swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 18)

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Episode 18

As they come near door..
Watchman: ” where were u it’s too late school is over half an hour before…”

Sahil :” sir were in dispensary.. ”

Watchman: ” OK .. Go ”

As soon they leave.. Watchman calls someone

Watchman: ” hello sir .. She just left the school..”

Man:” OK..”

Watchman: ” sir my money “?

Man:” u will get soon.” He cuts the phone

Outside the school..

Sahil :” I’m going shona.. U take care of yourself ”

Swara :” OK.. I think u should leave I’m fine sanskar is with me ”

Sahil goes towards sanskar: ” sanky … Don’t u dare to touch her.. If this time u will hurt her .. I’ll not leave u ”

Sanskar: ” sahil? u better stay away from this matter ..”

Sahil :” u behave like she is ur property that u can do anything with her ”

Sanskar?:” mind ur language sahil..’

Sahil :” sanky U ?”

Ravi :” stop it guys … We r already late …I think we should leave sahil… ” he takes sahil with him ..

Swara is silently going with sanskar , she is following him just like a innocent child,.. She knows he is still angry, her stupidity is the reason behind it… Swara feels perhaps someone is following them.. She just slightly turn around and she notices that they r the same guy to whom she encountered in the school , they r following them.. She holds his hand tightly in fear…

Sanskar: ” swara .. What r u doing?? Leave my hand ”

Swara speaks in a feeble voice :” they r following us ”

Sanskar turn back and they hide behind the wall… But their shadow is clearly visible to him.. He looks around , it’s a desolate place … He knows he himself can’t able to fight those goons.. He thinks a way to get out, just then his eyes fell on a phone booth … He smartly takes her inside it, without noticed by them… They sit down inside it , so that they can’t be able to see them…

Swara :” sanskar!! What if they find us ”

Sanskar hears the noise of foot step coming toward booth : ” sßsßssh , they r coming ”

Swara hugs him in fear…?

They, r standing outside the phone booth, They hear the ringing sound of phone guy1:” hello boss ”

Man: ” did u get that girl ”

Guy1:” sorry boss.. We missed her..”

Man (shouts ?):” u stupid .. Useless fellows u both r good for nothing.. I asked for a girl . and u both r making excuses, if u won’t get her for me then forget about money ..”

Guy1:” boss.. Don’t worry sir we will find her.. She daily used to go home from this Street . ”

Man :” and if u fail then, I’ll …”

Guy1:” don’t worry boss, soon she will be in your arms we just need little time and after u will do it work , u will give us opportunity to have fun with her ..”

Man :” don’t think too much … First find her ”

Guy1:” but Bhai a boy is also with her, he is the same one . because of him we didn’t able to kidnapped her from the school.. ”

Man:” I don’t know anything kill him , and get her for me.. She is quite young I’m dying for her “and he cuts the phone

Guy2:” oh God, where is she ?, when we will get her”

Guy1:” Bhai… Me too very much desperate for her.?. She has some magic.. Since the time I saw her…”

Guy2:” and boss is becomes mad, since the time they saw her pic ….”

Guy1:” ya .. But dude don’t waste time in talking we have to find her ..” And the leaves..

Sanskar gets relief ,after they leave: ” shona come let’s go they r gone ”

He feels his shirts gets wet, swara hugs him more tightly: ” shona U r crying.. ”

Swara is crying badly ..he tries to release the hug.. But she is not leave him :” shona everything is fine ”

Swara ?:” no.. Nothing is fine ”

Sanskar release the hugs .. Cups her face :” shona look at me .. ”

Swara :” sanskar… I didn’t knew that, my small mistake will lead to a big trouble.. Now they will take me.. They they will (she cries?) .. I’m one responsible for this.. , I’m very bad.. I’m bad girl ”

Sanskar keeps his finger on her lips :” sßsßssh shona… Who said u r a bad girl.. ”

Swara: “sanskar, what if they take me… Because of me ur life is also in danger.. I should be punished badly for this … I’m very bad girl , very bad ,bad, bad, bad…??”

Sanskar closes her mouth with his hand :” shut up… If u call my shona bad one more time… Then this time, I’ll slap u hard… ”

Swara feels guilty ?:” sanskar I deserves it .”

Sanskar cups her face :” shona look at me… Do u trust me ”

Swara nodes yes ..

Sanskar: ” I promise swara I’ll not leave any one of them , who tried to trouble my friend.trust me no one dare to ruin your virtue … Soon they will be behind the bars. It’s my promise .. Now get up..”

Swara :” no .. What if they come .. ?, they will hurt u ”

Sanskar: ” shona do u have coins “?

Swara :” what !!!!?”

Sanskar: ” do u have or not ”

Swara nodes yess and gives him coins ..

Sanskar dails a number: ” hello Bhai ..”

Lucky :” hi sanky … How’s u bro ”

Sanskar: ” Bhai .. Where r u ,?? I need ur help ”

Lucky(worried ?):” is everything is alright sanky ”

Sanskar: ” can u pick me , I’m in the phone booth near my school ..”

Lucky: ” is there is any serious issues ”

Sanskar:” Bhai I’ll explain u latter .. U come fast ”

Lucky :” sanky I am out of station, but I’ll send my college Ajay Kumar.. U take care of yourself”

Sanskar: ” OK Bhai ( he cuts the phone) shona , Ajay Kumar is a police officer he is coming now no need to afraid ”

Sanskar wipes her tears , she hugs him.. And rested her head on his chest . sanskar tries to withdraw the hug but she insists:” sanskar please let me like this for someone time ”

Sanskar can understands her condition so he doesn’t deny her..in this condition she can only trust him.. He too hugs her.. Like this don’t know when they fall asleep

In swara’s house

Kavita :” ma it’s too late !! Shona didn’t came home yet ?”

Shomi :” Y r u worrying too much , she may be with ragini.. ”

Kavita: ” mom is already 7 PM. How can be u both so cool.. Don’t know only bad thoughts r coming in my mind .. God knows what if someone kidnap… No no this can’t be happens ”

Shekhar (worried ?):” u don’t worry I’m going to search her..”

Shomi: ” OK take care of her ”

Swara is sleeping, quietly in sanskar’s arms … But suddenly she heard the noise , as someone knocking the door … She immediately hugs him tightly.. Due to which sanskar wake up … He looks someone open the door …

Swara (screaming)?:” please don’t take me, I don’t want to come..”

Sanskar: ” relax shona look police uncle came , now no need to worry.. ( swara just little turn her head to see the person)

Police officer: ” come out beta , I’m here . I have gun I will shoot all those bad boys.. ”

Sanskar: ” shona , now get up . it’s already late ..ur parents r waiting for u ”

Swara nodes her head..” Good now get up” sanskar helps her ..and they move towards the home. In the whole way , swara is holding his hand . And they reach the swara’s house..

Sanskar looks at her face , her eyes swallowed up due to continuously crying.. He gives her water bottle: ” shona , wash ur face ”

She washes her face .. And sanskar gives her hanky to wipes her face : ” shona , now go home. Don’t tell ur parents anything .. Believe me I’ll make every thing alright.. U trust me na (she nodes yes ) . go be brave ” and she goes inside ..

Sanskar: ” thank you officer to help us ”

Police officer: ” it’s my duty .. Come I’ll drop u home ” and they leaves

As soon as shona come inside the home… Kavita hugs her

Kavita: ” where were u shona we r so much worried for u ”

Swara :” di I was with ragini.. ”

Kavita: ” but u can at least informed us ,(kavita looks towards her ) shona what happened??”

Swara :” nothing Di, I need some rest .. Bye “she leaves

Kavita:” but shona..”

Shomi: ” let her be alone for sometime.. I know there is fight between her and ragini u won’t worry . call your baba ”

Kavita: ” OK ”

Just then ragini comes …:” hello aunty where is shona , how’s is she now”

Shomi :” oh ,_she is not fine… U came to apologize her.. It’s OK beta it’s common between friend , u go she is in her room ”

In swara’s room

Ragini: ” hi shona how’s u ” she notices she is crying?.. She suddenly goes and hugs her :” I’m sorry I’ll not hurt u shona “she is still crying? ” what happened Y r u crying.. ”

Swara tells her everything.. Ragini fumes with anger she raise her hand to slap her , just then she see the marks in her cheeks :” shona who did this “?

Swara :” sanskar.. ?”

Ragini?:” how dare this sanskar, to slap my friend.. But he is right u deserve it … I told u but u git ur new friend Bhawna, now go with her.”

Swara holds her ears :” sorry ..?”

Ragini :” OK .. Shona .. I can’t be angry with u “they spend some time together

In sanskar’s home?

Sanskar peeps inside the house .. He notices that her mother is not in the hall.. So he immediately moves to his room ..after that .. Stands before mirror he removes his shirt ..and looks at his back through mirror.. He see the marks of nails.. He remembers , how swara hugs in fear so tightly that , that her nails digs inside his body.. He felt pain but didn’t say a word.. Looking at her ..
He takes lotion and tries to applies it ” aww” his hand is not reaching to it.. Suddenly someone helps him.. He turns around in fear thinking as it is his mom.. But it’s lucky .he helps him, he applies lotion on wounds,

Sanskar (screams?):” aww ”

Lucky: ” relax …. Who is the girl . what’s her name ”

Sanskar: ” what …?!!”

Lucky :” I think u spend quality of special time with her.. Ajay told me that she was sleeping in your arms .. And she is also very pretty , when will you introduce her.. To me ”

Sanskar: ” it’s nothing like that bro ”

Lucky :” what r u both doing inside the phone booth..in each others arms..?”

Sanskar tells him everything” Bhai I need ur help , u catch those goons..”

Lucky: ” but tell me her name, I need to talk to ur principal.. ”

Sanskar: ” bhai ,I don’t want that her name came in this matter , if school knows about it, it will not good for her reputation.. U also know others react . if they came to know about these matter about girl, its not only affect her but the prestige of her family also … please Bhai solve this case, if u need u can use my name.. But not her .”

Lucky (smiles ) :” from when my sanky became so much mature ..?.. Anyways I’ll help u ”

Sanky :” one more help Bhai …”

Lucky :” OK anything for u ..”

In swara’s room

Kavita :” shona , ragini come down for dinner ”

Ragini:” OK di coming”

Swaragni go to wash their hand , ragini notices blood on swara’s hand :” shona , this blood r u OK ”

Swara looks towards her hands , she reminds how she hugged sanskar si tighly .. This might be his blood :” ragini , when I hugged him , these nails hurt him. I hate these nails..” She cuts her nails….

Swara :” look ragini..? I m very bad . he is in pain because of me .. I need a punishment ”

Ragini: ” shona don’t blame it’s just happened by mistake u didn’t do it intensionally.. ”

Swara :” but he is hurt . ..”

Ragini:” OK tomorrow , u apologize to him.. And ask him for punishment.. OK now go for dinner.”
After dinner ragini about to leaves but swara ask her to stay with her, ..

In the midnight.. Swara hears some noise ..she is worried thinking.. Might be they r outside to take her ..?

Swara :” ragini wake up…”

Ragini: ” what happened shona. R u OK ??”

Swara :” I think they r outside..? . they will take me ”

Ragini: ” clam down .. Let me check ..”

They peep out from the window.. Swara finds that a police officer is talking in phone :” ya .. Sanskar I’m here . u don’t worry nothing will happen.. ”

Swaragni couldn’t be able to hear him.. But swara recognizes him :” he the same ”

Ragini:’ u know him ”

Swara :” ya he is the same who . drop me to the home ..”

Ragini: ” look now no need to worry , now sleep ”

They goes towards bad swara (thinks ) :” I think sanskar has send him..”

Sanskar tells lucky that he has suspect on watching. Because how it can be possible that he didn’t noticed the goons… After the investigation it was cleared that watchman took money from them. They arrest him and he tells him whole truth …with the help of him they also arrest those goons .. Sanskar identifies them… And whole truth comes out…

Watchman: ” they decided to kidnapped the girl after the school, but when I found she was alone in the playground. I called them. I closed the main gate CCTV camera. But our plan faild due to two boys . they came at correct time to save her. Then after the school I informed them that she left … ”

Lucky :” do u know ? Why they want that girl ”

Watchman: ” ya ! I knew that. After they would their work with her. They r going to send her Dubai . there had kidnapped 14 girls like her ..”

Sanskar? grabs his collar :” how could u do this ? She is like ur daughter.. ”

Watchman: ” I did this only for money , sorry ”

Sanskar: ” and if ur daughter is in place of her , then U would do the same …. ”

Sahil :” sanky , why r u arguing him.. This guy doesn’t deserve sorry. I’ll kill him ”

Sanskar:” sahil , law will punish him”

Lucky :” I think u both should leave and thanks to u both it’s because both of u we save those girls .. ”

sanskar: ” it’s our duty bhai ”

Sahil :” and moreover this is for my shona …”

Sanskar:” sahil , let’s go ”

Lucky :” sanky take my bike “and they leave

Next morning?
In Gadodia house

All r sitting in the hall.. Enjoy the morning tea except swara ..she is still in the influence of yesterday’s incident. Kavita switched on the TV..

News ” 2 school boy saved 14 girls.. Yesterday big gang is arrested by police officer Ajay Kumar and lakshaya Maheshwari.. With the help of 2 boys.. The gang is planning to kidnapping a school girl but all their planning wasted.. The name of boys and girl is kept hidden for some reason ” and they show the pictures of goons ..

Swara :” they r the same ragini ..”

Ragini: ” hugs him .. Now see everything is OK …”

Kavita looks towards them :” what happened to u both .. ”

Swaragni smiles: ” nothing Di .”

Kavita: ” go get ready , u r getting late for school”

Ragini: ” OK shona I’m going to my home bye ..”

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