swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 30)

Episode 30

Sweet morning..πŸŒ…

Swara:” get up sanku.. ”

Sanskar: ” shona, please u comes too late and goes so soon.. Y?”

Swara:” u forget sanku today we r alone in the home..”

Sanskar (smiles holds her tightly):” so sleep na Shona “😘

Swara:” that’s not fair sanku.. Get up na…. Please ”

Sanskar: ” okie I’ll get up but need something.. ”

Swara:” what?πŸ˜•”

Sanskar: ” good morning kissi😘”

Sanskar moves towards swara to kiss her but he listens some giggling sounds.. He opens his eyes and see swara is laughing..

Sanskar: ” swara u r here..?”

Swara:” woh, sanskar ji. I came here to give u tea..”

Sanskar: ” swara u should take rest na.. But where is mom..”

Swara:” all r getting ready.. They r calling u..”

Sanskar: “OK u go..” Swara leaves

Swara: ” shona is very lucky.. Girl.. Sanskar ji loves her a lot..”

After sometime sanskar comes down.. All r busy in selecting the dress..

Swara:” sujata aunty.. U wear green one it’s suits u..”

Uttra:” no mom u wear blue one..”

Swara:” no aunty will wear what I chose for her..”

Uttra:” no mom.. Wear this blue one”

They keeps on fighting.. Sanskar smiles seeing swara’s and uttra’s childish fight..

Sujata:” I’ll wear green one.. πŸ˜ƒ”

Swara:” yeppiiiii aunty is wearing green. I won..” She starts dancing..

Sanskar lots in her cuteness… Due to dancing swara feels little pain in her head and dizziness. Sanskar holds her.

Sanskar: ” r u OK swara..”

Swara:” yes…”.

Sanskar: ” u don’t care about yourself.. Who told u to dance… Huh..”😠

Lucky comes:” sanky Y r u shouting on swara… She is just enjoying.. Leave him swara he is mad..”

Swara:” sorry..😒”

Lucky:” don’t be sad swara dear.. Come before going I’ll show u my garden … Come..”

Lucky takes swara with him.. And sanskar.. Feels jealous.. Huh always loiters around shona, he doesn’t know shona only loves me huh..πŸ˜‘.. After sometime they come inside..Sanskar see that both of them laughing..😠 he intensionally goes towards lucky..

Sanskar(smilesπŸ˜‚): ” all the best lucky Bhai..”😁

LuckyπŸ˜‘:” no need to laugh.. ”

Sanskar: ” Bhai, go bhabhi ji is waiting for u😁”

Lucky:” ma, chachi ji. I have some work my madam called me I’ll directly come to manshi’s home..”

Sanskar thinks .. Y Bhai lied he said we was suspended for a month..

AP: ” OK but come soon..”

Swara:”anuty ji. I was thinking till how long I would live here”

Sanskar: “forever..”

Lucky:” whatπŸ˜•”

Sanskar: “woh, swara u r our responsibility.. U have to stay here..”

AP: ” he is right swara beta.. U r like our daughter.. Till then U won’t remember anything u can stay here..”

Swara:” but aunty”

Sanskar: ” what but.. U won’t listen to me..” He gets angry..😠

Lucky: ” so it’s done swara will live here.. Now I’m going ma..”

They all leaves

Swara looks towards sanskar:” sanskar ji listen..” He leaves in anger..

In priya’s house..

Priya:” oh priya ..oh..priya..priya u r too intelligent.. (She stands before mirror) Mrs priya sanskar Maheshwari.. Wao.. This name suits me a lot..”

She touches her lips and reminds how she kissed sanskar: ” like me sanskar sir is also becoming mad after that kiss.. This is begging.. Next time it would be a lip kiss😘.. This Sunday is too boring… Hmm.. Let me call my love..”

She calls sanskar..

In Maheshwari mansion..

Swara is unhappy since sanskar is angry with her.. Just then sanskar comes in room.

Swara:” sanskar ji u r here. ”

Sanskar: “Y? I can’t come in my room.. “πŸ˜‘

Swara:” woh.. Sorry actually.. ”

Sanskar: ” woh.. Guest room’s Shower is not working.. ”

Swara:” sanskar ji..I’m so..” Sanskar goes inside the bathroom without saying anything…

Swara :”u r mad..u made him angry now u have to apologize.. ”

just then sanskar’s phone rings..

Sanskar from inside the bathroom: ” swara pick up the phone.. And say I’m busy. “Swara picks the call

Priya:” hello sanskar sir..”

Swara:” hello. Who’s this?.”

Priya:”I’m priya.. who r u.? From where r u speaking..? How u get sanskar’s phone😠😑”

Swara (oh this is priya… Sanskar’s favorite employee huhπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘):”I’m swara.. I’m speaking from sanskar’s room.. And sanskar told me to pick up the call as he is in bathroom.. ”

Priya:” Y r in sanskar’s room..?”

Swara:” because I live in sanskar’s room.. ”

Priya (shocks😱):” what!!!!”

Swara(proudly😚):” yesssssss ” ( huh chipkali priya..)

Priya disconnects the call:” huh who the hell is this swara😑😑 no one told me about her.. Y she is living in sanskar’s room.. Sanskar is not married then.. No no priya u can’t defeat by a stupid girl.. Sanskar sir only loves me..” She leaves for Maheshwari mansion..

Swara:” yeppiiiii I showed that priya.. Her place.. Wait swara.. Y u did this.. What is happening to you.. U r protective for sanskar but Y..? This is wrong.. Sanskar loves shona.. And u.. Uff.. Stop thinking this rubbish.. HuhπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘”

Just then sanskar comes out in bathrobe..he notices swara is lost somewhere.. He sprinkle water on her face..

Sanskar: ” where r u lost swara..”

Swara:” woh.. Nothing.. I’m going to bath..” She is about to leave but sanskar pulls her towards him..

Sanskar: ” where r u going? Bathroom is here…. ( he moves close to her ear ..she closes her eyes due to shyness..😊 She blushes..😊) stop blushing swara..”

He leaves her.. And she immediately moves inside the bathroom.. And closes the door.. She places her head on the door and places her hand on her heart.. It’s beating very fast.. It’s the effect of this closeness..😊” stop blushing swara..” These words is echoing in her mind.. She opens the shower..

Swara:” what is this swara..Y this heart beating so fast.. πŸ’“ What does it wants … ”

Outside sanskar is smiling seeing his effect on swara.. ☺He wears his Pant..and takes phone to check who has called him..

Swara lost in her thoughts just then she see a cockroach.. She becomes afraid and shouts a loud..:” aww….” She runs outside..

Sanskar is about to wear his shirt.. But swara immediately hugs him tightly.. Sanskar becomes shocked.. His heart stopped beating for that moment..πŸ’“.. He too hugs her.. Her clothes r fully wet… They lost.. In each other embrace..😘

This whole scene is seen by priya.. πŸ˜‚. She leaves in jealousy..πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚

Sanskar: ” shona,.. What happened.. ”

Swara listens shona’s name swara comes in sense. And leaves him. :” woh cockroach.. ”

Sanskar: ” wait let me check..”

He checks inside the bathroom.. And comes out

Sanskar: ” cockroach is gone.. (Swara goes inside the bathroom but sanskar holds her hand..) Shona, did u take bath in clothes.. ”

Swara(closes her eyes😒 … ):” sanskar ji.. I’m swara not shona..”

She jerks his hand.. And closes the door..and silently weeps:” it’s all for shona .. Not for u swara.. Stay away from.. Sanskar.. “😒

Sanskar: ” u should think before saying anything.. Sanskar.. What r u doing.. This all worng..” He moves outside..

In hoogly..

Sahil calls sanskar

Sahil:” hey sanky..”

Sanskar: ” ya sahil Y u call me..” Sahil tells him about swara’s case and tells him that he needs his help..

Sahil:” sanky help us yarr.. “..

Sanskar:” sure.. Yrr.. Once swara told me that her parents told her that if she fails ,they will give money to authorities.. U can talk them they will surely help.. Us..”

Sahil:”thanks sanky.. U r doing so much for my shona..”

Sanskar (huh.. Sahil is still in his dream landπŸ˜‚.. ):” sahil don’t leave them.. If I get time I’ll surely come to help u..”( I can’t came there this time shona is necessary for me..)

Sahil:” OK bye dude..”he disconnects the call..

Sanskar: ” offo sanky U forget today u have to show shona.. Whole house.. Today me and shona r also alone..” He goes to room to meet swara..

Sanskar: ” come na shona ”

Swara:” sanskar ji.. U go I don’t want to come..I’m not feeling good.. I’m feeling sleepy.. ”

Sanskar: ” but..”

Swara covers her face inside the blanket:” please… Sanskar. ”

Sanskar leaves in disappointment..πŸ˜”

Swara: kisan ji please show me a path.. To stay away from sanskar.. .. It’s not good na.. I’m sorry shona.. Sanskar is yours..

Sanskar comes down to the hall.. He feels bad.. Just then lucky comes..

Lucky:” swara … Swara comes out na.. ”

Sanskar: ” Bhai u r here but how..? I mean.. ”

Lucky:” offo.. Be quite question Bank.. Swara come na..”

Sanskar: ” Bhai, she is feeling sleepy.. She will not come..”

Lucky:” offo sanky every one feels sleepy in ur company.. Now I came na.. Now swara will becomes active..”

Sanskar: ” she won’t come..”πŸ˜‘

Swara:” ya lucky . I come.. ” she comes downs.. Sanskar doesn’t like it..

Lucky:” come swara.. I have something for u..”

Swara:” wao chocolates..I love it..πŸ˜‹”

Lucky:” today whole day we two will enjoy.. I’ll show u my full house..”

Sanskar: ” but she is not feeling good..”

Swara:” no, I’m ready lucky..”

Sanskar: ” I’ll also join u ”

Lucky:” no sanky.. Actually.. Today nikhil is coming.. For doing all ur pending work..”

Just then nikhil comes with lots of file..

Nikhil:” hi sanky.. See I take all ur files..( he looks towards swara) hello beautiful.. Who r u..”

Sanskar (huh idiot.. Flirting with shona..πŸ˜‘):” she is swara..”

Nikhil: ” I have seen u first time.. ”

Lucky:” actually she is my future wife..”he keeps his hand on swara’s shoulder..

Sanskar burns in jealousy..😑 :” Bhai.. Y r u..”

Swara:” nikhil u sit. I’ll make tea for u. ” she leaves..

Sanskar: what happened to u shona y she lied..

Nikhil: ” come sanky do work..”

Sanskar:”Nikhil who called u .. It’s Sunday..”

Nikhil: ” ur bro called me.. Leave it.. Do work na..”

Sanskar (huh😑 what is his problem.. He can’t stay away from swara..)

Inside the kitchen..

Swara:” lucky Y u lied.. To nikhil..”

Lucky:” sorry swara actually that nikhil is big flirt.. So.. To keep him away from u I lied.. ”

Swara:” but u must have to be in manshi’s home.. ”

Lucky:” yrr. I don’t like her.. U don’t worry.. I lied to her that I had a girlfriend.. She will manage the situation.. Leave it u made tea..”

Swara takes utensils to make tea.. But she doesn’t know how to make tea lucky understands it..

Lucky:” come I’ll help u..” He teaches her..

Outside sanskar is not getting any rest.. “Sanky go inside don’t know what lucky is doing with her.”

“No sanky it’s worng..”

“See na sanky swara is more happy with lucky..”

Sanskar: uff😫 what is this.. Is not right.. What to do…

Nikhil:”bro.. Where u lost.. Focus on work we have to send these mails..”

Sanskar: ” wait.. I’ll get Bhai’s laptop.. Mine is not working.. ”

Sanskar moves towards kitchen..

Lucky:” 3 spoon sugar one for each…”

Swara:” but we r 4 person.. Lucky”

Lucky:” one spoon is ur sweetness swara.. ”

Swara looks towards sanskar reflection on kitchen Window.. :” hahahhahahπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lucky u r too funny.. ”

Sanskar close his fist tightly..😑 huh poor jokes.. How shona can laugh in it.. Lucky looks towards sanskar

Lucky:” sanky Y u came here..”

Sanskar: ” Bhai I need ur laptop.. ”

Lucky: ” OK take it from my room.. And don’t disturb.. Us.. ”

Sanskar leaves in anger.. He takes laptop and sends the mail.. Just then his eyes fall on a folder.. He checks. In that folder swara’s photos and a vedio.. In which swara’s is laughing with uttra.. He becomes more angry.. 😑.. And close the laptop with force..Just then lucky comes.
Lucky:” sanky what happened?..”

Sanskar: ” Bhai.. What is this swara’s pic.. ?Y Bhai?”

Lucky:” she has most beautiful smile.. Sanky.. Don’t know but when she smiles I thought to catch that moment.. But Y r u overreacting.. Go nikhil is calling u..”

Sanskar( this is enough.😑 Bhai is crossing his limits..) He comes out..

Nikhil: ” swara bhabhi tea is very tasty..”

Sanskar ( he is also too much..πŸ˜‘):” nikhil Y r u calling me..”

Nikhil:” yrr sign these papers.. ”

Sanskar signs the papers but his mind is lost in swara … Lucky’s and swara’s closeness… Nikhil checks the papers.. He notices sanskar breaks the pen seeing swara and lucky together..

Nikhil: ” sanky.. Come with me.. One work is left..”

Sanskar (shouts): “😑now what is left.. Nikhil.. Can’t I get peace in Sunday..”

Lucky:” Y r u shouting sanky.. Go with nikhil… He needs ur help go..”

Swara:” go sanskar ji.. Lucky is with me.. U focus on work.. ” sanskar leaves in anger..😑😠

In nikhil house..

Nikhil:” what is this sanskar.. ”

Sanskar: ” what r u talking.. Nikhil..”

Nikhil shows him papers.. :” see this in place of signature u wrote swara..”

Sanskar doesn’t say anything..

Nikhil:” stop thinking about ur future bhabhi”

Sanskar: “she is not my bhabhi” sanskar tell him how they bring her home..

Nikhil: ” sanskar U love her.. ”

Sanskar: ” no I don’t.. ”

Nikhil:” so tell me how’s u feel when she talks to ur brother.. How u felt when lucky called her his wife..”

Sanskar: ” I don’t like whenever Bhai comes near her.. It’s boils my blood.. In reality swara treats me like stranger but in dreams she talks to me sweetly.. ”

Nikhil:” what u dreamt about her..?”

Sanskar (smiles😊):” Yups.. She daily comes in my dreams.. I sleeps on her laps.. But I know I have some psychological problems ”

Nikhil starts laughing.πŸ˜‚:” hahahahaahahahahah sanky..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ u r one peace..”

Sanskar😠:” what’s so funny in it..”

Nikhil: ” u r fully mad in swara’s love.. But u don’t know.. U thinking.. It’s a disease.. Haha stupid sanky”

Sanskar: ” what is it love..? No how this can be love.. It’s attraction. ”

Nikhil: ” it’s love duffer or what u expect when u will fall in love.. God would come in front of ..’ My son sanskar U r In love.’ Huh pagal..”

Sanskar: “but it had happened me before..” He tells him everything about his and swara’s journey..

Nikhil:” bro, u r great U again fall for her.. U don’t know how much u love her.. ”

Sanskar: ” really nikhil..”

Nikhil:” ya dude.. How would u feel if she would become ur bhabhi”

Sanskar: ” nooooooooo.. She is my shona..”

Nikhil places sanskar hand on his heart..:” close ur eyes bro feel this feeling of love..”

Sanskar closes his eyes he see swara’s face.. He smiles..:” ya I love her.. I love swara..” He feels something good in his heart..πŸ’“

Sanskar opens his eyes..:” ya nikhil.. See I love swara I love her.. My heart is feeling soo good it’s unusual feeling nikhil.. I love shona..”

Nikhil:” ya bro u love her…”

Sanskar: ” no u don’t know I loved her… I love her.. ” his excitement is clearly showing in his face..

Sanskar shout:” I love shona.. My shona.. R u listening swara I love u..”

Nikhil:” relax bro.. Clam down..”

Sanskar: ” I can’t tell u nikhil how’s it feel.. (He hugs him) I love her.. She is mine..”

Precap: Asanskari sanskar..😘


  1. Vyshu10


    |Registered Member

    Awesome….buddhu prasad finally realised πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ Haha…priya i out, dont know when this laksh will leave shona.

    Precap is superb….update ASAP

  2. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Deepuuuuuuu !!! happy to see u after a long back… !!
    chappy is amezing…. omggggg i can smell Sanskar being so jealous… hahah.. loved it dear… !!! thnk u… πŸ™‚

  3. Rakiba

    Omg….Sanky realise his love for Swara……
    Waiting for nxt…..
    Plz upload nxt part quickly…..
    Whn u post nxt part ???

  4. Niku


    |Registered Member

    Finally this one piece get to know about his heart condition…..hehe…. he is really funny n d precap it’s superb….I can’t wait pls. Update soon…..

  5. bhawna

    Buddhhu sanku,he can’t realize his own heart feelings,his friend made him realize that he again fall for swara……
    Strange sanky fall for swara two times but didn’t realized ,he realised second due to NikhilπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    And dream of Priya remains dream only,it can’t be true , stupid priyaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Apurva


    |Registered Member

    Superb dear i loved todays episode. It had everything fun love and jealousy i just loved it. When ll u post the nxt epi?
    Plz tell wanna read this beautiful story asap…

  7. Sweeta


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    Waoooo😊😊😊😊😊excellent Superb episode. …..sanskar s jealousy part just awesome loving it…😚😚😚😚😚

  8. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Ahhhhh,omg,omg*shouting at the highest peak..Finally!Finally that idiot, dumbo head sanky realized that he is in love.. I thought he will take decade to realize it,huhhh😏😏..Nikk, you are farishta, thank you soo muchh..About chappy, marvelous.. Loved it specially sankys jealousy.It’s worth to watch dudeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. Aww, my doll feeling bad..Why shouldn’t she after all that idiot is her first and last loveπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰..Keep going dear.. Waiting for nxt..Love you😘😘..
    Take care
    Keep smilingπŸ˜€

    • NDSG



      Yup.. Sanskar is swara’s first and last love.. Now she also needs time to realise her love.. Till then sanskar is ready with his Asanskari ideas.. 😘😘😘😘

  9. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Ahhhhh,omg,omg*shouting at the highest peak..Finally!Finally the idiot,dumbo head sanky realized that he is in love..I thought he will take a decade to realize it,huhhh😏😏..Nikk,you are farishta,thanks a lot..Aww,my doll is feeling bad..Why shouldn’t she after all that idiot is her first and last loveπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰..loved the chappy specially sankys jealousy…It’s worth to watch dudeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..And lucky and priya is making kyali pulao in his mind😜.. But alas! No use.. Keep going dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smilingπŸ˜€

    • NDSG



      U commented twice..😍😍😍 for priya sanskar has a surprise.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ her dreams will soon scatters..

  10. seebu

    Oyyeee deepu when will u post ur ff to me personally😑😑ur xs completed but still u didnt post….lazy girl post it today😠😠orelse i will come to ur dreams n haunt uπŸ˜‚n guess who am i☺

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