swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 9)

In the midnight?
Swara goes outside the house wrapping a blanket ..she goes towards sharma uncle house then she takes out the packet of nails from her pocket and then spread all the nails on the road…” Tomorrow sanku will come early in the morning … Since this passage is very narrow .. When he will pass through.. Then due to the nails his cycle would get punctured then I’ll come to help him .. Perfect plan shona ? well done . .”
She leaves …

Swara moves towards her room without making any noise …”thank God ma didn’t get to know that I was outside otherwise she will definitely scold me . now I wish my plan will work correctly… Excited for tomorrow.. Now let’s sleep shona U have to look fresh and beautiful than that Bhawna… ( she goes towards mirror) hmm I’m prettier than that Bhawna no doubt.. ? ”
she lay down on bed (?) ”
I couldn’t think about it
I couldn’t understand about it
How did it all happen
I don’t know
When I fell in love only with you”
Oo God I’m totally mad Offo swara go sleep to its too late ??….

Next morning…?☀
In sanskar home …?
Sanskar is getting ready for school …
Sujata :” sanskar … ”
Sanskar :” yes mom ”
Sujata :” open your mouth ”
Sanskar :” y mom!! ”
Sujju gives him rasgulla .
Sanskar :” mom anything special today .. ”
Then AP comes :” sanskar beta . today lakshya is coming.. ”
Sanskar (happy )? :” really badi ma .. Wao Bhai is coming ”
Sujata :” yes sanskar.. Lucky has completed his training. He is posted as police commissioner in hoogly . he is coming in the evening. ”
AP gives him box of sweet???:” sanskar give this to your friends , today my son coming ”
Sanskar: ” OK badi ma “sanskar takes blessing from them and leaves

In swara’s home..?

Swara looks herself in mirror ” mirror mirror who is cutest girl in the world ”
” my shona ” shomi cames in her room .
Swara :” ma ..I m looking beautiful ”
Shomi :” ya my shona is like an angel ”
Swara (smile)?:” ma ..” She hugs her
Shomi gives her rasgullas :” this is for u , your di got good marks and she is coming soon”
Shona :” really ma i’m so happy but how many times I have to told u that I don’t like these sweet . especially these rasgullas ”
Shomi :” only one shona ”
Shona :” no no .. If I ate this I will become fat ? then no one look at me ?”
Shomi :” off too much drame bazz.. Now leave for school otherwise u’ll get late ”
Shona :” oh shit ok ma bye “. She runs outside the house and wait for sanky …and then follow him

Shona : hope this time my plan will work … Sanskar is riding his bicycle ..as he passes through sharma uncle’s house ..his cycle got punctured.. Due to the nails spread by swara
Sanskar:’ oh shit ”
Swara sees all this she becomes happy ..she moves towards him ..
Swara? :” what happened sanskar !!”
Sanskar: ” oh swara u .. See na some stupid spread these nails on road and due to which my cycle got punctured “.
Sanskar:” wait swara ( he removes nails from the road ) be careful otherwise same thing will happen to your cycle”
Swara :” now what will u do sanskar ”
Sanskar :’ no idea ..?”
Swara (I wish I could say to u to ride my bicycle and I will sit in back seat? )sanskar shakes her :” swara u go otherwise u will be late ”
Swara :’ no I’m OK sanskar how can I leave my friend alone in problem .. So I’ll go with u ”
Sanskar:” friend !!!! And when we became friend ”
Swara ?:” wo.. I m sorry ”
Sanskar smiles ☺ :” OK friends ..” They shake hands (swara smiles )
Sanskar:” swara r u forgetting something ”
Swara :” what !!”.?
Sanskar :” we r friend na to dosti mai no sorry and no thank you “.
Swara :” OK .. Now let’s move to school “…
They leaves together.
Sanskar:” swara u know u r too good … U know your idea worked now my friends doesn’t tease me “.
Swara :?” thanks …oops sorry ?…ooh wo.. ”
Sanskar :” it’s OK …u know i thought to thank to u .. I tried many times but .. Ragini was always. With u ..so yesterday I gave my message to Bhawna.. Did she told you or not ”
Swara ( oh shit ? this was the thing my my sanku tried to tell her and I took it worng .. Such a stupid I m ):’ wo sansak ..when Bhawna came in my home that time I was sleeping.. But don’t worry now everything is clear.”
Sanskar: ” what !!!?”
Swara :” nothing .. See we reached to school ”
Sanskar :” ya but we r late hmm so sad ?”
Swara (but I’m happy ?):” it’s OK sanskar ”
They moves inside sanskar :” swara wait ”
Swara :” sanskar… We r getting late ”
Sanskar: ” we r already late swara .. I have something for u ” he opens his bag and takes out the sweets ” have it swara ”
Swara :” rasgullas”
Sanskar :” ya .. My bro got a job .. He has joined as a police commissioner.. So my badi ma told me to give this to my friend and also for our new friendship … It’s my favorite one Have it.. What happened swara u don’t like sweets ”
Swara:” no no sanskar.. Even it’s my favorite too “.. She takes it ” it’s so yummy sanskar your taste is too good ”
Sanskar :” I know it .. Now let’s go “..
They go inside the school

Ragini is waiting for swara but .. She sees something and becomes shocked .. “Omg shona is coming late with sanskar. .and she is very happy.. Both of them talking each other and smiling but shona is blushing.. I remember when last time she was late she was very much upset .. But today .. OMG now I got … That day when swara said SA … It was not for sahil it was for sanskar .. And she bought this cycle for him …but my shona didn’t tell me anything.. No worry I’ll ask her ..”. Ragini moves inside her class

Sanskar moves towards his class and swara smiles and moves inside her class
And sits with kavya and ragini..
Kavya :” shona y u r late “.
Swara ??:” wo… My cycle got punctured na ”
Ragini :” your cycle got punctured …u r late but still happy ..Y? ”
Swara :” wo.. Ragini my di is coming na “.
Kavya :” waoo .. Swara but what is this in your lips … It’s rasgulla ”
Ragini :” shona U ate rasgullas unbelievable u hate sweet na ”
Swara :” it’s not rasgulla it’s .. It’s..curd …”.
At that time Rosy mam comes :” students today nagesh sir is in leave ”
All students :” yeh yeppii “?
Rosy mam :” so I’m decided to merge both the class .. Now all come to 12th B.
Students: ” shitt ..”?
But swara is happy … Kavya :” shona r u happy na ?”
Swara :” ya “?
Kavya (wishpers in ragini’s ear):” look I told u she loves sahil .. She how happy is she ”
Ragini (thinks ):” no kavya it’s not because of shail it’s because sanskar.. Kavya I’ll told u everything but let me first talk to shona .”

Swara comes inside the class she smiles looking towards sanskar and sanskar too … In the whole lecture swara is just looking towards him and ragini noticed all this …
Kavya :” look ragini swara is smiling looking towards sahil .. ”
Ragini :” ya ..ya ( stupid kavya .. Shona is looking to sanskar ?)
Swara is very happy today …she lost in her own dream world forgetting what is going on surrounding ”

I have seen you thousands of times,
then how’s this restlessness,
this heart doesn’t get controlled even on trying,
there is something such in you.

my breaths now
come and go with your permission.
even when I search myself, I can’t find myself,
as there is just you everywhere.”

“Swaraaa…. Swara ” Rosy mam shouts .
Swara (afraid )? :” yes… mam ”
Mam :” where were u lost . I have called u 5 times … U r physically present here but u r mind is lost somewhere ”
Swara :” sorry mam … But I’m mentally present here ”
Mam :” oh really … Then tell me the answer of question written on board ”
Swara becomes tense ? she doesn’t know the answer? but Y fear when sanky is here ..swara looks towards sanskar and sanskar tell her answer in signals …
Swara understands :” mam it’s .023 cm “.
Mam :” OK .. Sit down and pay concentration in class”
Swara looks towards sanky and thank him …

In recess time …
Ragini :” shona I want to ask u something!!”
Swara: ” OK .. Tell me what do u want to know ?”
Ragini :” shona do yo… Do like annyone ?”
Swara (shocked )? :” no ..no .. Y did u think so “.
Ragini:” wo.. In the morning I saw u with sanskar.. U both were very happy together ”
Swara :” offo it’s nothing like that … He crack some joke that time .. (She crosses her fingers ) and I don’t like him.. He is such a bookworm how can anyone like such type of person!!”
Ragini notices that she is lieying: ” then it’s OK shona … ”
Ragini ( I know u shona now u can yourself admit that u love him …) She smiles …

What will be the ragini’s plan ? And how shona will tell her about her love ?

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