell

Sanskaar: Its all because of those stupid puppies you got some infection. Many times I told you not to do this. But you are

Ram: Its because Sujata, cant you see she is not comfortable. Swara: Papa, Im fine. Dont shout at mom. Im feeling little tired.

Sujata gets suspects regarding Swara’s condition but she keeps it in her thinking to conform it first, then to revel to others. After that all gathers in dining table, all ask to Swara bout health. She said she is fine. All started taking dinner but Sanskaar gets shocked seeing Swara eating only pickles.

Sanskaar: Kiddo, dont eat this much.

Swara: Ma made this for me. Its too yummy.

Now Sujatas doubt is getting clear. She smiles. After dinner all sleeps. Suajta calls Shomi.

Sujata: Shomi ji good news for you.

Shomi: what is it, Sujata ji?

Sujata: Now you became oldie.

Shomi: What do you mean?

Sujata: I think Swara is pregnant.

Shomi (shouts): Really.

Shekhar: Shomi dont shout.

Sujata: Relax Shomi ji, Im not confirmed yet but I can sense change in her behavior.

Shomi: I hope it to be true, May be new life would improve Sanskaar and Shekhars relation.

Sujata: Hope so, now Good Night.

Next Day

Swasan gets ready for office.

Swara: Papa, I dont want to go.

Ram: Work is also necessary. (Swara becomes sad.) You can one day leave.

Sanskaar: Kiddo you already took one day leave without informing.

Swara: Papa Ill come soon.

They take blessings and leave for office.

At office

As soon as Swara enters inside the office, Ragini welcomes her with a bright smile. Swara finds something fishy.

Boss: Welcome Mrs Swara Maheshwari. We are so grate fully that you got time for us.

Swara: Sorry sir.

Boss: What is the need of Sorry? We are sorry mam, you go home take rest. What is the need of coming office?

Swara: Sir I was. I promise not to repeat this.

Boss: You are absent without even informing, no application this is your company I think.

Swara: Im ready for punishment sir.

Ragini: Sir, dont be so rude on her. Ill help her.Boss: No need Swara will complete the entire files related Floating Farms project.

Swara: Ji sir.

Boss: No lunch break for you.

Swara works whole day without eating anything. She is completely exhausted. In the evening Sanskaar came to take her. Swara hugs him.

Swara: Im too much tired today.

Sanskaar: My Kiddo did so much work. (He kisses on her forehead.) Come lets go.

Sanskaar is driving the car and Swara is complaining about her Boss.

Swara: He gave me so much work. You know Sanskaar that nagin was also laughing on me. Evil girl dont know why Lucky forgave her.

Sanskaar: Lucky doesnt forgive her; he is behaving nicely because of Raginis mother.

Swara: Sanskaar I dont know why my boss is so evil. You tell did your boss scold you.

Sanskaar: Nope, Lucky already managed everything in the office.

Swara: How lucky you?

Sanskaar: Yup Im luckiest because I have my Kiddo.

Swara: Buttering.

Sanskaar kisses on her cheek: Yup, now give me reward of buttering.

Swara (blushes): No reward.

Sanskaar stops the car and kisses on her lips. After that they reach home and Swara and Ram started playing Ludo.

Swara: Papa you are going to lose.

Ram: Not so soon.

Sujata: Ram ji, Swara take your meal.

Swara: One minute mom.

Sanskaar: Dad you became Kid with her and Kiddo you can continue after dinner.

Swara: Nope, you go eat.

When Swara wins the Game she started dancing.

Swara: Yepii I won, Papa you lose.

Swara feels dizzy: she feels her surrounding is revolving.

Sujata: Swara careful.

Sanskaar holds her but she faints. He pats her cheeks.

Sanskaar: Kiddo Kiddo, open your eyes.

Sujata calls the doctor. After examining the doctor comes out.

Sanskaar: Is she alright?

Ram: Nothing can happen to my daughter.

Doctor (smiles): Your doubt is Right Sujata ji.

Sujata (happy): Really, (She joins her hands.) Thank you so much Kanah ji.

Sanskaar: My Kiddo is sick and mom you are thanking God.

Ram: Yes, what is this Sujata?

Doctor: Mr Maheshwari, your wife is pregnant.

Sanskaar mouths remains open, Sujata closes his mouth. Ram Started dancing.

Ram: I got promotion now I became Dadu.

Sanskaar( Stammers): My Kiddo My Kiddo is having a Kid.

Doctor: Yes Mr Maheshwari.
Sanskaar: But why she fainted? My kiddo and Baby is fine.

Doctor: Both are fine, I think she missed one time meal. Now you have to be careful regarding her health and tomorrow meet me for further check up.

Ram pays her fees and she leaves. Sujata tries to meet her.

Sanskaar: Mom, Ill tell her first.

Sanskaar goes inside the room and looks towards her. She is sleeping peacefully. He kisses on her forehead than cares her tummy; she is takes breath and her tummy is also shows moments.

Sanskaar: One more life is growing inside you Kiddo.

He kisses on her tummy and she wakes up. She looks towards him; his happiness is clearly seeing on his face.

Swara: What happened? You are so happy share with me.

Sanskaar holds her both hands.

Sanskaar: Kiddo, how to say? I dont know how you will react?

Swara: Tell me, I me I cant wait.

Sanskaar makes serious face.

Sanskaar: Kiddo, Now another girl is coming in my life and you have to share my love with her.

He looks towards her and her eyes immediately fills with tears.

Swara: Please dont, I promise Ill never do any Kiddush things, Ill not demand anything also leave playing with puppies. I cant share your love. Tell her to go.

Sanskaar: I cant tell her, I also love her.

Swara makes sad face. She is in the verge of crying.

Swara: Ill complain to Papa.

Sanskaar: Even Dad loves her.

Swara: Lair, Im going to tell Papa.

She moves to open the door. Sanskaar hugs her from back.

Sanskaar: Cant you do little sacrifice for me?

Swara turns and hugs him.

Swara: I love you Sanskaar. (She cant able to hold more and burst out crying.) I know you are angry because sometimes I become moody. Im sorry Sanskaar I cant live without you and I cant bear another woman, you are all mine.

Sanskaar: Hush Kiddo, its nothing like that.

Swara: Ill kill that woman.

Sanskaar: My Kiddo, I was talking about our daughter. You are pregnant Kiddo.

Swara becomes quite and breaks towards her. Tears are still on her cheek.

Swara (innocently): Really. Sanskaar: Yup, now my Kiddo will give mw another Kiddo.

Swara beats him with her little hands.

Swara: You are very bad; Ill not talk to you.

Sanskaar pecks on her lips.

Sanskaar: Kiddo you know, you are becoming cute day by day. (He kisses on her cheeks. She hides her face on his chest.) But dont go near puppies. I dont want my new Kiddo to like them.

Swara: Sanskaar, How do you know its a girl?

Sanskaar: Because I want another Kiddo. Swara I cant wait to see her. Tell her to come out now.

Swara (Smiles): It cant happen.

Sanskaar: I Know.

Ram knocks the door.

Ram: I think Sanskaar I also have right to share happiness with my daughter.

Swasan open the door. Ram and Swara give hi-fi to each other.

Ram: Now Dadu wants to play with my Grand Daughter.

Sujata: No, I want boy like my Sanskaar.

Ram: Daughter like Swara, then we three will play Ludo.

They keeps fighting, next day Shekhar and Shomi come to meet Swasan. Sanskaar touches Shekhars feet.

Shekhar: Dont think Ill forgive you.

Shomi: Shekhar, now please stop this.

Ram and Sujata come out.

Sujata: Shomi ji, Im so happy.

Ram: Shekhar seems not so happy.

Shekhar: Im happy for my Swara.

Swara hugs him.

Swara: But Baba, this happiness is only because of Sanskaar.

Shekhar: Whatever

After that they go to meet Doctor. Doctor shows them their baby on computer screen.

Swara: Sanskaar she is so tiny.

Sanskaar: Yup.

Doctor: Mother and Baby are absolutely fine. One more thing, Mr Maheshwari.

Sanskaar: Yes doctor.

Doctor: Try to I mean dont touch her, Hope you understand.

Sanskaar: Sure doctor.

They wait for report when they comes out Ram Takes the report, then Shekhar snatches.

Shekhar: First Ill see.

Ram: No, first right is mine because Im Dadu.

Shekhar: Mine, Im Nanu.

They keep fighting like kids.

Swara: Stop Papa and Baba. Ill show of both together. (She shows them report.) See this dot. She is my baby.

Shekhar: See Ram same like my Swara.

Ram: Seriously.

Shomi (whispers): Shekhar, its a dot.

Sanskaar: Yes, Baba she is only like my Kiddo.

Shekhar: huh, come Swara, your legs are paining.

He takes Swara. After spending few days, Shekhar , Shomi and Ram leaves. Sujata stays with Swasan to take care of Swara. Swara takes leaves from office. Now she becomes extra cute with her baby bump. Sanskaar come from office.

Sanskaar: Where is Kiddo?

Sujata: She is too angry.

He enters inside the room. Swara is sitting with angry pout.

Sanskaar: Kiddo. She throws pillow towards him.

Swara: Hate you.

Sanskaar: Someone is too angry. (He sits beside her and keeps his hand on her baby bump.) Doll look your mummy is too angry.

Swara: Yes, because your dad makes false promises and comes late from office.

Sanskaar: Kiddo, Sorry.

Swara: Sanskaar you always do this.

Sanskaar gives her two chocolates and she becomes happy. After dinner Swara takes rest, Sanskaar admires her. Swara looks towards him and holds his hand and keeps it on tummy. Sanskaar feels the moments of baby.

Sanskaar: She is moving.

Swara: Yes, She feels good whenever you are near her. She loves you a lot.

Sanskaar gives several kisses on her tummy.

Sanskaar: Papa loves you too princess.

Swara keeps head on his chest and sleeps. And finally day of delivery comes. Swasan blessed with a baby girl, too copy of her Kiddo mom.


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