SwaSan ff-Mam, aap na bahut Kubsurat ho!!!!

Mam, aap na bahut Kubsurat ho!!!!

I found a video in face book so thought to write a little OS on it.
Swara’s P.O.V.
Hey this is Swara, I works for a Software company. Actually I’m a developer area of interest is mobile computing, and virtual animation creation. Before joining I have some dreams but now… its not like that I don’t get payment on time but, or my colleagues don’t behave me properly. Everything is fine, not everything, above money, and respect a girl also want something else that’s safety. My husband is a lawyer most of the time he has to go out for some case but I never complained. He loves his work as I.

“Swara… My purse.” Again he started, never found anything. I was an arrange marriage…

“Right side of the drawer…”

“OK, got it.” He left.

Till now u r thinking that everything is fine then Y I’m still unhappy? My Boss yes, he is the reason. I never shared my pan with anyone not with my husband, nor mom, not dad. I recently joined Prisma info tech. the leading software company of Mumbai. Since the day I joined I found something weird in his behavior.

“Swara, can I ask u something?”

“Ya sir, I mean any problem in design. I’ll rectify it.”

“No, no everything is fine… R u married Swara?”

“What do you mean?”

“I haven’t seen your husband.”

“That’s none of your business…” I started to leave.

“Lawyer aha, not bad. But how could u trust him blindly. He goes for cases one week, two or sometimes more than a month.” I engulf my anger in me.

“Three month ago you married to him.”

“Sir you are also married.”

“Like I said husbands are never be loyal to their wives. I’ll directly come to point. You are smart and intelligent, must to lonely this time. I am also not that much happy with my wife. So, if u want…”

“Sir, you must be thankful, I am not saying anything to your wife.” I left.

I thought to tell everything to him but, I know his anger. And after all it was an arrange marriage. I know he will say to leave this job, or beat him and I am sure he will not. I just want everything to be solved without creating any issue. I wish I could share this to anyone. Only My friend Kavita is with me.

“Swara, u should tell this to jiju…”

“We don’t even talk properly Kavita. I should ignore my boss and one day he will leave teasing me.”

“Hope so… OK take care.” She disconnected the call.

Days pass still nothing changed. He continued to tease me. One night I was returning back. He stopped his car.

“Hey Swara, u must be exhausted. Come I’ll drop u.”

“No, I’m fine sir.” He came out and hold my hand.

“Come Swara…”

“Sir, I said leave…”

“Baby just chill, my wife is not at home. Swara I know u want promotion…”

“Leave…” I almost shout on him

“Dam, cute…This Killer attitude is same as when u was in School. I’m same Double battery… to whom u refused in 9th class.” He touched my cheeks, and I slapped him.

“Enough…” I remind him, he was in my school. He proposed me but I refused.

“What is happening here?” An officer came.

“Sir, he is trying to…”

“Sir she is my wife little bit angry. You go I’ll manage.”

“No sir he is lying…” but he again interrupted me. He forcefully hugged me.

“I said sorry baby, don’t be so rude…” he is very clever.

“OK, u guys carry on.” He left… I pushed him and ran on my way but he followed me till my Home.

I immediately went inside the washroom. Nobody knows my condition. I cried and cried, under the shower… I rubbed my whole body; I can’t even tolerate anyone’s touch on my body. How could I face my husband? After shower I sat on bed covering myself with blanket. I talk to my but she told me not to complain as it will harm my husband pride, she gave me suggestion to leave that job. I was continuously looking at the clock. Waiting for him, as soon as I heard a knock, I immediately opened the door and took him in a bone crush hug.

“Hey! Shona, are you alright? Who troubled my Shona?” I thought he will say something like this. But his reply was cold.

“What happened?” He broke the hug.

“Nothing, I just thought to hug you?”

“Hmm, OK, tomorrow I am going to Chennai for a case. Your boss, he gave me this case.”

“Don’t go?” I know his intensions.

“Why?” I didn’t able to get the courage to tell him about his intension. “If you want anything. Then this is my ATM card.”

After dinner he slept. I was staring him. Whenever I closed my eyes only that incident is coming in my mind. I hugged him. He was peacefully sleeping. I don’t know whether he loves me or not but being with him makes me feel secure. I was weeping; I wish I could say my pain to you. This job is my dream but now I am leaving it. I wish you to be friendlier so that I could able to share my feelings with you. You are giving me your ATM but, money can’t buy happiness. I looked towards the letter, tomorrow I will submit it. This would be end of my problem and my dreams too.

Swara’s P.O.V. ends

Amarpali Apartment.
Room no 401, belongs to Mr and Mrs Ragini Laksh Khanna.
Bell Rings… Ragini opens the door.

Ragini: “Yes…”

Sanskaar: “Mam, Aap na bahut khubsurat ho. (Mam, you are very beautiful.)”

Ragini closes the door on his face. And he leaves.

Ragini: “Idiot…”

Next day… Sanskaar again rings the bells.

Ragini: “Now who came?”

She again opens the door.

Sanskaar: “Mam, Aap na bahut khubsurat ho. (Mam, you are very beautiful.)”

Day 3

Sanskaar: “Mam, Aap na bahut khubsurat ho. (Mam, you are very beautiful.)”

Day 4
Sanskaar: “Mam. Aap na bahut khubsurat ho. (Mam, you are very beautiful.)”

Ragini becomes so irritated, she tells this to Laksh.

Ragini:”Laksh, I want to tell something to you.”
Laksh: “Yes tell me Ragu.”

Ragini: “Since, two three days when u left for office a man comes and daily says only one thing Mam, Aap na bahut khubsurat ho. (Mam, you are very beautiful.)”

Laksh: “You don’t worry tomorrow I am in the home. When he will come I will teach him good lesson.”

Next day

Sanskaar again comes and rings the bell. Laksh hides behind the door with a stick.

Sanskaar: “Mam, Aap na bahut khubsurat ho. (Mam, you are very beautiful.)”

Ragini: “Ha hu to. (Yes, I am then whats your problem.)”

Sanskaar joins his hand: “Kindly tell this to your husband, and tell him to stop loitering around my wife.”

Laksh becomes shocked. He peeps and sees Swara with Sanskaar.

Sanskaar throws the resign letter on his face.

Sanskaar: “She was leaving this job, its good I saw this and stopped her because world is filled with the people like you. I could go to police but my wife doesn’t want to create any mess.”

Swara slaps him.

Swara: “Sanskaar ji, come… Rest she will handle.”

Sanskaar keeps hand on her shoulder and leaves… Ragini sees him with bloodshot eyes… She takes stick from his hand and_____….

Sanskaar: “Sorry for being rude. I thought you don’t love me and you are not comfortable with me that’s why u are tense.”

Swara: “I should trust you. Me too sorry.” She holds her ear.

Sanskaar(cups her face): “I LOVE YOU…”

Swara: “LOVE YOU TOO.”

They kiss each other… After three month of their marriage they confessed…


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