swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 22)

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Episode 22

Ragini is very much tense for swara she doesn’t returned yet. She was continuously trying swara’s number. “The number u r trying to call is currently switched off”.

Ragini(tense?): “swara pick up the phone ”

Prateek:” ragini chill down she will come soon.”

Ragini: ” when Prateek, it’s already 8pm. Don’t know where is she. And we even can’t complain to the police. ”

Prateek: ” ragini call sanky. May be swara is with him.”

Ragini: ” that stupid sanskar is not picking my call. Prateek u call him.”

Prateek: ” OK u cool down. ”

Prateek calls sanskar..

Ragini: ” keep it at speaker.”

Sanskar: ” what is this swara? I told u na I don’t love. So u please don’t disturb me.”?

Prateek: ” hey sanky it’s me. Prateek.. ”

Sanskar: ” oops sorry! Tell me Y did u call me.”

Prateek: ” sanky where is swara ?? She left in the morning to meet u but she didn’t returned yet.”

Sanskar: ” Prateek she must be with her parents, woh when she called me in the morning and I informed her parents that she is here Kolkata.”

Ragini: ” what??? How dare u sanky..”

Sanskar: ” Y r u shouting on me ragini ”

Ragini: ” shut up sanky. How can u informed her parents. Stupid, they r not her real parents. ”

Sanskar(shocks): ” what.!!!!”?

Ragini: ” they want her property that’s why they kept her, now they r trying to sell her. She is the biggest stupid to love u. She thought u will help her. U told her na u r always with her but now because of u her life is in danger. Mr sanskar Maheshwari if anything happens to my friend I’ll not leave u”

Sanskar: ” ragini seriously I don’t know about it.”

Ragini: ” sanskar U never understood her. Her love. It’s my mistake to send her to talk to u. Now don’t waste my time I have to search her.” She disconnects the call

Ragini starts crying.: ” ? where is my shona.. ”

Prateek: ” u don’t worry. Come let’s search her.”

Ragini: ” u r right. My shona is fine. Come Prateek not to waste time.”

Ragini calls someone: ” did u find her.”

Man:” no, ragini I’m still searching. U don’t worry.”

Ragini: ” what not to worry.? U don’t know she is important for me more than anything. I’ll not leave that sanskar if something happens to her?. ”

Man:” mam, cool down believe me. I’ll find her. And after that give sanky to his punishment. OK.?”

Ragini: ” OK” she cuts the call.

Prateek: ” who is he.!! Ur boyfriend ”

Ragini(angry?):”Prateek I’m not in the mood of jocking. He is my agent. Dad heir him for me.”

Prateek: ” OK ji, now let’s move to search swara ” they leaves.

In chitti’s house..?

Someone Knocks the door, swara becomes afraid. Meena notices it.

Meena:” wait swara I’ll check, u go and hide behind the curtain.” Meena opens the door.

Man:” meenu where were u, leave it I want to tell u something. ”

Meena:” swara come out.(swara came out.) Shona he is my husband mohan.”

Mohan looks towards swara:” hello swara ji. I’m mohan meena’s husband. “Meena tell him how swara helped chitti from boys.

Mohan:” thanks swara ji. Now u r our guest. If u want anything call me. OK, meena I bring juice for u. Give it swara ji also.” Mohan gives juice to swara and meena ” swara ji, u go and take rest in chitti’s room.”

Swara:” ok”.mohan leaves for his room

Swara looks towards her phone.:” oh I forget to inform ragini. She must me very much tense. Swara switch on the phone. And calls ragini.

Swara: ” hello”

Ragini:” shona… Omg r u OK na.. Shona tell me where r u.. ? How can u do this I was very much tense.”

Swara :” ragu take some breath I’ll tell u everything.. ” swara tells her how sanskar reject her love even he didn’t believe her.

Ragini: ” shona, don’t cry. I m with u. God is with us.”

Swara :” God made my life a big joke ragini but if he want to do something for me. Then I wish I could forget sanskar. ”

Ragini: ” shona, r u able to forget him.”

Swara :”now I can’t hurt my heart anymore. Ragini it’s paining each and every second. ”

Ragini: “swara, I’m proud of u. U don’t worry now no more crying for that person. Ur ragini is with u. Shona U tell me where r u. I’ll pick u from there then we will shift to Bangalore.”

Swara:” ragini I’m with a sweet family. “She tells her the address.

Ragini:” shona, now u should think to move on. And think about the sahil’s proposal. ”

Swara: ” ragini, I don’t want to fall again. I know my stupid heart. This only loves him”

Ragini: ” sahil loves u. His love will cure your pain.”

Swara:” I don’t want yrr.. I want to start new life. ”

Ragini: ” OK I’ll not force u, but think about it at once. At least he cares for u ”

Swara:” OK ragini.. I’ll think. ”

Meanwhile time sanskar is very much tense.” Oh god what was ragini is saying is correct. I have to find it. Shona I don’t want to hurt u I want only ur welfare.” He calls swara but her number is busy.

Sanskar: ” shona, pick up the call. R u OK na?. I think I should check her the place where I left her.” Sanskar went there. But still he doesn’t find swara he becomes tense.” Shona where r u? I’m sorry…”

Ragini and swara continues their talks.

Swara:” ragini, now I’m feeling sleepy talk to u later.”

Ragini:” OK shona. U take rest I’m coming to take u.”call disconnects.

Prateek: ” is she OK ragini. ”

Ragini: ” she is alright, Prateek let’s go to take her.”

Prateek: ” OK.”they leaves..

Swara sleeps..

Sanskar comes home very tense. He thought to call swara once again. He again dials her number. This time chitti’s sleep disturbs due to call. He picked up the phone.

Sanskar( worried)?:” shona where r u ? R u OK na shona.. Please tell me. I’m sorry.. ”

Chitti:” shona di is sleeping.. Who r u?”

Sanskar: ” who r u? And what is shona doing in ur house. ”

Chitti:” first I asked the question. So answer me first.”

Sanskar: ” I’m sanskar, shona’s friend. Now tell me who r u ,where is shona”

Chitti:” sanskar, I don’t know u I don’t tell stranger my address ”

Meanwhile meena passes near the room. As she listen the sanskar’s name she grab the phone from chitti.

Meena:” Mr sanskar Maheshwari. Shona is fine and she is with me. Now u don’t need to disturb her. She is all right. Don’t call her again. ” she disconnects the call.

Sanskar: ” oh thank God shona is ok. Let me inform to ragini, she must be worried.” He calls ragini.

Ragini: ” what is ur problem sanskar? how many time I told u not to disturb us.”

Sanskar: ” ragini shona is ok, she is with a family.”

Ragini: ” I know everything, I just talk to shona half an hour ago. Now u don’t disturb me I’m going to take her. Now please this time don’t inform her so called parents. I will be grateful to u for this.”

Sanskar:” OK, but u take care of shona.”

Ragini disconnects the call.?

Sanskar: ” thank God shona U r OK. ?” sanskar goes to his room. He opens his Almera. And open a box in which swara’s gift kept . he reminds swara’s words.(” It’s a moment of our friendship.. It will remain like this always. All the moment whether it’s happy or sad we spend there..”)

Sanskar POV…
” shona U r right. It is same as before. Shona I still remember the day, I saw u last time.

I was walking just then i heard some noise. I turned back and see that shona U were running towards me and shouting my name. As soon as u comes near me. U hugged me soo tightly.. And started crying?

” don’t go sanskar.. Please don’t leave me alone.. “?

” shona, u r too mad, I’ll come to meet u once in a year.. OK now Happy .”I tried to composed u.

Shona u were not ready to leave me:” please sanskar.. I promise I’ll never disobey u, I’ll never wear shorts dresses.. I’ll never take my academics lightly .. I’ll do whatever u say.. But please don’t go.. ”

” shona listen.. ”

” I’ll die without u..sanskar .. ” i was shocked to hear this.. This was first time I felt something in my heart..I released the hug..and looked at ur eyes shona.. Tears were continuously flowing .?..

” shona will die without sanku.. ” ur words melt this heart shona.

I placed finger on ur lips..:” sßsßssh.. ”

I was just admiring u.. How one can be so innocent.. Ur beauty first time blockes my thinking.. Ur smooth, chubby, cheeks became red…. Not only moonlighting also enhanced ur glow.. Infinity times.. Ur beautiful eyes were filled with tears. I moved towards u and drank all ur salty tears.. My lips tasted ur cheeks.. I felt ur fragrance.. My eyes fells on ur lips which were earlier pleading me not to go.. Now they were looking like rose petals. And i wants to pluck those petals.. I started caressing ur lips with my thumb.. It’s so smooth, and tempting.. My desires were out of control.. And i bend down and touched ur juicy lips with mine. I felt a spark in my body.. This was my first kiss…. But before i could continued further my phone started ringing..

I came in sense..i picked up the phone..

” he…hello.. Mom ” my voice chocked..

” sanskar where r u? Do u forget we have to do packing.. “It was mom.

” mom im on the way ”

” Come fast..”

I disconnected the call. And looks towards u. U were blank. And i left from there without saying anything.. My condition were not good. It’s was my first time.

“Sanskar how could u do this. ” I was mumering to myself. I wanted to kiss u shona. My desire were not end there I wanted to love u.

It was raining…

I came in the room and started packing.. Just then someone knocked the door.. I looked

“Shona.. U.. Y u came here.”

“Sanku, come.. With me..” U moved towards the terrace..

“Shona wait…” I too followed u… U started dancing in the rain..

“Shona.. Come inside else u will catch cold..” But u pulled me in rain.. And placed my hand on ur waist…

“Sanku.. ” ur..started caressing.. My cheeks.. And moved towards me to kiss me..

” shona, don’t .. It’s worng.. It was just a mistake… I didn’t did it intensionally.. It’s just an attraction.. ” I tried to stop u..

“Whatever it was.. But u like it na.. U like it when.. When our lips met.. U too feel something her ” u pointed towards my heart..ya u were right.. For the first time I felt that for u.. And I too liked it.. But it was worng.. .

” shona.. It’s not our age to do this..” But u wrapped u arms around my neck.. And stood up.. In ur feet..

“Don’t leave me.. Complete this kiss..” I closed..my eyes.. And I hold u tightly…..

“Sanskar.. ” mom shouted.. I came in sense” what r u doing in rain.. Come inside.. ” what was that.. What I was dreaming.. I touched my lips.

“Sanskar u r pathetic. How can u think about the shona..that way. How can u. ” i came inside the room..I opened my mobile each time I looked towards our party photograph all this flashes of our incomplete kisses coming on my mind. Shona U know this all worng. This was just an attraction for u. And same thing happened to u. Shona that thing u r thinking love due to my kiss is only just infatuation. After that night many times I dreamt of kissing u…. In my dreams and thoughts only u.. Every time I saw any romantic movie.. I imagine u and me.. Shona U know I could not able to concentrate. And it’s was not good shona.. So. I started ignoring u and ur calls.. Because that was the only way to control my desires and to erase this feeling of attraction. My academics were only important for me.. But Shona U know what I never felt that feeling in my life for anyother girl. U r the first girl to whom I attracted. I can still feel ur taste on my lips.. See now I’m thinking the same way… Uff it’s worng sanky… I’m happy u r OK. And sorry for troubling u now u start ur life soon u will get ur love. Then U will realise this feeling for me is nothing more than attraction. ”

POV ends…
Sujata knocks to door.:” sanskar came down.”

Sanskar keeps swara’s gift back to its place.:” ya mom coming. ” sanskar comes down

Sujata:” RAM ji and lucky still didn’t came. ”

Sanskar: ” mom relax. Both of them will be alright. ”

Sujata:” no one is picking my call I’m worried. ”

Sanskar calls the lucky :” Bhai where r u and dad”

Lucky:” sanky, we both r busy. U don’t wait for us we will come after sometime”

Sanskar: ” mom papa will come soon. U eat something. ”

Sujata:” no ill not eat anything without my ram ji. If I did so God will punish me. I’m devoted to my ram ji.”

Ap:” offo sujju, I know u love RAM u don’t need to prove it. Eat something. ”

Sujata:” no never, I’ll wait for him. “Sujata sits on the hall to wait for RAM. And sanskar and ap gives her company.

On the other side ragini arrives to chitti’s home. She rings the doorbell. Meena opens the door.

Meena:” yes, who r u?”

Ragini: ” I’m ragini and he is my friend Prateek . we came here to take shona.”

Meena:” oh, u both come inside. I’ll call her.”

She goes to call swara:” swara, see ragini came ” no answer. They move inside they found swara is not there.

Ragini: ” where is shona”????!!!!?

Where shona gone??

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