swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 38)

Episode 38

Swara is keeping her belongings in the bag because now, she is leaving Sanskar’s room. She looks towards the dress that Sanskar gifted her.


Swara is arranging the pillows, and Sanskar comes and hugs her from back.

Swara:”Sanskar, it’s day time what if someone come here.”

Sanskar kisses on her cheeks:”I don’t care. Tell me what’s my sweetu is doing?”

Swara: “nothing arranging the pillows, last night while sleeping u threw all the pillow.”

Sanskar hugs her more tightly and wishpers in her ears:”What is the need of these pillows my life time pillow is with me.”?

Swara(blushes?):”I’m not pillow. I’m Swara.”

Sanskar turns her:”No u r my pillow. Only mine and I’ll not allow anyone to touch my pillow.” Sanskar moves closer to kiss her.

Swara:”Sanskar, not now.”

Sanskar: “Y sweetu?”

Swara:”woh, I’m afraid. I mean if ur mom came.”

Sanskar: “OK, but I have something for u.”


Sanskar gives her dress.?

Swara:”Waooooooooooooooooooo ?. So pretty… Sanskar ur choice is good.”

Sanskar: “not good it’s best.”


Sanskar: “that’s why I chose u?”

Swara becomes silent, Sanskar winks ? kisses on her cheeks and left.

Flashback end…

A Tear drop flows from her eyes. Sanskar is standing near the door by taking the support of door and looking towards her. Swasan tries to become strong but they r forgetting that it’s a love and nothing is stronger than it. Since Swara doing packing Sanskar is just looking her without blinking his eyes. Swara completes her packing and is about to turn but Sanskar hugs her from back. Now he can’t hold it anymore. He starts crying.

Sanskar: “I love u Swara. Please? please.”

Swara:”leave me.”

Sanskar: “Swara it’s hurting me. I don’t know what I’ll do without u. Please don’t.”

Swara:”I said Lea…( just then Sanskar’s tear drop falls on her hand.)

Sanskar: “I know u love me. Please trust me… U know after school y I ignored u? Because I thought it was just attraction. And when u came Kolkata and u said u love me. I thought u lied. That’s why I said no to u… And informed ur parents but I was worng Swara. They sold u. But when I saw u in hospital I took u home I was very guilty Swara. I’m sorry. When papa informed me that they tried to stole ur virtue. U know how I felt Swara. I just wanted to kill them, I was cursing myself but when papa said they didn’t do anything I got relief. Swara I m sorry. But this time trust me I’m innocent.”

Swara gains some courage: “I love u Sanskar ( Sanskar becomes happy but Swara pushes him) ya it’s true I love u but I can’t trust. U want my body only.”

Sanskar:”no shona.”

Swara:”oh is it so? Then let me marry lucky. After spending a night with him I’ll leave him and come to u.”

Sanskar: “Swara what r u talking?”

Swara:”what Sanskar it’s just a matter a night. Lucky will get what he want and u also….”

Sanskar slaps her. And holds her arms tightly.

Sanskar: “how dare u say this Swara?”

Swara:”What happened Sanskar? Oh I forgot Mr Maheshwari can’t use 2nd hand things… He wants pure girls for…”

Sanskar: “Just shut up…”

Swara:”I’ll not, it’s true u r happy because goons didn’t rapped me because u want to do…”

Sanskar again slaps her.??:”enough Swara, u don’t have right to make joke of my feelings. From now on wards I’ll not loiter around u.”

Swara:”I don’t care what u do?”

Swara turns and cries and leaves. And Sanskar breakdown on his knees.

Sanskar: “What happened to u Shona? U loved ur Sanku a lot but now how could u say this Shona. I’m dying Shona. Please save me. Y? God why only me. Is my sin this much big? I don’t deserve her.( He cries.?) I love u Shona.”

Ragini sees all this. She runs inside her room and closes the door. She cries?

Ragini: “What is happening? I know I want to give Sanskar punishment but this?”

Someone comes inside her room and closes the door.

Ragini: “Lucky u…”

Lucky:”Ya me… Ragini what is this? I did whatever u said but this is pathetic. How can do this?”

Ragini: “Lucky listen to me.”

Lucky:”What listen? Have u seen his condition? He is crying. U know what I’m mad. I mad that I fall for u and u took my advantage. But not now.”

Ragini holds his hand:”Lucky, I didn’t did this. U know ur Ragu, if I had plan anything I would definitely inform u.”

Lucky:”Then who did this?”

Ragini: “I don’t know… Lucky I’m sorry for using u. Sorry, But I did this for Shona.”

Lucky kisses on her forehead:”I can understand ragu. Me too sorry. I overreacted.”

Ragini: “I think I should end this. I’ll tell truth to Swara.”

Lucky:”No ragu don’t do anything. Everything will happen as per ur plan. I also invited them.”

Ragini: “But…”

Lucky:”This time if u will say truth to Swara. She will not believe u. Do everything as we planned? After she will get her memory back, then she will decide whether she wants to forgive sanky or not.”

Ragini: “Ya, u r right. Thanks Lucky.”

Lucky:”My pleasure madam.?”

Raglak hugs each other.

Knock knock…

Lucky(irritates?):”Who the hell? No one gives us privacy. I’m not going to open the door. After so many days I got chance to spend sometime with my GF.”

Ragini (smiles?):”After our marriage, u will get lots of privacy but for now please open the door.”

Lucky salutes ragini:”OK Madam. I have follow ur orders otherwise u will suspend me.”

Ragini (smiles):”dramebazz…”

Lucky opens the door.

Servent:”Sir some people came they r saying u invited them.”

Lucky:”ok u go(servent left) ragini they came.”

Sanskar: “What r u doing in Ragini’s room Bhai.”

Raglak looks towards sanskar and becomes shocked.

Lucky:”Nothing, ” he leaves.

Sanskar: “What was he doing in ur room?”

Ragini comes inside the room and Sanskar too.

Ragini:”Ur bro is too much possessive for Swara. He is asking about Swara’s friend.”

Sanskar (jealous): “I don’t care.”?

Ragini: “Seriously.”

Sanskar: “Ya… Y would I loiter around her if she doesn’t cares for my love.”

Ragini: “Look who is talking about love. Who doesn’t cares for other loves.”

Sanskar: “Ragini I said na. I didn’t knew that after that kiss Swara will fall for me. I thought that was attraction. But now see her.”

Ragini:”Sanskar do u have any idea since when Shona loves u.”

Sanskar: “Ya, since my birthday when I kissed her.”

Ragini: “No Sanky. That kiss wasn’t the reason of her love.”

Sanskar: “Then.”

Ragini: “Since the time she saw u in a Gk contest. U even don’t know Sanky. Swara daily use to follow u.”

Sanskar: “I’m not getting it… I mean that I and Swara met in school in 12th standard when I won that Gk contest.”

Ragini: “No Sanky, I’m talking about 10th standard. She loves u since the time she saw u. U know her in 12th standard but she loves before that. She daily use to shouts on shomi aunty because she never wanted to miss a chance to see u. U think how much stupid a girl can be that she follows a guy daily and that boy doesn’t even knows her.”

Sanskar becomes quite.

Ragini: “Do u know,Y Swara bought bicycle? Only for u. My friend is that much mad that when u drop Bhawna home. She cried whole night for u Sanky. Even she didn’t talk to God. For u she ate Rasgullas even though she hates them most.”

Sanskar reminds everything… How he hugged Swara first time? When they become friends.

Ragini:”Not only this Sanky. She punctured ur cycle just to get a chance to talk u. (Sanskar reminds it.) U became tried in just two-three try but Swara made unlimited efforts just for u Sanky. She never accepted her defeat. If a boy ignores a girl Then also she is coming behind him. She is really mad. Did u ever thought what she suffered when u left her. She became lifeless.”

Ragini tells him everything…: “Sanskar no one loves u as much as Swara does.”

She left…

Sanskar:”Shona, u did this much for me. I even didn’t knew. But I hurt u very much. don’t know what will happen next. But this time I’ll not come between u and ur happiness. Bhai is better than me. And he won’t hurt her. She will be happy.”

Sahil:”What about u Sanky?”

Sanskar turns:”Sahil u r here.”

Sahil:”Yup. Me actually lucky Bhai invited me in his wedding. But u tell whose that girl.”

Sanskar: “No, one.”

Sahil:”Ok if u don’t want to share it then OK…”

Sanskar: “it’s nothing like that.”

Sahil:”Ok now come out…”

Sahil and Sanskar comes out. Just then Swara passes…

Sahil:”Swara.(Swara turns back and he hugs her.) I know my Swara u came back. For ur love.”

Swara:”leave me sahil. I don’t know u…(she pushes him) How dare u?”

Sahil:”Sanky u tell na. Tell her the truth how much I and Swara love each other.”

Swara:”Oh, So u r Sanskar’s friend. (She grabs Sanskar’s collar.) What u think Sanskar? Seriously u thought I will came in ur drama.”

Sanskar: “Bro u go from here. I’ll deal with Swara.”


Sanskar: “I said na.(sahil leaves.) OK Shona where were we?”

Swara:”how many times in have to told u that I’m not Shona. ?”

Sanskar: “What u said just a minute ago leave me sahil.”


Sanskar: “How do u know his name Swara?( Swara becomes quite. Sanskar removes her hand from his collar and kisses on her hand.) Shona so much confused u r. Try to recall u will get to know I’m not a bad guy.”

He moves closer to kiss her but Swara pushes him.

Swara:”don’t try. Only one thing is filled in ur dirty mind.”

Sanskar: “I love u. And I know u also. Whenever any girl comes near to Sanku my sweetu jealous.”

Swara:”Don’t think I’ll come in ur drama. Whenever u came near me I feel dirty. When u touch me I hate myself. U and ur thought both r dirty u don’t have any shame even in Temple u can’t hold ur dirtiness… U go with whom u want I don’t care. If u sleep with them also.”

Sanskar holds her hand:”Shona please.”

Swara jerks his hand:”Don’t make me dirty.” She leaves.

Sanskar becomes angry after hearing her thoughts.

Here lucky introduce Swara with everyone.

Lucky:”She is kavya, Bhawna. And he is Sahil, Prateek and Rajat. All r ur friends.”

Swara meets everyone and she is getting flashes. Now she is very much clear that she know them. Raglak see Swara’s confused face and they smiles.

Lucky(wishpers): “See ragu… Swara is recognizing.”

Ragini: “Ya…”

Just then Sanskar’s also passes

Lucky:”Hey Sanky. Meet Swara’s friend. But Sanky they r also ur friend I mean I know sahil, rajat and Prateek. That’s mean u and Swara r in same school. Actually ragini told that.”

Sanskar(looks towards Swara):”Woh Bhai, we were in same School but different classes. So we don’t know each other.” He moves the door.

Lucky:”Where r u going Sanky? Today’s is my and Swara’s Sangeet and mehndi. Swara u say him to stay.”

Swara intensionally holds Lucky’s hand:”Ya Sanskar ji. U should stay we r going to celebrate. U also join.”

Sanskar ?(without turning his face):”Woh I’m not well. I’m going to meet doctor. Don’t worry Bhai I’ll come soon.”

He leaves and Swara becomes sad. All continues their talk.

In the evening. Sangeet starts all starts dancing Swara is just looking at the door. Sahil and kavya dance on ladki beautiful. Raglak also dance in DJ wale babu… Rajat and uttu also enjoyed but Swara is still thinking about Sanskar.

Swara(thinks):”Where is he? Sangeet is also ended.”

Sujata:”Swara where u lost? Lux come here.”

Lucky:”Chachi ji. I’m not a soap. Call me lucky.”

Sujata:”Shut up. What kind of Sangeet is this u didn’t allowed us to call our friend only few people. Huh ? u sit with Swara I want to take broom and bride photo.”

Lucky:”not broom chachi ji it’s groom.”

Sujata click pics.

DP:”Offo Y left me? I’ll also click photo with my dost.”

DP Swara also clicks photo…

DP(thinks):”After today’s drama. Sanky hehhehehe??. swara just today’s night tomorrow after ur and Lucky’s wedding I’ll make u mine.”

Functions continues but still Sanskar is missing. Now Swara is becoming more and more mad. It’s 12:30 am… Just then Swara listen some noise. She comes out. She see Sanskar is fully drunked and is coming home with a girl.

Swara:”What is this Sanskar? This is ur time to return Sangeet function is also over.”

Sanskar: “Oh… (He holds his ear.) Sorry ji.. (He holds her hand.) Wao so dark mehndi. Miss Swara ur future hubby loves u a lot. Seema see she is angry.”

Girl:”Sir I’m not seema. I’m rekha.”

Sanskar: “Whatever. (He looks towards Swara and holds his ear.) Sorry Swara ji. I missed ur Sangeet function but I’ll dance.( He starts singing song in full talli style and also dance.) Dil pe pathar rakh k muh pe makeup kar lia… Dil pe pathar rakh k muh pe makeup kar lia… Mere saiya ji se aj Maine breakup kr lia.”

Sanskar dance around Swara with girl. Swara becomes irritated.

Swara:”Enough Sanskar. “?

Sanskar: “Don’t behave like my wife. U even don’t care for me. Then Y r u showing fake concern.”

Swara:”Woh Sujata aunty is worried. ”

Sanskar: “Oh, where is she? U leave my way.”

Sanskar keeps his hand on girls waist and moves towards his room.

Swara holds his hand:”Who is she?”

Sanskar (wishpers in Swara’s ear):”My one night love.”

Swara is in the verge of crying: “It’s worng.”

Sanskar: “I’m bad man. I do only bad things like sleeping with girls and drinking…”

Swara:”Don’t go with her.”

Sanskar: “OK, then U come. I’ll sleep with u.”

Swara hurts…? and Sanskar moves towards his room and Swara also moves in her room. While Sanskar enters in his room with girl DP see them.

DP:”Wah that’s nice… Now see how I’ll create another mesh that will lead to their permanent separation.” He clicks their pics and leaves.

As Sanskar enters inside the room. Due to heavy drinking he falls down on the floor.

Girl:”Sir, get up…”

Sanskar: “Shona…”

Girl:”This boy is fully talli.( she takes out his purse from his pants and takes all money.) Yeh now I should leave. (She looks around) Hmm let’s take some precious things also.”

Here Swara is becoming restless. Thinking about that girl and Sanskar.

Swara:”What r they doing?”

“They r making love.” Her illusion says.

Swara:”No, he can’t do this.”

Illusion: “But Swara Y r u worrying about him? He is like this only.”

Swara:”Ya, he is bad. I don’t care. Huh?”

Illusion: “Ya, Y would u care? If ur sanku… Oops I mean. Sanskar will hug her.(Swara starts imaging the scenes.) He will keep his hand on her waist. They r in same bed this time. Sanskar is removing her top. Now they r moving closer… More closer… More…”

Swara(shouts):”Nooooooooo ? he is mine.”

She runs towards his room. She bets the door.

Swara:”Sanskar… Open the door please…”

Inside the room…

Girl:”Oh shit now what to do?”

Swara:”Sanskar please…”

Girls hide the money and Sanskar’s mobile. Then opens the door.

Girl:”What? What is ur prob…”

Swara pushes her and comes towards the Sanskar who is lying on the floor.


Sanskar holds her hand: “Shona… I’m innocent.”

Swara shouts on girl:”What u did with him?” Swara slaps the girl.

Girl:”Woh… Mam as we entered inside the room. He fell on the floor.”

Swara:”Leave from here.”

As girl moves Swara notices something in her pocket she checks and takes Sanskar’s phone and purse back. Swara looks at her pic in Sanskar’s phone.

Girl:”Mam it’s mine.”

Swara:”don’t open ur mouth before me. (Swara gives her money.) U leave now ur work is over.”

Girl leaves but DP see her coming out of Sanskar’s room. He follows her.


Girl:”Sir, I’m not a theif.”

DP:”I know it dear.( he gives her some money.) Tomorrow morning come here and tell that Sanskar slept with u many times. Do my work I’ll give u more money.”

Girl:”Ok sir.”

DP: “Good?.”

Girl(thinks):”Wah lucky day. I got too much money without doing anything.” She leaves.

DP: “Now this is the end of their love story. Sanskar Swara is only mine.”

Inside the room.

Swara:”Sanskar… Get up…”

Sanskar: “No…”

Swara:”Sanku… Ur Shona is saying na. Please.”

Sanskar gets up with the help of Swara. Swara looks towards Sanskar forehead.

Swara:”What happened there Sanku?”

Sanskar: “Shona, I told u to hold me but u didn’t and I fell down.”

Sanskar vomits… Swara takes him inside the bathroom. She removes his shirt. Sanskar opens the shower.

Swara:”What is this Sanskar? Close it.”

Sanskar pulls her:”No…”

Swara:”U will catch cold.”

Sanskar hugs her: “Shona don’t leave me. Please.”

Swara:”Sanskar I’m feeling cold.”

Sanskar hugs her more tightly. He kisses on her nape. Swara starts melting in his touch.

Sanskar: “I love u…”

Swara:”Sanskar don’t do this.”

Sanskar: “A girl is following a guy.( she sees flashes as she is following a boy. But she can’t able to see his face.) Shouting on her mom. She is making unlimited efforts for him. Then one day a vessel falls down on him. She comes towards him. Who is he Shona?”

Swara hugs him tightly:”I don’t know.”

DP comes outside the Sanskar’s room.

DP:”I’ll make some false proof against Sanskar. So that Swara will again think him wrong.(he listens shower sound) Oh Sanskar is bathing. Leave it do ur work soon DP.”

DP takes some long hair and keeps in sanskar’s bed. And then he applies some lipstick on his bed sheet as well as on his shirt lying on table.

DP:”Now all set.( as he moves out. He slips and he falls on Sanky’s vomit. And his whole face becomes. Sticky.???) chii ? what is this now I have to bath this Sanky huh?.”

DP leaves.

Inside the washroom.

Sanskar breaks the hug. And move closer to kiss her. Swara closes her eyes. Sanskar is about to kiss her but stops.”U want my body” these words echoes in his ear.

Swara:”what happened? ”

Sanskar: “Swara u go…”


Sanskar: “I don’t want this Swara u go else I’ll loose control.”

He comes out. Swara holds his hand.

Sanskar(shouts): “Swara go else I’ll rape u…”

Swara:”I’ll not u do whatever u want I can’t leave u in this condition.”

Sanskar: “OK then get ready.”

He pushes her on the bed. He comes closer to her. Swara closes her eyes. But Sanskar takes pillow. And sleeps in the couch.

Swara is just staring him. And then she goes inside her room and changes her wet clothes.


Swara is following is a boy. She shouts on her mom. Everything that she used to do in past. She is trying hard to see the face of boy. But one day a vessel falls on him. It hurts his head. She moves towards him. As he turns toward her. She notices he is Sanskar. But then a man comes and shoot Sanskar.


Swara wakes up. She is badly sweating. She immediately goes inside his room. She looks towards Sanskar who is badly shivering in cold. She goes near him. Touches his head.

Swara:”He is burning. What to do? Sanskar wake up.”

Sanskar:”Shona, u go else I’ll…”

Swara:”Sanku please sleep in bed. I promise I’ll go.”

Swara helps Sanskar to stand up. She places him in the bed changes his wet clothes. Swara covers themselves in blanket. She hugs him tightly.

Swara: “I love u Sanku. I can’t let anything happen to u.”

Sanskar’s condition is becoming worse.

Swara:”What to do? (She thought to call doctor but it’s too late.) Sanskar… Look at me.”

Sanskar: “Shona I’m feeling cold.”

Swara:”I’ll call other they will…”

Sanskar: “Don’t leave me. Just hug me. I don’t want anything else.”

Swara hugs him:”U will be fine Sanku. Ur Shona is here.”

Swasan sleeps in each other arms. Swara hugs him more tightly. As nothing can separate them.

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