swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 19)


Episode 19

News ” 2 school boy saved 14 girls.. Yesterday big gang is arrested by police officer Ajay Kumar and lakshaya Maheshwari.. With the help of 2 boys.. The gang is planning to kidnapping a school girl but all their planning wasted.. The name of boys and girl is kept hidden for some reason ” and they show the pictures of goons ..

Swara :” they r the same ragini ..”

Ragini hugs her:” .. Now see everything is OK …”

Kavita looks towards them :” what happened to u both .. ”

Swaragni smiles: ” nothing Di .”

Kavita: ” go get ready , u r getting late for school”

Ragini: ” OK shona I’m going to my home bye ..”

Swara: ” bye.. ”

In sanskar’s room …

Uttra comes with a cup of tea :” Bhai wake up. ”

Sanskar: ” uttra just 5 minute more.._

Uttra :” what happened to u today , bhai u always woke up early ”

Sanskar: ” that’s not fair uttra , I came home at 1am.. I need more time…”

Uttra :” what ?!! Where were u bhai till so late … Wait I’ll tell mom everything.. (She shouts) mom …”

Sanskar realises what he said , wakes up and closed her mouth: ” sßsßssh .. Be quite.. Don’t tell mom anything . she will kill me please ”

Uttra removes his hand :” OK ..I’ll not tell her anything but what will I get in return.. ”

Sanskar: ” whatever u want ”

Uttra :” promise. ”

Sanskar: ” ya.. Tell me what u want!! ”

Uttra :” Bhai, (blushes?) I want to do friendship with rajat … U know na Bhai.. How much I like him..”

Sanskar?:” shut up uttra.. Is this is ur age to make boyfriend.. Pay attention towards ur study I’ll not help u ..”

Uttra :” OK then I’ll tell mom everything ”

Sanskar:” ok I’ll tell her about ur low marks in exams…. And I’ll also tell her that u r asking me about rajat …? , now u can go tell her.. ”

Uttra :” Bhai , u r very bad hate u ?”

Sanskar: ” but I love u … , now go get ready for the school ..”

Uttra :” oh I forget , mom asked to u if u have dirty clothes.. She can give it to washer man..”

Sanskar: ” oh ., it’s on the table … ”

Uttra picks up his school Pant and when she is about to pick up his shirt lucky stop him :” uttra don’t take this shirt ”

Uttra :” Y , Bhai ?? It’s dirty na ”

Sanskar: ” ya Bhai is dirty ..u give to mom uttra ”

Lucky :” I need this shirt , ”

Uttra :” but Bhai ..”

Lucky :” no more questions.. Now go chachi ji is calling to u ”

Uttra finds some thing fishy..? …”I think , they r hiding something from me..”

As soon as uttra leaves , lucky starts scolding sanskar :” sanskar , r u stupid ”

Sanskar: ” Bhai what happened. Y u deny uttra to take my shirt ”

Lucky takes his shirt ..shows him the tears marks..:” how will u answer chachi ji ..when will she ask u about , these tears marks… And what about these blood spot.. That came due to her nails … Sanskar how will u explain her that, how these nails marks came on your back ”

Sanskar:” Bhai I’ll tell her the truth ”

Lucky :” what will u tell her.. That what were u both doing alone inside a phone booth .. How can u explain ur mom ,that she was sleeping in ur arms.. No let me correct it.. U both r sleeping in each other arms.. U both spend nearly 2 hours alone inside it.. Moreover when chachi ji will see her nails marks.. She will not leave u both.. So it’s better to hide this matter”

Sanskar: ” Bhai ..u r right mom will never understand it , and her assumptions create more problems for both of us.. Thank Bhai . for saving me ”

Lucky :” anything for u sanky .. ( they hug each other) lucky be ready .. I’ll drop u ..”

Sanskar: ” no Bhai I’ll go with her.. She needs me this time most, after yesterday’s incident.. In those 2 hours I saw her different face.. But I like her that part also …”

Lucky: ” for the first time my bro is talking about a girl. . hmmm something something?? ”

Sanskar (smiles): ” nothing nothing?”

Uttra hears all this , and she misunderstands the whole situation:” OMG my sanskari Bhai has done a Asanskari work.. He used to give me lecture, but he himself.. Hehehehehe?? . now uttra’s first mission is to find that lucky girl ? . ” and she leaves .

In swara’s home?
.. Swara is packing her school bag … Just then a man comes

Swara (happy ?):” uncle u came “she hugs him..

Shekhar:” hello Mr Roy .. Glad to meet u ,”

Shomi: ” I will make tea for u ”

Mr Roy :” I came here to meet my shona ”

Swara :” but uncle U always visit us every month.. But u r coming this time after 3 months… U forget ur shona ”

Mr Roy: ” how can I forget my kiddo .. I was busy in my work.. Anyways .. Leave it R u happy here na . did ur parents tease u ”

Swara: ” no .. They love me a lot.. Never deny me for anything”

Mr Roy: ” sure .. Na ”

Swara: ” offo uncle u r an advocate, I doesn’t mean u can suspect on my parents . they r best parents in the world.. ”

Mr Roy: ” shona , today I want to talk u with me , don’t go school today .. ”

Swara thinks about sanskar: ” no no uncle I can’t bunk my school I’m getting late ..”

Mr Roy hugs her and kisses on her forehead:” take care of yourself.. And this is for u (he gives her some money )”

Swara :” bye uncle meet u , after my school .. Bye ” and she leaves

Swara is waiting for sanskar outside the house.. He comes.

Sanskar: ” good morning shona ☺”

Swara still in guilt :” I’m sorry sanskar ”

Sanskar:” shona I’m not angry on U.. I have promised u na I would never be angry on U ”

swara: ” but I hurt u , na Y u didn’t told me ,that my nails were hurting u ..look I cut them (she shows him his fingers) I hate these nails.. From now I’ll never grow my nails..”

Sanskar (smiles ):” shona.. U r so funny hahahah? .”

Swara: ” thanks.. I know u send police officer for my security.. And I saw the news today.. I m happy they r arrested.. ”

Sanskar:” shona U r breaking the rule of our friendship.. ?, but one guy deserves ur thank you ”

Swara: ” who ?”

Sanskar: ” sahil .. He also helped a lot .. Last night he too came police station.. U should thank him and this is his hanky , u give it him. I can give him but u know we had a fight yesterday.. So ”

Swara:” OK I’ll give him and also thank him .. Now let’s go ”

They reaches to school ..
Sanskar: ” in the recess in our place.., we will start our new lesson. Don’t be late okie ”

Swara (smile ☺):” okie , ”

In the recess

Sahil :” kavya r u sure, that swara likes me !!”

Kavya :” off course.. I’m dam sure .. ”

Sahil :” but what I saw yesterday.. I didn’t feel that she likes me..”

Kavya :” what happened yesterday… ”

Sahil :” nothing.. But as usual she talked to me, uninterestingly… ”

Kavya lies ? :” offo sahil, u know what today she is talking about u to us ?”

Sahil :”really ”

Just then swara comes :” hi sahil ..”

Sahil ?(happy ):” hi swara ”
Swara :” sahil.. Thanks for yesterday what u have did for me.. ”

Sahil :” swara , no need to say thank me. But if want to thank me than , shall we friends ”

Swara hesitates :” OK”

Sahil extends his hand for shaking .. But before that sanskar comes :” shona , come u r forgetting something ”

Sahil (thinks): this sanskar, he doesn’t have any work accept roming around my shona … Always comes between us ..

Sahil :” swara listen ”

Swara: ” what ”

Sahil :” can I call u shona ”

Swara wants to deny but how can she after knowing that he helped her.. So she have to accept it :” OK , sahil thanks for hanky (she gives him hanky )” she leaves with sanskar….

Kavya :” ohooo , thank u for what u did yesterday.. Hmmm good sahil. U both spend some special moments ”

Sahil (blushes ?):” it’s nothing like that ”

Kavya :” u r saying she doesn’t talk to u nicely .. But today I’m seeing something different , new gift hanky …? ”

Sahil (blushes?):” stop it kavya now ,”

Bhawna and priya r busy in talking

Priya :” u know what I saw today , swara and sanskar……..”

Bhawna: ” swara and sanskar r separate, and u must saw swara crying.. Sitting alone , hahahah I know that..?”

Priya :” no, Bhawna actually… ”
just then swara and sanskar passes before them smiling… Talking each other .. Bhawna becomes shocked..: ” what the hell.. My plan , still fail.. But this time I’ll not fail ”

Priya :” stop it Bhawna. They r happy together.. ”

Bhawna: ” keep quiet I don’t need ur suggestions.. ”

Swasan goes to their place…
Swara :” sanskar let’s start our classes..( she takes out a book )

Sanskar: ” OK, but Y u bring this book ”

Swara :” sanskar , yesterday u told me that u will teach me moral values.. That’s Y bring by 3rd standard’s moral book… ”

Sanskar: ” hahahahaahahahahah??? shona U r too funny… ”

Swara ?:” Y r u laughing at me .. ”

Sanskar: ” u r too cute.. We will start our lesson later , first eat something.. ”

Swara :” but today I forget to bring my lunch …”

Sanskar: ” OK u stay here I’ll bring something for u .. OK ”

He leaves.. Bhawna who is watching all this doesn’t like that he is happy with swara .. She goes towards swara , to misguide her

Bhawna: ” hi shona… Busy in studying ,”

Swara :” Bhawna, u go from here I don’t want to talk to u now . U go before sanskar comes.. He will be angry on U as well as on me , he told me not to talk to u .. He is my friend and I can’t deny what he said ”

Bhawna: ” oho shona I came here to give u some more tips.. U that ur bond will become stronger ”

Sanskar comes there :” what more left Bhawna. ”

Bhawna (shocked?):” sanskar U …”

Sanskar: ” how dare u came near her.. Do u have any idea what u did … I’ll not leave u ”

Bhawna: ” what I did !! It’s her reality ,which was hidden behind her innocent face. She is a cheap girl ”

Sanskar (shouts )?:” Bhawna… ” he raises his hand to slap her .. But someone hold his hand and stop him …

Prateek: ” sanky what r u doing ”

Sanskar?:” Prateek u don’t know what she did ?”

Prateek: ” I know everything ”

Sanskar: ” then also u r supporting her… But I’ll not leave her “?

Prateek: ” I know sanky U r angry , but u shouldn’t raise hand on a girl … ”

Sanskar: ” take her away form my eye sight otherwise I’ll not leave her .. “?

Prateek: ” OK I’ll u just keep clam ”

Sanskar: ” and u Bhawna what u think , if u misguide shona to do those cheap things, then I’ll become angry on her and break our friendship then let me clear u that u r highly mistaken.. Miss Bhawna sharma .. (He hold swara’s hands ) , I’ll never ever be angry on shona.. She is my most especial friend and I’ll never break our friendship ( swara is just looking at her ?) . u call shona cheap, u know what u r mentality and u both r cheap.. I’m warning u stay away from shona …. “?

Bhawna hurts from sanskar’s words? ..

Sanskar: ” Bhawna can’t u get . that I don’t love u , and I’ll never fall for u.. Even if u will be last girl on earth.U can tried hard to separate us.. But I’ll promise u we will be like this always.. I’m always with her …”

Swara is feeling top of the world … He is same guy to whom she did get courage to talk but now he is speaking these things for her .. He is scolding a girl for her.. She doesn’t care what Bhawna did but, she is happy that he is with her…

Prateek takes Bhawna….

Bhawna: ” Prateek . what happened to sanskar Y he is overreacting ”

Prateek tells her everything. She becomes shocked.. She feels guilty for her actions And she burst out crying:”? Prateek. I only want that sanky will become angry with her.. But I never wanted that this thing happened to her. What If they kidnapped her.. I’ll never able to forgive myself. I’m not a good girl not a good friend… ”

Prateek hugs her :” Bhawna don’t cry I’m happy u realises ur mistake …”

Bhawna: ” but shona and sanskar will never forgive me ”

Prateek :” it’s alright Bhawna, u did a mistake , in love and all is fair in love.. If u asked forgiveness to swara she will definitely forgive U .and for sanky he will take sometime but forgive U. ”

Bhawna: ” thanks Prateek.. For supporting me ”

Prateek: ” I told u na . God has made someone of u just need to look around. Now friends .. “?

Bhawna nodes yess ,she feels good to find a friend like him…

Sanskar is angry.. ?

Swara :” sanskar let’s eat ..something ”

Sanskar: ” shona U eat..I don’t want it ” he turns his face ?

Swara :” OK then hmm let me check what u bought for me.. Hmm (she opens the packet) waoo yummy rasgullas.. Someone is angry .. So what I’ll enjoy my rasgullas..?? ”

Swara starts eating rasgullas.: ” uhhhhhh yummy … ? ” swara intensionally makes noises while eating.. ” waoo so tasty ?? haww only one peace is left … Here we go with last piece ” she was about to eat but sanskar hold and eat the rasgullas..? ”

Swara :” arrey just a minute ago, someone is saying that he doesn’t want to eat but now they r stealing my food , very bad manner .. Sanskar Stealing is a sin ”

Sanskar: ” if I like something, then to get that thing I forgets all manners.. So in future don’t make noises while eating my favorite rasgullas.. I can loose control over it ”

Swara :” so Mr perfect has one bad habit ???”

Sanskar: ” hehehehehe what so funny in it… I’m looking jocker to u , u ate all rasgullas, doesn’t think about me and now laughing at me.. ?”

Swara :” so u want more .. ”

Sanskar: ” hmmm ?”

Swara gives him rasgullas: ” then this for u “?

Sanskar becomes very happy starts eating it.. And shona is admiring.. He looks extra cute when he eats sweets in anger .. ?

Prateek and Bhawna is watching them
Prateek:” look how happy r they together.. Bhawna love doesn’t happens forcefully.. If u love someone let them go, if they return back to u then it’s your otherwise it never be ”

Bhawna feels guilty for all her deeds .. :” Prateek , I realized my mistake. And I myself will rectify it … ”

Prateek☺:” GOOD girl .. ”

Sanskar looks towards swara :” shona did u ate .. Any rasgullas ”

Swara nodes no..

Sanskar: ” so eat na..”

Swara:” sanskar u look too cute , when u eats in anger ”

Sanskar: ” I’m not cute .. And if I ate all this, then I’ll will become fatty ?”

Swara :” then U look extra cute … Motu sanskar hehehehehe??? hahahahaahahahahah ????”

Sanskar: ” shona stop laughing at me ..? I’m not cute not motu …”

Swara :” look sanskar U r looking extra cutiepie in this angry face ..

Swara continues teasing him…

Swara is standing outside the sanskar’s classroom waiting for him .just then Bhawna comes there :” hi swara.. ”

Swara turns her face

Bhawna (guilty?):” I’m sorry swara . I know I don’t deserve ur forgiveness.. But trust me I never wanted that this could happen to u … I just wanted that sanky to hate u but I now I realize my mistake… I’m sorry for my deeds .. ” she cries ?

Swara wipes her tears :” don’t cry Bhawna.. U realised ur mistake. I’m happy now .. Now I’m not angry on U .. Not smile ”

Bhawna (smiles): ” u r so sweet shona .. Oops sorry swara ”

Swara: ” no u can call me shona … It’s fine we r still friends ”

Bhawna: ” I’m happy u forgave me but what about sanskar ”

Sanskar: ” I’ll never forgive U .. ”

Bhawna looks towards him (cries ?):” sorry sanky ”

Sanskar: ” don’t u dare to take my name from ur mouth.. I’m not stupid like swara , who can easily melt with ur crocodile tears.. Stay away from shona ”

He angrily grabs swara’s hand and leaves from there ..

Precap : sanky’s birthday…. + swasan first kiss???..

Does Bhawna deserve forgiveness..???

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