swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 37)

Episode 37

Kavita is in swara’s room.

Kavita: “Shona, u don’t worry ur di is here she will not leave ur mudders.”

Adarsh:”Kavi, for how many days u will be like this… Everything will be OK don’t take tension. ”

Kavita: “Adarsh please.”

Adrash: “Kavi at least think about our baby.”

Shomi comes:”What baby? Kavi u r…”

Kavita: “Mom, it’s true.”

Shomi:”Don’t think about swara, for her u r hurting ur own baby. Kavita she is not ur real sister she is ur cousin. ”

Kavita (shouts):”?? ma how could u say like this.? She is my shona.”

Shomi:”but beta…”

Kavita: “? get out…”

Shomi: “kavi….”

Kavita: “I said leave mom. It’s all because of u. U forced me to marry in USA. If I was there I’ll save her.”

Adarsh:”calm down kavi. Think about our baby. Shomi aunty u please go.”

Shomi leaves in anger…:”blo*dy orphan ? because of her my grandson is suffering. I have to win this case.”

In Maheshwari mansion.

DP and AP r busy in talking.

AP:”thank u ji… To accept Swara. I mean we don’t know who is she?”


AP:”ya even swara herself doesn’t know her past.( AP tells him Everything.) But she is very good girl.”

DP thinks… (Hmm… That’s good she don’t know anything. If shomi and shekhar will come to know about it they will ask me money. )

AP:”ji where u lost… ”

DP:”Nothing, I’ll just come.”

Dp goes outside… Here Sanskar is becoming more and more mad for Swara. Swara is walking in the corridor and Sanskar takes her side.

Swara(angry?):”What the hell leave me?”

Sanskar: “No… I can’t. Swara please trust me at once.”

Swara:”Trust and u… Sanskar leave me.”

Sanskar cups her face:”Swara, I love u… Y r u not understanding it?”

Swara pushes him:”Enough ur drama. It’s not ur love. It’s ur lust. First shona, priya, Ragini and now me. What u said u want me for a night?”

Sanskar: “What rubbish r u talking about? How can u think like this?”

Swara:”ya Mr Maheshwari. I was stupid but after watching ur and nikhil’s CCTV footage I understood everything. This time u r losser Mr Maheshwari. ”

Sanskar: “Swara, what r saying I’m not getting it?”


Just then uttra comes…

Uttra:”Swara come we have to select dresses.”

Swara leaves with uttra.

Sanskar (thinks):”What is this yrr… I have to check about which footage she was talking?”

Sanskar leaves for office and the he sees the CCTV footage. He becomes shocked.

Sanskar: “What the hell? Who did this??( he checks all footage but no clue of priya and shyam) ohh shit?? I’ll not leave that bastared who had edited this footage.” He comes outside.

Priya:” Sir, what happened? Y u came so late?”

Sanskar: “Nothing… I’m not well today…”

Priya(thinks):”Sir is very much tense. Don’t know how much di will punish him?”

Sanskar: “Did anyone went inside the CCTV room, yesterday?”

Priya: “No sir. I don’t know.” she leaves.

Sanskar: “I have to find the culprit. But before that I have to get Swara’s love.”

Here DP come to meet the goons who kidnapped Swara.DP badly beats them.

DP(angry)?:”how dare u?? to touch my Swara. I told u that I need her.”

Guy2:”Sir I was saying him not to do this but he forced me.”

Guy1:”sorry sir, I loosed control. ”

DP again slaps him:”Shut ur mouth. U know na… Since the time I saw her pic I was mad for her and u firstly got arrested due to ur stupidity. And now u… Thus time I’m leaving u… Next time I won’t leave u. And no need to inform anything to Shomi and Shekhar. ”

DP comes back to Maheshwari mansion.

In the night.???⭐

All r in dining table.

Dp comes, looks towards Swara and thinks:”now, I have to execute my first plan.” He smirks.?

DP: “Offo, Swara u r my friend u should sit with me.”

Swara:”ok… “She sits with DP.

Sanskar continues to staring Swara but Swara ignores him.?.

Lucky:” ma, I’m saying that u, dad, uttra, Chacha and chachi ji r from my side and ragini is swara’s friend so…”

AP:”so what lakshaya.”

Lucky:”So shall we make Sanskar as Swara’s brother… ”

Sanskar spits the food: “what??”

Ragini giggles?

Lucky:”Ya, u and Ragini can become her family. ”

Sanskar: “I’m Swara’s friend. I’m not interested in it.huh??”

DP(stupid lucky is excited for his wedding):” Uttra beta, give my milkshake. ”

Uttra:”Wait, bade papa.” Uttra takes milkshake and gives to DP but DP pushes uttra and it falls on Swara. Sanskar comes towards swara.

Sanskar: “r u OK?”

Uttra:”I’m sorry.”

Swara:”it’s OK… I think I should change.”

Swara moves but her concentration is on to ignore Sanskar she slips on due to milk and falls on Sanskar. Cute eyelock between Swasan. Swara is just lost in his eyes. Sanskar gets the chance and kisses? on swara’s cheeks. DP watches this ?

DP( offo, what is happening): “Swara Sanskar get up.”

Swasan comes in sense. Swara directly goes inside the room.

Swara touches her cheek:”U can’t be that much weak, He is taking ur advantage. No… No… ”

Swara checks the Almera but all her clothes aren’t there?”

Knock knock. Swara opens the door.

DP:”woh, evening I came in room to search some files by mistake coffee poured on ur clothes so I gave them to washerman. And u can’t sleep in these clothes so uttra send this dress for u.”

Swara:”thanks, (Sanskar also comes ) OK I’ll try now uncle u can go.” She closes the door.

DP(in mind):” hahahah ?? . now u will wear this short dress and tonight. I’ll see ur beauty. Get ready Swara. ”

Sanskar(thinks):”tonight when all will sleep I’ll talk to Swara.”

Swara looks towards dress:”its too short. Y uttu gave this. What to do I can’t sleep in this wet dress. Let’s change and it’s about a night.”

She changes it. Top is shot showing her navel. And shots r exposing her thighs. Swara looks towards herself in mirror. She is getting flashes of herself in short school dress.

Swara:”I’m not feeling good in it.”

Ragini and Priya r talking.

Priya:”Di Sanskar got to know about footage. ”

Ragini: “what, did he said anything to u? R u OK priya.”

Priya:”Ya di, but u don’t trouble him more. He is very much hurt.”

Ragini: “I’m not villain priya. But I love Swara most I have seen her carving for Sanskar. And now it’s Sanskar turn.”

Priya:”ok, I trust u. U won’t do anything worng. di good night.”

Ragini: “Good night.”

Late night.???⭐

DP comes in Sanskar’s room. Where Swara is sleeping. DP looks at her lustfully.

DP:”OMG? how beautiful? I can’t wait further. Her smooth skin is attracting me. Milky waist, I want to eat u…” He moves closer to her and tries to touch her legs.

Just then he heard someone’s foots sound. He hides under the bed. Sanskar comes inside and sit besides Swara. He looks towards her.

Sanskar: “How peacefully she is sleeping? I’ll talk to her tomorrow.”

Under the bed.

DP: “Eeehhhh what is he doing here. Huh go now I want to spend sometime with swara.”

Sanskar: “Bye shona, I’ll come tomorrow.”

Sanskar kisses on her forehead. She smiles.??


She holds his hand. Sanskar tries to free his hand and she wakes up.

Swara:”What r u doing here??(she shout) get out…”

Sanskar closes her mouth with his hands she tries to free herself. And they falls on bed. Sanskar is on her.

Sanskar: “don’t shout Shona.”

Swara:”I’m not shona.”

Sanskar: “Yess u r. Whatever u saw in footage is worng. U know what u r my Shona. (He cups her face.) Sanku’s Shona.”

Swara:”This time I’ll not become fool. I know it’s ur another drama.”

DP: “shit yrr… What is happening??”

Swara:”Sanskar get out…”

Sanskar: “Please listen to me Swara.”
Swara:”I’ll not. u go.”

Sanskar: “please…”

Swara:”I said….” Before Swara could say further Sanskar captures her lips. And starts kissing her. He entangles his fingers with her. But kiss is still incomplete as Swara is not responding. He break the kiss.

Swara(angry)?:”How dare u to kiss me.”

DP:”kiss…??? he is trying to make my Swara dirty. I will not allow him to do that.”

Swara tries to free herself but Sanskar is very much strong.: “I’ll not leave u Sanskar.”

Sanskar: “then who said to leave. I also want that u don’t leave me. My Shona.” He winks ?

Swara:”I’m not ur Shona. I know Y u came here. I know my dress is short but don’t u try to touch me.”

Sanskar: “I said na ur Shona. Once look into my eyes. (He kisses on her cheeks.) Don’t u remember once u wore short dress to impress me.”


Sanskar: “U said Sanskar look at the surrounding it’s so nice… So romantic.. ? …and beautiful me ?..( Swara starts remembering the incident) .. Tell me na sanskar how I’m looking ….tell na sanskar… But I ignored u. U know then what u did?”

Swara(innocently):” what I did?”

Sanskar: “to make me feel jealous u went near two boys and starts talking to them.”

Swara losts in whatever he is saying: “then…”

Sanskar: “then, I burned in jealousy. U know Shona, that time I didn’t understood my love for u. But now.”

Swara: “now…”

Sanskar laid down besides Swara and takes her in his embrace.: “Now I love my Shona. U r my first and only love. I never loved anybody except my Shona.”

DP: “what is this?? this Sanskar deserves a punch.? stupid.”

Sanskar: “u know on that day. They came to kidnapped u but.”

Swara:”but, what happened Sanku. Did they took me.”

Sanskar feels happy listening Sanku from her mouth he slightly kiss her lips:”No, how can they ur Sanku saved u.”

Swara hugs Sanskar.

Sanskar: “Don’t u remember this Shona.”

Swara:”little bit.”

DP burns in anger???:”Oh, because of this Sanskar I didn’t got Swara, I thought that was lucky. Now also he is coming between us.? I’ll not leave him.”

Sanskar cares her hair. And Swara is getting so much relief in his arms. She looks in his eyes, that is filled with lots of love. Only love not lust. Sanskar cares her lips.

Sanskar: “U r an Angel who filled my life with love. Ur lips… Swara.”

He moves close to her. And the distance reduces and their lips meet. But this time Swara also participating in it. “I love u.” Sanskar says in between kisses. Swara losts herself in him. She is loosing her control and undoes his shirt. Sanskar stops her.

Sanskar: “Swara…”

Swara moves backwards.:”woh…”

Sanskar cups her face:”Shona, we will do it after marriage. But this time please try to recall ur past. Ur love for me. U know after forgetting everything u haven’t able erase me from ur heart.”

Swara touches his cheeks:”Sanku… U like rasgullas.”

Sanskar becomes happy:”Ya Shona… Like this try to remember everything. My Shona u know ur Sanku loves u a lot.”

DP:”what the hell?? This Sanskar is too much I’ll kill him. Before they would do anything I have to stop this Sanskar from making my Swara dirty.”

DP text Sanskar. Sanskar phone beeps.

“Sanskar beta where r u? I came in ur room. Actually I need some help.”

Sanskar: “Shona, who bade papa is calling me u sleep.”

Swara nodes yes. Sanskar makes her sleep.? when Sanskar enter in his room he doesn’t find DP. Then DP text him.

“Beta I did that work my self but if I need u I’ll call u.”

When Swara slept. DP comes out.

DP:”this Sanskar…? how dare he to love u. Swara u r my property. He deserves bug punishment ie., ur hate. U started believing him but Now just see what I’ll do. He smirks.??

Next morning??

Swara wakes up and reminds last night incident.

Swara:”What I did? But is Sanskar is innocent don’t know my heart says he is not bad. Last night he have chance but he didn’t touched me. Am I did worng?”

Knock knock. Swara wraps herself in bed sheet. Swara opens the door.

DP: “Swara, today we kept Pooja please wear this sari.”

Swara:”ok, u go uncle I mean duggu.”

She closed the door.

Here DP immediately goes inside the room. And opens the laptop. And sees the footage of bathroom.

Swara enters in the bathroom.

DP:”come on fast swara.?”

Swara looks towards her lips through mirror.: “every time u kisses me Sanskar I feels something good. The way u says u loved me, I love u Sanku.”

DP:”Sanku, sanku.?? I’ll not leave u.( Swara is about to remove her tip but her eyes falls on camera’s reflection.) Now the game begin.”

Swara:”who did this?( Then she finds sanskar’s shirt buttons.) It’s sanskar’s button. Last night I saw. It means Sanskar.”

She comes out. Sanskar is also there.

Sanskar:”good Morning Shona.”

Swara grabs his collar:”Haw dare u?”?

Sanskar: “What I did Shona? U started believing me.”

Swara:”Mr Maheshwari u tried to make me fool. (She places camera in his hand.) This is ur flop plan. I thought I was worng but no, U want to see me like this… Chii…”

Sanskar: “Shona trust me I didn’t did this. Trust me.”

Swara:”Sanskar leave. Else I’ll call the everyone. ”


DP comes:”what is happening? Swara u r not ready come fast. Sanskar U also come I have some work…”

DP takes Sanskar with him.

DP(thinks):”Sanskar beta this is just a trailer. Main picture is left.”

Sanskar(thinks):”who is this yrr… Trying to separate me and shona. I have to find it.”

Swara cries in room:”Sanskar Y u did this? The more I love u. The more u hurt me.?”

After sometime Swara comes down in sari.

DP:”Swara beta come here.”

Pooja starts. Sanskar tires many time to talk Swara but she isn’t ready to listen him.? DP smiles seeing this.

AP:”Now let’s do arti.”

DP, Sanskar and lucky r standing behind Swara. When all closed their eyes DP gets the chance and opens the back Dori of Swara’s blouse. And immediately closes his eyes. Swara turns back. Sanskar feels burning sensation in his cheeks.?

Swara:”How dare u Mr Maheshwari? What do u think if u will do such cheap this will girl I’ll be quite the u r mistaken. ”

Sujju:”What u did Sanskar? ”

Swara:”He tries to open…” She cries all understands.

Sujju:”Ohh my Ram ji. See what Sanskar is doing. ( she grabs Sanskar’s collar.) Y Sanskar? U spoiled my name. U even didn’t think. It’s Temple.”

Ram:”Sujju quite. Swara u r mistaken Sanskar can’t do this.”

Swara:”no uncle he did this? Morning he placed camera in my bathroom. Now I’ll not live in his room.”

Ram:”Please Swara trust me. Sanskar beta u tell na truth.”

Sanskar: “No papa. If Swara says I did this then I did this. Yess I did this cheap this thing.”

Lucky:”Shut up Sanskar. I know u. Swara actually while doing prayer by mistakenly my hand fell on ur back and this happened. My bro is innocent.”

Sujata:”hawwwwwwww? lux how cheap r u? Huh? ? because of u Swara is blaming my son.”

Sanskar: “mom please, and bhai, don’t need to defend me. As Swara said I did this.” He leaves.

Lucky:”Swara, trust me my bro can’t do this.”

Swara:”I don’t know anything.” She leaves.

Ragini:”What is this? I know Sanskar can’t do this. And lucky is trying to defend Sanskar. Then who is Sanskar’s new enemy. “

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