swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 7)

On the next day ?
Swara is waiting for sanskar as he told her that they will go school together.. Swara thinks ( I’m very happy and excited.. And yesterday’s night oh god I was about to say his name ..thank God . i stopped otherwise they would definitely tease me . leaves all that shona now it’s time to go with my sanku ?. But where is he it’s already 7:10 ?).swara keeps waiting for him it’s 7:15 but still he doesn’t came ….but suddenly she sees something . sanskar just passes before her in his bicycle….he even doesn’t noticed her
Swara:” The age of my happiness is too short. ? he told me that he would go with me and now he went in his cycle “?
Swara is very upset she leaves for school .

In the school ?
In assembly ground…
Ragini:” kavya where is swara!!!”.
Kavya :” don’t know yarr… Even Sahil is here “?
Ragini ?:” shut up yrr… I think she is angry on us”.
Kavya:” chill yarr… (Kavya looks towards the latecomers line) hey ragini look there “.
Ragini :” offo madam is late today “.
Kavya:” may be whole night she is busy in sahil’s dream ?.”
Ragini: ” ?

After the assembly they leaves for the class
Ragini: ” hello shona … What happened. Y were U late “.
Swara ?:” woh ..wo.. I woke up late today .”
Kavya :” Y ? Were U dreaming about someone .”
Swara ?:” no.. .”
Kavya :” don’t lie dear … We know U were dreaming about sahil.”
Swara :” enough kavya this sahil sahil. ….I told u na .. OK fine I’m dreaming about him now Happy ..leave my way .. ” she moves towards her seat …
Ragini: ” Y she is behaving like this .”
Kavya :” offo yarr may she had a fight with sahil that’s why she is upset .. It’s common in a relationship .. So chill tomorrow she will be fine .”
Ragini (thinks):” don’t know may be reason is something else .

In sanskar’s classroom
Sahil:” wao bro new cycle .. Good .”
Rajat: ” my bro buy it for bhabhi .. Am I right? ”
Sanskar: ” ya .. my jaan told me that she have to go home on foot and she becomes tired so I bought a cycle … Now we can go together.. ? . offo now leave my guys I have to talk to my jaan Bhawna .” sanskar leaves
Everyone becomes shocked ?
Rajat :” sahil m I dreaming ”
Sahil :” no yarr but happened to him at sudden .”
Rajat :” leave it yarr …”

In the recess time
Sanskar is waiting for swara in the playground as he wants to thank her ” where is she?? I think she is in her class no worries I’ll go to her class “. He moves towards her class .

Swara is upset she even didn’t took her lunch and ragini notices it.
Ragini :” shona … Sweetu what happened.. Tell me Y r u upset.”
Swara? :” nothing yrr..I didn’t get good marks in today’s test .”
Ragini :” offo my shona doesn’t now how to lie . u are upset since morning tell me what’s the matter . I’ll not tell anyone.. Not even kavya .”
Swara (crosses her fingers):” ma baba had a fight yesterday… That’s Y I’m upset ..”
Ragini :” offo shona .. Bus itni si bat ..everything will be OK .. They love each other.. U told your baba to arrange especial dinner date for shomi aunty .she will be very happy ”
Swara :” ragini it’s not that simple. Baba don’t like this date it’s a modern trend .”
Ragini :” shona .. He will do u know because of this love.”
Swara :” love!!!!”.
Ragini: ” ya love .. U know what swara before marriage my mom was a teacher she daily used to go home in rickshaw.. And when my dad first saw her he fall for her ..my dad bought a bicycle even even though he don’t know how to ride it but still he daily followed her .. And see now they were together .. Happy. Although mom is not with us but still we have that cycle in her memory.. .”
Swara (in mind ) if uncle bought cycle for his love Y can’t I .
Swara (excited): “? thanku so so much ragini (she hugs her) I love dear.”

Just then sanskar passes through class he sees this “I think she is busy and if I talk to her might her friend takes it in worng way”…he left.

In the swara’s home
Swara :” ma baba I want a bicycle. ”

Shekhar: ” but shona your school is no so far u can go on foot.”
Swara :” but baba I becames tired na ? please baba please. ”
Shekhar: ” shona I can drop u school then your problem is solved. ”
Swara :” baba U have your own work .. I don’t want to trouble u.”
Shekhar: ” but shona..”
Swara :” baba please.. “.
Just then shomi comes she shouts ?:” swara ..enough day by day u r becoming stubborn . we will not buy any bicycle .”
Swara ? :” ma please.. ”
Shomi :” no means no .. Don’t need to argu over this ..and now come take your lunch .”
Swara ??:” I don’t want to eat anything. ”
Shomi :” it’s good ..now go to your room. Come shekhar I’m feeling hungry .”
Swara cries and leaves to her room…

Swara is sitting on her study table thinking about how to get bicycle “oh kissan ji please help me ?”. Just then a lizard fells on the table
Swara (shouts ):” aww… “. She threws All-out bottle on it ..
Swara :” Shu..Shu..” Lizard goes away ..
Swara :” offo kissan ji I asked u for help and u r throwing Lizard over me .. U want me to die hmm. And now this All-out bottle is empty & ma will again shout on me “. She takes bottle and kept it in table .,.. After some time she sleeps on study table…

In the evening when shomi cames to swara’s room she looks towards empty All-out bottle and she screams? ” shona shona… Please open your eyes ..please “.
Swara wakes up :” what happened why r u crying. ”
Shomi :” shona U drank this poison.. Oh god .”
Swara :” ma wo actually. ”
Shomi? :” no need to say anything.. What of something happened to u come lets go to hospital. ”
Swara :” ma I’m fine ..”
Shomi? :” sorry beta .. u want a bicycle. OK I’ll buy for it . but please don’t do this . what if something happened to u .”shomi hugs her
Swara in minds … Oh kissan ji u r great I love u ?

On the next day…?
Swara :” ma fast .. I’m getting late how much time u take “.
Shomi :” offo shona today u r going on your new cycle . then how u can u late .”
Swara :” ma firstly I’m going to ragini and then we go together. ”
Shomi :” OK shona and take care of yourself self .”
She went outside and waits for him .. And again follow him … On the way she thinks ( shona U have to do something… U can’t daily follow him … )

In the school …
Sahil :” hey sanky r u coming today .”
Sansak: ” where ???? ”
Prateek :” movie ”
Sanskar: ” when ?”
Sahil :” now … Rajat bought 3 tickets .”
Sanskar ( yrr I don’t want to bunk class what to do ..hmm idea? ):” sorry bro I can’t come … I m going to shopping with your bhabhi .. Please understand na I can’t deny her” .. He winks and leaves .
All becomes shocked
Sanky( in mind) all thanks to swara. ..I have to thank her but how ..? swara where r u…
……end .

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