swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 8)

Episode 8

Sanky( in mind) all thanks to swara. ..I have to thank her but how ..?

Rajat comes with ticket :” let’s go guys .”
Sahil :” leave it yarr .. We are not going .”
Rajat :” y what happened yarr ?”
Sahil and Prateek tells him about sanky’s behavior..
Rajat :” O God don’t know what happened to our sanky .. And now what’s the plan ?”
Prateek: ” let’s move to chemistry lab… ”
Sahil :” not chemistry it’s cobra’s cave ”
Rajat :” let’s go guys..”they leaves for chemistry lab

Swara and her class is in physics lab. Both lab are adjacent to each his other..
Ragini: ” shona new cycle ..Congo yrr..”
Swara :” thanks…”
Ragini: ” but shona y didn’t u call me we can came school together. ”
Swara: ” wo… Ragini I thought that way would be longer for u.”
Ragini :” anything for u shona ?.”
Swara :” so sweet of u…”
Suddenly someone shouts ” swaragni have u done your experiment ..”
Swaragni: ” yes Rosy mam ”
Mam :” then it doesn’t mean that u r allowed to waste your time in gossiping. ”
Swaragni: ” sorry mam 🙁 ”
Mam:” OK if u both of u r free then .. Then give this sheet to nagesh sir he is in chemistry lab and tell him to fill the marks in it .”
Swara and ragini takes the marksheet and leaves for chemistry lab.

In chemistry lab…
All students are busy in doing their experiment.. Just then swaragni arrives there ..
Swaragni: ” may I come in sir..”
Nagesh sir: ” yess please. ”
They come inside … Sanskar looks towards swara ( oh I have to thank her .. But these girls na.. Never goes anywhere alone.. Ragini is always with her .. Now how can I talk to her.)
Swara :” sir Rosy mam ..gave this sheet for filling marks .”
Sir :” oh .. But I’m busy in examining the test copies.. U wait only two copies is left.”
Swaragni nodes …
Swara notices that sir is examining the sanskar’s copy . swara looks towards his test copy .. While sanskar is tries to give her signal ..but she doesn’t look towards him .. Instead of this ragini sees him signaling the swara…

Sanskar (oh shit .. I’m trying to call swara and this ragini noticed it.. Offo what to do …hmm idea? … I can give my message to Bhawna she is also swara’s friend.. Ya it’s better ya I know if ragini knows I know how she will react ?)

Swara ( wao my sanku is too intelligent he secured full marks in test ) meantime sanskar calls Bhawna… ” hey Bhawna.. Bhawna listen ”
But Bhawna is busy in her experiment ..she doesn’t listen it .. So sanky throws paper ball towards Bhawna.. As paper ball hits Bhawna and by this sudden action Bhawna throws chemical on her hand ..

Sanskar moves towards her ” sry..sry ..”.. He cleans her hand by his hanky ..swara sees all this and she fumes with jealousy ?( this Bhawna is enough.. She intentionally didn’t listen when he called her . so that… Eeehhhh . She is snatching my sanku..I hate her ? now u have to do something shona ? )

On the other side rajat also looks at sanskar and Bhawna..
Rajat :” sahil ,Prateek look there . our sanky is real becoming mad for her .”
Prateek: ” ya . Don’t know what magic she has done in our sanky.”
Rajat (shakes sahil ):” bro … Where r u lost ?”
Sahil?:” shut up guys .. I’m very much tense . that cobra is examining my test copy ..so don’t disturb me and now keep quite .”

Sanskar :” Bhawna listen meet me outside I want to talk to u.”
Bhawna: ” OK.”
Sanskar :” first u go outside then I’ll come meet me near canteen OK now go.”
Bhawna leaves towards sir :” sir by mistake chemical is poured on my dress may I go out to clean it “..nagesh sir nodes yes and she leaves …

After a minute sanskar comes to sir:” sir I left my practical notebook in class .”
Sir:” OK u can go but come fast .”sanskar also leaves

Swara ( what is this first Bhawna now sanku …what is going on . I can’t leave my sanku alone with that Bhawna?):” sir may I go to drink water .”
And she also leaves

Sir :” OK class I’ll show your marks on Monday. ”

Sahil(in mind) ..no no I can’t wait too long.. Swara was standing there I think she has seen my marks …. He also goes towards sir:” excuse me sir I left my practical notebook book in class may I ..”
Nagesh sir: ” OK but don’t take too much time (sahil leaves ).. Is there anybody in the class who left their practical notebook may go out .”

Ragini (thinks ): what is this sanskar went behind Bhawna .. Swara went behind sanskar and sahil went behind swara.. Yeh sab kya ho raha h.

Outside…? near the canteen
Sanskar:” Bhawna thanks for coming ”
Bhawna: ” it’s OK sanskar.. Anything for u !”
Sanskar? :” what !!”
Bhawna: ” nothing.. Tell me what did u want to say?”
Sanskar :” actually.. Can u deliver my message to swara ”
Bhawna: ” what … Swara hmmm … OK tell me .”

Sanskar tells her the message on the other hand swara is seeing all this and her face becomes red due to jealousy?… And just then sahil also comes there .
Sahil :” swara .”
She turns :” sahil ..”
Sahil looks towards sanskar and Bhawna: ” what r u doing here swara.. Give some privacy to the love birds ”
Swara? :” u came here to tell this to me “?
Sahil:” no..no I just want to know my marks .. U saw it na..as u were standing near the sir..so”
Swara :” so what … U think I’m your servant who was standing there just to see your marks?:”
Sahil:” I didn’t mean it .I just ..”
Swara :” I don’t care.. Now leave my way I have lot of work to do”.she leaves from there
Sahil :” offo o God this much of attitude… “?

In the evening…?
Bhawna comes to swara home..
Bhawna:” aunty ji where is swara ?”
Shomi :” she is in her room”
Swara listens all this she runs towards her bed and act as sleeping.
Bhawna comes to her room.
Bhawna: ” swara.. Swara .. Wake up I want to tell you something ”
Swara gives no response.. ( this Bhawna is came to pour chilly to my wounds .. Hmm?? )
Bhawna tries many time but swara doesn’t wake up ..then at last she leaves…

Swara :” oh god finally she gone …”
Just then shomi cames to swara’s room: ” shona I’m going to market do you want something.. Ya ma please buy a packet of nails ”
Shomi :” nails ..what will u do of nail.? ”
Swara :” offo ma . u ask too much questions.. I need it for hanging painting. ”
Shomi :” OK ..but what is the need of a packet I’ll buy one or two nail.”
Swara :” no ma .. It’s better to keep things for future..now u go.. Bye ”
Shomi leaves ….

In the market ..?⛲
Shomi meets ragini ..” Hello ragini beta !!”
Ragini: ” hello aunty ji …how’s u ?”
Shomi :” fine ..”
Ragini :” and aunty ji how’s your date with uncle .”
Shomi: ” what date ragini ??”
Ragini :” aunty u were angry with uncle na .. So he didn’t take u for date ”
Shomi :” what r u talking about ..why would I angry on shekhar ..there was no issues between us ..who told this rubbish to u “.
Ragini :” nothing aunty I m just kidding.. OK aunty bye “.
Ragini (thinks ) : why shona lied to me .. ?

In the midnight?
Swara goes outside the house wrapping a blanket ..she goes towards sharma uncle house then she takes out the packet of nails from her pocket and then spread all the nails on the road…” Tomorrow sanku will come early in the morning … Since this passage is very narrow .. When he will pass through.. Then due to the nails his cycle would get punctured then I’ll come to help him as a Savior.. Perfect plan shona ? well done . .”
She leaves …

Will swara plan work or not ?

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  1. Ohh gosh this girl is crazy man

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    Wowwww!! Exciting! Swara is so….. Cute… Ha

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      Cute ? shona.. Mad for sanky

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    Ooo God swara ??

  4. Hahahaha ?????? only God knows how much swara would do in her Sanky’s love

    1. NDSG

      Only God knows why Bhawna comes between them

  5. Nice

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    superb….when will dis sahil n bhawna leave our swasan?

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  8. Shreeyu

    Superb dr. …. Swara is really crazy but i wanna know when r u going to continue present ….. M waiting for it eagerly…. Sry from last 2 -3 episodes i forgot to comment …. Continue soon dr and try to resume present soon

    1. NDSG

      Present is far away… But soon u get it…

      Actually past is based on swara’s madness and present is based on SANSKAR’S. Madness for swara

    2. Shreeyu

      Ohhh oky dr take ur tym

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    Swara!! Swara !!! Swara!!!! my princess …. uffff !!! u r soooo cuteeee !! i just cant get rid of adoring u …
    thnk u dear … cgappy is soo awesome ….

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