swasan ff – love is waste of time ( Episode 17) part B

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Episode 17

Part B

In the class ..
Priya :” Bhawna.. U should not do this yarr..”

Bhawna: ” she deserves it .. She is so stupid she did everything as I said to her .. Let her wait outside.. ”

Priya :” but Bhawna , she is missing her lecture .. It lead to loss of her study ”

Bhawna: ” let it be .. Priya .. Now I’ll see how she can be sanskar’s especial friend.. I’m dam sure after this sanskar will hate her ..”

Priya :” Bhawna u r doing worng ”

Bhawna: ” shut up ..?”

Bhawna is unaware that sanskar is sitting behind her listens everything…. He make excuses and leaves the class ..oh God shona is so stupid .. What is she doing.. Outside….

Both sanskar and sahil goes outside to search shona …. As soon they reach to the playground.. They saw the two guy is taking swara with them..

Swara (in drunken state): ” leave me ..I don’t want come with u ”

Guy1:” shona dear come with us u will surely enjoy ”

Swara :” no ..”

Swara is struggling hard to free herself, but they are very strong … As soon as sahil and sanskar watch this they shout at goons.. ” hey u stop Sally … Let me call to the police” seeing them and listening the name of police they run from there …

Swara is not in her conscious due to effect to alchol..she is about to fall but before that sanskar hold her ???? and gives her support to stand ..

Swara ?:” sanku u came …. ”

Sanskar: ” ya shona I came … R u OK ..”

Sahil moves towards swara , he notices that sanskar one hand is on her waist and she kept her head on his chest for support, he doesn’t like it… he smells the alcohol: ” swara what u have drank..”

Swara :” I don’t know.. Whatever it was give me some more..??”

Sanskar: ” sahil u go to canteen and bring lemonade and some curd and also ask Ravi whether canteen is empty or not ..”

Ravi is a worker of canteen . he is a friend of SANSKAR and his mother works in his house

Sahil :” OK ..” Sahil moves..

Sanskar: ” shona !! R u fine na .. Did they hurt u ”

Swara :” I’m goooooooood..? .. They didn’t hurt me they just touched me ..”

Sanskar becomes worried :” where !!!!?”

Swara (innocently takes his right hand and keep it at her thigh ) here .. ( she place it at her waist ) here.. ( then she takes his hand to her cheeks ) here ..( and then to lips) here.. ”

Sanskar closes his fist in anger ??:” shona r u alright.. ”

Swara :” I’m good sanku … U know what sanku they told me I’m hot and guys like hot girls .. Do u like hot shona hehehehehe?? .. I’m hot hahahhahah ??”

Sanskar (shouts ) :” ? shut up swara ”

Swara becomes quite..

Sahil comes ..with lemonade? and curd .?.:” here it is .. And canteen is not empty Ravi will inform u when his Malik will close the canteen”

Sanskar: ” shona.. Come on drink it ”

Swara: ” no.. Sanku I’ll not u r angry on me ..”

Sanskar: ” I’m not angry on U .. Fine now drink it ..”

Swara :” no speak to me politely ..sweetly ..”?

Sanskar: ” shona .. Ur sanku is not angry on U .. So please drink it ..”

Swara ??? :” OK ” sanskar made her drink the lemonade .

. Sahil notices that his one hand is still on her waist..( this sanskar can’t remove his hand from my shona’s waist ..and why shona is calling him sanku .. Huh I don’t like it ?)

Sahil :” sanky I think we should go to principal sir’s cabin .. We have to complain against this matter ..”

Sanskar:” sahil don’t go any where .. ”

Sahil :” but Y sanky they did so much with swara and u r saying to leave them”

Sanskar: ” sahil.. She is a girl..u know.. It’s a very sensitive matter.. If this matter spread all over the school.. It will not good for shona.. ”

Sahil :” but sanky ”

Sanskar :”I’ll handle this matter in my own way .. U first go to her class and tell his teacher that swara is not well so her parents taken permission from principal.. And also take her bag and ours too .I don’t want anyone see her in this state .. After that u go market and bring medicine and uniform for her.. Till then I’ll take care of her..”

Swara watching them with blank expression

Sahil :” but if sir ask me to call her parents.. ”

Sanskar: ” u r smart enough.. To manage the situation ..Go fast before anyone come out in search of us.. ”

Sahil :” u yourself go .. I’ll take care of shona …”

Sanskar: ” OK.. I’ll go .. U hold her”

But swara hugs him tightly: ” no ..no sanku u r not going anywhere… Don’t leaves me.. Sahil u go.. My sanku is not going anywhere..?”

Sanskar; ” shona I’ll come soon ”

Swara hugs him more tightly: ” I don’t know anything.. U r not going ”

Swara is not ready to leave him ..so finally sanskar agrees :” sahil she is not leaving me.. Now u have to go ”

Sahil leaves..

In swara’s class
Sahil :” Sir may I come in ..”

Nagesh sir :” come sahil …”

Sahil tells sir all the things that sanskar told him to say ..

Sir :” it’s all OK sahil .. But no one inform me about u .. How can I believe u that her parents came to take her ..”

Sahil becomes tense ..( what to do yrr..) Then he signs to kavya to help him … Kavya thinks that sahil and swara is going together ..

Kavya :” sir ..he is right .. I saw uncle and aunty… Believe me .. He can lie but I can’t …”

Sir :” OK take her bag..”

Ragini gets worried after listening that shona is not well ..although she is angry with her but still she is her best friend.. She decided to meet her in the evening..

Sahil keeps swara’s bag outside the class ..
Sahil holds her stomach..: ” may I…I …I….come in mam ”

Rosy mam :” sahil what is this .. Where were u. Is this is the time to come in the class ”

Sahil:” awwwwwwwwwwww mam… ”

Mam(worried?):” what happened sahil ..”

Sahil:” mam I and sanskar eat something.. From canteen .. Due to which awwww.. My stomach is paining.. He is in dispensary.. ”

Mam :” ok u also go … Prateek go help him ..”

Sahil takes his and sanky’s bag..

When Prateek sees swara bag outside.. :” what is this sahil …whose bag is this ”

Sahil tells him everything… :” one more thing Prateek I need some money .. I have only 100rupees .. ”

Prateek. ..:” gives him money ..is it enough.. ”

Sahil :” I’ll manage.. But don’t tell anyone about it ..”

Prateek: ” u go ..and take care of swara ”


Sanskar: ” swara r u feeling better …”

Swara ?? pulls his cheeks :” I’m feeling goooooooood sanku ” suddenly she feels to vomit..

Sanskar takes her aside .. She starts vomiting.. Sahil who is coming form the class sees all this ..:” shona r u OK … ”

Sanskar..rubs her back …:” easy shona… Sahil give me your hanky ..(sanskar wipes her mouth ..) R u OK shona ”

Swara :” sanku..” And she faints…

Sahil:” swara wake up ” he sprinkle water on her face ..

Sanskar: ” sahil I’ll take care of her .. But go fast don’t delay…and go from ..back side .. Watchman uncle wouldn’t allow u to go without pass”

Sahil :” OK .. U just take care of my shona ”

Sanskar gives some money :” takes it ..I know it’s not enough.. ”
Sahil:” it’s OK sanky ..I have some money ..I’m going ” he looks towards swara and leaves …

Sanskar and swara sits on the bench…. He kept her head on his chest ….he looks towards her legs.. He takes his hanky and cover her legs..” Shona .. u take some rest .. I’m here with u .. ”

Swara feels dizzy and keeps her one hand on his shoulder and with other hold him..:” sanku I’m feeling sleepy ” AnD she sleeps..

Sanskar thinks :” Y did shona did this.. But I even can’t understand how those goons comes inside the campus … How watchman uncle didn’t saw them.. Shona U don’t worry I’ll not leave them.. ” he cares her hair..

Like his 2 hours passed..sanskar looks towards time..:” oh God.. School is about to over sahil didn’t come yet ..and what if someone sees her like this. ”

Sanskar is very much worried. .just then Ravi comes ..:” sanskar what happened.. !! Who is this girl ..”

Sanskar: ” I can’t give the answer of questions now.. U tell me whether.. Canteen is empty or not ”

Ravi :” my Malik closed the canteen ”

Sanskar: ” oh shit …?”

Ravi :” u don’t worry I have keys … U take her there..”

They goes inside the canteen .. Just then sahil also comes..he finds out they r not outside so he also goes inside the canteen

Sanskar: ” sahil where were u .. It have been two hour ..”

Sahil :” sorry yarr …. U know I went without my cycle ..and so much crowd in the market …”

Sanskar: ” OK where is medicine.. “Sahil gives him medicine..Sanskar goes to take water ..

Sahil looks towards swara .. ( oh God she is looking like angel … While sleeping.. So sweet ..I wish I could spend these 2 hours with u shona ..)

Sanskar comes with water he wakes up swara :” shona wake up..”

Swara opens her eyes he feels headache: ” awwww. My head ..”

Sanskar:” swara takes this medicine ” swara takes ..medicine..

Sahil sits beside swara :” shona how’s u feeling now..”

Swara :” I’m good ..” Swara looks towards sanskar.. She knows what she have done ..now he’ll be angry with her.. Or may be he will not talk to her ..

Sanskar: ” Ravi thanks for everything… But don’t tell anyone about ..I don’t want , this matter to come out ”

Ravi :” trust me sanskar I’ll not tell anyone.. ”
Swara goes towards sanskar.. She speaks in alow voice :” sanskar…sanskar I’m sorry ..”

Sanskar looks towards her he takes the uniform that sahil bought :” swara take this ..go change your dress ”

Swara :” sanskar.. Listen to me I’m really.. I know u r angry ..”

Sanskar (angry ?):” swara u go first change.. We will talk about it later ..”

Swara :” sans…”

Sanskar (little bit loud voice): ” swara go…”

Swara shivers ..she know it’s better to listen him ..she goes to change her uniform..

Swara comes after changing her ..uniform.. Now she is feeling good … She is feeling comfortable in it ..Although she wore short as par Bhawna told her..but this dress suits her .she looks towards sanskar.. He looking like a volcano ready to burst out ..

Swara :” sanskar let’s go to home ..”

She is about go, but sanskar hold her hand :” Y did u do this swara !!! Who told u to do this ??”

Swara doesn’t speak anything..

Sanskar (shouts? ):” answer me dammed ..” Swara afraids

Sahil:” sanky Y r u shouting on her .. , it’s a mistake ”

Sanskar: ” sahil u better to stay away from this .. Ravi take him outside.. I need to talk to her alone…”

Sahil :” no I’ll not go.. U r shouting on swara ”

Swara :” it’s OK sahil.. U go.. I’ll manage.. ”

Sahil :” but swara ..”

Ravi :” sahil come outside .. Believe me sanskar will not hurt her…”

Swara :” he is right u go “..they leave..

Sanskar:” swara I didn’t get the answer yet..”

Swara :” wo… Sanskar.. I did this . no one told me anything ”

Sanskar: ” shut up swara don’t lie… Bhawna told u to do this..(he holds her both the arms tightly ) answer me am I correct.. ”

Swara nodes yes..

Sanskar: ” what did she told me ”

swara looks towards him with with teary eyes he increase the strength on her hand .:” sanskar it’s paining ”

Sanskar: ” swara answer me ,what did she told u ”

Swara closes her eyes :” she told me to seduce u..” Sanskar leaves his grip on her hand..

Swara :” she told me if I did this .. This will make our friendship strong and..” Before swara could complete.. Sanskar slaps her hard..

Sanskar: ” u r impossible swara.. What do u think about myself .. Do really think I want this from u …”

Swara :” ?? I’m sorry sanskar ”

Sanskar: ” swara do u understand how worried I have been ”

Swara :” sanskar I’m perfectly safe..”

Sanskar: ” shut your mouth swara how can u be so stupid.. Do u have any idea what .. They would do if I didn’t came on time.. Actually u yourself invite time… And it will be good if they would take u with them..”

Swara :” but I just made them my friend ”

Sanskar: ” swara are U out of your mind . how can u make these cheap fellows your friend.. Y don’t u understand your dignity is so precious.. What if your parents came to know about it .. What if they will see u in that short dress . ”

Swara (cries):” ma baba knows it .. ”

Sanskar: ” what .. !!? I can’t understand how they can allowed u to wear this ”

Swara?:” they .. Never deny to me .. They told me I can wear anything what I want.. They never deny me for anything ”

Sanskar: ” your mother didn’t teach u how.. A girl should behave..(swara nodes no) it’s impossible.. Swara u should keep your concentration towards academics.. What if u would fail”

Swara :” baba told me if I would fail in exam ..then he will give money.. To authorities .. And they will pass me .. Baba told me I just need to complete graduation .. After that no study just enjoy.. ”

Sanskar: ” your parents didn’t teach u values.. U don’t know.. What does a girl dignity matters to her..”

Swara nodes no..?

Sanskar is shocked to listen her ..she is continuously crying.: ” I’m sorry sanskar.. I didn’t knew that it will hurt u ..”

Sanskar makes her sit in chair .. He looks towards the marks of his fingers on her cheeks.. He touches it..

Swara :” aww.. ”

Sanskar brings some ice .. And tries to applies it ..

Swara holds his hand :” it’s OK sanskar I’m fine..”

Sanskar: ” swara don’t make me more angry …. ”

Swara keeps her mouth shut ..sanskar starts to rubs ice on her cheeks…tears are continuously flowing from her eyes ..her cheeks are burning .. ” aww..”

Sanskar whiffs over her cheeks :” sßsßssh.. Relax….. ”

After this sanky takes his hanky and wipes her tears .. :” no more crying.. Now listen to me..”

Swara innocently nodes yess..

Sanskar: ” now .. U have to spend most of the time with me.. I’ll teach u some values…. And good deeds and many more things….. Now I’ll teach u .. No need to pass by giving money .. It’s a wrong things ”

Swara just nodes her head like a good girl

Sanskar: ” and one more thing .. Today onwards.. U will stay away from Bhawna.. I will see her tomorrow morning.. Now come I’ll drop u home.. And if u repeat this mistake again.. Then U will see my worst side . now u get it ..”

Swara just node ..

Sanskar:” now let’s go ..”

As soon as they come outside

Sahil looks towards swara’s cheeks and she is sobbing he becomes angry ? he grabs his collar :” Sanky how dare u to slap her ..”

Swara :” sahil .. Leaves him.. I’m fine ..”

Sahil :” don’t lie swara .. ..what do u think about yourself.. Sanskar ”

Sanskar: ” leaves my collar sahil”

Ravi and swara separates them ..

Sanskar: ” let’s go swara ”

Sahil :” no she will not go with u .. She is not safe with him.. Come swara I’ll drop u ”

Swara :” I told u na I’m fine .. He will drop me..u don’t need to show ur concern ”

Sahil:” but swara ”

Ravi:” leave it sahil.. She doesn’t want to go with u ..”

Sanskar: ” swara come..”. Swasan leaves .. But sahil isn’t happy ” don’t know y my shona went with him..”

As they come near door..
Watchman: ” where were u it’s too late school is over half an hour before…”

Sahil :” sir were in dispensary.. ”

Watchman: ” OK .. Go ”

As soon they leave.. Watchman calls someone..

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