swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 29)


Episode 29

Sanskar is very happy since tomorrow only he and shona… No barriers.. Just then RAM comes..

Ram:” ohoooo lucky.. Congratulations ”

Lucky: “please Chacha ji.. “?

Sujata:” now let’s take dinner.. My Ram ji also came..?”

Sanskar: ” OK then, I am also calling swara ..”

Lucky: ” Y u? I’ll call her..”

Sanskar: ” u pay attention towards ur manshi.. ? … I mean I’m going to my room for changing the clothes so I can all her.. ”

Sujata:” OK but come fast..”

Sanskar leaves for his room.. He enters into the room..

Swara is looking towards his photo..

Sanskar notices this and smiles..? my shona is looking my photo.. I know she still.. Stop sanky what r u thinking.. ?

Sanskar: ” swara.. What r u doing. ”

Swara:” woh nothing.. I’m not seeing ur photo..”(oops swara.?)

Sanskar (smiles)?:” is it soo.. Y r u not looking at my photo? Am I not looking good?”

Swara:” woh.. Sanskar ji Y u came here..”

Sanskar: ” swara woh dinner is ready.. Should I bring it here ? Or u?”

Swara:” no.. Since I came here I’m in the same room.. I want to see other things.. ”

Sanskar: ” OK swara I’ll show u my whole house.. Tomorrow.. ”

Swara(smiles):” OK☺thank u..”

Sanskar: ” it’s bad u forget the rule of our friendship.. Dosti mai no sorry no thank you.. ”

Swara shocks to hear these words.. I have heard this before.. Sanskar and swara shakes hand.. She get flashes of their friendship.. When they first time shakes hand..

Sanskar: ” what happened swara.. ?”

Swara:” nothing… Shall we go..”

Sanskar: ” wait let me change first..”sanskar leaves inside the washroom..

Swara : what r doing swara.. Sanskar.. Since I’m here. Only thinking about him.. Is it side effects of my medicines.. Ha but I feel good whenever he is near me..

Sanskar: ” where r u lost.. Swara..”

Swara:” I’m feeling hungry.. ” they move outside..

Sanskar: ” swara is uttra dress is fine I mean u r comfortable in it..”

Swara:” yup.. It’s tooooooooooooo good.. ”

Swara said this too cutely sanskar is just starting her.. The way she is talking by waving her hands in air.. This is not the first time.. But now for this moment sanskar blocked his mind and just listening his heart… Not that stupid mind. Huh?.. His heart say now it’s my time to rule over him..

Swara too lost busy in her talks.. As she too likes his presence near her..:” u know sanskar.. U should think about uttra and ra…”

Before she continues further her legs hit a obstacle and she is about to fall but sanskar holds her by waist..

This heart again fall for her.. But for swara I am in your arms, where shall I find such peace. She feels goosebumps.. “This is worng swara..” Thinking about shona swara jerked him with great force..

Sanskar falls on pot that is kept behind.. Which makes every one looks towards them.. In the process of pushing swara herself.. gets action of reaction .. This time lucky holds her.. But now Y she doesn’t felt any thing.. She is very much amused..

Swara.. Notices Lucky’s hand is also in her waist then Y not this time I felt like sanskar touched me..

Sanskar sees all this .. His heart burns in jealousy seeing Lucky’s hand on her bare waist.. “Sanky only u have right to touch she is your..” His heart’s say..

“No sanky.. It’s all infatuations.. “His mind interrupts

“Then Y I’m paining that much.. Sanskar. ” heart is very unhappy?..

Sujata:” sanskar r u OK son..”

Sanskar: ” mom all good..”

Lucky:” swara r u OK.. Let’s go down.. ”

Sanskar comes close to her..:” come.. With me..”

Lucky :”sanky, I’m here.. Swara u come..”

Swara goes with lucky.. She even doesn’t turn at once … Sanskar saw all this.. Although it’s just a little matter.. But tears drop made a way from his eyes…

“See I told u, sanskar it’s hurting me a lot but u always listen to this brain over me”? heart shows his disappointment..

Sujata:” sanskar come Y r u still standing there .”

Sanskar:” mom coming….”

In the dining table.

Swara intensionally not looking at sanskar.. lucky continues his joke.. And swara is smiling just to hide her feelings.. Firstly sanskar doesn’t like that swara sit beside lucky.. Second she is laughing at his jokes.. And third he is sitting in front of her still she is not looking him.. Ignoring him like he doesn’t exist.. Now he feels how it felt when someone special ignores u.. Like he did earlier..

Sanskar: ” swara have rasgullas.. It’s yummy..”

Swara:” I don’t like sweet..”?

Lucky:” offo swara just one.. As ur new friend lucky is saying.. Please ”

Swara:” OK..” She smiles..?..

He feels dejected.. It is just beginning.. Just wait what will happen in future.. All r happy.. Ram is feeding sujata.. Lucky and swara together laughing.. Ap feeds uttra.. But he is alone in the dining table..

Just then he gets a call..

Sanskar: ” hello”

Priya:” sir.. I need ur help..”

Sanskar: ” what happened priya..”

A girl is talking to sanky.. Listening priya swara looks towards sanky.. In jealousy or in that feeling that she herself don’t know.. She doesn’t feels any jealousy listening shona’s name then Y this priya ..

Sanskar notices all this a smile comes on his face..☺:” tell na priya what can I do for u..” He said this in a sweet voice..

Priya:” sir, woh I left my purse in ur car.. It has my mobile.. And many important thing please sir.. Can u ”

Sanskar (smirks): ” sure I’m coming.. Anything for my employees ”

Sanskar: ” mom I going to return priya’s purse ” he said all this looking towards swara..

She turns her face as it doesn’t effects her.. :” lucky.. I want more rasgullas.. Give it me”

Lucky:” sure..”

Sanskar leaves..

Kavita is busy in her thoughts.. Just then adarsh hugs her..

Adarsh: ” hmm what r u thinking dear..”

Kavita:” I’m thinking about shona.. She didn’t call me yet..”

Adarsh:” kavi dear.. U don’t worry.. May be she is really very busy..”

Kavita: ” but adarsh… She is my sister.. At least she can wish me..”

Adarsh: ” offo dear.. Since wedding night u r only thinking about swara.. Don’t u think.. Ur husband needs u “he kisses her..

Kavita:” sorry adarsh .. I’m just tense about shona.. ”

Adarsh:” she must be alright.. Now come I’m feeling sleepy…”

Here adarsh and kavita sleeps on the other side.. Shekhar and shomi can’t able to sleep not even for a second..

Shomi: ” shekhar, what if we loss the case..”?

Shekhar: ” don’t think negative.. ”

Shomi: ” but … Mr Roy ”

Shekhar: ” look shomi, we never behave badly with swara so.. No one will say anything against us.. We will be safe.. Mr Roy don’t have any proof against us..”

Shomi:” tomorrow I’ll go to Temple.. God ji.. Will do decision in our favour.. ”

Shekhar: ” sure as we had waited a long for this property we will get it..”

Shomi hugs shekhar and sleeps.. ?

Sanskar reaches priya’s flat.. And rings the bell..

Sanskar: ” don’t know Y I came here.. What were u doing sanskar U did it intensionally so that shona would feel jealous.. But Y..? Don’t know what is happening to me now a days”

Priya opens the door..

Sanskar: ” priya it’s ur purse..”

Priya: ” sir, please come in.. Na ”

Sanskar: ” I’m.. Getting late..” Just then lucky calls him

Lucky: ” sanky when will u come… Chachi ji is eating my brain..”

Sanskar: ” just coming Bhai..”

Lucky:” wait I’m keeping my phone in speaker.. ”

Sujata:” sanskar.. Come soon u even didn’t eat anything.. ”

Sanskar: ” mom relax..I’m..”

Just then swara comes..

Lucky: ” swara Y u came here..”

Sanskar (smiles?) he intensionally speaks loudly: ” mom.. Actually priya needs my help in office work so.. I will come late..”

Swara doesn’t like it..

Priya( ohoo sir lied… For me..??)

Suajta:” OK but come soon ” she disconnects the call..

Sanskar looks towards priya (offo sanky what u did just to make swara jealous..)

Priya:” come na sir.. ”

He comes inside..

Priya: ” have a seat sir.. U wait I’ll bring something for u..”

Sanskar: ” no priya I’m getting late.. ”

Priya: ” please na sir.. I heard u didn’t eat anything.. ”

Sanskar (if I didn’t eat anything she will eat my brain..huh?. And if I will go late.. Then shona will be jealous hehehehehehe?):” OK priya..”

In Maheshwari mansion..

Swara is upset.. She looks towards sanskar’s photo..

Swara:” what is this swara..! It’s not good to think about someone’s boyfriend.. But I felt bad listening priya’s name but not for shona.. Uff don’t give stress to ur little mind too much ”

She takes blanket and sleeps..

Sanskar eats food..?

Priya: ” how’s it sir..”

Sanskar: ” tasty.. ”

Priya:” if u want then I can cook for u daily..”?

Sanskar: ” what.?”

Priya:” nothing, woh sir there is something in ur lips..”

Sanskar: ” where..”?

Priya moves towards him..

Sanskar: ” no I can do it.. ”

Priya intensionally falls on sanskar and kisses on his cheeks sanskar shocked..?

Sanskar?:” what is this..”

Priya:” oops sorry sir . it happened by mistake.. ”

Sanskar leaves from there without saying anything..?

Priya: ” offo sanskar is very shy.. It’s just beginning.. Well done priya..”??

Sanskar comes home..

Sanskar: ” what is this yrr.. How can she kiss me.. Yuk I didn’t like it at all.. These girls have no eyes… Always falls on boys.. But when I kissed shona.. That I like.. Both of them girl na then Y different feelings for them.. Huh.. Don’t stress ur little mind sanky.. It’s because now girls kiss doesn’t affect u..”

Sanskar enters in the home . it too late.. He enters in his room.. Swara is sleeping.. Sanskar changes his clothes and comes towards her..

Sanskar: how cute shona is looking.. (He thinks how priya kissed her) hmm.. Now I won’t feel anything when girl kiss me.. Now I controlled..this feeling of attraction.. Let’s test it on shona sanky..

He moves towards her .. To kiss on her cheeks..

“Sanskar it’s worng..” His mind stops him..

“Give it a try sanky..” His heart encourages him

Sanskar looks towards her shinny cheeks.. “Wao she is very beautiful.. Sanky?.. I haven’t seen any girl.. Like her.. ”

he touches her cheek.. And moves closer to touch her cheeks with his lips.. .. He was about to kiss her cheek but she turns and he accidentally kissed on her lips.. He gets a electric shock.. she wakes up.. He moves backwards and his hand hits on the bottle kept on table.. It’s falls..

Swara looks towards sanskar?

Sanskar: ” woh sorry swara I didn’t did anything.. Woh it’s just happened.. I’m sorry. ”

Swara( it’s wearied he is apologising as bottle falls from his hand..):” sanskar it’s ok”

Sanskar: ” no it’s not.. I’m sorry.. ”

He leaves for guest room..

Sanskar touches his lips.. And looks towards mirror..

“U like it sanskar.. ”

“Ya, it’s awsome?.. I want it again… Shona. No no sanky… Again… U r going on worng way… But I like kissing shona.. but for that priya.. Huh? I didn’t felt anything.. Now let’s sleeps sanskar..”

He is about to sleep.. Just then someone closes the door..

Sanskar: ” shona U r here this time..”

Swara comes towards him and slaps.. Him..?..

Swara:”how dare u Mr Maheshwari..? ” ?

Sanskar: “shona I’m sorry..?”

Swara:”how can u allow that priya to kiss u..”

Sanskar: ” it’s just happened by mistake.. Shona please don’t be angry.. ”

Swara turns her face:” I don’t know anything.. U like her food.. Even u like when she kisses u..?.. ”

Sanskar made her sit on bed .. And himself bends on knees.. And holds his ears..:” sorry shona, her food is yuk.. ? and her kiss yuk..??.. I only like ur kiss..”

Swara:” really.. ☺”

Sanskar sits beside her..:” yup.. (He touches her lips) these r the best lips in the whole world.. Shona.. ”

Swara smiles..?? she looks towards him.. Rubs his cheek:” I don’t want her lipstick mark on my sanku’s check he is only mine..”

Sanskar holds her hands:” shona I wish u to be same in reality.. In dreams u r soo sweet but in reality u treat me like stranger..”

Swara:” for that u have to accept that u ”

Sanskar: “no shona, I told u na it’s just attraction..”

Swara:” u r very stubborn.. Now sleep.. It’s too late.”

Sanskar sleeps on her laps..”I have got such a relief in your arms..So that I have become habitual of you, ”

Outside the room..

Uttra:” see swara.. My Bhai is totaly mad for shona..”

Swara:” u r right uttra.. ”

Lucky:” it’s very bad yrr.. Today sanky didn’t kissed her..”

Swara turns..:” lucky u r here..”

Lucky:” I even didn’t missed a single episode of the ashique of this ashiq..”

They smiles.. And sanskar sleeps peacefully…

Precap: sanskar admits that he loves swara..?

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