swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 5)


Episode 5
It’s Monday morning?
Swara gets ready for her school hoping that may be God will show some Mercy on her…
As usual she follows him…she even left home without taking her luch .
She follows him as usual …but today shona is deely lost in her thoughts…

In sharma uncle’s house….

Sharma uncle starts his morning prayer ..but little cheeku continue to teasing him.

Cheeku(shakes sharma uncle) :” Dadu .. Stop this please play with me..”
Sharama uncle is still busy in prayer …he pour the water to sun … Seeing this cheeku .becomes irretated shakes him with all his force due which water pouring vesel falls down from uncle’s hand…and hit on sanky head.

Sanky(in pain):” awwwwwwwwwwww ?”

Swara see all this and rushes towards him fastly :” sanskar….”

Swara? :” sanskar are U OK …”
She notices a drop of blood falls from his head .. She immediately give his hanky to him..

Swara cleans his wound ..”aww ” he cries..

Swara wiffs on his wound “is it paining..?”.

Sanskar looks towards her teary eyes they look towards each other ..there is a silent …. Which is disturbed by sharma uncle who just came down with first aid kit

Sharma uncle :” I’m sorry beta. I didn’t do it intensionally my grand son is very mischievous ” .. Swara takes first aid kit from his hand ..

Sanskar (in pain):” it’s OK uncle .”

Swara comes near sanky .. Step up and stands on her feet to meet his height to bandage him. She wiffs around his wound

Sanskar: ” awww …” As soon as she bandage him he grabs her hand in pain .oooo my God Shona becomes numb a sudden current passes ⚡ through her body as soon as he touched her… She continues staring him ..her heart is beating soooooooooooo fast..?? Due to his touch as if it will come out …. This feeling is new to her ..she just asked for a chance to talk him.. But his first touch make her freez …
He still holding her hand .. She tries to compose herself … And says in a deep voice :”
SA….. Sanskar… “.

Sanskar looks towards his hand :” Oh ! Sorry “.

Swara:” it’s OK..(looks towards uncle) here is your kit uncle.”

Sharma uncle:” beta u take care of yourself “..

Swara :” uncle wait …”

Sharma uncle :” what happened.. Swara?”.

Swara :” how van you hear what I say .. I mean u r deaf na”.

Uncle:” look at my ear(show his war machine )”.

Swara:” oh …”.

Sanskar :” I think we should leave .. I m getting late “.

They leaves for school….swara is very happy but doesn’t want to show her feelings to him.

Sanskar:” swara u daily go school through this way “.

Swara (feeling nervous):?” ya..ya .. Woh I used to go daily through this path .. (Croses her fingers) But I never saw U before “.

Sanskar:” oh me to..same “..

Swara:” Acha sanskar… I. I ….I m saying that we both are going to school through same path ”

Sanskar :” so what?”?
Swara(nervous)?: ” soooooooooooo.. I m thinking that ..”.

Sanky:” that ..’.

Swara :” that we should , I mean we both can go together daily “.?

Sanskar doesn’t reply .. -_-

Swara :” it’s OK if u don’t want.. Then it’s OK I mean .. I m just “.

Sanskar (smiles)?: ” OK ..swara we can go together “.

Swara(excited)☺:” really ..”.

Sanskar: ” ya really ? look we arrive at school “.

Swara:” OK sanskar bye”.?

Sanskar: ” bye swara”.?

After assembly shona goes to her class.

Ragini:”wao kavya look some one is blushing “.

Kavya :” who???”.

Ragini:” offo stupid our shona “…

Swara:”hello oooo”.

Ragini:” what happened shoan u r looking very happy today “.

Swara:” it’s nothing like that ragu “.

Kavya:” swara don’t lie .”

Swara :” offo guys I’m happy because I have completed my chemistry project”.

Kavya:” ragini look at shona ..she doesn’t know how to lie.. U r blushing because u have completed your project.. Or there is someone else”.

Swara(blushes)?:” no no there is no one “.

Kavya:”ragini I think that someone is sahil. .. I’m right “.

Ragini :” ohoooo”.

Swara becomes angry? :” no I don’t like that sahil .. And never ever took my name with him”.. She went towards her seat .

Swara is blushing during her classes she was just thinking about the morning incident . (“bye swara”, ” really”..his smile) all this words acts just roaming in her mind .ragini notices this .

Ragini (in mind):” since the time shona same in school she is smiling not smiling she is blushing.. She is lost somewhere, God knows what she is thinking? “.

Swara(talks to herself):” oh God I’m so SO so so … So happy . sorry for my rude behavior.. But I’ll come to meet u today .. To give u my special thanks.. As u give me more than I asked ..(blushes) ? now my love story is slowly coming in track.. Sanskar and I ” ..swara thoughts are disturbs by a loud voice ‘.

“Swara’.. ?Nagesh sir shouts .

Swara(shocked ):” yes. ..yes sir “.?

Sir?:” where were u lost .. Your mind is not present here “.

Ragini(in mind):” oh God .. Now shona is gone”.

Swara(afraid)?:” no no sir it’s not like that ”
Sir ??:” Do U think I’m a fool. What do you think who I’m .. Tell me am I a dog who is barking before u .. Tell me who I’m ..say it who I’m ?”.

Swara:” cobra’.??
All laughs..

Sir :” what???”.??

Swara :” woh sir.cobra has poison ..posion is liquid in form.. And cobra perfume is in gaseous form ..so I m thinking about the topic u r teaching. Solid liquid and gases”.

Sir:”? oh. And what is solid !! ”

Swara:” sir cobra is itself solid “?

Sir:” sit down… Now pay attention toward class “.

Swara :” OK “.

In the recess time …in sanskar’s classroom

Sahil:” sanky what happened to u dude. This bandage “..

Sanky:” it’s nothing.. “.just then Bhawna comes she gives umbrella go sanky.

Bhawna:” thank u sanskar to drop me home otherwise it could be very hard to me to reach home during heavy rainfall “.

Sanskar:” it’s OK Bhawna “..then she leaves.

Prateek:” offo sahil…. U don’t know what happened to our sanky .. From where this bandage came “.

Sahil:” what r u trying to say I didn’t get it”.

Rajat:” ya even I don’t understand it sahil”.

Prateek: ” my stupid friends.. Actually sanky bandage on his forehead to hind something “.

Sansakr:” ? what??”.

Sahil:” offo sanky don’t try to be innocent we know everything.. Bhawna bhabhi ji kissed u here and to hide her lipstick mark.. U used this bandage “.

Rajat:” hahahahaahahahahah??? waoo sahil .. Our sanky becoming clever day by day “.

Prateek???:” sanky U r gone in her love .hehehehehehe in rainy night both of you are in same umbrella ooohhhooo.. May be u get a kiss from our bhabhi “.

Sanky fumes with anger???:” enough guys..u have crossed her limit …. I don’t love her ..I don’t even like her … On that day her uncle told me to drop her ..since it’s late .. I even didn’t share umbrella with her… I gave umbrella to her as I’m not comfortable with her in same umbrella.. And don’t u ever join my name with her”.
He leaves From there .. But all this scene is seen by swara and a curve of smile comes on her face… She is happy by sanky’s statement… Then she follows sanky ..

Precap: ragini’s plan to find about reason behind swara’s happiness

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