swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 32)


Episode 32

Swasan gets ready for the office..

Uttra:” all the best.. Swara”

Swara:” thanks uttra.. ?”

Uttra:” take care of Bhai also.. Try ur best so that Bhai will stay away from shona’s memories.. Make him busy in work.. ”

Swara:” yup? u don’t worry.. “They hugs..

Beep beep…

Sanskar:” swara come fast.. ”

Swara:” coming sanskar ji.. ”

Swara comes down and looks towards sanskar and thinks about morning kiss.. She started blushing??.. She opened the back door of car..

Sanskar: ” I’m ur driver..”

Swara:” no sanskar ji..”

Sanskar: ” then sit.. With me.. ”

Swara silently nodes yes.. And sits with sanskar.. She tries to avoid eye contact with him.. As it making her hard to hide her blush..?..

Sanskar: ” swara, u forget to tie seat belt..”

Swara:” Oops sorry sanskar ji..”

Sanskar: ” wait.. Swara”

Swara: ” what happened sanskar ji”

Sanskar: ” swara oh I forget u suffered from a memory loss..so, u don’t know how to tie seat belt.. Wait I’ll help u..”

Swara:” no sanskar ji….”

Sanskar moves closer to her.. She closes her eyes due to shyness.. ?

Sanskar (thinks):” OMG.. How cute my shona.. This is the first time I’m seeing her so closely.. Her beautiful lips I wish I could kiss her..”

Swara( while closing her eyes):” sanskar is it done? ”

Sanskar: ” yes, done..”they leaves..

Kavita: ” it has been so many days I even didn’t heard swara’s voice.. ”

Adarsh:” now I’m also tense regarding swara.. What is mom saying ”

Kavita: ” she said she is with ragini but I think she lied.. ”

Adarsh:” u can ask directly to ragini. ”

Kavita: ” I don’t have her number.. ”

Adarsh:” kavi, if u that much worried.. So we will left for hoogly..”

Kavita: ” but ur work..”

Adarsh: ” nothing is important than u.. ”

In Kolkata..

Priya: ” OMG OMG finally the day come in my life.. My sanskar is going to propose me.. (She looks at sanskar’s pic) my cute sanskar U don’t know how much time I spend in parlor just to impress u.. ”

Just then someone calls priya..

Priya (blushes?):” hi sanskar sir.”

Sanskar: ” hello priya..”

Swara(in mind):” huh again sanskar ji called this chipkali?”

Priya: ” goooooooood morning sir..”

Swara (in mind):” huh.. What is the need to saying too long goooooooood morning.. ”

Sanskar enjoying her jealousy: ” woh priya come office.. Soon..”

Priya ( I know sir u even can’t able to wait for that moment..): ” Y sir? ”

Before sanskar could answer the call swara cuts the call..

Priya: ” buddhu sanskar is too much shy?”

Sanskar gives anger looks to swara?..

Swara:” woh.. Sanskar ji… It’s not good to talk in phone while driving… For ur security.. I did..”

Sanskar: ” Y u care for me that much.. U don’t worry I’ll not leave u.. ” sanskar looks towards her..

Swara immediately turn on the radio.. To avoid his eye contact..

Unse Mili Nazar
Ki Mere Hosh Udh Gaye
Aisa Hua Asar
Ki Mere Hosh Udh Gaye

(Swara looks towards sanskar through mirror.. When sanskar looks back she turns her face to look outside..)?

Jab Woh Mile Mujhe Paheli Baar
Unse Ho Gayi Aakhen Chaar
Paas Na Baithe Pal Bhar Woh
Phir Bhi Ho Gaya Unse Pyar
Itni Thi Bas Khabar
Ki Mere Hosh Udh Gaye

(Swasan remembers their first eye lock.. )

Unki Taraf Dil Jhukne Laga
Badhke Kadam Phir Rukne Laga
Apne Aap Dum Ghutne Laga
Chaye Woh Iss Kadar
Ki Mere Hosh Ud Gaye

(Swara remembers how she kissed sanskar.. How sanskar demanded kissi? )

They reaches the office.. Priya is already waiting for sanskar..

Nikhil:” priya dear today U r looking gorgeous..? anything especial”

Priya:” u will soon get to know about it.. ” sanskar where r u come soon here.. Tell everyone I’m urs..

Nikhil: ” see sanskar came..”

Priya looks towards sanskar with a smile but her smiles faded away seeing swara with him.. ” what is she doing with him..”?

Sanskar: ” come swara this is my office.. U like it..” Swara node yess

Namesh:” sir who is she..”

Sanskar keeps his hand on swara’s shoulder..: ” meet swara she is my new sectary.. ”

Priya heart breaks into pieces..?

Namesh:” but sir priya…”

Sanskar: ” ya priya.. I saw ur bio-data u r very good in account.. So now onwards u will handle account section with nikhil..”

Nikhil( omg this is the reason.. Priya is happy):” thank u soo much sanky.. And congratulations priya..”

Priya(sad?):” thanks.. ”

In hoogly..

Shekhar: ” shit..? how they came to know that we gave money to authorities to pass swara..”

Shomi: ” ya.. I strictly told swara not to tell anyone about it.. But she.. ?.. ”

Shekhar:” don’t loss hope shomi dear.. Soon we will get this property.. ”

Shomi:” but how shekhu..?”

Shekhar: ” we have to take help of swara’s friends they will be in our favour.. “?

Shomi :” okie..”

After sometime..

Sanskar: ” hmm.. Let me see now what’s my shona doing..?( he notices that all the male workers of his office is just roaming around swara..)

Namesh:” hello swara I’m namesh..”

Vjay:” hi I’m Vijay..” Like this all introduce themselves. ”

Swara(smiles?):” hello..”

Namesh:” swara if any problem in office anyone tries to trouble u.. Ask me.. Ok” swara just node yess..

Namesh:” swara u r know what I don’t have any friend here and u r also new here so.. Shall we friends.. ”

Sanskar(huh? cheap fellows.. Loitering around shona.. What to do my shona is so much that anyone wants to be near her but who will tell these stupid people that shona only loves this sanskar?):” Am I paying u for making friends here namesh..?”

Namesh turns: ” sorry sir..”?

Sanskar: ” u all don’t have anywork. Go get back to work..(all leaves) swara come to my cabin..”?

Swara comes inside the cabin.. :” sanskar ji.. What happened.. ”

Sanskar ( she was smiling while talking with these boys.. ?):” u should ask permission before entering in my cabin..”

Swara:” sorry.. May I come in sanskar ji..”

Sanskar: ” here I’m ur boss not sanskar ji.. So ”

Swara:” OK.. May I come in sir ji”

Sanskar :” ji… Ji u love this words.. Every where ji ji.. Call me sir.. Ok.. And now come in..(swara silently come inside..) What were u doing outside.. ?”

Swara(oh swara what u did u made sanskar ji angry… Stupid girl):” sorry sir..?”

Sanskar: ” it’s OK now sit here and write a letter.. Here is laptop.. ”

Swara( swara now don’t make sanskar ji angry do ur work):” OK sir”

Swara sits in chair and about to open the laptop

Sanskar: ” oh, I forget swara u suffered from memory loss so u don’t know how to open the laptop.. ”

Swara:” no sir I know..”

Sanskar?:” hmm.. ‘Don’t forget.. I’m ur boss and boss is always right..”

Swara just node yess like a good girl.. Sanskar holds her right hand.

Sanskar: ” firstly.. Press this button..(he takesher finger and press the button.. Swara blushes?) see .. Now u get it.. ”

Swara nodes yes.. :” sir it’s asking password”

Sanskar: ” u guess na.. ”

Swara thinks a lot.. May be sanskar ji’s password is shona but how to tell him..?:” I don’t know sir..”

Sanskar(wishpers in her ears): ” OK I’ll give u hint.. Half is yours and half is mine(swara doesn’t get what he wants to say) off swara u r so stupid.. ( he holds her hand and types.. ) S.. W.. A.. S.. A.. N.. Now understand.. ”

Swara( what is this S… W. A… S… A.. N.. ?):” sir I can’t get it’s meaning.. ”

Sanskar: ” it’s mean sanskar Maheshwari has to teach u soo many things. Actually u r suffering from memory loss.. That’s why u can’t understand this.. No worries I’m here na.. Now write what I’m saying.. ”

Swara:” sir now I know how to write.. So u can leave my hand..”

Sanskar: ” what if u write something.. Worng then.. No no I’ll help u..”

Swara:” sir u can type it own..”

Sanskar: “if I’ll do everything myself then what is the need of worker.. I’m the boss and boss is always right get it.. (Swara nodes yess) so now begin ur work..”

Sanskar whispers everything in her ears.. And intensionally touches her earlobe with his lips.. He whiffs on her nape.. His touch making her hard to hold.. She is feeling something different in her abdomen. It’s new for her.. And can’t able to understand it… Sanskar also loosing his control.. He moves more closer to her.. She closes her eyes.. He kissed on her nape.. The smooching sound made her more nervous..

Sanskar: ” r u getting it.. Swara..”

Swara(gasps):” yes… Sir..”

Sanskar nuzzles his nose on her cheeks..:” good ..”

His phone starts ringing.. They comes in sense.. Swara immediately runs out.. She was blushing hard so she directly goes inside the washroom..

Sanskar: ” hello bade papa..”

DP: ” I’m coming on Friday.. I called to ask u about mehra’s deal..”

Sanskar: ” ya bade papa.. I have planned everything.. U don’t worry.. ”

DP:” I have full trust on u. I wish my son would also..”

Sanskar: ” offo bade papa I’m also ur son.. U come soon..”

DP:” OK take care”

Sanskar thinks his recent incident with swara: ” what r u doing sanky.. U r going too fast..Control yourself.. Now concentrate on work..”

Swara looks towards herself in mirror.. She touches her nape where sanskar kissed.. She still feeling his proximity.. ? :” what is this feeling.. Sanskar ji. He kissed me.. I read in book that he needs love and support. And sanskar ji is finding that support in me..?”

Priya looks towards swara.. Y she is blushing that much.. I don’t like her. She is trying to snatch my love.. My first love..

Priya: ” what happened swara.. ”

Swara:” hello??. Woh I need to go( chipkali..)” Swara leaves..

Priya:” so much attitude.. As if she is Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari.. ”

Sanskar is busy in work.. Swara is just admiring him..” So hard working sanskar ji.. “?

Sanskar:” swara just call priya.. ”

Swara :” OK sir.” She calls priya..

Priya: ” yes sir.. U called me..”

Sanskar: ” priya we need to leave.. Is report for Mr mehra’s deal is ready..”

Priya looks towards swara: ” ya but sir.. U have to go with ur sectary.. So. How can I”

Sanskar:” swara don’t know anything.. I mean about the deal.. ”

Priya(smirks?):” at last old workers come in work..”

Swara feels sad as sanskar is going with priya..?

Sanskar( sorry shona, but bade papa’s work is also necessary.. ):” OK swara I’m going u take care.. Wait for me.. We will go home together.. ” he leaves..

Swara:” it’s happened because of me.. I didn’t did my job correctly.. ? I wish I could go with him.. ” she starts reading her books..

Sanskar is driving.. he reminds.. How office employee were loitering around swara.. He stops the car..

Priya:” what happened sir..” Sanskar turns back the back and reaches to the office..

Sanskar: ” wait..here..”

Priya: ” but…”

Sanskar immediately reaches to swara..

Swara:” did u forget anything sir..”

Sanskar holds her hand..:’ come with me.. ” sanskar takes swara with him.. All employees see this..

Priya:” but sir.. How can she.”

Sanskar: ” now in my every decision u have to with me swara.. ”

A smile comes in her face.. Priya is about to sit with sanskar but swara immediately sits in front seat..

Priya:” swara u should sit back.. Actually we need to discuss regarding meeting.. ”

Swara:” but sir told me sit with him..”

Priya( omg.. So much.. Attitude..): ” but sir.. ”

Sanskar is laughing seeing their flighting..:” priya stop fighting we r getting late..”

So priya sit back.. Sanskar is about to start the car..

Swara:” sir u forget to tie.. Seat belt..”

Priya:” sir had already tied the seat belt..”

Swara:” I’m saying to tie my seat belt”

Priya:” so u can do it ur own..”

Swara:” but I’m suffering from..” Before she could say further sanskar closes her mouth..

Sanskar: ” I’m doing swara.. Don’t panic.. ”

Sanskar ties swara’s seat belt.. And priya burns in jealousy?. And they leaves.. Soon the reaches to the destination.. Sanskar opens the door..:” come swara.. It’s a new place so u hold my hand OK..”

Swara(smiles?):” sir I’m not a little girl. ”

Sanskar smiles. Priya doesn’t like sanskar is pampering swara.. After the meeting they returns..

Swara:” sir u r too good. U impressed everyone..”

Sanskar: ” oh is it so. U also impressed by me..”

Swara:” Yup.. Just then she realises what she said.. ? I mean no.. ” she starts sneezing.. ?

Sanskar: ” r u feeling cold (swara nodes yes) OK then wear my coat..”

Swara:” I’m man I’m strong.. ” swara smiles..

Priya is listening all this with blank expression.. :”sir we need to leave it’s very late.. ”

They moves and leave priya at her home.. Priya comes to her room and feels bad.. She thinks all that happened in office . ” does sanskar sir likes swara.. And I had interrupted everything worng.. Or swara is coming between us.. Uff don’t know what is happening to me.. First time I liked someone and this happened my bad luck.. ?.. ”

Swasan reaches home.. Uttra comes and hugs swara..

Uttra:” shona.. How’s your first day..”

Sanskar: ” bring some medicine she was sneezing.. ”

Uttra:” OK Bhai.. (Sanskar leaves to his room) swara tell me everything..”

Swara remembers everything ( how can I tell her About the kiss ?):” nothing especial.. I need to go to room..”

After the dinner.. Swara is reading the book..

Swara:” oh , we need to handle them with care. Don’t deny them for anything.. Hmm I also did same na.. Yup good girl swara.. ”

Sanskar: ” aha self praising.. ”

Swara:” sir Y u came here..”

Sanskar: ” I came here to teach u work.. As in office I was busy.. ( how to tell u swara these eyes can’t get sleep without u.. He sits beside her) what r u reading swara.. ”

Swara:” nothing sir.. (She hides book.. ) u tell what to do..”

Sanskar opens the laptop.. Starts explaining her everything..

Sanskar: ” now u got it.. So do it ..”

Swara doesn’t as sanskar said . :” sir it’s done..( she notices that sanskar slept on her shoulder..) Sir.. Sir get up.. Sanskar ji again slept here.. ”

She placed his head on her lap.. ?:” good night sanskar ji.. Sleep well and Stay away from that priya..”

After sometime sanskar phone rings.. It’s Lucky’s call.. She pick up the phone.

Swara:” hello lucky( she hears weeping sound..?) what happened lucky Y r u crying.. ”

Lucky:” woh nothing swara.. I’m missing u..”

Swara:” u r crying like a girl..?.. Come soon.. ”

Lucky:” but swara u have sanskar’s phone.. I’m where is he..”

Swara looks towards sanskar ( if I told him that sanskar ji is sleeping in my lap then what he will think.. No no I can’t tell this to anyone..): ” woh lucky sanskar ji left his phone in room.. ”

Lucky:” oh, that’s good.. U tell how’s u? Did sanskar troubles u”

Swara:” no, sanskar ji take cares of me a lot.. I’m fine.. ”

Lucky:” now take care of yourself.. I’ll call u tomorrow.. ”

Swara:” oh, I forget sanskar ji gave me a new phone.. U note my number and directly call me OK..”

Next morning swasan wakes up..

Sanskar: ” swara what I’m doing here?”

Swara:” woh sanskar ji.. I mean sir u slept here yesterday night..”

Sanskar: ” u mean I slept in ur lap.. ?”

Swara:” no sir j slept on my shoulder, so I placed ur head on my lap.. So that u can sleep well. “.

Sanskar:” u can placed my head on pillow also.. Then Y.?”

Swara(oh shitt.. Now what to say ? what sanskar ji is thinking about me.. ):” woh I have only one pillow. Sorry sir..?.”

Sanskar: ” OK.. Ok this time I’m forgiving u.. Now I’ll daily sleep here.. “..

Swara:” Y? Sir..”

Sanskar: ” because of u.. Now I became habitual of sleeping in ur lap.. It’s ur mistake now bear it..” He leaves..

Swara shocks ?sanskar’s rocks..?

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