swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 39)

Episode 39

DP calls the girl:”hey u come soon?”

Girl:”Ok sir I’m coming?”

Dp goes towards Swara’s room.

DP:”Where is she? Hmm…” He starts searching Swara.

In Swasan room swasan r sleeping in each other arm’s. Swara wakes up. She cares Sanskar’s cheeks with her cheeks. She kisses on his cheeks.

Swara:”How cute?? My Sanku. This time I’m forgiving u But don’t drink again. And don’t bring any girl with u. Ur sweetu really feels jealous u r mine.”

She hugs him. And then kiss on his lips.

Swara:”How’s u feeling now Sanku?”

Sanskar (mummers) :”Water… Water.”

Swara:”Ok I’ll bring. (She kisses on his forehead.)”

Swara goes inside the kitchen to takes water. Just then DP comes.

DP:”Good Morning… Friend.”

Swara:”Good Morning. ”

DP:”I have one bad news.”

Swara:”What happened?”

DP:”Don’t took me worng. Actually yesterday night Sanskar came with a girl. And u know what they were together since whole night.”

Swara:”No… Uncle I mean duggu. U r thinking worng actually.”

DP:”No beta, in the morning I met that girl when she came out of Sanskar’s room.”

Swara(thinks):”I send that girl back at night how uncle??”

DP brings girl. And she said as DP ordered her.

Girl(thinks):”Stupid old man he doesn’t know that this girl already seen me. Whatever I’m getting money hehehe?.”

Swara(thinks):”Y this girl lied.”

Swara goes inside Sanskar’s room. Sanskar continuously asking water. Swara makes him drink water. She touches his forehead.

Swara:”Still little bit fever is left. (She kisses on his forehead.) Get well soon.”

Swara notices lipstick marks on Sanskar’s shirt

Swara:” I didn’t applied the lipstick then. Bade papa is saying that Sanskar is with that girl. But I was with him whole night. It’s means someone already planned to create misunderstanding between us. And I blamed him without any reason. But who is the culprit? Bade papa but don’t took decision in hurry last time u hurt Ur Sanskar. I have to find that person who is separating Sanku from me.”

Swara calls doctor and other Maheshwari’s also come in his room.

Lucky:”Doctor uncle how’s my brother?”

Doctor: “Don’t worry he will be alright soon. I think first time ur brother drunk.”

Lucky(shocked): “Drunk and Sanky no u must me mistaken”

Doctor:”No, just smelled near him.”

Swara(thinks):”All because of me. How much I hurt him.? I’m sorry Sanku.”

Doctor: “But where is Mr RAM.”

Lucky:”Woh Chacha went last night for a case. He is coming I have informed him.”

Just then Ram comes.

Sujata:”Oh my Ram ji. Now only this is left Today he drunk tomorrow he will come with girl. Oh RAM ji.”

Ram(shouts?):”Sujata shut up. Stop ur drama. My son is not well and u. Doctor do anything but make him well.”

Doctor:”One person must be with him all the time. He will recover soon. Don’t worry doctor Ram.”

Doctor leaves.

Sujata:”Ram ji I’ll take care.”

Ram:”Sujata u go from Here.”

Lucky: “I’ll with my bro…”

Ram:”Today is ur marriage u concentrate on it. Everyone please leave.”

AP, Sujata, lucky and ragini leaves.

Uttu:”Bhabhi u also come.”

Swara:”u go uttra.”

Uttra leaves. Ram keeps wet cloth on Sanskar’s forehead. Swara also brings cold water.

Swara:”Uncle u take rest. I’ll do it.”

Ram:”Swara no need to show ur fake concern. If u will Stay away from my son he will definitely get well soon.”

Swara:”What r talking uncle.”

Ram becomes more angry:”? u please leave my son. And don’t show ur face to him.”

Swara:”Uncle what I did…”

Ram(shouts):”I said leave… He is my only son. I’m begging u.”

Swara is about to go.

Ram:”Wait a minute Swara.”

He opens Sanskar’s secrete box. And give her a gift that she gave to Sanskar on his birthday.”

Ram:”Take this also. I don’t want ur any memory will stay with my son. Now go.”

Swara cries and goes inside her room. And closes the door. And cries a lot.??

Swara opens the gift.

” sanskar I thought what to give u, then I realized that I should give u something especial.. It’s a moment of our friendship.. It will remain like this always. All the moment whether it’s happy or sad we spend there.. ”

Swara reminds party scene when she gifted this to Sanskar not only this she also reminds their moments in that bench.

“Swara it’s my favorite place. If I’m happy or sad I came here.”

She feels bad for hurting him.

Swara:”It’s only because of me. I love u Sanskar I’m sorry. I promise I’ll not leave that guy who tried to separate us.”

Here Adarsh and kavita is talking.

Adarsh: “Kavi, see lucky is getting married but he didn’t invite me?”

Kaviat:”Adarsh please.”

Adarsh:”Today is Lucky’s wedding but he totally forgot me. I hate him.”

Kavita: “If he forget u how did u know about his marriage?”

Adarsh:” Sujata aunty told me. And bride name is Swara.”

Kavita: “What u said? Swara.”

Adarsh:”Ya, Lucky’s wife is Swara. But not ur sister. Wait sujata aunty is sending me bride’s pic.”

As soon kavita Adarsh see Swara’s pics they become shocked. Kavita reminds once when she asked lucky about girl who was in room.

Kavita:”That’s mean that girl was Swara.”

Adarsh:”oh God. Sujata aunty said that girl forgot about her past life.”

Kavita:”Ma… Ma come here.”

Shomi:”What happened kavi… My daughter is very happy.”

Kavita: “MA Swara is alive.”

Shomi becomes shocked. Kavita is soo soo happy.

Kavya hugs Adarsh: “My shona is alive and is getting married.”

Shomi immediately informed this to Shekhar.

Shekhar: “What? ? Omg if she… No no. What if she would complain against us? Swara has to die…”

Shekhar calls someone.

Shomi:”I’m afraid shekhu.”

Shekhar: “Don’t worry… Come let’s go to hoogly. Today is last day of Swara.”

Here Ram is taking care of Sanskar. Lucky and Ragini also come.

Lucky:”Chacha ji. I’m sorry.”

Ragini: “Uncle me too sorry.”

Ram:”What sorry Ragini.”

Sanskar (mummers):”Shona… I’m sorry I’m innocent.”

Ram:”See him ragini. Now ur punishment is complete or is anything left Ragini. Now u r happy. I’m begging u. I promise my son will not come behind Swara. U go take her with u.”

Lucky:”Chacha ji. Sanky loves Swara a lot.”

Ragini: “Ya uncle. Shona too loves him a lot. Soon she will remember everything just wait.”

Ram:”Wait for what Ragini. What is the benefit of that love if something happens to Sanskar. U tell me what my son did. He just couldn’t able to understand his feelings for Swara. Ragini is it a sin to give importance to carrier.”

Ragini: “Uncle I’m sorry.”

Ram:”No I’m sorry Ragini and lucky that I came in ur words. Yesterday because of u Swara slapped my son.”

Lucky:”Chacha ji I told u na. Ragini didn’t do that?”

Ram:”I don’t know anything but now I want my son. He is important for me. U please leave continue ur drama but don’t keep any hope from me.”

Ragini and Lucky leaves.

Ram holds Sanskar’s hand.

Ram:”I’m sorry Sanskar. Please forgive ur papa he is very bad Papa who hurt u. I thought u will realise ur mistake for hurting a girl. But I’m worng. I never thought this would happened with u. (He cries?) sorry.”

Sanskar: “Shona… I’m sorry.”

Ram:”Sanskar u r totally mad. What Swara made u.”

Uttra comes to meet Swara.

Uttra: “Swara bhabhi…”

Swara hugs uttra: “I love Sanskar. I’m responsible for is condition I’m very bad. Ram uncle is also angry. But I love him.”

Uttra:”But bhabhi u and lucky Bhai.”

Swara:”No I don’t love him.. Ragini lied to me. Uttra I remember him. I love him.( Swara tells her whatever she saw in dream.) He my life.”

Uttra: “OK Swara. Don’t worry.”

Swara:”But Y ragini, priya lied to me. It’s a big plan.”


Swara:”I know there is someone who is trying to separate us. U know what happened last night ( swara tells her everything.) But Y bade papa said all this. I think may be he is.”

Uttra:”No Swara bade papa loves Sanskar Bhai more than lucky Bhai.”

Swara:”What to do now?”

Uttra:”Swara, u continue the drama of this marriage. That person definitely do something.”

Swara:”But lucky.”

Uttra:”He will understand u.”

Ragini listens everything.

Ragini: “It’s mean DP uncle. That day he was standing behind Swara also. But I’m not sure.(she thinks something.) Ya that’s nice.”

Ragini goes inside Lucky’s room.

Ragini: “Lucky do this. That culprit will definitely do something.”

Lucky: “OK, I’ll.”

Ragini (thinks):”Sorry lucky I can’t tell DP uncle’s name I know u won’t believe it untill u saw it yourself.”

After sometime.

Swara and uttra are ready with their plan.

Swara (in loud voice): “Aunty ji I’m going to parlour.”

All hear this.

Ram:”?My son is sick because of her and she is enjoying.”

DP: “Swara u will ready for lucky but, I’ll make u mine.”

As Swara moves outside, she intensionally throws a paper out. DP immediately reads that paper.

“Sanskar I came to know that who is trying to separate us. U meet me in parlour. We will not leave that bastared.”

DP boils in anger??:”I’ll not leave this Sanskar at any cost. He has to die.??.”

Ragini goes behind Swara. She also informs Priya to come.

Priya:”Come Nikhil. We have to go.”

But Nikhil doesn’t move.

Priya:”What happened nikhil.”

Nikhil:”what Priya. Nikhil do this. Nikhil come here that’s it. Can’t u see anything else Priya.”

Priya:”What Nikhil.”

Nikhil:”I love u Priya. ”

Priya becomes shocked.?

Sanskar gets conscious.

Ram:”Sanskar beta How’s u feeling now?”

Sanskar: “I’m fine papa.”

Ram:”Do u want anything?”

Sanskar: “Papa, I want juice.”

Ram:”Ok u wait. I’ll bring it.”

Ram goes to bring juice. And lucky comes to meet Sanskar.

Lucky: “How’s u bro?”

Sanskar:”Fine Bhai.”

Lucky:”Good I thought u will not attend my wedding. But all OK. Now come Swara already went to parlour I’m also going u also come.”

Sanskar (in mind):”Sanky it’s last time. Say her everything. May be she will believe u.”

Sanskar: “OK I’m coming.”

In kitchen.

DP: “How’s Sanskar?”

Ram:”Bhai he is good.”

DP:”Ya that’s why he is going with lucky.”

Ram:”What?” Ram leaves for room. And DP mixes poison in the juice.

DP:”Ur last drink Sanky.”?

In the room


Ram:”Sanskar will not come u go.”

Lucky:”but Chacha ji.”

DP:”Offo lucky. Sanskar is weak u go.”

Lucky leaves.

DP: “Sanky u drink this juice? I’ll go with lucky.”

DP also leaves.

Ram:”Drink it.”

Sanskar: “Papa let me go.”

Ram:”I know u r going for Swara. But don’t need to go behind her.”

Sanskar: “But papa…”

Ram:”U will not go. U drink juice.?”

Sanskar throws glass in anger?:”I’ll go. I love Swara. She is my life. And if I didn’t get her. I’ll leave everything. Now I’ll come with her or u r seeing me last time.”

He leaves.

Ram:”Sanskar, U r doing worng.”

just then a little mouse?? comes and drink juice from floor and dies. Ram see all this and becomes shocked. He reminds that DP bring this juice.

Ram:”It’s means DP Bhai is doing all this. Oh shit my Sanky… (He calls him. But Sanskar ignores it.) Ram I have to save my son.”

He also leaves.

Kavita, Adarsh, Shomi and Shekhar reaches to hoogly. Kavita asks sujata that where is Swara and kavita informs this to Shomi.

Shekhar:”Swara is in parlour kill her.”

Here DP also ordered Goon to kill Sanskar.

Goon1:”One is saying to kill Swara and another is saying to kill Sanskar.”

Goon2:”Bhai kill both of them.”

Goon1:”This is end for swasan.”

Precap: last episode

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