swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 33)

Episode 33

It’s a rainy day…☔??

Swara:” so sweet rain.. “?

Swara peeps out from window to feel the rains.. The rains drops touches her cheeks..

Sanskar:” what r u doing swara..”

Listening sanskar’s voice she losts her balance and was about to fall out from window but sanskar holds her hand and pulled her back.. She lands on his chest..

Swara:” thanks sanskar ji.. I mean sir..”

Sanskar?:” u don’t have eyes.. What if u fell down? What were u doing? ”

Swara:” sorry? sir.. Woh I just wanted to drink rain water..”

Sanskar: ” Y? ?If u were feeling thirsty then U can take water from kitchen.. ”

Swara:” woh sir if u wish something by drinking rain water then ur wishes comes true.. ”

Sanskar: ” who told u this..”

Swara:” I uttra was saying this to someone (that someone is Rajat but I can’t tell this to sanskar ji)..”

Then a naughty idea comes in sanskar’s mind:” oh, I think I should give it a try..”

He stares at her rain droplets on her cheeks and moves closer to her..

Swara(nervous): ” sir what r u doing? If u want then U can drink rain droplets from outside.. ”

Sanskar: ” if I’ll go out then I’ll drench, and if I’ll try to drink it from window then I can fall down. So..”

Swara:” but sir..”

Sanskar: ” ? I’m the boss and boss is always right.. ”

She just nodes yess and sanskar kisses on her cheeks, and drinks all the rain droplets. She feels butterfly in her stomach. She clutches his shirt more tightly. He places his hand on her waist and she closes her eyes. Slowly slowly he drinks all drops and he moves towards her lips. But his bad luck..

Sujata?:” SANSKAR… ”

Sanskar turns back he becomes shocked to see his mom.. Swara too feels embarrassed.?

Suajta: ” what r u doing? ? I saw u !! How dare u.. Oh my RAM ji please come her.. Jiji.. Uttra see what sanskar is doing with this girl.. ”

Sanskar: ” mom listen. U r thinking worng.. ”

Sujata:” I know everything. U have an affair with swara.. That’s why u gave her job in ur office so that u can kiss her..(RAM and uttra also comes there) see RAM ji. Sanskar and this girl. Omg I can’t say..”

Ram:” offo relax sujata, let sanskar say something.. ”

Sanskar: “thanks dad, woh mom swara were peeping out from window and I came..”

Sujata: ” u came and started kissing her..”

Sanskar: ” mom please.. I called her and she was about to fall and I was just helping her.. But u ? ”

Ram:” sujju dear stop suspecting ur son. He is soo innocent. ”

Sujata:” but..”

Ram:” offo sujju, swara u tell is sanskar is right”

Swara:”yess uncle. Sir is right. And he wasn’t drinking rain water.. (Sanskar looks towards her?) I mean nothing Hehe?”

Sujata:” sorry beta ”

Sanskar gives dead look to swara?..

Swara:” sorry sir.. ” but he leaves without saying anything..

Just then someone calls swara.

Swara:” hello.. Whose This?”

Unkown: ” ”

Swara:” offo say something.. ”

Unkown: ” ”

Swara:” if u don’t want to talk then Y u called huh stupid people they have lots of money to spend..huh?” she disconnects the call..

Swasan sit in the car. ?

Swara:” sir seat belt.. ”

Sanskar calls uttra..

Uttra:” what happened Bhai..”

Sanskar: ” swara is facing problem in tieing seat belt help her.. ”

Swara feels bad? sanskar drives car without looking towards swara..

Swara (thinks):” swara u r stupid.. U made sanskar ji unhappy. This time he need love and u r giving him pain. I have to make him happy”

Sanskar (thinks):” offo my shona thinks that I’m angry in her but she doesn’t know, I very very happy seeing her like this when she thought how to make me happy.”

Swara:” sir.. How nice weather. Sweet rain.. See na..”

Sanskar?:” if I’ll see weather then who will drive.. Huh.? don’t disturb me ”

Swara:” sorry ?”

Sanskar ? smiles but hides seeing her..

In karma industry..

Namesh:” Vijay did u noticed something? ”

Vijay:” what?”

Namesh:” since, swara came in office sanskar sir is behaving weirdly.. ”

Vijay: ” ya, yesterday also when we were talking to her, he took her with him..”

Namesh:”u know what he took swara with him for meeting.. I mean what was the need to took her..”

Just then swasan came. Sanskar goes in his cabin..

Namesh:” hello swara”

Swara:” hello friends.. ”

Vijay:” swara u r looking beautiful.. Nice dress”

Swara(blushes?):” sanskar ji bought for me. But he is angry?”

Namesh: ” no worry u do good work then he will be happy.. ”

Swara:”? really .. Then I’ll do everything.. ”

Swara engages herself fully on work .

Priya listens everything: ” oh, so sanskar sir is angry oh her very good. She thought to take my place huh?”


Kavita: ” ma I’m coming here”

Shomi?:” Y kavita??”

Kavita: ” I want to meet shona, I don’t want to listen any of ur excuses.. ”

Shomi:” don’t come here..”

Kavita: ” but Y? Mom I’m coming we r in airport.. ”

Shomi: ” I said don’t come”

Kavita: ” I’ll?”

Shomi:” what will do ? Swara is dead she is no more..”

Kavita:” ma, stop ur nonsense u said she is with ragini.. ”

Shomi:” I’m right, she died due to ragini and sahil. Ragini kidnapped her and forced her to marry sahil so that they will get her property… And when she disagreed they killed her.. My shona.. That’s why I am saying u.. Don’t come they will kill u also..”

Kavita: ” shona..” And she faints.. Adarsh holds her..

Adarsh: ” kavi .. What happened.. ” he takes her to the hospital..

Here swara is busy in her work just to impress.. But she doesn’t know much about how to do it.. She takes helps from her collages..

Swara:” namesh help me please.. ”

Namesh:” swara u don’t know how to do it..”

Sanskar looks towards them(huh? they have no work except loitering around shona.. Now I have to find permanent solution)

Swara:” I know that much sanskar ji told me last night.. ”

Namesh:” what?? I mean what r u doing with him”

Swara:” woh, I live in his house..”


Swara:” because.. ”

Sanskar (shouts):” swara.. What is this I told u to do a simple work.. And u.. Did everything worng..”

Swara:” what work sir..”

Sanskar: ” shut ur mouth?. I know u spend ur full day on gossiping.. That’s why u did everything worng. Now- onwards u will work in my cabin.. Go it.”

Swara:” ok sir..”

Sanskar: ” then come inside.. ”

Swara again becomes sad?:” I’m good for nothing.. ”

Sanskar: ” where u lost.. Sit here and do ur work.. ( sorry shona but it’s necessary. I can’t see any boy around u.. U r mine only) make the report of these documents OK..”

Swara:” OK sir. ”

Sanskar (shouts):” priya.. Priya..(priya comes) what is this..”

Swara(thinks):” sanskar ji is very tense.. And it’s all because of me”?

Priya: ” but sir I thought ur new secretary will..”

Sanskar: ” just shut up.. U know this deal is very important and u.. It’s My bade papa’s project and I don’t want any excuses..”

Priya :” sorry sir.. I’ll do it now.. ”

Sanskar: ” uff bade papa is coming on Friday and I.. ”

He sits on chair and keeps his hand on her head..

Sanskar: ” swara get a cup of coffee ..”.

Swara leaves for getting coffee.. But her bad lucky no coffee powder..

Priya:” sorry swara, I think u r his new secretary so it’s job to care of his needs..”

Swara:” what will I do..”

Priya: ” go buy if from shop.. ”

Swara:” but it’s raining.. ”

Priya: ” OK then, stay here. Sanskar is already very much tense.. And u. Swara if u can’t do anything Y can’t u leave the job.. Anyways I’m going have to do ur work.. ” she leaves..

Swara:” it’s just a coffee. I can go. Sanskar ji I’ll prove I can anything for ur happiness. ” she leaves..

In hoogly..

Ragini: ” wao uncle we r getting close to the case. ”

Mr Roy: ” ya.. Hopefully in next two hearing my shona will get justice.. Ragini beta what about goons did they trouble u again.. ”

Ragini: ” no uncle I’m good.. U go I’ll take care of myself.. ”

Here sahil cries..

Sahil:” my shona.. I miss u a lot.. I know U r watching ur love from heaven..”

Kavya(thinks):” sahil.. She is in heaven but u r not her love.. Look at me na..” She cries and takes sahil’s hanky to wipe her tears ..

Sahil:” stop kavya.. Don’t use this hanky.. Actually my swara gave this to me. ??? where r u shona.. ”

Kavya:” move on sahil..”

Sahil:” what r u talking about.. I mean I love her.. I know she died but.. Who will hold my hand..”

Kavya:” me sahil.. (Sahil shocks )ya sahil.. I love u a lot( she hugs him) please.. When u cry it’s hurts me a lot.. Once look at my eyes .. I really love u” sahil becomes speechless..

Ragini sees all this :” finally she spoke. ?”

…. In Kolkata.. I has been more than half an hour.. Since swara left .

Sanskar: ” namesh, Vijay where is swara..”

Namesh:” sir we don’t know..”

Sanskar: ” ? r u blind where is she.. ”

Vijay: ” but sir.. ”

Sanskar: ” if I didn’t get swara within 15 minutes I’ll fired u all.. ? get it. Now go..”

Priya comes: ” what happened sanskar sir.”

Sanskar: ” don’t know where is swara..? Did u saw my swara.?”

Priya(my swara?):” ya Sir ”

Sanskar: “? where is she tell na priya..”

Priya:” she went to buy coffee.. U ordered her.. (before she could complete sanskar goes away..) What happened to him”

Namesh :” thank u priya u saved our job..”

Vijay:” I think sir loves swara”

Priya?:” what rubbish..?”

Namesh:” offo priya, leave him do ur work else his volcano will bust on U..”

All goes back to their work..

It’s raining outside.. Sanskar searches swara a lot..

Sanskar: ” shona where r u..? come back i promise I’ll not scold u.. ( he searches her a lots and it also raining heavily.. ) where is she I can’t afford loosing her again”

Just then his eyes falls on a girl who us struggling in crossing the road. And she is his swara.

Peep.. Peep..????????????????

Swara: ” wait I’m going.. ? too much car..” She crosses the road.. Unaware that a bike rider is coming towards her?. But sanskar saves her last moment.

Sanskar??:”R u out of ur mind swara..”

Swara cries?:”sorry sir.. Coffee packet fell down on road.. I’ll buy it again..”

Sanskar holds her arms tightly: ” who told u to to do this.. Do u have any idea what will I do if something happens to u.. ”

Swara: ” but sir coffee ”

Sanskar: “arey yrr I don’t want coffee.. ?. U know what u r the biggest stupid. Can’t u use ur brain.”

Swara holds her ears and cries?:” I’m sorry.. Sorry sir. U were angry so I thought to make u happy..? but I’m good for nothing. It’s all because of this rain I hate this rain.. Rain rain go away never ever come again.. I’m sorry..?. I’ll…”

Sanskar cups her face:” don’t cry..” He cares her cheeks…

Swara?:” but I..”

Sanskar: ” sßsßssh.. swara “he moves towards her and slowly kisses on her lips.. She widens her eyes in shocks.. He continues tasting her lips but she isn’t in the state of responding..

Sanskar:” I’m sorry….”

She hugged him. Tightly as she is feeling too shy facing him.. Rain also stopped..

Sanskar: ” swara what happened.. I’m sorry if u don’t like it. Then.. ”

Swara:”sanskar… (She hugs him more tightly) sanskar.. (Omg sanskar ji.. Kissed me.. What is this feeling.. ?)

Sanskar breaks the hug and holds her chin and lifts her chin:” someone is blushing. ”

Swara:” sanskar ji.. Please ” she starts sneezing..?

Sanskar: ” offo my swara caught cold..”

Swara feels happy “MY SWARA’?

Sanskar: ” it’s too cold let’s go for tea.. ”

Swara nodes yes.. She is feeling too shy..?

Sanskar while driving: ” swara I’m sorry”

Swara:” no sanskar ji I like kiss. Woh I mean it happened by mistake “?

Sanskar (smiles):” so u don’t like it..
. Then OK I’ll not repeat it again”

Swara:”no.. I mean yes. Woh.. Tea.. Stall came”

Sanskar: ” oh ” ( I know shona U loved it. It was our first kiss?)

Near tea stall..☕

Sanskar: ” u sit here I’ll get tea for u.. She makes best tea.. ”

Sanskar leaves swara. She looks outside she sees a boy playing in rain water.. ?

Sanskar: ” aunty ji two cup tea”

Meena:” OK sir..”

Swara sees little boy slipped in water and starts crying. She goes towards him and helps him..:” don’t cry little boy. ”

Boy looks towards her?:” swara Didi u.. ”

Swara:” how do u know me”

Chitti:” Didi I’m chitti u, helped me, u also stayed with us .. (He shouts) ma see swara Didi is alive..”

Meena looks towards swara and becomes happy she hugs her:” oh swara u don’t know how guilty I’m for my husband act. R u fine na. ”

Sanskar thinks:” who r they and how they know my shona” then he reminds once he called swara and chitti picked the call..

Swara can’t understand anything she goes towards sanskar:” sanskar ji who r they ? Sanskar ji do u know them..”

Sanskar becomes silent but meena recalls his name..

Meena:”u sanskar ? how dare u to come near her again? Swara he is the reason for all ur troubles u know what… He..”

Sanskar: ” swara come.. We r getting late.” He grab her hand and takes her inside the car..

Meena:” don’t go with him swara he will give you more pain.. ”

Sanskar: ” shut up.. She is mine ?? don’t u try to separate us.. She will not go with u.. ”

He sits inside the car and moves from there.. Swara is shocked to see all this she couldn’t understand anything..

Sanskar: ” swara trust me.. That lady..”

Swara:” I want to go home..”

Sanskar: ” swara..”

Swara:” sanskar please.. Don’t argu..”

As soon as swasan reaches at home.. Swara directly went inside the room and closed the door..sanskar beats the door..

Sanskar: ” swara.. Please open the door.. That lady lied.. Swara please ”

Sujata:” sanskar beta what happened..? ”

AP:” why r u beating the door.. I mean u must be in office this time..”

Sanskar: ” woh mom, badi ma… Nothing serious.”

Sujata:” then go to office. Don’t waste ur time here?( I know perhaps that swara said something to my son, for morning incident.. ) go sanskar.. ”

Sanskar: ” but mom.. Swara”

Sujata:” leave her she need rest.. U go”

Sanskar (I have to now else mom will kill me..?):” OK fine I’m going. ”

Sanskar goes outside and calls nikhil

Nikhil:” where r u bro..?”

Sanskar: ” I can’t tell u now but please handle everything.. Please yrr swara is angry with me….”

Nikhil: ” OK bro.”

Rajat:” oh I was correct swara is with u..”

Sanskar turns back and shocked to see Rajat: ” rajat u..?”

Rajat:” what is this sanskar? Uttra told me about swara I mean how can u separate two love birds. U know how sahil and swara loves each other then also..”

Sanskar?:” she doesn’t loves sahil. My shona loves only me. She is mine.. ”

Rajat:” sanskar U r mad in love.. Don’t separate them. Wait I’ll call sahil..”

Sanskar throws his phone..:” I told u na.. She is mine. That stupid sahil is mistaken..( he tells him everything..) U know now I also love her.. Soon I’ll marry her..”

Rajat:” bro tell her the truth..”

Sanskar: ” no I can’t what if she will leave me. Now I can’t stay a moment away from her. She is my everything. Only because of swara. I accepted ur and uttra’s relationship.. ”

Rajat: ” one day she will get to know the truth. What will u do?”

Sanskar: ” before that I’ll marry her. I know she loves me a lot..”

Rajat:” OK bro but please don’t hurt her this time. She is very innocent her parents cheated her.. And..”

Sanskar: ” I’ll fill her life with love. Now I’ll not allow anyone to come between us..”

In the night.. Someone knocks the door.. Swara opens the door..

Swara:” hello whose there..?(then she sees a big teady bear.. ) who kept this teady here..”

She takes the teady with her..

Swara:” teady u r soo cute( she hugs it) u know what teady I’m sad..”

Teady:” Y?”

Swara(shocks?):” teady u r speaking but how.. (She looks around the room no one there..) Teady u can speak also.. Hmm ?”

Teady:” yes.. If ur sad u can share this with me..”

Swara:” I’m feeling lonely. (She hugs teady tightly) sanskar ji said that he will sleep in my lap but he didn’t came today..”

Teady:” but u were angry on him..”

Swara:” no I wasn’t. I’m afraid.. Whatever that lady said I don’t believe her.. I only trust sanskar ji. I’m very bad.. I know he too feels something for me. But poor me lost everything.. ”

Teady:” then say everything.. Don’t be delay.. ”

Swara wakes up she looks around.. Only silence.. She feels bad how she hurted sanskar.. ?. Someone calls her..

Swara:” hello.. ”

Unkown: “. ”

Swara:” who r u and Y r u calling again huh.. Next time if u do it I’ll block ur number huh?” she disconnects the call.

Just then someone knocks on the door. She opens the door and shocked to see the teady bear. But this teady is holding a heart..” I’m sorry..” She kisses the teady..

Swara feels happy to see the teady.. :” so cute teady..”

Sanskar holds her ears.. :” please forgive me also.. ”

Swara turns her face.. ? and goes inside. Sanskar goes behind her..

Sanskar: ” ? I’m soo sorry swara. Slap me, Scold me, but don’t be quite swara ur silence is killing me.. I promise I’ll not hurt u. That lady..”

Before he could speak further swara hugs him..:” me too sorry sanskar ji. I hurt u badly.. Please don’t leave me.. Now I can live without u sanskar ji. Please forget shona.. Please?. I know I’m selfish but what to do my heart.. ”

Sanskar feels very good.. After knowing that swara loves him this much.. He cups her face:” I need u please always be with me. Don’t believe that lady..”

Swara:” sanskar ji I trust u. No matter what other says u r truth for me. But I’m afraid.. ”

Sanskar: “Y swara.. I’m with u..”

Swara:” I don’t know my past. What if I loved sOmeOne else. What if I’m married.. No sanskar ji. I can’t be anyone else because I..”

Sanskar: ” because u..”

Swara hugs him..:” sanskar ji I can’t leave without u.. Whenever I’m with u I feel myself happy.. My heart pains a lot when u talk with priya.. ”

Sanskar: ” r u jealous.. ?”

Swara:” yes I’m jealous of priya, shona every girl near u. U r mine.. I can leave anything for u.. ”

Sanskar smiles and kisses on her cheeks. She just smile.

Sanskar: ” I have surprise for u..”

Swara(excited?):” what surprise.. ”

Sanskar takes her near window.. :” now close ur eyes.. (She closes her eye..) Now. 3.. 2.. 1.. Open ..”

As soon as see opens her eyes she sees beautiful.. HAPPY NEW YEAR written in sky.. ????.. Rockets..

Sanskar wishpers in her ears:” happy new year swara.. Do u like it..”

Swara:” it’s spectacular.. I love it sanskar ji..”

Sanskar kisses on her nape:” not sanskar ji just sanskar.. I have another surprise for u.. (He gives her beautiful dress..) Tomorrow the whole day u will spend with me.. Ok. ”

Swara(smiles?):” sanskar ji.. I mean sanskar I love all ur surprise.. Thank you soo much.. “?

Sanskar:” I don’t want thanks.. ”

Swara:” then ”

Sanskar :” I want. ( he points towards his lips..) This..”

Swara (blushes?☺):” but sanskar ji.. I have already gave this to u.. ?”

Sanskar: ” but u didn’t respond that time.. Please swara I want one more.. Please.. (But swara nodes no.. ) Y?”

Swara:” what if sujata aunty came.. ”

Sanskar: ” offo mom went out with papa..”..

Swara:” but uttra, and badi ma.. Is there na?”

Sanskar: ” uff ?. ( all evils lies in my home..? huh ?) they r sleeping.. please.. Swara ”

Swara( Hehe? sanskar ji is looking too cute..?. But I’ll not easily give him?. He should impress me more.. ?? he also made me cry ?):” no sanskar ji.. If ur bade papa came to surprise badi ma then they will see us like this.. ?? no this is worng..”

Sanskar (? now bade papa also became villian..):” swara.. ? ( just then priya calls sanskar. Yeh now I’ll show her..) Hellooooo priyu dear??”

Priya( wao priyu..? so cute):” hi sanskar sir happy new year?”

Swara( huh she always comes between us..??? bad girl. And priyu is yuk?.):” woh.. Sanskar… ”

Sanskar turns his face?:” same to u dear.. U know lots of noise here.. I wish I could be with u in new year.. So that I can get my gift..( he rubs his thumb on his lips?)”

Priya:” off course sir I’ll surely give u gift.. ”

Swara burns in jealousy??(Y she would kiss sanskar ji I’ll..)

Sanskar: ” I want a…”

Before sanskar could say further. Swara smashed her lips on his.. And phone falls on bed.. They passionately kiss each other.. She encircles her arms around his neck to show her desires for him. She kissed him hard showing her right on him..?

Swara:” sanskar don’t say this again.. Only I can kiss u.”

Sanskar: ” sorry swara.. I will not kiss anyone else u know Y because (he cares her lips with his thumb) it’s the best lips in the world. And only I have right to taste them..

Swara blushes and hugs him..:” sanskar I’m feeling sleepy.. ”

Sanskar smiles seeing this.. :” OK gud nite swara..” He is about to go but swara holds his hand.

Swara:” u said from now onwards u will sleep in my lap then..”

Sanskar smiles and sleeps in her laps?. Swara smiles and cares his hairs.. “I’m excited for tomorrow.. Gud nite sanskar..”

They r unaware that priya listens everything..

Priya? cries :” sanskar sir loves swara and I ? .. I’m biggest fool.. ”

Someone calls priya.

Ragini: ” Happy new year dear..”

Priya?:”same to u di..?”

Ragini: ” what happened priya? Did ur boss broke ur heart..”

Priya:” di I misunderstood him.. Sir loves swara..”

Ragini shocks to hears swara’s name.. :” what’s ur boss name”

Priya: ” sanskar Maheshwari.. ”

Ragini: ” son of RAM parshad Maheshwari.. Owner of karma industry.. ”

Priya: “ya di but how do u know this..”

Ragini: ” dear, I know everything about this sanskar U wait.. Tomorrow I’m coming dear.. I’ll see how sanskar be with swara..”

Priya:” but di they love each other” priya tells ragini everything..

Ragini burns in anger ????? :” how dare he kissed swara.. I’ll not leave him. U just do as I’m saying.. Ok dear u don’t worry”

Ragini disconnects the call☎?

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