swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 31)


Episode 31

Sanskar is very happy after knowing his feelings for swara..

Sanskar: ” nikhil.. I’m so happy.. ”

Nikhil: ” relax bro u r over excited..( someone calls nikhil..) Hello priya..” Sanskar snatch his phone..

Sanskar: ” yrr.. Talk ur friend later.. First help me..”

Nikhil: ” now what can I do..”

Sanskar: ” yrr.. I want to propose her.. ”

Nikhil:” really..”

Sanskar: ” ya.. This time I’ll also kiss her.. Last night kiss happened by mistake but now I really want to do it..”

Nikhil: ” but sanskar ”

Sanskar: ” I’m going bye..” He leaves..

Nikhil goes behind him:” sanskar listen yrr..”

Here priya listens everything and misunderstands the situation.

Priya: ” OMG!!? SANSKAR’S is proposing me.. He wants a lip kiss?.. Yeppiiiii ( she starts dancing..) Last night kiss was incomplete.. But this time .. Yesssssss?”

She wants to share this happiness with someone. :” hmm.. To whom I should call.. Ya.. Ragini di..” She calls ragini..

Ragini: ” hello priya.. How’s u”

Priya: ” I’m good .. I mean soo happy ”

Ragini: ” oho anything especially.. ”

Priya: ” ya.. Di I’m in love.. And he is proposing me.. ”

Ragini:” who is he..”

Priya: ” di I’ll tell u his name when he will propose me.. After all u should give the permission to me.. But he is my boss..”

Ragini: ” boss.. No bad dear.. Tell me how’s masi ma.. I want to talk her..”

Priya: ” di, I’m not with ma.. Actually I’m in Kolkata.. Di u please come here na.. I want u to meet him..”

Ragini: ” OK.. I’ll come soon.. I have just little work in hoogly..”

Here sanskar is over excited…. But nikhil stops him

Nikhil: ” sanky don’t be hurry..”

Sanskar:”but Y? Nikhil.. I have already took too much time in realising my feelings.. I don’t want to delay yrr..”

Nikhil: ” bro, I can understand.. But u told me na that she forget everything then, if u will propose her directly what would be her reaction.. Try to understand “..

Sanskar:” u r right nikhil.. Hmm.. Now what to do?.. Idea.. ”

Nikhil:” what..idea”

Sanskar:” my shona still loves me.. Now I’ll make her fall for me again.. ”

Nikhil:” but what about lucky and ur mom”

Sanskar:” don’t worry about them.. My mom weakness is my dad? My bro is a big flirt.. I know my shona.. I have seen her condition when I m near her.. U don’t worry.. I’ll handle everything.. ”

Nikhil:” all the best bro..” They hugs each other..

Swara and lucky is busy in their talks..

Lucky:” swara do u like our house.. I mean my family.. ”

Swara:” ya.. ? I’m happy here.. All r too good u, uttra, sujata aunty.. Ram uncle, and badi ma.. Also”

Lucky:” and sanskar..”

Swara becomes quite.. :” woh.. Sanskar is also good.. ”

Lucky:” u forget one person.. ”

Swara:” whom..?”

Lucky:” shona.. Hahahahaahahahahah?”

Swara gives fake smile:” haha .. ” someone calls lucky..

Lucky:” hello madam.. Ya yess madam.. Ok.. Coming.. ”

Swara:” what happened.. ”

Lucky:” woh, I need to leave. ” all other family members also come..

Ap:” lakshya where were u.. What if ur father would came to know about it.. ”

Lucky:” mom.. I don’t want to argu about it.. today I have to leave.. ”

Ap:” where??” Sanskar also comes..

Lucky( looks towards sanskar):” mom I don’t know my madam called me.. ”

AP: ” but u took one month leave… And when will u return.. ”

Lucky:” don’t know ? May be one week..”

Sanskar becomes happy…. Wao? now no barrier between me and shona.. Now it would be easy for me to get my love.. Shona now be ready to tolerate ur sanku’s naughtiness..?

In hoogly..

Mr Roy: ” thanks sahil beta, we get a proof against shekhar.. But how do u know that swara passed in exams by giving money”

Sahil:” uncle sanskar told me. He helped me. He deserves this thanks.. ” he calls sanskar..

Sanskar phones rings but he is in the bathroom.. Swara looks towards the phone..

Swara: ” shall I pick it or not.. Hmm.. What to do.. “she thinks a lot then picks it.

Sahil:” thanks sanky yrr.. U helped a lot.. Now we got a proof against shona’s parents.. Soon we will win the case.. I’m soo happy. U did a lot for shona. I know she is not with us but still she will remain in our memory always.. ?.. What happened sanky Y r u not speaking anything.. ”

Swara:” woh.. Sanskar ji.. Is in the washroom.. ”

Sahil:” then who r u.. ?”

Swara:” I’m sw..” But lucky snatch the phone..

Lucky:” sahil.. Sanky.. Will talk to u latter..”

Sahil:” but lucky Bhai whose that girl..”

Lucky(smiles):” ur future bhabhi..?.. ”

Sahil:” wao congratulations Bhai.. What’s her name.”

Lucky:” u will see it in wedding card.. Ok bye..”

Sanskar comes out:” who was on the call Bhai”

Lucky:” sahil..”

Sanskar: ” what.. Did swara u talk to him.?. I mean.. U told him who r u?”

Swara:” no but Y r u worry..”

Lucky:” leave it swara.. I’m going.. Now u call me daily.. Ok.. ”

Swara:” I don’t have mobile..”

Lucky:” don’t worry I’ll call sanky ”

Sanskar: ” Bhai u go u r getting late.. “Huh chipku?? lucky leaves..

In hoogly..

Ragini:” how dare u sahil.. To call that sanskar..? ”

Sahil:” but he helped us..”

Ragini: ” We don’t need his help…. Next time if u call him.. I’ll not leave u.. ”

Sahil:” who told u about sanskar.. ”

Ragini: ” woh.. Mr Roy told me.. Now I’m going bye…”

Ragini leaves in anger.?. In the way she feels someone following her.. She runs fast.. And a bike hits her..

Ragini: ” who the hell?”? just then she see a paper.. ‘ stay away from this case.. Next time I’ll not leave u’

Ragini: ” this shekhar is too cheap.. ? I’ll kill him.. ” she informs everything to Mr Roy..

Mr Roy: ” beta it’s happened 2nd time.. U go from here.. I’ll handle everything.. ”

Ragini: ” uncle don’t worry.. I’ll be fine.. ”

In Kolkata..

Swara goes towards uttra’s room..

Uttra:” hello swara what happened.. ”

Swara:” uttra.. Shona..”

Uttra:” what what.. I mean she came here..”

Swara:” no she is dead..” Swara tells her everything..

Uttra:” it means Bhai, lost his first love..?. That’s why he use to get illusions of shona.. And I made fun of him. I’m very bad..”

Swara:” don’t cry.. We have to find the solution of sanskar’s problem ”

Uttra:” ya, swara now Bhai have to come out of shona’s memories.. For that he needs love.. ”

Swara:” love.. ”

Uttra:” now we have to select a good girl for Bhai…”.

Swara thinks sanskar’s ji wants to come out of his pain. That’s why he sometimes call me shona.. I’ll made sanskar ji fine.. ?..

Sanskar calls swara..

Sanskar: ” swara come out..”

Swara:” what happened sanskar ji..”

Sanskar: ” woh swara u don’t have dresses so.. Let’s go for shopping..”

Swara(wao that’s great.. Now I’ll help him):” OK I’m coming.. ”

Uttra:” me to wants to come Bhai..”

Sanskar (uff this kabab mai haddi.. ?):” OK”

Sanskar calls rajat:” hey rajat”

Rajat: “ya sanky.. ”

Sanskar: ” woh uttra is feeling bore in home u take her out .”

Rajat ( what happened to him..?):” OK”

Swara:” sanskar ji uttra is not coming ”

Sanskar: ” I know.. I mean let’s go..”Swasan leaves for shopping..

Swara is busy in selecting the dress and sanskar is just admiring her..

Swara:” sanskar ji.. Which one is good, green, red, blue.. Offo too many choices.. ”

Sanskar goes close towards her..:” hmm choose blue it’s nice.. ” swara selects blue dress.. And turns..

Swara:” how’s this..”

Sanskar: ” aww.. Something fell in my eyes..”

Swara:” where is sanskar.. Let me see.. (swara whiff on his eyes..) Now better sanskar ji..”

Sanskar: ” no.. Come more close ” swara moves towards him..

Swara:” now OK..” Sanskar pulls her by waist.. Picks her up such that her feets is on his feets..

Sanskar: “no.. now OK.. ” swara continues her work.. ( how innocent my shona.. ?.. Her cute cheeks I wish I could kiss on these cheeks.. )

Suddenly sanskar losses his balance.. And falls.. Swara tries to holds something.. But she falls on sanskar and all clothes on them.. Swara tries to get up.. But again falls on sanskar.. Sanskar gets the chance and he kisses on her cheek.. ?.. Swara looks towards him.. She get flashes⚡ how they slipped in muddy water.. She looks in his eyes…

I have seen you thousands of times,
then how’s this restlessness,
this heart doesn’t get controlled even on trying,
there is something such in you.

All the people in mall is is looking towards them..

People: ” wao see what a romantic couple.. “?

Some boys starts whistling.. Swasan comes in sense..

Swara:” sorry sanskar ji..”?.

Sanskar: ” it’s OK..”?.

Swara blushes? leaves for trial room..

Sanskar: ” pagli”?

Inside the trial room.. Swara blushes.. She touches her cheeks.. :” sanskar ji kisses me..??. I know but accidentally.. ?”

After trying clothes swara comes out.. Sanskar mesmerises seeing her.. Wao?.

Swara :” sanskar how’s it.. ”

Sanskar: ” beautiful..? shona come let’s take a selfie.. Oh sorry I mean swara..”

Swara:” it’s OK sanskar ji..”

Sanskar moves closer to her, he smell her fragrance…. He is about to take pic just then sahil calls him.. Hmm idiot always comes between us..?..

Sanskar: ” I’ll just come swara..”

Swara buys some dresses.. Just then her eyes falls on a book:” HOw to forget ur first love… Hmm nice this will help sanskar ji.. ”

After that swasan leaves to home..

Sanskar: ” swara wait.. I have something for u..” Sanskar gives her mobile..

Swara:” but sanskar ji it’s too expensive.. U already did so much for me and now.. How can I return this much to u..”

Sanskar: ” it’s all for u.. I mean.. I have a offer for u”

Swara: ” what offer sanskar ji..”

Sanskar: ” swara actually I’m searching for a secretary.. ”

Swara:” I don’t have any degree how can I?”

Sanskar: ” Y fear when sanskar is near.. I’ll teach u everything.. Accept this offer.. ”

Swara thinks.. Should I accept it or not? Hmm it’s right what will I do alone in home I also don’t want to be burden on them..:” OK sanskar ji I’m ready..”

Sanskar: ” OK tomorrow morning 9 am..”

In lone place..

Guy1:” boss since swara died u r very tense.. ”

Guy2:” ya boss if want anyother girl we will get for u..”

Man slaps them:” ? shut up.. U idiot because of u I lost her.. She is making me crazy.. I sleep with many girl but swara is swara..?.. Now get the girl.. I’m thirsty.. ”

They took a girl..:” please leave me..?? I want to go with my mom dad.. ”

Man:” beti.. Don’t worry I’m like ur dad.. ”

Girl:” uncle leave.. I want to go home.. Tomorrow is my exam.. ”

Man:” not so soon.. First let me get what I want..” He signals.. Something.. Goons left…

After the dinner.. Sanskar tries to sleep.. But no use..

Sanskar: ” oh God it’s 10 am.. Shona when will u come.. I’m not getting.. Sleep.. Uff..?”

He waits a lot but Swara doesn’t come..

Sanskar: ” shona, told me once I’ll accept my feelings she will not come.. But what to do.. I became habitual of sleeping in her lap..” After struggling a lot.. He decided to go swara’s room..

He see swara slept while reading book. he moves towards her.

Sanskar: ” stupid, book u don’t know it’s my place.. ( he takes book) hmm first due to these book I didn’t get my love now u r taking my place.. Book only sanku can rest in shona’s lap.. Hmm let me check what my shona is reading.. ”

He reads books name:” HOw to forget ur first love..hawwwwwwww?? shona, don’t read this book.. U shouldn’t forget ur first love u have to remember ur first love.. Uff my shona.. Now sanku is here to teach u everything.. ”

He keeps his head on her lap.. And keeps her one hand her head and holds other hand.. :” good night.. Shona..”?

In the mid night.. Swara tried to move but she feels some wait on her laps.. She opens her eyes and shocks to see sanskar..

Swara:” sanskar ji.. Sanskar ji.. ”

Sanskar acts sleepy.. He holds her tightly.. :” don’t leave me.. ”

Swara tries a lot but sanskar is sanskar..?:” let it be swara. I think sanskar ji is dreaming about shona.. ”

She cares his hairs and sanskar smiles:” waise swara u r liking that sanskar is here.. Off course whenever he is near me I feels something in my stomach.. Offo stupid swara.?. I’m mad ( she looks towards sanskar and cares his cheek.. Don’t know but she kissed him..?) haw swara what u did?.. So what sanskar ji also kissed u na.. But that was by mistake… ”

She becomes sad..:” sanskar ji only loves shona.. Not me,? so Y r u worrying? Eeehhhh?.. I’m mad. Now no more sanskar ji.. Sleep well tomorrow u have to office with him.. U know sanskar ji I’m very happy and excited to work with u… But I know that chipkali priya is also there huh? I hate her.. Offo swara stop na.. Now sleep I don’t want to be late on first day.. Good night sanskar ”

Sanskar smiles ?listening all this.. Offo so my shona jealous of herself.. How cute.. ?. And chipkali priya?. Shona that’s why I love u the most.. He too sleeps..

Next morning?

Uttra calls swara:” swara .. Swara come down.. ”

This disturbs the swasan sleep but sanskar doesn’t wake up..

Swara:” sanskar ji wake up.. Else uttra will come..”

Uttra continuously calls her.. She becomes very much afraid what if uttra see them..

Uttra:” swara”

Swara:” I’m coming.. Offo what to do sanskar ji. Wake up..”

Sanskar(acts)? ” shona give me good morning kissi.. ?” he holds her tightly

Swara: ” sanskar ji please get up..”

Sanskar: ” first give me kissi.. Then only I’ll open my eyes..”

Swara becomes too much tense..?.. One side uttra is calling her and on the other side sanskar is demanding kiss.. Poor shona what to do?..

Sanskar:” kissi..” Finally swara agrees. She gives kiss on his cheeks…

Sanskar: ” tight wala kissi.. ” swara hears uttra’s foot steps.. ??? She passionately kiss on his cheek…. ?..

Sanskar opens his eyes:” haw? swara u.. ”

Uttra comes with tea..:” Bhai Y r u here..”

Sanskar: ” I came to take swara it’s her first day in office.. Ok u go..” Uttra leaves..

Sanskar looks towards swara:” swara u kissed me..”

Swara(tense?):” woh.. Sanskar ji.. I’m getting late.. She runs inside the washroom..

Sanskar smiles:” cutiepie shona.. (He touches his cheeks and jumps) yess”?.. He starts dancing..

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