#AreWeMeantToBeTogether by Swara

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Chapter 1:

It’s a bright morning indeed we see and girl cuddling with her teddy on the bed and suddenly SPLASY SPLASHY her eyes open
Girl – Toni come outside or else you will not get rice for lunch
Toni the dog came outside showing puppy face
Girl – you insolent doggy how dare you splash water on the great shona’s face
She keeps scolding and running and they mess up the room and they hear sounds and get scared
Lady – Swara!Swara get up come on
Swara – mom come on toni help me
Suddenly simran enters the room and says


Swara turns and mumurs – omg I should have seen chota bheem and eaten ladoo now daku mangalsingh will attack over me please Ganesh ji save me
Simran – swara enough of this now get ready and your punishment is waiting downstairs
Swara gets ready and glares angrily at TONI and leaves downstairs
She reaches downstairs and sees the environment really silent and notices raj and kavita are not there
Simran – come swara drink plain milk not chocolate milk and eat this bread toast come on
Swara with fake tears – mom how can you do this?? You are a mean lady and di and dad you aren’t sayin anything so bad
She sits and cries
Simran – drama queen stop it and get up and eat
Raj and kavita hug swara and swara hugs them and weeps
Kavita – mom please my poor shona mom come on let her eat

Raj- yes let shona enjoy her Jaawani (young life) aage pata nahi mauka milalega kin ahi (goa know she would get chsance or not)
Simran – ok Baap – Beti (father daughter) ok ok I loose come shona this was a prank your food is with me this is for your dad
Raj pouts and all laugh at him soon swara and family eat and SwaKav leave for their college first day!!
Maheshwari Mansion
And man is doing pooja and a lady behind shouts
Lady – rp ji
Yes the lady is sujata
Rp – yes sujata I’m coming soon
Sujata and ram and settle in the dining table and soon their sons join them
Karthik – oh wow today is our first day in college amazing
Sanskar – why are you so excited?

Karthik – there will so many hot chicks remember yaar come on how can forget my rules!
Sanskar – oh yes you know today some new girls are getting transferred so haan
Ram – sanskar karthik guyz concentrate on your studies not on girls
Sujata – and karthik main thare ko pehele hi bol deti hoon ki jo bhi ho mujhe ek angrez ki aulat mari bahu nahi chaiye (karthik I’m warning you don’t get foreigner as a daughter – in – law)
Karthik – mom chill I haven’t thought about marriage yet
Sanskar – same let us enjoy mom
Karthik – I don’t want that life marriage kids job and retirement
Sanskar – Jawaan munde ko enjoy karne do (young boys should enjoy)
Sanskar karthik finish their breakfast and leave
Ram – god give them some sense
Sujata – Yeah now you go get ready for office
Ram also gets ready and leaves for his office and sujata get involved in household works!!

Sanskar and Karthik enter inside the college and all girl go flat on them and one girl comes towards them and says
Girl – hey handsome boys today we have a party would you like to join us tonight me and my friends there
Sanskar was about to say something but karthik stamps his foot and says – Yeah sure baby by the way your beautiful name
Girl – its kavita
Sanskar – what time?
Kavita – night 8 pm sharp at blue club
Karthik – we’ll be there.. and girls love you all
He gives flying kiss and the girls get crazy

Karthik is standing there and noticing girls and their moves suddenly his eyes fall on kavita who comes there and he thinks
Karthik – wow karthik today in club show who is Karthik Maheshwari
He smirks and leaves from there
Canteen During break
All girls are sitting including swara and Kavita
Kavita – girls today we are going to the club and some handsome boys are joining us
Swara – kavita what about mom dad what will we tell them
Kavita – we are going to study at Smita’s house and come on babes one time lie only come please
Girls over there – please swara please
Swara – ok ok fine lets go now our class is starting and I have bio
All girls hug her and go and she leaves too to her class


Girl – hello everyone as you all know today all new seniors are coming and we need partners so lets choose our hotties remember today club plan by swara and her sister kavita
girls out there – yeah yeah
Suddenly a hot guy that’s our sanskar enters and all girls drool over him and only swara isn’t interested in him he moves towards her but no reaction and suddenly he sits next to her she looks at him and he looks at her
Swara – hello mister who the hell are you
Sanskar – Sanskar.. Sanskar Maheshwari is my name but people call me sanky and your beautiful name?
Swara – well you are a stranger you know actually my name is swara
Sanskar – oh pretty woman so you are coming to club today right
Swara – yes any problem.. but you have no chance on me so don’t flirt with me I’m not that type girl ok

Sanskar – ok ok lady chill down don’t get your bp high and ya bp is not bade papa
Swara – I know its blood pleasure huh I am an Idiot
Sanskar – bye then meet you soon in the evening
He winks and goes and swara being least bother just sit on her bench reading
Friend 1 – arrey swara a hot guy comes to you and you are being sarcastic
Friend 2 – yeah he is such a hottie
Swara – itna hain toh go to him I am least interested in him
Swara leaves annoyed!!
*Precap : Club Party!*
Hope you all like this!! Plzz comment!!! Sorry for the long gap I will upload the next part asap!!

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