swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 17) part A

Episode 17

Part A

Sanskar: ” now let’s go to class.. Recess is over ”

Swara :” sanskar can I ask u something ”

Sanskar: ” off course shona ”

Swara :” According to u … What is the correct age for falling for someone ”

Sanskar: ” hmm…after u becomes successful in ur life, first achieve something in your life then U will get everything…. But don’t think about this ..now only concentrate towards studies … If ur questions ended shall we move towards the class ”

Swara smiles :” OK ☺”

They moves towards their respective class..
Ragini is waiting for swara outside the classroom: ” shona..what did he say !!!”

Swara :” wo… Ragini.. ” before swara tells her anything.. Ragini notices that swara doesn’t have chocolate..

Ragini: ” wall shona so ..he accepted.. U alone celebrate.. Don’t worry we will celebrate in the evening.. ”

Swara :” actually ragini… ”

Just then nagesh sir comes :” swaragni .. U both have no work except gossiping all the time …”

Swaragni: ” sorry sir ”

Nagesh sir: ” OK.. Now come inside.. Today I’m going to teach u important chapter .. ”
They go inside…

Bhawna listen all this :” what’s the matter why this ragini is happy for..swara ..and sanskar refused my proposal and accept her .. Now I’ll see their celebration ..”??

In the evening..?
Ragini comes to meet swara …she knocks the door ..kavita opens it.
Kavita: ” hi ragini …”

Ragini: ” hello Di where is shona ”

Kavita: ” she is in her room ”

Ragini: ” OK..di “she moves towards her room

Kavita :” ragini wait ”

Ragini: ” what happened di !!”

Kavita: ” ragini how’s sanskar.!!???”

Ragini: ” he is fine .. What about adarsh jiju ?”

Kavita :” sßsßssh ragini.. Otherwise ma will listen … U go ..”just then kavita’s phone rings..she blushes ?

Ragini: ” di u too also go he is waiting for u ”

They leave

Ragini: ” good evening shona …”

Swara :” hi ragini.. ”

Ragini sits beside swara :” now tell me everything.. How he reacted???.. What did he said!!! And did u get what u want … Tell me I dying to know it ”

Swara :” relax ragini …. Nothing happened as u think. Actually I didn’t confessed ”

Ragini: ” what ??!!! Shona .. Y u didn’t.. U know .. How much I planned for this … For u I tolerated that sanskar, my false birthday plan, study drama .. All wasted ”

Swara :” please listen to me ragini ” swara tells her everything…

Ragini: ” how dare that sanskar call a girls feelings cheap…??.. If he doesn’t have heart then it doesn’t mean .. He is allowed to break others.. According to him if we r not successful then we don’t have right to love someone… Huh ? He is himself cheap ..”

Swara :” ragini please don’t call him that.. He is right.. ”

Ragini: ” OK .. Now what will u do ”

Swara :” nothing…. He told me I’m his especial friend and he’ll never angry on me.. Now.. I will be always like his friend.. If I express all my feelings.. I even loose his friendship.. I can’t imagine my condition like Bhawna..?.. But I still have hope ragini .. If I’ll study hard so that I’ll get success ..then I’ll confess .”

Ragini: ” hope so shona .. But now don’t do any stupidity.. ”

Swara :” I’m fully mad for him.. But now I’ll study hard for him ..”

Ragini hugs her :” shona be careful this time .. U r my best friend.. If he will say no this time don’t do anything worng .. And if any help needed I’ll always with u ..”

Ragini cares about swara a lots.. As she is the only one .to whom she can share her feelings.. Ragini’s father Mr Rohit Rai is a great business man..her mother died when she was just 7 year old.. Her father never take cares of her. He was always busy in his business.. But in her. Hard day .. Shona was there for her..Mr Rai shifted his business to Bangalore but ragini didn’t went with him… SHe lives alone in her home …. Her father hardly calls her twice in a month and sends her money every month… But she carving for his love always …. Which she never got .. Swara bring the light in her life .. And filled her lone space.. That is the reason she cares her more than a friend like her sister…

Ragini: ” shona …. Can u do one thing for me ”

Swara :” hmm..”

Ragini: ” shona try to stay away from sanskar as much u can.. More u come close to him more it will hurt u ”

Swara :” but ragini it’s impossible for me ..”

Ragini: ” shona try it .. I can’t see u in pain anymore ”

Swara :” ragini I’m fine.. I didn’t felt bad .. After listening his views .. I’m happy I’ll take care of myself.. U don’t worry ”

Ragini:” OK shona .. Now I’m leaving.. U take care of yourself ”
Both of them are in unaware that there is some one who is listening them from outside the room… ie., Bhawna…

As ragini comes outside Bhawna hides behind the curtain… And when she leaves she comes inside..: ” hi swara ”

Swara :” Bhawna u .. How come ?”

Bhawna: ” just to meet u ”

Swara :” OK .. Sit .. Bhawna r u OK now!! I know u felt bad , but accept the reality.. ”

Bhawna: ” swara I’m fine.. Really . Actually I came here to help u ”

Swara: ” what kind of help ?”

Bhawna: ” swara I knew everything.. U love sanskar na. I have heard everything. I can help u to get him .”

Swara :” but u too love him then Y r u helping him ”

Bhawna: ” because u both made for each other.. Swara today when I saw both of them together then I realized I was worng .. U know what he too loves u it is clearly seen in his eyes .. He just need to realize it ”

Swara :” really Bhawna is it so ?? U r not lying na ”

Bhawna: ” ya swara ..the way He looks at u as if u r only one matters for him.. U just need a direction .. Then U will get what u want. ”

Swara blushes ?? Bhawna knows that she hit nail at the right place :” what I have to do ”

Bhawna: ” u need to seduce him ”

Swara :” what ??. Shut up Bhawna.. I’m not going to do this ”

Bhawna: ” offo swara u r so stupid.. U just to act .. ” she tells something in her ears …

Swara :” Bhawna but .. I don’t think it is right.. ”

Bhawna: ” everything fair in love… Just do as I’m saying to u … Swara u r beautiful.. Smart and intelligent then use it these qualities to attract him.. ”

Swara :” OK I’ll tell about it to ragini.. She will also help me ”

Bhawna: ” don’t call her ?!! Look swara u did as ragini told but u didn’t get anything.. Now take a chance with my plan.. Not to tell her she will definitely say no .. She doesn’t like sanskar.. U know it very well ”

Swara (confused):” but ??”

Bhawna: ” no ifs..no but . u want him.. So for sanskar u will not tell her anything OK ..”

Swara :” OK ..and thanks Bhawna ” she hugs her

Bhawna (in mind ) smiles evily ? .. Swara now I will see how u can be his especial friend.. He himself hate u more .. Hahahahaahahahahaa?

Swara (in minds) how sweet is Bhawna.. She herself loves him.. But helping me..

Bhawna release the hug :” OK swara .. Now I’m leaving.. But do what I said !! OK take care ..bye”

Swara :” Bhawna , call me shona now u r my friend na ..?”

Bhawna: ” OK bye shona ?”.. She leaves …

Next day?

Kavita :” shona come fast your breakfast is ready ..??”

Swara :” coming di ”

Swara comes for breakfast.. But kavita becomes shocked after seeing her :” shona what is this”

Swara :” it’s a school uniform di ? ”

Kavita: ” but shona what happened to ur skirt … It’s too short .. ”

Swara :” di it’s a fashion na ”

Kavita: ” I’ll not listen anything, go change it now..”

Swara :” but di I have only one uniform.. ”

Kavita :” then no need to go school .. In the evening we will go .market to buy new one ”

Swara :” please di ”

Shomi :” offo kavita.. If shona want .. It then Y r u stoping her .. Shona if u want to go school in this uniform u can go ..”

Kavita: ” but ma how can u allow her to wear this ”

Shekhar: ” kavita don’t argu with ur mom.. ”

Just then adarsh calls kavita.. And leaves to attend the call

Swara :” ma I think I should change it ”

Shomi :” it’s OK shona … If u like it .let it be .. Now go ur getting late ”

Swara :” OK bye ma baba ..”and she leaves ..

Outside the house
Sanskar is waiting for swara

Swara :” hi sanskar……?”

Sanskar: ” hi SW….a..r..a” sanskar becomes shocked to see her uniform ..her skirt is too short , exposing her thigh,.. Not only this .. Her shirt is also very tight .. Clearly showing her body curves ..

Sanskar: ” swara what happened to ur dress ”

Swara :” sanskar .. Actually sanskar my dress became wet .. So it’s my old dress .. And old is gold na .. But where is your bicycle ”

Sanskar: ” it got punctured ”

Swara:” my cycle also got punctured.. Hahahahaa ? same pinch … Now let’s go sanskar .. We r getting late “.

Sanskar:” but I think u should change it ”

Swara :” offo sanskar.. Relax.. I’m going if u want come “she starts walking..

Sanskar:” ( oh god what happened to her.. ) swara listen I’m coming

Swara (smiles)? Bhawna’s plan is working yeppi

Swara is very happy … They r walking together.. :” sanskar look at the surrounding it’s so nice… So romantic.. ? …and beautiful me ?.. .. Tell me na sanskar how I’m looking ….(she shakes him) tell na sanskar… ”

Sanskar (irritated)?: ” I don’t think so ” he looks towards her and find her missing.. He look around and see her talking to a group of boys ..

Swara :” hello friends.. My name swara.. Look at that guy (pointing towards sanskar) he is sanskar .. He doesn’t find me beautiful.. U tell him Am I beautiful or not ”

Sanskar becomes shocked..to see the behavior of swara .. Once he had also scold for her childish behavior but now she is repeating the same thing..

Guy1:” ur friend is blind .. Swara .. U r looking beautiful ”

Guy2:” no no swara ur friend is right ur not beautiful.. U r looking hot. “?

Guy1:” ya bro u r right.. Swara leave ur friend .. He doesn’t find u beautiful.. Make us ur friend.. ”

Swara looks towards sanskar she smiles looking at his facial expressions.. :” ya ya off course..”

Sanskar comes towards swara :” shona let’s go we r getting late ”

Swara :” sanskar.. Wait na meet my new friend.. ”

Sanskar noticed that these r staring her … He knows that what is their intension..

Guy1:” wao shona.. U r so sweet .. “?

Sanskar becomes more angry he holds her hand tightly.. And take her ..

Swara :” sanskar it’s hurting.. ”

Sanskar doesn’t reply .. He finds that two guys r continuously following them untill they reach to the school …

Sanskar(angry? ):” swara go straight to ur class … We will talk in the recess ..”… He leaves..

Bhawna sees the angry face of sanskar … She is happy as her plan worked ..

The two guys talking in the phone :” hello Bhai .. We got a girl.. Tonight is especial for u ..”

Man :” OK .. U will get it money … Hahahahaahahahahah???”

Guy1:” Bhai after u will get satisfied ,can we get sometime with her ”

Man :” hmm.. OK but first I’ll complete my work ..”

Guy1:” OK boss.”they cut the phone …

Guy2:” let’s start our work ”

Guy1:” OK bro .. hahahahaa?”

In the recess ..

Swara :” Bhawna.. I think I did worng .. Sanskar is angry on me ”

Bhawna: ” offo shona.. U take it worng u should be happy .. ”

Swara: ” but Y?”

Bhawna: ” offo shona ..I saw everything.. U both came school together holding each other hand ..”

Swara :” he hold my hand in anger ”

Bhawna: ” today he is holding ur hand in anger but tomorrow he holds u in his arms in love ”

Swara (blushes ?):” Bhawna I’m going.. He asked me to meet ”

Bhawna: ” OK go .. And listen ( she tells something in her ear ) do it.. And don’t follow him like fool when he becomes angry … Show him some attitude.. OK ..All the Best.. ”

Bhawna leaves .. Just then ragini comes :” swara what was she saying in ur ear …”

Swara:” nothing ragini.. ”

Ragini: ” don’t lie … and what happened to ur dress .. ”

Swara :” offo ragini U r asking too much questions.. I’m going to meet sanskar ”

Ragini: ” like this .. Swara what he will think . u r not going. ”

Swara :” ragini.. It’s my life I’ll take my decision myself.. Don’t interfere in my matters ”

Ragini feels bad ?:” OK now u got new friend Bhawna.. Do whatever u want but don’t.. Come to me atlast “she leaves in anger ..

Swara :” oh shona what u have done u hurt ur friend.. ”

Bhawna: ” don’t think about her .. She will be alright.. Now concentrate towards ur sanskar ..”

Swara :” but Bhawna.. ”

Bhawna: ” offo shona.. Sanskar is waiting for u .. Go ”
Swara leaves ..

In the playground.. Sanskar is sitting on the bench waiting for swara .. He was very much angry due to her morning behavior.. Just then swara comes and sit besides him

Swara :” sanskar .. Hello ”

Sanskar: ” what is this swara ..!!”

Swara :” this is bench.. And this is tree beside our bench .. Which gives us shade.. Oxygen and fresh air “?

Sanskar?:” shut up .. Swara u know very well I’m talking about morning incident.. ”

Swara moves closer to him ..:” u don’t like my new friend.. ”

Sanskar: ” do u know who r they ..huh cheap fellows ?”

Swara keeps her hand in his hand .. And moves closer to his ear :” someone is feeling jealous..”

Sanskar jerks her :” r u stupid swara .. What r u doing ..!! I came here to talk to u but I think there is no use of it .. I’m going ”

Swara :” OK go .. Bye ”

Sanskar leaves …in anger ?? don’t know what happened to her ..

Swara :” offo shona.. See what have u done to yourself. In love. He will definitely come back.. “She waits but he doesn’t came.. Recess is also overed.. She is about to go .. Just then Bhawna came ..

Bhawna:” swara where r u going.. ”

Swara :” Bhawna he is not coming.. And recess is also overed. I have to attend my classes..”

Bhawna: ” he will surely come.. I saw him he is feeling bad .. After scolding u … He will definitely come..” Bhawna leaves from there ..

Swara waits for sanskar.. She feels tried ..she closes her eyes and lay her head on the bench …
After some time .. She feels someone is touching her legs ..she smiles :” sanskar U came “?

Guy1:” not sanskar ..we r ur new friends..”

Swara opens her eyes and shocked to see them :” u both .. How u came inside the school campus. ..Y u came ?”

Guy2:” offo shona we came here to for u ..” He touches her cheeks..

Swara becomes afraid: ” leave me .. ”

Guy1:” OK we will leave u first drink it ”

Swara :” what is this !! I don’t want to drink it .. Leave my hand let me go .. ”

They forcefully made her drink .. When she cries for help they closed her mouth with their hand.

Meanwhile ..
Kavya and ragini noticed that swara is not in the class..
Kavya :” ragini where is shona !!!”

Ragini: ” I don’t know. And I don’t want to talk about her… ”

Kavya (thinks ):” may be she is with sahil … I should call her she can’t miss this lecture .. It’s very important.. ”

Kavya leaves the class making excuses.. She goes to sahil class and call him outside

Sahil :” what happened kavya Y u called me ?”

Kavya :” where is swara ?”

Sahil :” what … Where is she !!”

Kavya :” don’t know .. I didn’t saw her since recess ..”

Sahil (thinks):” it’s good opportunity find her sahil and become hero

Sahil :” kavya u go .. I know where is she.. I’ll take her” kavya leaves and sahil went in search of swara …

In the class ..
Priya :” Bhawna.. U should not do this yarr..”

Bhawna: ” she deserves it .. She is so stupid she did everything as I said to her .. Let her wait outside.. ”

Priya :” but Bhawna , she is missing her lecture .. It lead to loss of her study ”

Bhawna: ” let it be .. Priya .. Now I’ll see how she can be sanskar’s especial friend.. I’m dam sure after this sanskar will hate her ..”

Priya :” Bhawna u r doing worng ”

Bhawna: ” shut up ..?”

Bhawna is unaware that sanskar sitting behind her listens everything…. He make excuses and leaves the class ..oh God shona is so stupid .. What is she doing.. Outside….

Precap : Who will save swara ???☺? sanskar or sahil.. Or both.?

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  1. Mariyajap

    nice one

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  2. superb…both will save swara i think so…..

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      U r right???

  3. Ur ff is really nice… It’s getting interest day by day…. Pls post next part soon…

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      Okie I’ll post soon .. As possible..?

  4. Vyshu10

    oh god…stupid bhawna…a big punch to her. It will be fun if both save swara…swara n sahil may bcm friends and sanky will start to feel insecure

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      Don’t puch Bhawna..?? she is my friend.. ??

      Anyways, ur idea is quite.. Good.. I’ll try to use it

      Thanks ????

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  5. Great Yar loved it..hope swara is fine..

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      Yup she will be fine…?

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    Awesome dear and sanky will have to save her ??

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  8. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Sanky baba go, save your love..1..2..3..run ???..Devil bhawna*beat her with hammer??..Chappy is awesome dear..Keep it up.. Waiting for nxt…
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

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      Thanks …. U wait sanky will not leave that Bhawna..???

  9. I know bhawna did wrong but due to her this act sanskar would start caring for swara more than earlier and their bond would become more strong

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      Apni tariff karna nahi chodegi tu….


      Ab tujeh sanky se kon bachayega…

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    Awesome n obv. Sanky will save her shona….

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  11. Simin

    Oh no
    Swara what u did
    Sanskar wont forgive u for this
    I hope he saves u

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      It’s love dear .. Shona crossed all limits of madness… .. In his love..

      1. Simin

        Loving someone is onething but doing something that can harm u is not good at all
        Those guys are evil how can she even talk to them sanskar knew this thats why he asked her to stay away but she being stuborn didnt pay heed to him and now she is in danger
        I am whats wrong with her
        She will regret not listening to him

    2. NDSG

      Yup.. She will regret.. Soon u will know Y she did this… She did worng.

  12. Nilu

    Shona this is too much and this Bhawna???
    Hope both will save her…

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  13. Out of dis world
    I wish shonw should b saved

  14. Out of dis world
    I just wish shona should be saved

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