swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 35)

Episode 35

Swara wakes up. She looks towards sanskar.

Swara:”There is something, that attracts me towards him. As if I have waited for him a long. Now I’m addicted to him. U became my habit…”

Sanskar: “Y u love me so much Swara.”

Swara:”I don’t know Sanskar ji.”

Sanskar: “From now onwards u will not call me Sanskar ji…”

Swara:”Then what to call?”

Sanskar: “Call me Sanku.?( swara lost somewhere listening sanku) what happened”

Swara:”nothing sanku ji….????”

Sanskar more tightly hugs her and places his hand on her waist. Swara is feeling butterflies in her stomach. Swara blushes… ☺?

Sanskar: “now Say it agin… ”

Swara:”wo… I’m sorry (swara starts tickling him) sanku ji… Hahahahaahahahahah???”

She runs…

Sanskar: “Swara stop… I said stop…”

Swara:”No no sanku ji… Hahahahaahahahahah ”

Sanskar falls down: “aww my leg (he starts crying.) It’s paining.”

Swara comes towards him.:”what happened Sanskar ji. Let me see where it hu…”

Sanskar kisses her. ?:”Swara if u again used ji after my name I’ll again kiss u.”

Swara:”ok but what’s the problem.? ”

Sanskar: “offo it’s like Parle ji… I mean I’m not a biscuit. What our child think after listening this name.?”


Sanskar: “Ya… After marriage… I want 10 child”

Swara blushes and hugs him:”I’m feeling shy Sanskar”

Sanskar: “Swara today, I’ll talk to mom about our marriage. Then U and me…”

Swara:”Sanskar we r getting late… (She is about to move but sanskar holds her hand)

Sanskar: “U r forgetting something. ”

He moves closer to kiss her.

“Knock knock. ”

Lucky:”Swara… Open the door.”

Swara:”lucky I’m coming… U go.”

Lucky: “OK, but come fast I have surprise for u.” He leaves.

Swara:”Sanskar u go before anyone come. ”

Sanskar: “but swara…”

Swara:”It’s already late. Please?”

Sanskar: “OK now I’m going but I’ll not leave u in the office.” He winks? and leaves.

….. In priya’s house.

Ragini: “Priya he is shyam. I have told him everything.”

Priya: “OK, di.”

Ragini: “Shyam this is 10 thousand. And remaining I’ll give u after work. And I don’t want any mistake.”

Shyam:”Ok mam. U don’t worry. I’ll not disappoint u.”

Ragini: “Priya be careful.(she hugs her.) Bye”

Priya and Shyam leaves.

…. In hoogly kavita comes and hugs shomi

Kavita (cries?):”Ma my shona, Y u lied?”

Shomi:”Sorry beta?… But what to do?”

Kavita: “I’ll not leave that ragini and Sahil.”

Shekhar:”No beta…”

Adarsh:”Y papa? They killed our shona.”

Shekhar:”Ragini and Sahil is very clever. Even they fooled Mr Roy. Now we have to win this case. Then only our shona will get peace. ”

Kavita: “I’m with u papa. I’ll not leave anyone who harmed my sister.”

In Maheshwari mansion.

Lucky:”Come swara see what I bought for u.”

Swara:”wao chocolate?. I love it.”

Lucky:”that’s why I bring it.”

Sanskar (huh? chipku… Trying to impress my Shona but who will tell this stupid she loves me haha ?. Today I’ll also talk about it to mom.): “Bhai what u bought for me.”

Lucky:”? this lock. U need this so that no one stole ur books… Hahahahaahahahahah???? bookworm.”

Sanskar: “haha ? poor joke. Swara come we r getting late.”

Lucky:”Swara please come soon.”

Sanskar: “Today we have lot of work in office. Come swara.”

Swasan leaves.

In the office.

Priya: “Shyam this is our office and that is Sanskar’s Cabin. Now u know what u have to do.”

Shaym:”U don’t worry. I’ll do everything perfectly.”

Sanskar: “What u will do perfectly? And priya who is he? ”

Priya:”Woh sir he is my cousin. He need to prepare a report on office management. So sir… Sorry sir I didn’t asked u.”

Sanskar: “No worries. So Shyam do ur work but don’t trouble anyone.”

Shaym:”U don’t worry sir I’ll not disappoint u.”?

Sanskar: “OK swara u come.”

In sanskar’s cabin. Swara is busy in doing her work.

Sanskar: “Swara u r forgetting something.”

Swara:”What sir? (I know he wants kiss. But not so soon?.) Oh sorry I forgot this report. ” she starts doing her work

Sanskar (offo this girl is not understanding anything.): “No, what u left in morning.”

Swara:”What I forget. Hmm?(haha OMG his puppy face.) Oh I forget to say bye to uttra.”

Sanskar: “no… Yrr”

Outside the office. Nikhil comes.

Priya:”Hello Nikhil… ”

Nikhil:”Hi, priya dear…”

Priya:”I want to ask u something. ”

Nikhil:”ok ask.”

Priya:”What happened between sir and Swara. I mean what swara said.”

Nikhil: “Oh, even I don’t know…”

Priya:”I think. Swara said yes. I mean she was happy since morning. I think u should congratulate sir.”

Nikhil:”that’s great. I’m going. ”

Priya:”But please spend at least half hour with sir. Actually I have to submit report but it’s still left. So keep him busy.”

Nikhil:”Anything for u dear.” He leaves.

Priya:”Sorry nikhil. I lied. But I hope you will understand me.”

Inside the cabin.

Sanskar: “Offo swara I want ki….”

Nikhil: “Sanky I need to talk u.”

Swara:”excuse me.( she moves towards the door and turns back. And winks ?? looking towards sanskar) ” she leaves.

Nikhil hugs him:”Congrats bro. Finally she said yess. Tell me the marriage date.”

Sanskar:”No yrr. Actually… (He tells him exactly what happened in whole day.) And in Temple I saw ragini. I think it was just illusion. ”

Nikhil:”And what if she is here. Then?”

Sanskar: “I know swara won’t believe her. She loves me a lot. Today I’ll talk to mom about us.”

Nikhil:”What if aunty say no?”

Sanskar: “I know her weakness. My dad. I told her that Swara starts remembering her past. So if she tells about accident to her family, they will send Dad behind the bar. And before that if I’ll marrry her they won’t able to do anything.”

Nikhil:”great bro. In Swara’s company u became smart.”

Sanskar: “she is just amazing. Ok u go now I want to spend sometime with her.”

Nikhil:”offo only swara… I’m feeling as if I’m not exist in ur life.”

They continues their talk.

After half an hour Nikhil leaves. Sanskar calls Swara. And swara goes inside.

Priya: “Shyam. R u ready?”

Shyam:”Ya… ”

Inside the cabin.

Sanskar: “Swara come here see what u have did?”

Swara:”Where sir.?”

Sanskar pulls her and she lands on his lap.:”U became very clever day by day.”

Swara:”Sir… It’s office what if anyone come.”

Sanskar: “Don’t worry I’m with my future wife. Now give me what I deserve?”

Swara:”I’m not getting sir what u want. I have to do lots of work… Don’t tease me.”

Sanskar: “Offo, am I teasing u?(swara nodes yes.) OK I’ll teach u what is teasing.” He starts opening his shirt.

Swara?:”what r u doing sir? What if?”

Sanskar: “Last night someone is ready but now see how innocently they r behaving?”

Swara:”Who sir?”

Sanskar places her locks behind the ears:”A girl. Who stole my heart?. (He takes her hand and places it in his chest) see it’s only ranting her name?. Swara SWARA…. Her beautiful eyes. (He cares her lips with his thumb.) Her red lips making me crazy… I just want to feel it. ” he moves closer to her and sweetly kisses her. Her hands automatically clutching his shirt.

Sanskar: “u r so tempting Swara.”

Swara:”Sir I think we should… ”

Sanskar: “we should what Swara.”

Swara is feeling very shy:”Sanskar… Don’t look at me like this. I feels something. ”

Sanskar:”What u feel.”

Swara hugs him:”I don’t know.”

Sanskar cares her hair:”Swara after our marriage. U don’t leave office. We will daily come office together. ”

Swara playing with his shirt button: “Y?”

Sanskar: “So that we will get more time for romance.”

Swara hits in his chest:”Sanskar u r too much.”

Sanskar hubs her:”My sweetu always be like this.”

Swara:”Always. ” their beautiful moment is broken by a knock. Swasan show themselves busy in work.

Priya:”Sir woh… I have completed the report. Of DP’s sir project. And Mr mehra came to meet u.”

Sanskar:”ok send him in the cabin.”

Priya leaves.

Sanskar: “Swara, this work is important. Please”

Swara:”no worry Sanskar. I can understand. ” she leaves.

It has been more than 4 hour. Finally Sanskar finished his work. He calls swara

Sanskar: “offo where is she?”

He comes outside.

Sanskar: “Namesh, Vijay where is Swara?”

Namesh:”sir she left for home.”

Sanskar(alone but she never.):”OK u carry on.”

Just then Priya comes.

Sanskar: “Where were u priya?”

Priya:”Woh sir… Shyam went home and forget to take keys so I… Sorry sir.”

Sanskar: “OK… ” he leaves for home.

Sanskar checks his phone (thinks):” it’s weird Swara went without informing me. She didn’t text me. Don’t worry Swara I’ll not leave u now.”

In Maheshwari mansion everyone sitting in the hall with tense face Sanskar comes. And sees their their tense face.

Sanskar: “Badi ma what happened?”

Lucky:”sßsßssh Sanky we all r tense. And u?”

Sanskar: “But what happened and where is Swara?”

Just then Swara comes out. She looks towards Sanskar.

Swara:”I’m ready.”

Lucky jumps in happiness: “Yeppiiiii she is ready. (He hugs Sanskar.) I’m so happy”

Sanskar: “ready for what Bhai.”


Sanskar(offo so swara herself told everything. So sweet):” with whom Bhai?”

Lucky:”with me stupid.”

AP:”I’m very lucky to have Swara as my DIL.”

Sanskar is just became statue.? What he heard swara… And lucky. No this can’t be true. He looks towards swara.

Swara:”lucky, I think we should go for shopping. ”

Lucky:”sure… My future wife.”

Sanskar isn’t in the state to react. Swara leaves for room. What happened to her, just 4 hour ago they were dreaming their future together but now she said she wants to marry lucky.Y? Sanskar thoughts breaks when lucky feeds him sweet.

Lucky:”sanky I’m very happy to get my love. I’m very lucky like my name. Now I have to leave for my first date. ”

Sanskar (thinks): “I have to talk to Swara” he goes towards her room. Swara is combing her hair.

Sanskar: “What is this Swara? This marriage.”

Swara:”Sanskar don’t disturb me. I’m want to look beautiful for my date. ”

Sanskar holds her arms tightly: “Answer me Swara… We decided we both… Now this…”

Swara:”leave my hand Sanskar. It’s paining. I’m going to marry lucky don’t disturb me. Leave my way lucky is waiting for me.”

Sanskar: “please, Swara. I know u r joking. It’s a lie… I know u love me. ”

Swara jerks him:”? I’m not a lair like u Mr Sanskar Maheshwari. U r a lair.”

Sanskar: “What r u talking about swara?”

Swara:”I heard everything. U lied to me. U played with my feelings. When u took ragini’s name I thought it’s just by mistake. Now I know everything. Leave me. I hate u… Sanskar. ”

Sanskar: “I’m sorry Swara. I don’t want to loose u that’s why I lied.”

Swara:”No u did this because u r selfish. Now there is nothing left. Now I won’t allow you to play with my feelings. I’m done with u.”

Sanskar sits on his knees and holds her hand.:”I’m sorry Swara?. Please? don’t do this. I’ll die without u…”

Swara:”again a lie. Huh?. If u want then die, but now ur any drama won’t affect me.” She leaves.

Sanskar cries a lot. ?:”No sanskar U can’t let her go. I know she loves me a lot. She is just angry. I’ll bring u back. It’s my promise Swara. ”

Sanskar also goes behind Swara and lucky.

They go inside the cafe. And sanskar looks towards them from far. It is hurting him looking them together. He keeps following them but here also his bad luck he missed the way. He is crying sitting in the side of road ?. Just then he feels a hand. He turns.

Sanskar: “Ragini u r here?”

Ragini: “What happened Y r u crying now? U get Swara”

Sanskar: “My Swara… She is not talking to me.(He hugs her and cries a lot.) I can’t live without her. She loves me then Y this? It’s paining ragini a lot. I want my swara”

Ragini( now u know sanskar how much it hurts but it’s just beginning): “Sanskar keeps clam. Yesterday I saw u with swara in Temple u both were happy. I thought to meet swara. But seeing u both happy I left. But Y r u crying like a girl.”

Sanskar tells her everything: “what I’ll do? She is my everything. Her rudeness hurting me?.”

Ragini (in just one hour seeing her rudeness u r crying like hell. It’s hurting u but did u think what Swara suffered in those years):” Sanskar I’ll help u.”

Sanskar: “really? thanks a lot. I thought u will take my swara away from me. But ragini u r Angel for me.”

Ragini wipes his tears:”Swara loves u na. I want her happiness. I’ll come with u then I’ll talk to her she will definitely come back to u.”

Sanskar holds her hand:”then come I can’t handle the separation from her. Even each second is like a era.”

Ragini (take me to ur home Sanskar. So that I’ll do my work.??):” wait sanky. I have to take my luggage from hotel.”

They leave for hotel.

Sanskar: “Ragini do it fast.”

Ragini: “I’m doing na… U don’t worry I’ll handle everything. Trust me. See it’s done.”

Sanskar: “come let’s move.( But door is locked.) What is this open the door. Ragini where is key.”

Ragini: “wait na I’m searching. And no benefit for beating the door it’s sound proof.( Sanky I’m enjoying ur helplessness… More i dealy more u cry. ) I’ll call to room service.”

Sanskar: “do it na. I want my Shona please di it fast. ” sanskar is becoming more and more restless. After sometime.

Ragini: “finally I got the key.” And then soon Ragini and Sanskar comes to home.

AP:”Sanskar who is She?”

Ragini: “I’m swara’s friend. Woh today I saw swara so sanskar bring me here.”

Lucky:”oh hello ragini ji. But I think Sanskar I have seen her somewhere… ”

Sanskar: “Bhai, don’t tease her. She wants to talk swara.”

Lucky:”ok, u take her to guest room she will live here till my and swara’s wedding. Ragini ji u met swara tomorrow actually this time she is sleeping… And I also want to talk u about her past life… Her liking disliking… Everything.”

Sanskar (what is his problem?):”Bhai she is tired she need rest…”

Sanskar takes ragini to a room.

Sanskar: “Don’t tell Bhai about her past. Say that she is Orphan. I don’t want her fake parents would come here to harm her again.”

Ragini: “OK, Sanskar I’ll say as u said. Now u should leave.”

Sanskar leaves to meet Swara.

Sanskar: “Swara… Open the door.”

Uttar opens the door :”Bhai, do ur office work by yourself. This is swara’s resignation letter. She is sleeping now. I’m with her as she is not feeling well now u go.”

Uttra closes the door.

Sanskar: “Y r u doing this Swara I’m dying… ? I love u a lot. Please come back to ur sanku… (He wipes his tears). Tomorrow Ragini will said everything to shona then me and my shona… Happy.”

Here DP is angry on AP

DP:”What is this Anapurna? U didn’t informed me that lucky said no for Manshi and now he is marrying with Swara. And who is this Swara?”

AP:”Ji I’m sorry. Actually ji… Lucky loves her a lot. Please try to understand. ”
DP:”I don’t want to listen anything. “??? he disconnects the call.

DP(thinks):” I can’t lose the Mehra’s deal. And I want our relation strong and this deal is very helpful for our business. Now only Sanskar can help me.”

In nikhil’s house.
Here Sanskar is crying like a little boy????:”U know Nikhil. She is trying to be hard but I know she only loves her Sanku.”

Nikhil: “Yrr I told u na, u should tell her the truth but u.”

Sanskar: “if I didn’t get her I’ll leave everything… My business, family everything.”

Nikhil: “R u stupid Sanky? Ragini said na she will talk to Swara. Then Y r u crying. Stop now. U should sleep.”

Sanskar: “I can’t…(DP calls him. He wipes his tears) yes bade papa.”

DP:”Don’t call me that. U r not my son.”

Sanskar: “What happened Bade papa Y r u talking like this?”

DP:”U didn’t tell me that lucky is marrying some girl swara. He said no for Manshi. Now I’m coming tomorrow I can’t let this marriage to be happen.”

Sanskar (happy):”sorry bade papa. Lucky Bhai didn’t listen to me… U Come soon bade papa.”

DP:”Ok, Sanskar… Now swara and Lucky’s marriage shouldn’t be happen. I’m his father and he have to follow my orders. ” he disconnects the call.

Nikhil:”Now happy na. DP uncle is also with u. Now sleep.”

Sanskar: “yesssssss my bade papa is very good. See now how I’ll marry my Shona. ”

He sleeps.???

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