swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 4)


Episode 4….

Cheeku kisses on shona’s cheeks :” thanku di ?”.
Swara smiles and leaves for her house…

In swara’s house…..
After taking luch swara take a nap.. Then in the evening it’s tea time☕

Shomi:” shona how’s your day .. “.

Swara:” it’s as usual …”.?

Shomi: ” and what’s about your event ?”.

Swara :” ma I secured 3rd (she doesn’t complete her suddenly someone speaks from behind )

Girl:” and I secured 1st position.. “.

Shomi:” oh Bhawna… Come beta and congratulations.. I m happy for u”.

Swara ?

Bhawna: ” ya aunty ji … I already know that I would be winner the event of ..if two topper will be the partner then it’s sure that they will win.. I m right swar?”.

Swara(reminds today’s incident) :” ya U r right “??
Just then shekhar enters.. With a gift …

Swara(happy):”baba ,this gift is for me ☺”

Shekhar:” No shona. Today we are going to sharma uncle’s grandson birthday”??

Bhawna (excited): ” wao uncle ..Even I also want to come. My parents are not in home .please uncle take me with u”.

Shekhar :” sorry beta .swara is coming with us in bike.. Only three person “.

Bhawna (sad):” it’s OK uncle .. Wait uncle u can go with shomi aunty ..Me and swara can come together.. It will be a great fun …What u say swara “.

Swara(in mind): (going with her ..huh.. FUN my foot -_- it’s better to stay in home and sleep and dreams about my sanku? . sorry cheeku I’ll surely come . but this Bhawna spoiled my mood .. I need to change up my mood by dreaming about sanku ?)

Bhawna shake her:” swara ..”

Swara:” aww..aaa”

Shomi:” shona R U OK”.

Swara:” aww..aww this headache ? ooooo sorry Bhawna I can’t come u go with ma & baba”.

Shekhar: “shona come lets go to hospital.”

Swara: ” it’s OK baba I will be fine . u and ma go and enjoy “.

Shomi :” OK shona U take rest at home “.

Bhawna: ” oh ..it’s OK take care of yourself.. Aunty I will come at 8pm.”


In the evening all three leaves for the party. Shona is alone in the house. Shona take a nap.. But her sleep is disturbed by by the sound of Strom .⚡. She wakes up .checks the time it’s already 12am . they still not come from party ..it’s raining outside☔. She was worried for her ma baba.
It’s 12:30 someone knoks at the door..she opens the door .

Swara(happy and worried): ” ma baba what happened??? Y U came late .and where is your bike baba .”?

Shekar shomi comes inside and close the door.shomi:” shona when we were returning back to home ,suddenly bike got punctured. And it’s starts raining , shekhar noticed that he took only one umbrella . we wait there but our good luck a boy passes from there luckily he was Bhawna’s friend and we asked him for help he agreed and he took her with
him ☔ in his umbrella “.

Swara :” boy???”

Shomi :” shekhar what was his name “.

Shekar:” aww it’s SA..ya it’s sanskar … “.

Swara shocked ?as well jealous?

Shekhar:” shona I think u know him he is Bhawna’s class mate .”

Swara stands still with no reaction on her face .

Shomi shakes her :” shona what happened, where were u lost .”

Swara is just ready to cry still manage herself ?.. :” ma baba I m feeling sleepy .Bye ” she runs towards her room..

In swara’s room.. Swara close the door

Swara(shouts):” shit..shit shit.. How big fool u r swara . U are the biggest fool in this whole world .. Awww ??? ….u missed the chance to talk sanku .(.swara imagines Bhawna was alone with sanku in same umbrella in rainy night )..oooo God.. No no I can’t take it .stupid shona if U went with ma and baba then I’ll in place of Bhawnae and my sanku in rainy night in single umbrella so close to each other .?☔.. But U spoiled everything swara God send angel cheeku .. Ya he is really a angel . If I didn’t do stupid mistake my wish would be full field.

Shona cries for 2hours continuously ..then she get up opens the window and fells the rain in her cheeks ..” God ji I’m angry with U …U showered all your blessing on that Bhawna.. But God ji my love for him is true ..( a drop of tear falls from her eyes )?. God ji I’ll not going to talk u untill my wish to talk him is not completed.. It’s my promise to u and that’s final.. Then with teary eyes she goes towards bed and sleeps …

It’s Sunday morning.. Shomi calls swara for morning prayer :” swara get up soon ..come down for prayer” .swara takes shower then she comes down she is about to go for prayer but suddenly she remembers her promise.

Shomi :” come swara .. What happened to u . why are U standing there ?”

Swara still standing there …shekhar :” shona kya hua ?? Are U OK ?”

Swara:” baba I’m not feeling well .. I m going to my room. I have to complete my work I’m busy ” saying this she moves towards her room.

The whole day swara spends in her room ..she is just waiting that something would happen and at once she get the chance to talk him … Poor swara totally mad in love

On the next day .. It’s Monday morning?
Swara gets ready for her school hoping that may be God will show some Mercy on her…
As usual she follows him…she even left home without taking her luch .

Precap : swasan first meeting…

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  1. She is mad in love with him but her parents love her soo much then why she says they dont love her strange

    1. NDSG

      May be she lied to sanskar

  2. Abirsha

    Ha ha poor swara…. Hope Sanskar realises her love soon

    1. NDSG

      Hope so

  3. Awww…my poor shona…episode is awesome????

    1. NDSG

      Thank u seebu ??????

  4. Kakali

    Awwwwww mera baccha is soo innocent…. Swara don’t cry !!! God ji m also angry with u .. huhhh !!! dear chappy was too good… precap is like jumping not me my Swara… she is finally gonna meet her prince… awwww.. thnk u… 😉

  5. Mica

    bhahahhah.. this jealousy killed Swara already…

    1. NDSG

      I love jealous shona??

    1. NDSG

      Thank u

  6. Nice

    1. NDSG

      Thank u

  7. Vyshu10

    aww…don’t cry swara

  8. AnuAnn

    Superb dear

  9. Don’t worry shona, wait for right time, you will surely meet with your sanku

    1. NDSG

      First u Bhawna stay away from sanky ??

  10. ??? what have I done????

    1. NDSG

      U go with sanky.. In place of shona

      1. I didn’t go ,my name is bhawna that doesn’t mean I am that bhawna

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