swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 2 )


Kavita :” bye mom dad ”
Shomi and shekhar: ” take care of yourself.. “..
Kavita looks towards swara.. Swara is angry ? …kavita moves towards her
Kavita :” shona …?”
Shona moves her face other side …
Kavita:” my cutiepie? u don’t even say goodbye to me….. OK then I m going “(shona still doesn’t look towards her) .. OK I m going… Bye bye …”.. Kavita moves towards door suddenly swara hugs her .she bust out crying..???
Swara:(cries):” ?di please don’t go….please”

Kavita(cups her face):” my cutiepie.. I will come soon .. My college? is also important na ..try to understand.. ”
Swara:” OK di .. U go but next time when u come. U will stay with us forever ”
Kavita :” OK my sweetie.. Now smile?”
Then kavita leaves ……. After taking dinner swara goes to her room…
Shona’s POV…

I m missing u di.. ? . Di used to visit us once in year.. She is studying abroad .. Earlier I felt very bad that mom dad send her abroad not me.. They told me that they love me more .& and don’t want to send me away from them ..but now I’m happy that I didn’t go ….if I went then how can I meet him? ..My sanku… ?.I still remember the day when I first saw him in the inter school Quez contest .. He was winner of that constant .. The way he answer all the questions.. I was lost in him .his magnificent eyes? and most important thing his killer smile..he took admission in our school in class 10.. His is topper of our school …oh God shona U r totally mad ..OH it’s already 11:30pm .. Now sleep ..tomorrow I have meet my sanku? opss !!! Firstly I will meet him in my dreams ?.

POV ends.. Shona sleeps peaceful.? Dreaming about sanskar. Oops sorry her sanku ?
Next morning…?
Swara(shout):”?mom… How much time would u take …. I m getting late… ”
Shomi:” just 2 min your lunchbox is ready…”
Swara:” u always do this ?.. Because of u m definitely going to be late ”
Shomi:” coming shona… (She comes give luch to swara).. Shona U r too much it’s 6:30 your school time is 7:25 .. Y u always go school so soon”
Swara cross her finger..? Whenever she lies she cross her fingers?
Swara :” offoo mom.. Nagesh sir takes our extra class before assembly.. Anyways mom I’m getting late bye ”
Shomi :”OK bye”.
Swara goes and she stand outside her… She acts as cleaning her shoes..the whole scene is noticed by 2 people …Bala (samosewalas) and govind (chaiwalas) their shop is front of gadodia’s house .
Bala:” govind Bhai.. Daily Swara bitiya shouts over her mother that she is getting late because of her ..but she stand here daily for 4-5min..”
Govind:”Bala Bhai I m also thinking the same “.
After 5min swara moves for school …
Swara( monologue):” I’m sorry mom ? I daily used shouts on u.. But what can I do mom I can’t miss him”.?

Sanskar used to go the school by crossing swara’s house .. Swara doesn’t want to miss his gaze so she simply stands outside her house.. And when he passes she simply follows him …sanskar even didn’t notice it.. For the last 2years she does the same … She even doesn’t get the courage to talk him.. Our shona is living in her own dream land ..??
Simply sanskar is going to school and swara follows him .. But suddenly someone throws the water on sanskar … Swara smiles ..
Swara(monologue):” Again… Sharma uncle threw the water over my sanku .. Sharma uncle is very religious . daily in the morning he pour water to sun . but he never noticed that water always falls on my sanku ☺ . earlier sanku used to shout to uncle but he doesn’t know that sharama uncle is deaf? .. But I like it because my sanku looks extra cute in wet hairs ??

Finally both of them reaches to the school. ?
In the sanskar’s classroom (12th B)
Sahil :” looks guys here comes our topper boy.. Sanskar Maheshwari”.
Sanskar:” hello guys ..”
Rajat:” hey sanky .. U are again wet .. What happened yrr..daily come school and your dress is wet ”

Prateek: ” offo rajat.. Our topper boys is not free like us he is so busy that to save time he takes shower in school uniform “?
Sanskar:” it’s nothing like that ”
Prateek: ” I think sanskar ..U even didn’t get the time to change uniform. U goes home study then sleep in school uniform and next day take shower in dress and then came school .. Our topper boy always busy in studying ”
Sahil:” No guys ..our topper boy intends to kill girls .. He is looking to hot in wet hairs?..look towards the girls guys..?”

Sanskar:”? shut up guys stop this nonsense ”
Sahil:” look guys our topper is blushing “?
All starts laughing??? and sanskar (fumes with anger ?):” I m going bye.

In swara’s classroom…
Kavya:” hello our singing star …? .. Smiling as usual”.
Ragini:” guys u are ignoring me … I’m not a bad singer.. ”
Swara:” who have dare to ignore u .. No one wants to die ”
Ragini:” anyways shona .. Are u ready for today’s singing competition in CCA period..we both have to shows them the power of swaragni ”
Swara becomes silent ……

Precap: swara takes participate in Quez contest instead of singing comp.

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