swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 28)

Episode 28

Sanskar leaves for office.. But his heart left in home with swara ?? … He enters in his cabin.. and starts doing his work just then nikhil comes..

Nikhil: “may I come in sanskar sir…?”

Sanskar: “no need of doing formality nikhil.. Tell me Y u came here..”

Nikhil:” thank u yarr.. For giving job..to priya ” nikhil.. Continues his talk..

In hoogly..

Shekhar: ” shomi come soon na. We r getting late..”

Shomi: ” coming shekhu… ?..”

They reaches to the court to submit the property papers… Just then..

Mr Roy:” stop it… Advocate sir.. ”

Shekhar: “what happened Mr Roy.. It’s shona’s last wish that we will look after her property..”

Ragini: ” stop ur drama shekhar Gadodia… ”

Shomi:” u shut up.. Ragini I know Mr Roy she filled ur mind against us.. She is biggest lair.. Ruined my daughter.. ”

Shekhar: ” ya Mr Roy.. She always misguided swara.. I love swara very much.. I always supported her..” Sahil comes..

Sahil:” then Y u slapped me.. Y u don’t accept our love uncle..”

Shekhar starts crying..??:” Mr Roy both of them lair ..”

Mr Roy: ” I have filed case against u.. Ragini told me that u want to sell my shona..she told me everything.. ”

Advocate: ” sorry Mr shekhar Gadodia untill u won the case U can’t get this property…”

Mr Roy: “the day I got any proof against u I’ll not leave u..”

Sahil:” uncle u r not alone me and ragini also with u..”

They leaves..

Shomi:” oh God now what will happen.. ?? my 23rd year old dream scattered …”

Shekhar hugged her..:” not so soon we still have hope.. They don’t have any proof against us.. I’ll handle everything.. ”

In Maheshwari mansion..

Swara is feeling bore.. Uttra comes to meet her..

Uttra:” hello swara .. Can I come in..”

Swara:” it’s ur home.. Ur room then Y r asking permission.. ”

Uttra:” it’s my sanskar Bhai’s room. See his photo.. ”

Swara looks towards sanskar photos that is kept on dressing table.uttra. Sits besides her..

Uttra:” stop staring him I know .my bro is very handsome.. ” swara smiles..

Swara:” offo sanskar ji sorry for staring u.. “?she holds her hand..

Uttra(in bold and rude voice):” OK OK swara I’m forgiving u.. Be careful next time..”

Both of them laugh :” hahahhahah??”

Swara:” is ur Bhai is always that much rude..”

Uttra:” hmm.. He is very complicated.. ”

just then rajat calls uttra.. Uttra cuts the calls .. He again calls her.. She cut then he text her.. Uttra reads and blush..

Swara:” someone special uttra.. Woh sorry it’s ur personal matter.. Sorry to disturb u..”

Uttra:” no no shona it’s nothing like that… U know I’m happy u came here .. Now I got a friend.. To whom I can share.. Everything.. ”

Swara:” so friends..” They shakes hand..

Uttra:” u know what swara Bhai.. Doesn’t like that I like rajat he is his friend..”


Uttra:” because he thinks love is waste of time.. But u know what he have a girlfriend.. ”

Swara:” u know her? Who is she..”

Uttra:” I don’t know I didn’t saw her… Even I check Bhai’s phone but didn’t get her number.. But I know her name..”

Swara:”what is her name..?”

Uttra:” shona..”

Swara:” shona” it’s seems I heard her name.. She losts somewhere..

In sanskar’s office..

Nikhil is continuously speaking.. But sanky is only thinking about swara.. How she pushed him.. How lucky comes close to her.. Nikhil waves his hand

Nikhil: “sanky ? Where r u lost??”

Sanskar: ” woh.. Nothing.. Just listening u.. Hehe?”

Nikhil: “tell me what I’m saying. ”

Sanskar: “u r saying. That..”

Nikhil: “that ….”

Sanskar: ” that.. U love shreya..”

Nikhil: “what? Shreya was my 12th crush.. Now I love priya.. Bro what happened to u..”

Sanskar: ” woh.. Work stress.. U go do ur work .. I need to concentrate.. On work..”

Nikhil: ” yrr I want to work with priya.. Please ”

Sanskar: ” OK u go.. I’ll do it. ” nikhil leaves..

Sanskar: “uff thank God he went away brain eater. Huh..”

He placed his head back on chair.. And rest their.. And closes his eyes… Just then he feels soft hands on his forehead… He opens his eyes..

Sanskar: “shona… ”

Swara:”u r very mean.. I’m angry with u..”

Sanskar: “Y shona ? What I did?”

Swara:”don’t talk to me huh.??” she turns her face..

Sanskar: “shona don’t do this… ”

Swara:”I’ll u don’t care for me….( She stands near window and looks outside.. )u left me alone… I don’t want to see ur face..” ?

Sanskar back hugs her..:” this separation is killing me.. Don’t go away not for even a second…”

Some pats on his back.. He turns..

Priya(blushes)?:” sir, I’m here only ”

Sanskar (shocked..)” Till how long u r here.. Did u”

Priya?:” I just came when u said this separation is killing me.. Don’t go away not for even a second”

Sanskar: ” woh u go.. Help nikhil in his work.. ”

She leaves with a smiling face..

Sanskar goes to washroom and cleans his face.. :” eeeeh? this day dreaming… Swara is taking revenge.. I need to do something.. ”

Just then sanskar gets a call.

Sanskar: “hello bade papa..”

DP: ” sanskar beta, how’s my business going ”

Sanskar: ” all good bade papa.. U tell did ur Dubai deal finalized.. Or not..”

DP: “no..? I faced a great loss.. I’m very disappointed due to my useless fellows.. Worker..”

Sanskar: ” bade papa, don’t worry.. Next time give that work to me I’ll do it.. I won’t disappoint u..”

DP: ” I know sanskar.. U take care of yourself.. “He disconnects the call..

Sanskar:” sanky now no shona, bade papa is already very angry.. And u.. (He closes his eyes.. And joined his hands..) ?Now shona please don’t come.. I need to do work.. If u want u can come in night.. Now let me do my work…”

Sanskar starts doing his work…


Nikhil:” see priya we will do this like this..”

Priya gave no reaction..

Nikhil: ” oh hello where u lost..”

Priya:”nothing.. Tell me one thing how I look..”

Nikhil: ” beautiful.. ”

Priya:” no think like a boy.. Whatever u want Does u find that in me..”

Nikhil (oho she is indirectly giving me signal…?):” u r good but need something.. To impress me I mean any boy.. Just take care of ur looks.. Style.. Way of talking.. ”

Priya:”oh.. Then any boy can like me..”

Nikhil: “yup.. Priya dear..”?

In hoogly..

All r busy in doing case preparation..

Ragini:” uncle.. We don’t have enough proof about them..”

Mr Roy:” ya but what will I do.. Sahil u tell.. Did shona ever told u anything about her parents behavior.. ”

Sahil starts crying…?:” shona.. Please come back.. Uncle.. What can I do now.. Shona never talked me due to her shyness.. But …”

Mr Roy: ” but what??”

Sahil:” sanskar knows everything.. He was swara’s best friend after ragini… Swara had spend most of the time with him.. He must know about it something.. ”

Ragini:” Y r u involving that stupid in it..”

Mr Roy: ” but we should at least give it a try..”

Ragini:” no uncle he will no tell u anything.. I hate him.. Don’t drag him in it… After going he never called swara even he blocked her no.. So it is useless.. To talk to him..”

Sahil (I’ll talk to him.. This ragini is too much.?):” OK ragini.. We will not call him..”

In the evening.. Sanskar is ready to come home..

Priya:” sir..”

Sanskar: ” what happened ”

Priya: ” sir it’s too late.. And I too missed my bus so can u drop me..”

Sanskar: ( if I go with her.. I’ll be late to meet shona.. Don’t know what lucky Bhai is doing with her..):” u can ask nikhil..”

Priya(Hehe he is too shy.. I know in mind he is thinking about me..?): “sir his house is in different root u please.. U know it’s not safe for girl.. ”

Sanskar: ” OK u come..”

Sanskar while driving.. Uff these girls..

Priya..( great job priya. Boss is already impressed by me nikhil is too good..)

Priya:” woh sir.. Nice weather.. Na”

Sanskar: “hmm”?.. What is nice in this weather.. Because of this priya I’m getting late ..

Priya:” sir stop the car … I live in this building.. ”

Sanskar: ” OK.. Bye..”

Priya: ” sir wait…”

Sanskar?:” now what… ”

Priya: “thank u soo much sir.. And u take care…”

Sanskar: “it’s OK..”

Sanskar leaves…:” huh these girls.. Don’t know what shona is doing alone in the home.. I’m dam sure lucky Bhai is irritating her.. Don’t worry I’m coming shona.. I know her although she forget me but only I know how to make her smile.. I did this thousands of time… ”

In Maheshwari mansion..

Uttra continues her talk..

Uttra:” u know swara how my sanskar Bhai talks in sleep.. ”

She started acting like sanskar.. She closes her eyes and starts behaving like sanskar..

Uttra:” shona… Don’t leave me.. Shona.. It’s attraction.. ”

Swara :” hahahahaahahahahah… ??? uttra it’s too funny.. Hehehehehe now stop..”

Then uttra takes a pillow

Uttra:” shona, I’m ready to kiss u ..”

She starts kissing the pillow..

Swara holds her stomach… :” now enough hahahah I can’t stop myself laughing… “????

Outside the house sanskar parks his cars… He hears swara’s laughs..

Sanskar:” shona, is laughing.. With whom.. No one can bring smile in her face except me..”? he comes inside..

Just then lucky comes.. In the room..

Lucky:” offo, shona this is sanky’s secrete.. Hmm”

Uttra:” oops Bhai.. Woh..”

Lucky:” uttra who is she..”

Uttra:” I don’t know …” She runs from there..

Swara controls her laugh..

Lucky :” so swara how sanky kissed her.. I’ll show u..”

Swara:” u heard everything.. ”

Lucky:” ya.. Me too saw sanky ranting shona’s name.. Wait I’ll show u..”

Lucky too starts acting like sanskar..

Swara:” Hehehehe..????? lucky u r too funny..”

Just then sanskar passes through room.. Lucky and swara r laughing.. And sanky burns in jealousy..??

Lucky:” swara u r not feeling bored here..”

Swara:” bore and me. No.. U r too funny.. ”

Lucky:” u like my company..”

Swara: ” soo much.. But ur acting superb . please do it again.. Na..”

Sanskar: huh Bhai have no work.. How shona can be happy with his cheap joke..???..

Lucky:” this time I’ll do it with full feel.. Swara u come join me..”

Swara: ” OK sure..”

Lucky bends on his knees.. And holds swara’s hand..

Lucky:” this heart didn’t get any peace anywhere.. ”

Sanskar: (??? how dare he) he shouts:” Bhai…”

Lucky and swara becomes shocked..

Sanskar: ” What is happening here.. Leave her hand..”

Lucky:” sorry sanky woh.. ”

Sanskar: ” Bhai, u have no manner..”

Swara( I think sanskar has listen that we r making fun of him and shona..):” sanskar it’s all my fault I told him to do that.. Sorry.. ”

She holds her ears..

Sanskar: ” no shona… ”

Lucky and swara give him wired look..

Sanskar: ” woh I mean swara.. ”

Swara( sanskar loves shona that much.. How sweet..):” don’t scold lucky… Please.. ”

Sanskar: ” no swara u don’t know.. Him.. I know he intensionally did all this.. (He holds Lucky’s collar) how dare u.. I told u na..”

Lucky:” enough ur drama sanky..”

Swara: ” sanskar please I’m sorry( she cries?) u both don’t fight because of me..”

Sanskar immediately goes towards her cupped her face and wipes her tears..

Sanskar: ” please don’t cry… ”

Swara losts in his eyes… This touch is familiar to her.. She feels some sparks .. She immediately jerks is hand..

Lucky: ” be in ur limits sanky..”

Sanskar: ” I’m.. Sorry.. ”

Swara( there is something in him.. Whenever he touches me.. I feels oh this is worng.. ):” me too sorry..”

Lucky:” how happy she was with me.. but u made her cry..”

Sanskar feels bad..

Sujata :” sanskar lakshaya.. Come out see I have surprise for u..”

Sanlak:” OK coming..”

Lucky:” just wait swara I’m coming in few minutes the. We will talk a long…”

Sanskar (huh chipku?):” I also know joke swara.. ”

Lucky: ” I know his jokes like.. C combine with O2 forms CO2 hhaha.. ”

Swara:” haha?”

Sanskar ( huh..?):”it’s nothing like that swara .. Mine joke is also good… ”

Lucky:” swara my Bhai is a bookworm.. ”

Sujata:” lakshaya.. Sanskar come fast…”

Sanskar: ” come Bhai..”

Lucky:” OK.. Just coming shona.. Haha oops swara.. Hahahahaahahahahah?”

Swara:” haha??”

Sanskar:?.. Always make my fun.. Huh.. Jealous lucky.. ?..

In the hall..

Sujata:” lux.. Come na..”

Lucky:” offo chachi it’s lakshaya.. Not lux.. I’m not a soap..”

Suajta:” offo lux.. Leave it.. Come I have a surprise for u.. ”

Sujata shows him a picture of a girl..

Uttra:” lucky Bhai how’s my bhabhi.. Pretty na..”

Sanskar ( yess now lucky Bhai will be busy with her future wife.. And stop loitering around my shona..):” wao.. Uttra bhabhi is very beautiful…? what’s say Bhai..”

Lucky:” mom I don’t want to marry so soon.. ”

AP: ” beta ur papa selected her for u..”

Lucky:” but ma..”

Sanskar: ” see her at once Bhai she is very pretty.. Badi ma what’s her name.. ”

AP: ” manshi..”

Sanskar: ” wao manshi bhabhi.. Lakshya+manshi= lakanshi… Wao.. ??? hehhehehh ”

Uttra:” lakanshi.. Wao sanskar Bhai I don’t know that u r too smart… ?? well done..”

Lucky:” stop it.. Huh lakanshi huh.. ? very bad.. ”

AP: ” I don’t know anything.. Tomorrow we r going to see her.. And u have to come..”

Lucky:” mom if we go there then who will take care of swara.. Sanky is busy in office.. ”

Sanskar: ” Bhai tomorrow is Sunday.. Mom I’m here with swara.. So it’s final Bhai is going.. ”

Lucky: ” okie..”??

Sanskar ( yeppi tomorrow me and shona alone in house..???)

Precap: swasan kiss..?

I’ll post next part on 10th December

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  14. It’s so good. I read all the previous episodes in one day.
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    Uttara n lucky narrating about sanskar’s shona to her.. Lol…
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    So stupid of priya n others to mis-interpret things.
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