swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 34)


Episode 34

Swasan r in Temple.. ?

Sanskar: “swara I want to say something to u.”

Swara:”what Sanskar ji…”

Sanskar: “Swara I love u… I love u a lot… I love more than I love shona…”

Swara(blushes☺?):”Really Sanskar ji…”

Sanskar cups her face:”Ya Swara. Now u r my life. Do u love me Swara? (She nodes yes) No Swara just say it. I want to hear those words from ur mouth. I want to see the movements of ur beautiful lips while saying those words. Say na shona…”

Swara:” I love u Sanskar. U r my everything.”

Sanskar moves to kiss? her she closes her eyes.. But..

Man(shouts):”She is my wife. (Swasan shocked to see the person). She is my wife…”

Swara holds Sanskar’s hand tightly:”I don’t know u. I only love Sanskar ji. He is my life…”

Man?:”Shut up… Swara”

He holds her hand and drags her…

Swara:” No I don’t want to go…. Sanskar ji save me…?”

Swara wakes up. See see Sanskar is peacefully sleeping in her laps… ?. Thinking about the dream she cries and Sanskar wakes up listening her sobbing sounds… He cups her face.

Sanskar: “What happened Swara? Y r u crying?”

She hugs him:”Sanskar ji I can’t live without u. He is taking me away from u. I’ll die without u.”

Sanskar: “Who?”

Swara:”My husband… ”

Sanskar (when did she married?):”U r not married Swara. I can’t understand anything. ”

Swara:”woh… Sanskar ji I saw a dream…(she narrates him the whole dream. ) Sanskar ji I’m only yours. Don’t leave me.?”

Sanskar: “Offo my cutiepie?. No one can snatch my sweetu from me. Because I know my sweetu loves me a lot.”

Swara:”But… ”

Sanskar: “sßsßssh swara ( he hugs her) it’s too late now sleep. Hug me tightly so that u will see beautiful dreams about me?. ”

Swara:”Don’t cheat me Sanskar ji. Now u r becoming my everything.”

She sleeps..

Sanskar(thinks):”Don’t know Swara whether u will forgive me or not after knowing the truth. But before that I’ll marry u and make u mine forever. So that no one can separate us. (He hugs her more tightly). Sorry for hiding the truth but I can’t loose u moreover this truth will hurt u.”

He too sleeps..

Next day…?

Swara wakes up and find herself in Sanskar’s arms. She smiles.

Swara:”Sanskar ji is looking too cute while sleeping. Now I’m very happy this cutiepie is mine forever.( she kisses on his cheek?) Good morning Sanskar ji.”

Sanskar while closing his eyes: “Shona…?”

Swara feels bad ?:”Still shona is in his thoughts… Sanskar ji I’ll love u more than Shona”

Sanskar: “Really…? Swara”

Swara?:”Sanskar ji u r awake…”

“Knock knock….”

Uttra:”Swara open the door…”

Swara(afraid?):”Sanskar ji leave me. (She tries to move but Sanskar hugs her more tightly)please ”

Sanskar: “I want my Good morning kissi?.”

Swara:”I have already gave u. Now let me go…”

But Sanskar is Asanskari?.

Sanskar: “one more…” Swara nodes no.

Uttra:”Offo Swara open the door yrr… It’s new year and ur sleeping?. Get up fast….”

Uttra continuously knocking the door… Poor Swara kisses on his cheeks.

Swara:”now OK Sanskar ji, let me go.”

Sanskar: “I’m not a little boy. I want lip kiss.”

Swara:”But Sanskar ji, ?”

Sanskar: “I’m very stubborn??”

So at last swara kiss ?him. She gives him sweet kissi but sanskar rolled over her and passionately kissing her?. She tries to break the kiss but still Sanskar is not satisfied?. Uttra continues to knock the door but sanskar is Sanskar.

Uttra:”offo… Sleepy girl bye Swara. I’m going now huh?”

Sanskar breaks the kiss?

Swara:”See Sanskar ji uttra went. What she will think?”

Sanskar: “Leave her na Swara I’m here concentrate on me?. Now promise me.”

Swara:”What promise Sanskar ji.”

Sanskar: “Every morning u have to give me this good morning kissi?.”

Swara blushes and hugs him:”I can do anything for u Sanskar ji.”

Sanskar: “Be with me Swara don’t leave me. Today I want to spend my full day with my sweetu?.(he kiss on her forehead) bye Swara.”

He leaves… Swara starts dancing.: “yeppiiiii?

…..in priya’s house

Knock knock. Priya opens the door with smile?:”Di….(but he is nikhil) oh nikhil u.”

Nikhil: “Happy New Year dear?. Sorry for being so late but see what I bought for u.”

Priya: “It’s OK but what happened to ur dress.”

Nikhil:”A stupid bike rider spoiled ?my new dress. Can I use ur bathroom?”

Priya: “yes( nikhil gives bouquet to priya and leaves to bathroom. After sometime Sanskar calls him and priya lifts the call)

Sanskar:” Oh hero is everything ready? Today I’ll propose my shona. So I want everything perfect. Ok after that I will marry her. Oye what happened? Y r u quite?”

Priya in sad tone?:”Sir it’s me priya.”

Sanskar: “Where is nikhil?

Priya:” Sir he is in the washroom.”

Sanskar:”Ok, then”

Priya:”Sir all the best. U both look great together. ”

Sanskar: “thanks.” Sanskar disconnects the call.

Priya: “How happy is he, but Y di wants to separate them. I’ll request her not to do anything.”

Nikhil: “Where r u lost dear?”

Priya:”nothing Nikhil. Woh Sanskar sir called u.”

Nikhil: “Oh, now I have to go. Else he will kill me. But priya can u come with me at 7pm. I mean to celebrate new year ( today I’ll propose u dear?)

Priya:” sorry I can’t actually my di is coming so… (Nikhil I’m sorry but my heart broken, I need some time?)”

Nikhil:”shit but tomorrow u have to come OK. Bye priya” he leaves.

….. In Maheshwari mansion.

Uttra comes in swara’s room.

Uttra:”Hello swara. Happy New Year sleepy girl.”

Swara:”U to uttra. Sorry for morning. ”

Uttra:”Offo no sorry. I want something from u.”

Swara:”What can I do for u?”

Uttra:”Promise me u won’t disagree. ( swara nodes yess). It’s NEW YEAR so Rajat wants me to take out but u know na mom and Bhai they won’t agree. So can u come with me.”


Uttra:”Offo swara I’ll tell Bhai and Mom that we both r going out to celebrate new year. Ok na… Please swara.”

Swara(thinks):”? what is this I have to go with Sanskar ji. What to do?”

Uttra:”I’m begging u Swara for my love say yes”

Swara:”ok uttra?.”

Uttra hugs her:”Thanks a lot Swara.”

Swara(in mind):”I’m sorry Sanskar ji. I can’t come with u.?”

Sanskar hears all this… “My shona is very innocent and this uttra?. Huh” he calls Rajat.

In priya’s house…..

Priya:”Di Sanskar sir really loves Swara a lot.”

Ragini: “I don’t know anything. He hurt my Swara a lot( Ragini tells her everything). He have to suffer for each pain that He gave to Swara. Help me priya.”

Priya:”Ok di… Today Sanskar is planning to propose her ( She tells her about morning conversation.) ”

Ragini: “I have a plan. ( ragini tells her the plan)”

Priya: “But Di how can I lie? I mean… It’s worng.”

Ragini: “Just do it. If I’ll directly say truth to Swara, she will not believe me. This time she is mad in his love, but it’s necessary for my Shona.”

… Here Sanskar is ready to take swara.

Sanskar: “Come Swara…”

Uttra:”Bhai, where? ”

Sanskar: “For NEW YEAR party in office.”

Uttra:”Actually Bhai Swara is celebrating new year with me.”

Sanskar stares Swara. Swara bows down her head?:”Actually uttra, it’s fine. I can go with priya. It’s a big party and there is also a couple dance. I thought Swara and me… No problem lots of girls is ready for making me their partner.”

Swara:”Nooooooooo… Sir it’s important party how can I miss it. I’ll come.”

Uttra:”But Swara…”

Sanskar:”Ok come fast…” He leaves

Uttra:”What is this Swara?”?

Swara:”Actually Rajat will also come in party to so…”

Uttra:”Oh but he didn’t tell me about party.( Just then Rajat text her. She becomes sad). Rajat told me that he can’t come. Swara u come I’ll make u ready.”

Swara wears the dress gifted by Sanskar. Uttra makes her ready… Swara gets flashes a girl is making her ready. It’s ragini still she doesn’t get her view properly…

Uttra:”Where u lost Swara?”

Swara:”Nothing… I just… Now I have to go.” She comes down.

Sanskar: “wao?. How beautiful is she?”

Swara:”Sanskar ji…”

Sanskar: “come swara.”

He takes her out. Swara is still thinking about the girl… Who was that girl? Now I’m afraid. I’m moving on without knowing my past. ( she looks towards sanskar). Don’t know how can I live without him. I don’t want that I’ll remember anything now Sanskar ji is my life.

Sanskar: “Where is my sweetu lost?”

Swara:”Nothing Sanskar ji… Just thinking about u. Where r we going?” ?

Sanskar: “Here we come.”

Swasan enjoyed the full day. They watched movie. Did lots of shopping..

Swara:”Sanskar ji Y u take me here”

Sanskar: “Swara u know I always want to take ride on FERRIS WHEEL ??but… I’m afraid of height.”

Swara(smiles):”haha? sanskar ji u r behaving like little boy. If u feel afraid then hold me tightly OK.”

Sanskar smiles?(this is what I want).

Swasan takes rides and whenever they comes on top sanskar’s holds her tightly: “Aww save me swara I’ll fall down.”

Swara:”Relax Sanskar ji I’m with u. (She holds him tightly).

Sanskar kisses on her cheeks…? And when Swara looks towards him. He starts doing his acting?.

After taking ride…

Swara:”Sanskar ji, how’s it?”

Sanskar: “Awsome, if I’ll get kisses? then I’ll daily take a ride.”

Swara(blushes):”Sanskar ji it’s too late we need to leave.”

Sanskar: “Y so soon… Last thing is left.” Sanskar takes her in Temple. ?Swara fears thinking about her dream.

Swara:”Sanskar ji it’s crowded let’s go to home. I don’t want to go.”

Sanskar: “Don’t think about that dream. (He cups her face) Swara I’m reality. Come” they go inside.

Swara(pray):”? God ji give all happiness to my Sanskar ji. I don’t want my past I want my love, my Sanskar. But don’t know Y I’m feeling that something bad will happen. I’m getting my memory back but I don’t want it. I’m mean, selfish, but I can bear separation from him.”

Sanskar (pray):”God ji? I know my Shona is fearing. She is so stupid thinking that what if she would married but who will tell her that… Shona loves me a lot. Her love faced every problem, alone it’s filled with pain and wait. But I promise her that I’ll give her love for which she carved a long. Don’t know how u will react after knowing the truth. It will hurt her when she came to know about her Ford parents. Please don’t give her any pain.”

They come out.

Sanskar: “oh swara I forget to bring ‘parsad’ wait I’ll come.”

Swara:”don’t go I’m not feeling good.”

Sanskar (smile?):”No worry sweetu?. Ur husband will not come” he leaves. Swara keeps waiting for him.

Swara:”Where r u Sanskar ji?”

An old lady comes:”beti, ”

Swara gives her money??. :”Aunty ji give me ur blessings so that I’ll be happy with my love My Sanskar ji. “?

Old Lady:” leave him beti. He is a cheater. He is making u fool.”

Swara(angry?):”How dare u?”

Old Lady:”U r soo innocent beti. But soon u will realise this. Take care beti.”

She leaves.

Swara:”Who is she? Y she… That day that lady also… No no my Sanskar ji is not like that. But where is he?”

Sanskar: “Thinking about me.”

Swara turns and hugs him.:”I love u… Sanskar.”

Sanskar:”What happened sweetu?”

Swara:”Y u bring me here?”

Sanskar: “I’m going to take a big decision in my life. I need God’s blessings. Swara I want to confess my love before God. (He cups her face). Swara… I… I love…. I love ( just then he see Ragini in Temple). I love ragini.”

Swara: “Who is this Ragini?”

Sanskar: “woh? nothing. (What this ragini is doing her. Or it just my illusion but Y I’ll get illusion about her. ) swara come with me. ”

Swara(thinks):”Who is this Ragini? I think I’m familiar with this name. But Sanskar ji said…”

He takes her near a lake. They sit in the boat. ?It’s full moon night??. Sanskar is just starting swara but swara losts in her thoughts.

Sanskar: “Swara where R u lost? See there moon”?

Swara:”It’s beautiful.”

Sanskar: “U know my Sweetu is beautiful than this moon.”

Sanskar kiss ?on her hand.

Swara:”Sanskar ji Y r u kissing my hand.”

Sanskar: “these beautiful hand belongs to my love. And”

Swara(blushes?):”and …”

Sanskar kiss on her cheeks: “It’s her cheeks. (He sweetly kiss on her lips). Ur lips r so smooth, so sweet. Swara u make me soo mad. I never thought that this day will come in my life. My love.”

Swara:”Who is ur love Sanskar ji.”?

Sanskar: “look there”

She looks towards sky. ??? it’s written. I LOVE U SWARA.

Swara:”Wao Sanskar ji. It’s awsome?. I love it.”

Sanskar bends in his knees.:”Swara I fall for u. When? Where? How? I don’t know. Y only u I don’t know? Now I can even think my life without u. I love u SWARA. ”

Swara is in ninth cloud but no she just reminds someone is proposing her for marriage. He is Sahil…

Sanskar: “Will u marry me Swara? ”

Swara:”Sanskar ji…”

Sanskar hugs her.:”I know Swara u too love me.”

She pushes him:”No I don’t… Love…”

Sanskar: “What happened swara it’s me sanskar.”

Swara looks towards sanskar. She cries…?. She hugs him tightly.:”What is happening to me Sanskar ji. Please take me home.”

Sanskar:”What happened Swara?”

Swara:”please don’t ask anything take me home.(he tries to beak hug) please don’t separate me from u.”

Swasan returns home. Swara directly goes inside the home.

Sujata(what happened to her?? ):”Sanskar Y were u late?”

Sanskar: “Mom, due to traffic???. Now I’m feeling sleepy Bye.”

Sujata:”But dinner…” Since swara came he is going away from me.

Ram:”Sujata stop suspecting ur son. ”

Sujata:”but RAM ji.”

Ram:”sßsßssh, now come to room I have a surprise for my sujju.” They left.

AP:”How lucky r they. Their love is with them.”

Uttra:”No worry badi ma. Bade papa will soon come??.”

…… In priya’s house.

Ragini: “U know na What u have to do. Tomorrow I don’t want any mistake.”

Priya:”di I’ll do as u said. But di…”

Ragini: “I know what u want to say. Priya forget Sanskar… He doesn’t.”

Priya: “I know he doesn’t love me. And I accepted this. Di u don’t worry I’ll do everything as u said but Y didn’t u meet Swara.”

Ragini cries?:”After seeing her I just want to hug her. Swara is most important person in my life. But she isn’t my friend she is completely Sanskar’s Swara.”

Priya: “Di now I’m seriously jealous from swara. Y all loves her so much?”

Ragini: “Come dear I’ll tell u everything about my shona.”

They continue their conversation.


Swara cries:”Who was that guy. He proposed me. Did I said yess to him? Or he is my husband. No no swara. (She holds her head). Y God ji this is happening. I don’t want to remember anything. Before I remember everything I have to do something so that no one can separate me from Sanskar ji.

Sanskar comes inside the room to meet swara.

Sanskar: “Swara”

She immediately hugs him.:”I love u Sanskar. ”

Sanskar: “Y r u so much tense. I’m with u na…”

Swara:”Sanskar ji, Do u love me.?”

Sanskar: “yes Swara. I love a lot… ”

Swara:”Then love me.”

Sanskar: ” Offo Swara I said na I love u. (Then he realises…) What do u me… Swara.”

Swara:”Make me urs Sanskar ji. ” she starts kissing him and tries to open his shirt.

Sanskar holds her hand.: “did u again saw any bad dream.”

Swara tells him about what she remembered…:”Before anyone take me I want to be urs permanently. ”

Sanskar (this boy must be that Sahil? huh stupid fellow):”But Swara”

Swara:”I don’t know anything( she cries a lot.) I’ll die without u Sanskar ji. Please… ”

Sanskar: “OK.”

Swara becomes happy? and hus him.:”I LOVE soooooooooooo much.”

Sanskar: “but… We will do it tomorrow OK Swara.”

Swara:”Y? Sanskar ji.”

Sanskar: “I’m feeling sleepy now and tired also. Please swara.” She nodes yes. She sleeps in his arms…

Sanskar (thinks):”I said her for tomorrow. But how can I remove her insecurity… Tomorrow I have to think another excuse. (He kisses on her forehead) Swara I too want this but with ur willingness not in fear. Now firstly I’ll make mom ready for our marriage. (He takes takes ring?). Tomorrow I’ll give to my Shona… (He keeps it back on his pocket.) Soon I’ll make everything alright. Good night shona…”

He too sleeps…

Precap: Ragini’s plans to works…

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  1. Sweeta

    Excellent. ……many things happened in one episode. ……really loved it. ……bt why this ragini becoming a bone in Swasan love story. ….????? do one thing iss Ragini ko kahi holidays pa vaj sooo that we can get peace nd as so Swasan also…..???????????
    Waiting for nxt post

    1. NDSG

      Hahahahaahahahahah??? I can’t send ragini away from swasan… Don’t worry Sanky is here he will handle everything… Let’s see who will win sanskar or ragini

  2. Mica

    he said i love ragini ????? omg.. it’s yuuuucckkkkkk

    1. NDSG

      Sorry mica… ??But sanky will not repeat these words again????

  3. nice epi dr many things happening hope it doesnt seperate swasan

    1. NDSG

      Hope for the best dear?

  4. Brilliant…. Eagerly waiting for next episode

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      Thanks dear…?? I’ll try to next chappy soon

  5. Excellent dear……

    1. NDSG

      Thanks dear???

  6. awesome epi dr hope swasan doesnt get seperated

    1. NDSG

      Hope for the best… ????

  7. Swara was kiddo during school time, Sanskar was mature enough to take little bit wise decision thats y instead of falling in love he decided to make his carrier first
    So I dont find it wrong generally parents advise the same
    Yaa Swara suffered alot but we can’t blame it for Sanskar as its her fate as Sanku always thought right for her.
    Its just destiny and wats ragini have problem infact from the sanskar left she is like this

    1. NDSG

      Totaly agreed dear… But here Ragini is only thinking about Swara’s pain… She is not understanding sanskar’s POV…

  8. Soujanya


  9. Rejecting someone on the basis of your believe and your faith is well and good but not answering and letting a person have false hope is bad. That’s what sanskar did so I am angry on him. He never told her that he didn’t loved her it made her life miserable because she was hoping that he will come to him.

    1. NDSG

      Yup sanskar never said swara that he don’t love her… In some point he is also worng. He gave false hope to swara but he himself unaware of it…

  10. Vyshu10

    superb….i m scared for swasan. Everyone r trying to seperate them??

    1. NDSG

      All r villains in their life… Don’t know what turn will come in their life

    1. NDSG

      Thank you??☺?

  11. Swarna01

    Pls make dem mrd then jo karna hai karo. Dnt separate them again yaar.

    1. NDSG

      Marriage itni jaldi??????

    2. Maryum

      Awesome story i read full story in 5ow days just love it dear after reading this i feel that that Dubai wala boss is dp i dont now but i feel soon saying plz post soon ???

      1. NDSG

        Thanks dear….?? I’ll post soon…

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      Thanks dear

  13. Simi


    1. NDSG


  14. awesome..tc..

  15. Hahahaha Deepuuuuu… m still in shock… Sanskar said ” I love u Ra****”… Omgggg.. it’s heart break for me.. don’t use this sentence ever dear… !! I HATE THIS SENTENCE…
    sorry if u felt bad but now my state of mind saying something else… hahahah… Love the episode dear.. u write always long parts though i want more.. i just want to read it read it only read iit..urghh Thnk u.. update soon.. ;-*

    1. NDSG

      Sorry dear but I promise Sanskar will not repeat these words again…

      And me too felt bad while writing these words…

      And thanks dear???☺?

  16. Amazing part? and pls post next part soon ?

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      Ok I’ll post soon and thanks

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  18. Shreeyu

    It was nice ndsg ….. In a sense m with Ragini here… Don’t know whether m right or wrong but still m not finding Sanskar correct…. Well leave it post next soon and one more thing message me on fb from ur account wanna say something

    1. NDSG

      Okie dear … And I messaged u…?? and thanks dear????

  19. Bechari swara, she is dreaming that her husband is separating swasan,bt who will tell her that she is not married,even sanky also thinking,”when did she married”????
    And their date is very beautiful, romantic rides?? and boat ride???
    Bt everything was spoiled by Sahil memories ??
    Swara is very insecure, after all she gets her love with so much struggle even she doesn’t remember her past,but insecurity to banti h
    Bt ,i like sanky’s last dialog most
    ” I too want this but with your willingness not in fear” and he also think that he should make her mom ready for marriage instead of running
    This sanskar is very very very good son, and lover

    1. NDSG


      Sooooooooooooo big comment Bhawna sharma… Thanks a lot dear… U observed everything so clearly… Great ✌✌??????

  20. Shifa96


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      Thanks dear

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