#AreWeMeantToBeTogether by Swara


Swara Bose – her character is really cute and she enjoys the best of her life she loves her family very much specially her dad and sister, she is a college student and has many friends and is modern minded!

Kavita Bose – well kavita is a very awesome girl and is a diva of the school she loves swara unconditionally and can do anything for her she has also warned the college to not to trouble swara as she is her life!loves her mom very much

Raj and Simran Bose – they are moden minded parents and give a lot of freedom to their girls as they belief that their girls are the best and share everything with them.. raj loves swara a little more and Simran oves kavita more!!

Sanskar Maheshwari – he is the most handsome guy in the whole college and all girls try to drool over him but he is a really disciplined boy and enjoys life he loves betting but if the bet is too much he doesn’t do it but his EGO is his problem!!

Karthik Maheshwari – He is sanskar brother and is a very flirty boy!

Ram and Sujata Maheshwari – Sanskar Karthik Parents they love both their sons and always give hem the best things ever!!



Scene 1:

Boy – where will you go from my clutches come on baby you hae your whole life to live just give me 5 minutes to get into you!

Girl – (she is pleading having tears in her eyes!) please please leave me.. if you do this I can’t face my family I am not ready for this

Boy -come on you are so hot you know many girls want ot get into me but you are special and s*y give me 10 miutes after that you will be free

The boy moves towards her and she is pleading and moving back crying thinking how miserable her life is and has a fear of losing her dignity!

*Scene 2

Girl – hello everyone as you all know today all new seniors are coming and we need partners so lets choose our hotties

girls out there – yeah yeah

Suddenly a hot guy enters and all girls drool over him and only one girl isn’t interested in him he moves towards her but no reaction and suddenly he sits next to her she looks at him and he looks at her

Scene 3

Library –

a boy pulls a girl and kisses her with pleasure and she mourns and suddenly he leaves her and nuzzles his head in her neck and kisses it giving her hickeys and he smiles and then they join heads!!

In scene 1 who is the boy mistreating the girl,who are they both,how do they know each other??
In scene 2 who is the girl discussing of choosing guys and who is coming in and sitting with a girl who is least bothered??
In scene 3 who is the boy and girl romancing??
To all these answers you need to stay tuned so stay stuned and get ready for shocks I give!!

How was this guyzz!! I hope you all liked this please comment for sure!!

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  1. nice continue soon

    1. Aditi.SwaSan.RagLakFan

      thank you I will write soon

    1. Aditi.SwaSan.RagLakFan

      thank you very much

  2. Vyshu10

    interesting…i think second pair is swasan and third pair is karkav

    1. Aditi.SwaSan.RagLakFan

      thanks a lot.. and about the pairs you will get know but swasan are there

  3. Nive..interesting…nd may b 2nd pair is swasan..

    1. Aditi.SwaSan.RagLakFan

      thanks…you will get to know soon

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