swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 20)

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Episode 20

Sanskar: ” I’ll never forgive U .. ”

Bhawna looks towards him (cries ?):” sorry sanky ”

Sanskar: ” don’t u dare to take my name from ur mouth.. I’m not stupid like swara , who can easily melt with ur crocodile tears.. Stay away from shona ”

He angrily grabs swara’s hand and leaves from there ..

In the whole way , swara is admiring him.. The way he hold her hand .. She understands his anger for Bhawna but everyone needs one chance ..

Swara :” sanskar , please forgive her ”

Sanskar releases his grip on her hand :” how can I , u know what she did? Then also u r saying this .. “?

Swara: ” she deserves second chance.. ”

Sanskar: ” u r giving her, ”

Swara :” but u aren’t !!”

Sanskar: ” I don’t want to talk about her .. But if u want then I’m going ”

Swara :” OK , I’ll not talk about her . now Happy ”

Sanskar: ” shona, I m rude to u but I can’t forgive her . ”

Swara :” it’s OK sanskar. ”

Sanskar: ” OK take care bye .. ” he leaves ..

After fews days …..

Swara’s POV …

Sanskar changed me a lot.. We daily used to spend time together .. I hate maths but he make this subject so easy me , it’s his magic .. Now I’m not afraid if any of the subject .. Not only this after that incident his care for me increased?.. It’s weird but I’m not angry on Bhawna.. Because unknowingly she helped me.. I love the way he teaches me all the values, manner .. I know it’s very hard for a boy to talk a girl about these matter .. But he managed everything very well. This was the first time in the exam I wasn’t afraid . today is my last exam. I’m waiting for him.

POV ends

Cheeku: ” shona di ”

Swara sits on her knees :” u came late , u know how can I give my exams without getting my lucky kiss ”

Cheeku kisses on her cheeks :” all the best di ”

Sanskar: ” and for me (cheeku and swara turns around) I also need good lucky kiss”

Cheeku: ” but where is my chocolate “?

Sanskar:” this is ur favorite diary milk silk , but give me my kiss “he shows him his cheek and cheeku kiss him and sanskar give him chocolate.?

Check:” all the best to u both .”

Swasan leaves for examination center

Sanskar: ” shona, all the best I know u can do it . ”

Swara: ” u to sanku?”

Sanskar smiles ?

After the exams all friends are discussing regarding their exam.

Sahil:” one thing I know that our sanky is going to top again. ”

Sanskar: ” it’s nothing like that yrr..”?

Kavya:” enough discussion about the exam let’s plan a get together.. After our result we all will choose different way. ”

Ragini: ” that’s grt idea kavya, what’s say swara ”

Swara (thinks something): ” ragini let’s plan it after 2 days ”

Ragini: ” but Y ??”

Swara :” because I wanted.. Na ”

Sahil: ” whatever u say shona, I’m ready to follow “?

Swara looks towards sanskar who looks tense :” sanskar r u OK with it ”

Sanskar: ” it’s a nice idea shona. ”

Prateek comes with Bhawna..

Prateek: ” guys u r forgetting us ..”?

Swara :” u both r also invited ”

Bhawna: ” is sanskar is OK with it ..”

Sanskar: ” I don’t care? if u would come or not, I will come for shona. ” and he leaves with angry face ?

Bhawna (cries?):” I’m sorry guys, i spoiled ur plan ”

Swara, ragini and kavya consoles her .

Swara :” don’t worry I’ll talk to him.”

Swasan r going to their home..?

Swara (thinks): oh God how can i, he will be angry on me. But it has been 2 month after that incident sanskar is still angry with Bhawna. Everyone deserves second chance.

Swara: ” sanskar.. Don’t u think u should.. ”

Sanskar: ” stop shona, I don’t want to talk about her. ”

Swara: ” but sanskar ..” Just then a bike rider pass and the water on road splashes on swara .

Sanskar (shouts ?):” he u idiot u don’t have eyes. .” he looks towards swara and wipes the dirty water.

Swara :” sanskar I’m fine. ( he is silent just cleaning her hands. She understands ) Sanskar sorry ”

Sanskar: ” u don’t need to be sorry, let’s go to through another way. If we go through road again someone would spoil ur dress ”

Swara nodes yess… And they moves.

Swara :” look here listen me at once..”

Sanskar (shouts a loud )?:” enough swara …”

Swara becomes so much afraid, that she even don’t looks forward and slipped.

Swara :” sanskar …..”

Sanskar tries to hold her , but both of them falls on muddy water. Sanskar is on top of swara. Swara senses his breathes near ner neck. She feels him. His proximity blocks her sense. Her heart starts beating faster than ever. She closes her eyes. There is no gap between them. Sanskar tries to get up. But his hand slips over her thigh and his face near ner heart. And this touch is enough for her she looses herself. Sanskar slides upside to get up. With his each moves she is melting ” sanskar… ” she moans. A water drops on her cheeks. It’s starts raining. Swara comes on sense Sanskar tries to manage the situation.

Sanskar: ” shona wait, let me first get up”. After 3-4 attempts he succeeded. He extends his hand for swara.

Swara is hell embarrassed. But still this feeling of his closeness still has effect on her.?

Sanskar: ?” I’m sorry swara, I didn’t intensionally touched u. It just my hand slipped ”

Swara :” I can understand.. It’s OK ”

They move a head. Sanskar is highly guilty due to his act.

In swara’s room….
Swara is taking the shower. Water droplets falling on her just reminds her his touch. She closes her eyes feels his breathes near her neck. How he slide over her, his hand slipped over her thigh. She is feeling his proximity.

Swara: sanskar !!!what condition I have reached, that my patience has left me, now I don’t want to live even a moment away from you.?

In sanskar’s house ?
Sanskar reaches home with dirty clothes.

Sujata :” Oh my ram ji, what happened to my sanskar ”

Sanskar: ” mom nothing I just slipped in muddy water. ”

Uttra comes towards him. She see a long long hair in his shirt.” Bhai.. How did u fell in muddy water, because I know the condition of roads of the path from ur school to our home is fine ”

Sanskar: ” woh I came from another way”

Uttra thinks to tease him :” Y? Bhai that way is very distort, mom may be Bhai want to enjoy some moments with his new girlfriend… ”

Sujata ?” hawwwwwwww , oh my ram ji where r u? See what our son did ”

Uttra shows her hair :” see mom it’s ur daughter in law’s hair.” ?

Sujata :” sanskar, did I teach u this!! U spoiled our reputation.. ”

Uttra giggles ???
Sanskar: ” mom she is lying, actually a bike rider spoiled my dress that’s why I went through the way. ”

Uttra :” Bhai don’t be over smart, how this hair came to ur shirt ”

Sujata gives death glare to sanskar.?

Sanskar: ” woh.. Mom it’s uttra’s hair. She is making u fool. Actually ma u know my friend rajat…” Before sanskar continue further uttra keeps her hand on his mouth

Uttra :” mom, actually Bhai is right. I thought to tease him. He is innocent. Bhai u go take shower otherwise germs will attack u. Am I right mom ?”

Sujata: ” ya, sanskar U go. And uttra don’t tease ur brother. ” she leaves.

Uttra looks towards sanskar and holds her ears:” sorry Bhai. ” she also leaves

After taking shower, sanskar dressing himself but all the scenes of recent incident with swara is coming his mind ” sanky, what u did what she will think about u. ” but somewhere in his heart he feels something different, good ?but he ignores it ” I think I should talk to her. Once again I’ll apologize to her. ” and he leaves.

Swara comes out of bathroom. She looks towards herself in the mirror ” wao shona U look too beautiful?. What if ur sanku will look u like this ?. Just then she feels a hand on her waist. She looks through mirror, it’s sanskar. He puts all her hairs on her right shoulder. And slides her bathrobe from her left shoulder. And placed a sweet kiss there.

Swara(blushes?):” sanskar what r u doing..? ”

Sanskar turns her and cups her face :” shona I want something ”

Swara: ” what !”

Sanskar: ” shona I want a kiss. ”

Swara :” where ?”

Sanskar touches her lips :” here ?, just one kiss ”

Swara :” if u r not satisfied with one kiss then ”

Sanskar: ” then kiss me untill I satisfied. Now close ur eyes ”

Swara closes her eyes, and sanskar moves closer to her. Just then she feel a burning sensation on her cheeks. She opens her eyes.

Swara: ” ragini u ”

Ragini: ” ya me, what r u doing.. ”

Swara :” wo I.. ” she looks towards sanskar and finds he is not there.

Ragini: ” if u dream about these things about him at least close ur door, thank God no one saw u ”

Swara :” no.. I wasn’t dreaming about him..?”

Ragini: ” don’t lie I know u. Leave all that u tell me Y u demanded that parry should be after two days ??”

Swara (blushes)?:” woh ragu it’s sanskar’s birthday day ”

Ragini smiles seeing her love for him. But somewhere she is afraid.

Ragini: ” did u planned anything, or u need my help ”

Swara :” ragu, I want to make his birthday special. Let me do everything myself. ”

Ragini: ” okie shona.”

After two days….

Swara decorate the whole venue of party, so beautifully.
Swara: ” thanks ragini to allow, me to keep part in ur garden.”

Ragini: ” its OK shona, now u also get ready.. Before ur sanskar would come”.

Everyone reaches to the party venue.

Sahil :” look sanky my shona hand has some magic.. It’s so beautiful.. ”

Sanskar:” ya ?” ( what kind of friends r they , no one even didn’t wish me )

Rajat :” ya sahil, sanky U came alone u should bring uttra also “?

Sanskar gives him angry look

Rajat :” woh actually, she is feeling bore in the house , nothing more than that ..?”

Sahil :” leave all that rajat, look new love birds Bhawna and prateek. Both r so happy, I find shona and rajat also made a girlfriend but what about u sanky ”

Sanskar (irritates ?): ” enough guys, stop this. U all r forgetting something ”

Sahil :” what..!!!?”

Rajat :” u r forgetting that sanskar likes ragini so he is no more single .. Hahahahaahahahahah???”

Sahil :” I like ragini bhabhi.. Ragini + sanskar =Ragsan ..”

Rajat :” waoo yarr.. Ragsan great it’s better than Bhawsan ??”

Sanskar: ” shut up ???” he moves from there.. What type of friends r they , they only know teasing me. I hate them.. And what he said ragsan yuk.. ?. And his shona hhaha poor sahil dreaming about shona but shona don’t like him.. She will never accept him. But Y r u thinking this sanskar if she will accept him or not..

Just then all light closes..
” thanks for coming guys, this night is especially not only because after this we all choose different courses, but also because, 18 year ago a very smart , cute ,intelligent , little bit arrogant , our sweet , most mature , responsible and especially my very caring friend took birth. You are my true friend. You were always with me, you supported me, you boosted me up when I was down. Thanks for being such a friend of mine. Happy birthday. Sanku ?” light spots to sanskar and everyone claps for him.

Sanskar is very much shocked plus surprised. He was thinking that everyone forgot his birthday but it’s swara who made this day so special..

Sanskar: ” swara, it’s so amazing. Thanks for making this day so especial.”

Swara :” sanskar U r especial to me. ”

Sanskar: ” u too ”

Sahil, rajat also wishes him.

Rajat :” sorry!! Sanky. it’s all swara’s plan. That’s why we didn’t wished u ”

Sanskar: ” it’s OK friends.. ”

Swara:” Let’s light the candles, sanskar and celebrate this special day of your life.”

With this sanskar cuts the cake .. Party keeps on going but ragini is upset she is looking at shona ” shona all this will be vanished soon .. I’m sorry but I can’t stop u doing this. Now it will hurt u more… ”

Everyone give present to sanskar. Now it’s swara’s turn ..it’s a very big box.

Sanskar: ” swara what is in it..?”

Swara: ” u guess na..”

Sanskar: ” hmmm.. It’s a collection of books na ”

Sahil , Prateek and rajat started laughing:” hahahahaahahahahah??? bookworm will always think like that… ”

Swara :” don’t tease him guys…”

Sanskar opens the gift.. He becomes so happy to see the gift.. ” swara it’s so amazing… I mean how did u .. Made this ”

Swara :” sanskar I thought what to give u, then I realized that I should give u something especial.. It’s a moment of our friendship.. It will remain like this always. All the moment whether it’s happy or sad we spend there.. ”

Swara present him a model of place where they used to sit.. Whenever they were sad or happy.. She spend lot of time in it.. Don’t know from how long she was preparing this..

Kavya wishpers in sahil’s ear:” sahil. Look sanky is just her friend then she arranged this much for him.. Now u think what will u get in ur birthday.. ”

Sahil (blushes?):” stop yrr kavya… ”

Sanskar: ” swara u give the best gift of my life. In return if u want something ”

Swara :” ya, but will u give me ”

Sanskar: ” off course I promise.”

Swara calls Bhawna: ” sanskar please forgive her. She is very much guilty for her deeds..”

Sanskar keeps quite.

Sahil :” ya sanky forgive her.”

Rajat :” come on yarr.. Before leaving u forgive her.. ”

Swara :” leaving ”

Rajat :” ya sanskar is shifting to kolkata. Sanky now u will take this hate for our Bhawna there.. Forgive her yrr..”

Prateek: ” please sanky ”

Sanskar: ” OK … I forgive U Bhawna ”

Bhawna: ” thank u ?”

But swara’s heart is broken in to pieces.. At sudden she lost everything.. Ragini goes towards her and hugs her. Till the end of party she remains quite…

It’s time for everyones departure.
Swasan is going.. Sanskar looks towards swara.. He know she is upset ..

Sanskar: ” shona, look I’m sorry I thought to tell u. ”

Swara:” it’s OK sanskar.. Y would u tell me !! Who am I to u? Nothing.. ” she hides her tears ..?

Sanskar holds her hands:” sorry ..I’m sorry na..” He holds his ear..”

Swara :” okay ”

Sanskar: ” OK shona I’ll daily call u in the morning, in the afternoon ,in the evening and in the night..”

Swara :” I don’t have ur number?”

Sanskar takes her hand and writes his number on her hand.. :” OK now u also me me ur ” swara gives him his no.. And they reaches to swara’s house

Sanskar:” OK shona bye.. And u r coming to see off me..”

Swara nodes yess..

Sanskar: ” OK go ..it’s too late..”

Sanskar leaves.. Swara is still standing outside her house remembering all of her moments with sanskar.. ” swara u can’t let him go how can u survive without him..” She runs behind him.

Sanskar is walking just then he hears some noise. He turns back and see that swara is running towards him and shouting his name. As soon as she comes near him. She hugs him soo tightly.. And starts crying?

Swara :” don’t go sanskar.. Please don’t leave me alone.. ”

Sanskar tries to compose her:” shona, u r too mad, I’ll come to meet u once in a year.. OK now Happy .”

Swara is not ready to leave him:” please sanskar.. I promise I’ll never disobey u, I’ll never wear shorts dresses.. I’ll never take my academics lightly .. I’ll do whatever u say.. But please don’t go.. ”

Sanskar: ” shona listen.. ”

Swara :” I’ll die without u..sanskar .. ” ?

Sanskar is shocked to hear this.. This is first time sanskar feels something in his heart.. He releases the hug..and looks at her eyes.. Tears r continuously flowing .?..

Swara :” shona will die without sanku.. ”

Sanskar places his finger on her lips..:” sßsßssh.. ”

He is just admiring her.. How one can be so innocent.. Her beauty first time blockes his mature thinking.. Her smooth, chubby, cheeks becomes red…. Not only this moonlighting also enhanced her glow.. Infinity times.. Her beautiful eyes r filled with tears. He moves towards her and drinks all her salty tears.. His lips tastes her cheeks.. His eyes falls on her lips which were earlier pleading him not to go.. Now they r looking like rose petals. And he wants to pluck these petals.. His thumb starts caressing them.. It’s so smooth, and tempting.. Now his desires is out of control.. And he bend down and touches her lips with his. A spark passed in his whole body. But before he continues further his phone starts ringing..

Just then he came in sense..he picks up the phone..

Sanskar: ” he…hello.. Mom ” his voice chocks..

Sujata :” sanskar where r u? Do u forget we have to do packing.. ”

Sanskar :” mom im on the way ”

Sujata :” Come fast..”

He disconnects the call. And looks towards the swara.. And leaves from there without saying anything..

Swara is still standing there with no emotion.. Or she is shocked.. She can’t believes what has happened at sudden . is she dreaming…? She touches her cheeks and lips.. No no it’s true.. Sanskar wants to kiss her.. It means he too feels for her. She is in the condition where she doesn’t know whether to happy as he too has feelings for her or to cry as he is leaving.. Her..

Next episode last part of flashback…

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