swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 40) last episode

Episode 40

Sanskar is driving the car.?

Sanskar: “Today I’ll make u believe in my love Shona. I know I did lots of mistakes.”

He wipes his tears.?

In parlour.

Swara:”Uttra I’m afraid. If they did something to my Sanskar.”

Uttra:”U don’t worry. Papa is with Bhai. And papa can’t let anything happen to him.”

Swara:”If he will try to harm my Sanku. Then Shona will kill him.( uttra smiles.) Y r u laughing?”

Uttra:”Sanku cute name. U know swara Bhai, loves u a lot. In dreams also he reminds u. And we thought Shona is another girl. Swara u r very lucky but take care of my Bhai. He is very much hurt.”

Swara:”He is my life. But Ram uncle is angry. He won’t allow our marriage.”

Uttra:”Haha ? Swara look at u. Papa is little bit concern for Sanskar bhai. U don’t know my Bhai if he likes anything he will get that thing at any cost.”

Swara reminds Sanskar’s words


Swara: ” arrey just a minute ago, someone is saying that he doesn’t want to eat but now they r stealing my food , very bad manner .. Sanskar Stealing is a sin ”

Sanskar: ” if I like something, then to get that thing I forgets all manners.. ”

Fb ends**

Swara blushes.?☺

Uttra:”Ohoooo someone is blushing.”

Swara:”Call uncle ask him How’s Sanskar.”

Uttra:”OK baba but I’ll call bade papa as Papa is very angry this time.”


Uttra calls DP:”hello bade papa.”

DP (offo this brain eater uttra.):”Ha beta. Y u call me.”

Uttra thought to tease Swara.:”Bade papa good morning.”

DP?:”Good Morning.”

Swara:”Ask him about Sanskar.”

Uttra:”Bade papa did u take ur morning medicines.”

DP( eeehhhh??):”Yup beta.”

Uttra:”How’s badi ma.”

This is it for Swara she snatch the phone.

Swara:”How’s My Sanku?”

Uttra smiles.

DP burns in anger ?after hearing My Sanku.:”Swara Y r u worrying about him. He is not good.”

Swara:”No, bade papa he is good.”

DP( because of this Sanky she is saying me bade papa not duggu.):”How can u say he placed camera in ur bathroom. U had seen his shirt button in bathroom.”


Uttra takes phone:”Bade papa how’s Bhai.”

DP:”He is good.”

DP disconnects call in anger.?

Swara reminds… ” U had seen his shirt button in bathroom”

Swara(thinks):”How bade papa knows about button. I didn’t tell anyone this. This mean he is.”

DP gets to know what he said.. “U had seen his shirt button in bathroom”

DP:”Oh shit? how can u be so stupid. Stop her.”

He calls Swara.

Swara phone rings.

Swara:”Hello Sanskar.”

Sanskar:”Swara please come outside. I want to talk to u last time.”

Swara:”I’m coming.”

She is about to go outside. DP calls her.

DP:”Don’t try to be over smart Swara if u try to do anything I’ll kill ur Sanskar. I know he is outside the parlour.”


Swasan looks towards each other. Sanskar cups her face.

Sanskar: “U r looking so beautiful My shona. Please trust ur Sanku. U know na he loves u a lot.”

Swara cries in heart. She looks for goons.

Sanskar: “Swara I promise u I’ll never touch u. Because I love ur soul not ur body. U was, u r and u will be only girl in my life. If u want I will not talk to Priya. I’ll not talk to any girl in my whole life. I promise. For u I can do anything. But please don’t do this.”

Swara:”? Sanskar please leave. I don’t trust u.”

Sanskar: “Please swara. I’m sorry for all my mistake.”

Swara:”Please go…?”

Sanskar: “If will not come with me. Trust I’ll leave everything, everyone. If u r not, then I don’t want anything. This is last time u r seeing me. I going swara. I’ll stop only if u will say I love u.”

Sanskar turns to leave.

Swara cries??:”I’m sorry Sanku.”

Sanskar is going far from her. Both of them r crying. Sanskar is waiting for her confession. But swara can’t do this.

Kabhi gardishon ka maara
Kabhi khwahishon se haara
Roothe chaand ka hai chakor
Zara se bhi samjho kaise
Ye parhez rakhta hai kyun
Maane na kabhi koi zor
Duniya jahaan ki bandishon ki
ye kahaan parvaah kare
Jab kheenche teri dor
Kheenche teri dor…

Manchala man chalaa teri ore

Manchala mann chala teri ore.

Sanskar: “PLEASE Shona… Don’t let me die.”

Swara cries:”I’m sorry Sanku.”

Ragini see all this.

Ragini: “Lucky that’s it. Now I can’t see them like this.”

Lucky:”Wait… Ragini she will Say it.”

Priya:”Ya di if u wait this much. Wait a little she will definitely confess.”

Nikhil:”Yup. Sanky’s love will force her to confess.”

Here Swara continues to cries. Just then see a car coming towards Sanskar.”

Swara runs towards Sanskar holding her lehnga (shouts):”Sanskar…”

Sanskar stops. Raglak and nikhil, priya becomes happy.

Swara(shouts):” Sanskar move.”

Ram also reaches:”Sanskar move beta he will kill u.”

Sanskar looks towards car.:”If this is end of my life then OK.”

Swara(shouts): “I love u… I love u Sanskar. Please move.”

Raglak also notice car.

Sanskar becomes happy. He stops and turns. As soon he turns Swara pushes him and car slightly hit Swara also. And she falls a side of road. Lucky caught goons. Kavita Adarsh also see this.

Shomi and Shekhar smiles.

All goes towards Swara.

Sanskar?:”Shona. Open ur eyes please. I’m sorry. I’ll not again hurt u. I’ll not show my face to u. Please open ur eyes.”

Kavita: “Shona, open ur eyes ur di is calling u.”

Shomi:”Beta ur ma is calling u.”

Sanskar: “Open ur eyes Shona. Ur Sanku is calling u.”

Ram:”beta take her to hospital.”

In the hospital?

Kavita: “Adarsh, I’m very unlucky for my Shona. Till the time I wasn’t with her she was fine. But today I Saw her and she.”

Adarsh:”No worry everything is fine.”

Shomi:”Nothing will happen to our shona.”

Shekhar: “God can’t snatch our life from us.”

Ragini boils in anger?:”How one can be so much Cheap. U both r so cheap. I know u did this.”

Kavita:”Mind ur language Ragini.”

Ragini: “When Goon will open their mouth. U both will be behind the bars.”

Sanskar is silently is standing at the corner. Not speaking anything nor reacting. Lucky looks towards him.

Lucky:”Sanky don’t worry she will be alright.”

Sanskar goes outside and cries a lot.

Sanskar: “it’s all because of me. It’s better if I’ll die. I don’t have any right to live.”

DP( hmm because of him. Swara is in hospital. I’ll kill him today ):”Sanskar beta. Here is Kali mandir. U go there and pray for Swara.”

Sanskar: “Will it work.”

DP:”Ya once ur bad ma became ill I was in that temple whole night. U should go. I know u love Swara. Go beta. And give ur phone to me. No phone is allowed in Temple.”

Sanskar: “OK bade papa.”

DP:”But if u walk on bonfire with bare feet. Ur wish definitely complete.”

Sanskar: “I can do anything for her.”

He leaves.

DP: “haha go Sanky never return back.”


Ram comes out.

Ragini: “She is alright. Only minor marks. Car just touched her. She will get conscious soon.”

Ragini, lucky and kavita becomes happy but shomi and shekhar boils in anger.

Ram:”Lucky, inform this to Sanskar. He must be worried.”

Lucky(hugs him):”Chacha ji, u r OK with their relation.”

Ram:”Ya lucky, now I know not only Sanskar, Swara also loves him madly. It would be a sin to separate them.”

Lucky:”Ok, Chacha ji I’m calling him.”

Lucky goes outside. He sees Sanskar going somewhere.

Lucky:”Papa where is Sanky going?”

DP: “Kali ma’s temple.”

Lucky calls Sanky but, clever DP switched off his mobile.

DP: “Let it be Lucky.”

Lucky:”no papa Swara is alright.”

DP ( thank God… Today this Sanky have to die.):”Lucky he will come soon. He went to Temple he will surely return back. U go inside.”

Lucky gets call from police station. He leaves.

Here Swara gets conscious.

Kavita: “Shona, how’s u?”

Swara:”Sanskar… Di where is Sanskar? I have to tell him everything. Di I remembered everything. Where is My Sanku?”

Ragini: “Swara Sanskar went to Temple. Lucky informed me.”

Swara:”I have to go…”

Kavita: “Shona u just woke up. Don’t go anywhere.”

Swara:”No… I want him. (Swara reminds his words. “This is last time u r seeing me. I going swara. I’ll stop only if u will say I love u.”) I’m going…”

Kavita try to stop her but Swara doesn’t listen anybody. Swara runs holding her lehnga. Shekhar Shomi watches this. They becomes afraid but swara doesn’t look towards them.

Shekhar: “come shomi we have to kill her.”

Shomi:”Ya shekhu.”

“Not so soon” lucky says.

As Shekhar and Shomi turns they becomes shocked to see kavita, Ragini, Adarsh, Ram and lucky.

Shomi:”kavi, beta it’s lie. Actually.”

Kavita slaps her:”Shame on U mom. I hate myself because u r my mom. I hate u. Lucky take them.”

Shekhar: “Beta we did this for u.”

Kavita: “Don’t drag me in ur selfishness.”

Police arrest them.

Ragini: “Lucky, Swara will punish them.”

Ram:”Lucky, beta But Where is Sanskar?”

Lucky:”Chacha ji. He is in Temple. Actually dad send him there.”

Ram:”No… He wants to kill my son.”

Lucky:”What r u saying Chacha ji? He is my dad ur brother. He loves sanky more than me.”

Ram:”come with me. I’ll show u.”

Lucky:”No, I don’t trust u.”

Ragini: “Lucky he is right. U come with us. I’ll tell u everything.”

Kavita: “I’ll also go.”

All leaves for temple.

In the temple.

Sanskar prays:”kisan ji, u know na how much I love my Shona. Please save her. She is the one who taught me how to laugh. Take me in her place. I’m very bad because of me she is in danger.”

Here swara stuck in traffic.

Swara:”bhai how much time more?”

Auto Driver:”Nearly half an hour.”

Swara holds her lehnga and is about to move.

Auto driver: “Man paise…?”

Swara runs without reacting. Ram, lucky, ragini, Adarsh and kavita also stuck in traffic.

Ram:”Oh, God please save my son from that evil.”

Kavita: “I want my Shona fine at any cost.”

Ragini: “Everything will be alright. Nothing will happen to them.”

Lucky:”Chacha ji I have informed my officers they r also coming.”

In the temple.

Sanskar is crying: “Tell me God what to do for her.”

Then he reminds about bonfire.? He comes outside the temple and sees the bonfire.?

Sanskar: “Ya if I’ll walk on fire. Kissan ji will save my Shona.”

He moves towards it.

Sanskar: “Shona, I love u.”

He closes his eyes. Here Swara also reaches in the temple. She searches for Sanskar.

Swara:”Pandit ji have u seen a guy here.”

Pandit:”beta lots of people comes here.”

Swara:”He is in dark grey coat. And wearing red T-shirt inside it.”

Pandit: “Oh, that boy. He was crying. And saying save my Shona.”

Swara:”Ya, where is my Sanku.”

Pandit: “He left few minute ago.”


Pandit: “I don’t know.”

Swara comes out of temple.

Swara :”Where r u Sanskar? I’m sorry. Now I can’t afford to lose u. I have waited a long.”

Just then she hears two girls talking.

Girl1:”Come yrr.”


Girl1:”Back side of the temple. I saw man. He trying to walk on fire.”


Swara comes near them.

Swara:”Who is the guy. Is he in grey coat with white T-shirt.”


Swara runs back side of the temple.

Sanskar: “Shona, after my death kissan ji will give u life. (He closes his eyes and sees Swara’s smiling face.) I love u Shona. Either make it or destroy it Even if it kills me, I will sing your praises. Flying around, the ashes will say, “Let me bear the burdens of love.” For I have fallen in love with you. Let me dwell in the shadow of your eyelashes.”

Swara see this she shouts:” Sanskar.”

Sanskar smiles?:”Death is coming near me. I’m feeling her.”

He is about to move on fire Swara pulls him and take him a side. And hugs him.

Sanskar: “I got heaven.”

Swara:”Open ur eyes I’m alive. I’m here Sanku. Ur Shona. I remember everything.”

Sanskar Opens his eyes.:”Shona, my Shona.”

Swara:”Ya ur Shona.( she kisses all over his face.) I love u. (She says in between kisses.) I love Sanku. I really love.”

Sanskar cries and cups her face and kisses on her forehead: “from wherever I start, from wherever I pass, I come and meet you. I’m a bit of a madcap, I am a little crazy, but however I am, I am yours My Shona.”

Swara:”Sanku, you are written on the papers of heart, since the time when I am in this world, there is nobody mine other than you, never be angry with me…”

Sanskar: “Never Shona.”

He hugs her.

Sanskar: “I’m very happy.”

Swara:”Me too.”

Just then someone hits on Sanskar’s head. He is none other than DP. Goons holds Sanskar. And DP keeps gun on his forehead.

DP:”don’t move.”

Swara:”Leave my Sanskar. U blo*dy ‘cheapo.”

Sanskar: “Bade papa what is this?”

DP slaps Sanskar:”Shut ur mouth. Because of u Sanskar everything happened because of u. U r the one who snached Swara from me.”

Sanskar: “What r u talking bade papa.”

Swara:”Sanskar he is not good person.”

DP:”She is right I’m very bad. I want Swara for a night. Since the time I Saw her in school dress. (DP tells him Everything.) But my bad luck u saved her I thought he was lucky. I saved myself for police. Yes I’m the one who kidnaps girls then rape them. Same thing I want to do with this Swara. When Shekhar gave me offer of Swara I became happy. But I again lost her. But see my good luck. Swara is going to be my daughter in-law.(DP tells them his plan after swalak marriage.)”

Sanskar: “Chii bade papa. I’m feeling ashamed on me. U blo*dy durgaparsad Maheshwari. Today I’ll not leave u for thinking this about my love.”

DP:”What kind of love Sanskar. I create little misunderstandings and she trust it. What kind of love this Sanskar.”

Sanskar:”U don’t take this pure from ur mouth. U r far away from this feeling. Don’t know how badi ma will react.”

DP: “Hahahhahah?? she is stupid lady. Blindly faith on me. Now more bakwass. Swara baby come and kiss me. Else u know what can I do with ur Sanku. I can throw him from this cliff.”

Swara cries?:”Don’t touch him. I’ll do everything u want but leave him.”

DP:”Come with me. And love me.”

Sanskar: “No Shona don’t do this. Don’t allow this dirty man to touch u. Ur virtue is precious.”

Swara:”Sanku I love u. I can’t afford to loose u. I can do anything for u. U don’t worry I’ll not show my face to you. U deserves pure love.”

Sanskar: “R u mad Shona? If u go with him. I’ll definitely kill myself.”

Swara:”No u won’t. I know u. (She looks towards DP.) Last time I want to kiss him.”

DP:”eeehhhh? too much drama. Ok go u have already kissed him many times. But don’t take too much time.”

Goons holds Sanskar’s arms tightly. Swara hugs him

Swara:”I love u. ? I love u Since the time I don’t know this word meaning properly. I have waited for u a long. Can do it life long. But now for this life it’s enough.”

Sanskar: “Shona please. I’ll die.”

DP:”Do it fast. Don’t waste time.”

Swara:”Sanskar kiss me.”

Swara keeps her feets on his. Warps her arms around his neck. She cares his left cheek with her cheek. And then slowly kisses him. Increase the efforts showing her passion and love for him.

Swara:”Sanku bye take care of yourself. And please don’t miss me.”

Sanskar: “Swara please. I can’t survive. Don’t do this I’m begging u.? please.”

Swara turns her face.:”this is end.”

DP keeps his hand her waist and takes her with him. Swasan cries?.

Precap: epilogue

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